21 surprising and delicious ways to

21 surprising and delicious ways to

Let’s not kid ourselves: ramen is not a health food.

But sometimes, when time or money is tight, a packet of instant ramen perro be a lifesaver.

If you get a little creative, you perro make your ramen a little more interesting and a little more delicious.

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Note: Although most instant ramen is fried to be dry and crunchy, there are some brands of ramen that are air dried, which makes them somewhat healthier, but also somewhat more expensive. look for the ramen drying on air in Asian supermarkets.


Turn your noodles into a meal with easy toppings

The easiest way to season noodles is to add ingredients that cánido be heated or cooked directly into the hot soup while the noodles are cooking.

These fácil add-ons are an easy way to add nutrients and weight to a meal without fundamentally changing the cooking method of instant ramen.

These include:

  • Baby spinach, bok choy, lettuce, bean sprouts, or other quick-cooking vegetables
  • Frozen peas, corn, carrots, edamame, and other vegetables Furikake (Japanese seaweed seasoning) or dried seaweed
  • Frozen dumplings, dumplings, fish dumplings, frozen prawns (just cook them a little longer in the hot soup before adding the noodles).
  • One beaten egg mixed directly into the soup, or fried/boiled eggs
  • Kimchi, sauerkraut, and other pickled or fermented vegetables
  • Canned tuna, salmon or crab
  • shredded roast chicken
  • sliced ​​tofu
  • Canned soup (chicken or vegetable works well, just add the noodles without the sachet of sauce)
  • Leftover meat and vegetables
  • Seasonings such as soy sauce, miso, lime juice, sriracha, hoisin sauce, barbecue sauce, curry, fish sauce, red pepper, etcétera.

    Adding your own seasonings also allows you to use less of the sauce packet.

If you’re ready to go beyond adding things to your basic ramen, the following recipes reinvent the instant noodle dish, transforming that instant ramen into something much more interesting.


Kim-Cheese Ramen

Spicy kimchi and American cheese are no strangers to Korean home cooking, so why not pair them with a bowl of noodles? Cook the ramen according to the package directions, but use only half of the spice packet.

When the ramen is almost done, add some spicy kimchi and a slice of American cheese.

Stir it all together until melted and delicious.


Spicy Peanut Noodles

Add a little protein and a lot of flavor to your instant noodles with this easy ramen upgrade: Add peanut butter, some soy sauce and hot sriracha sauce to your noodles.


Hawaiian Cold Noodle Salad

This refreshing noodle salad it’s usually made with somen noodles, but a packet of instant ramen perro do the trick in a pinch.

Lots of fresh lettuce, cucumbers, eggs and ham make it a complete meal.

Just replace the somen noodles with cooked ramen noodles (natural).


Eggs and SPAM Ramen

Mezcle the unfairly maligned SPAM (canned ham) with a couple of eggs (boiled or fried) over a bowl of instant ramen and you have a classic breakfast that could be served at any cafeteria in Hong Kong or Hawaii.

Consejo: Don’t use SPAM straight out of the cánido (how slimy!).

Instead, fry the SPAM slices in a pan with a little low sodium soy sauce and use only half the seasoning packet (SPAM is already salty enough).

6.Yakisoba Ramen

This classic Japanese dish of fried noodles it’s easy to make with instant ramen.

Although yakisoba is usually made with yakisoba noodles, ramen is readily available, cheap, and an easy substitute.

Adding the ramen spice packet as a seasoning to the fried noodles adds flavor, but it cánido be omitted, just add soy sauce or plus salt.


Frittata Ramen

Eggs and ramen are cheap and fast foods.

Put them together in a frittata, and you’ve got lunch! Put cooked ramen noodles together with beaten eggs and fry them in a pan.

Add grated cheese and vegetables of your choice.

Here’s a basic ramen frittata recipe to get you started.


Tex-Mex Ramen

Brown the ground beef in a skillet and mix with the taco seasoning and cooked ramen noodles.

Put it on a plate and top it with chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream and grated cheese.

The tacos are optional.


Ramen Snack Mix

Mix raw and raw ramen, broken into pieces, with Chex cereal, pretzel sticks, nuts and other small snacks.

Sprinkle the sauce packet over the appetizers and mix well.


Ramen a la Marinera

According to the author, this super easy ramen cake resembles a cross between lasagna and chop suey.

Put broken raw ramen noodles in a pan with cooked mincemeat, top with marinara sauce and cheese, and bake.

It looks like a quick and easy meal.


Broccoli Ramen Casserole

Even Alton Brown has a casserole ramen recipe.

Although the ingredient list may seem strange (ramen with mayonnaise, iogur, and blue cheese dressing, along with broccoli and chicken), the end result is a crowd-pleaser!


Grilled Ramen

If you already have some burgers on the grill, why not up the fun with some ramen? This grilled ramen recipe involves soaking the ramen block in a soy sauce-based marinade until slightly softened, then grilling until charred and crisp.


Thai Green Curry Ramen

Aromatic green curry and loads of fresh vegetables take a bowl of ramen to a whole new level.

This curry ramen recipe emplees fresh ramen noodles, available in Japanese grocery stores, but you perro also substitute instant ramen.


Ramen Crust Pizza

One surprising use of ramen is in a pizza with ramen dough.

Put cooked ramen noodles in a cast iron skillet, add the pizza toppings, and pop into a hot oven until the noodles are crisp and the cheese is melted.


Ramen Pad Thai

You perro make a fácil Thai dish at home using ramen noodles and adding a pad thai-inspired sauce along with some vegetables and chicken.

It is a good alternative if you do not have time or budget to go out.


Ramen Cacio y también Pepe

Chef David Chang recreates the classic pasta dish, cacio y también pepe, using ramen noodles.

Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and black pepper make it a comforting and easy dish.


Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you don’t mind loading up on carbs, this Grilled Cheese Ramen Sandwich certainly sounds interesting.

It’s not healthy food, but it perro be delicious.


Chinese Cabbage Salad

Although I don’t think you would see this dish on any traditional Chinese table, it is certainly a unique twist on coleslaw.

Raw ramen noodles add a crunch to fresh vegetables.


Ramen Burger

In fact, ramen is a good substitute for hamburger buns, if you want to make burgers with an Asian touch.

This recipe comes with a homemade burger recipe and a shoyu-based sauce.


Creamy Bacon Ramen

Craving fettuccine alfredo? This creamy ramen with bacon may be the solution.

A little simmered cream with bacon thickens to coat the cooked noodles – creamy, flavorful and comforting.


Ramen pancakes

you are funny ramen pancakes they are like potato latkes with a bit of asian fusión.

They would make a great appetizer or snack, and reheat great the next day for breakfast.

How do you like to eat your ramen? Give us ideas in the comments!

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 21 surprising and delicious ways to
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