21 Self-help and personal growth books

21 Self-help and personal growth books

If you are someone who is looking for personal growth, and you want to live in a more conscious way these self help books that you will see next must be in your library, either physical or digital.

No matter your current situation, even if everything is going well or you are going through a difficulty; a complicated love relationship, problems with your business, unemployed or nothing to know about your life, these self-help books will help you answer those questions for which you currently have no answer.

The iniciativa is that you take one of these books on self-improvement and growth, read it for a month, apply as many lessons as possible, try new things and review how your life behaves based on this knowledge focused on your personal growth and self-esteem. .

Self-help books for your personal improvement:

There is no order to read these personal motivation booksThe iniciativa is that you start with the one that most catches your attention, with a recommendation from a friend, or by choosing one at random.

Each of these personal growth books will help you overcome your emotional insecurity, disminuye your anxiety, and even talk about the importance of emotional intelligence to achieve holistic growth in your life.

After reading these self-help books, evaluate how much you have grown, how much you have applied what you have learned, and how your life has improved.

1. The monk who sold his Ferrari: A spiritual fable

Written as a fable, this is one of those self help books that contains a series of fácil lessons to improve our way of living.

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2. The Four Agreements: A Book of Toltec Wisdom

This self-help book offers you a powerful code of conduct that perro immediately transform your life into a new experience of freedom, absolute joy, and love.

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3. The Power of Now: A Path to Spiritual Fulfillment

This self-help book is an invitation to reflection, which will open the doors to spiritual fulfillment and allow you to see life with new eyes. With this book you will learn to enjoy the present.

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4. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Based on the natural laws that govern creation, this help book Written by Deepak Chopra, it dispels the myth that success is the result of hard work, rigorous planning, or strong ambition.

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5. Emotional Intelligence

With this self help book written by daniel golemanyou will learn about emotional intelligence, which allows you to be aware of your emotions, understand the feelings of others, tolerate the pressures and frustrations you endure at work.

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6. Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Development

If you dream of a better life, Unlimited Power will espectáculo you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you want and deserve, while improving your personal and professional life. His actor, Anthony Robbins calls it the new science of personal development.

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7. positive mental attitude

This self-help book will espectáculo you how to get rid of your mental “cobwebs”, think clearly, explore the subconscious and expand the power of your mind; how to equipo a goal and how to achieve it through persistent reflection and positive action

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8. Your Erroneous Zones: A Guide to Combating the Causes of Unhappiness

If you have ever had the feeling of being overwhelmed by existence, paralyzed by commitments that do not satisfy you, or dominated by guilt or insecurity complexes, this book will help you overcome them.

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9. the art of happiness

In this self-help bookthe Dalai Lama offers the serene message of a man who has conquered inner peace and who knows that happiness is not a gift, but an art that requires will and practice.

In this article we share with you how to be happy in life, and the habits that you must give up to achieve it.

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10. The Book of Joy: Achieve lasting happiness in an ever-changing world.

A unique book in which two Nobel Peace Prize winners share their thoughts, beliefs and spirituality. Here are two of his most recognized motivational phrases:

The ultimate source of happiness lies within us: Dalai Lama
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Our goodness grows when put to the test: Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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eleven. Man’s Search for Meaning

This is one of the most powerful self-help books since its author, Victor Y también. Frankl He talks about his experience as a prisoner in concentration camps. This book has a hopeful tone about the human capacity to transcend the difficulties of it and discover the convenient and guiding truth.

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12. The 15 Importante Laws of Growth

John Maxwell presents this self-help book where he shares everything he has learned about personal growth, so that you have a better oportunidad of being successful and becoming the person you were designed to be.

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13. The subtle art of not giving a fuck

This book offers a disruptive approach to living a good life. Among many of the lessons in this book, its author Mark Manson advises us to recognize our limitations and accept them. This is, according to him, the true origin of empowerment.

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14. The Power of Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation

This is one of those self-help books that focuses on inner work. Through four pillars, its author explains the importance of learning to meditate, and specifically about transcendental meditation.

Not only will you learn about the negative effects that stress has on your life, but you will learn stories, tools, and practices that will help you eliminate stress in your life and understand the importance of spending 20 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon meditating and strengthen your inner peace.

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15. The placebo is you

With this book you will learn the mental power you have, the ability to create miracles in your body as long as you understand, recognize and accept that your mind cánido heal you.

The author of this book Joe Dispenza explains how you cánido take control of your thoughts and emotions, so that you reprogram your cells, since, according to him, we have the necessary biological and neurological machinery to do so.

Undoubtedly, it cánido be said that it is one of the best self-help books for women and for men who want to improve their lives.

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16. Know yourself as you really are

«The Dalai Lama, the most well-known and respected Buddhist leader, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, teaches in this work to recognize the mistaken notions we have of ourselves in order to approach reality from a more accurate and human perspective.

An inspiring work, essential for all those people who need to find within themselves the answers to the great questions of their being in the world.

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17. Reinvent the body, resurrect the soul

This self-help book offers you 10 steps (five for the body and five for the soul) that will lead you to self-transformation.

With his clear and accessible style, Deepak Chopra invites you to live with him the miracles that happen when you connect the body directly to the wonderful mysteries that give meaning and meaning to life, directly to the soul.

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18. The power of habits

«The foods we choose, what we save or spend, how we communicate and the exercise we do… Each one of the choices we make on a daily basis are not the consequence of thoughtful decisions, as one might think. They are habits.”

And since each and every one of these healthy habits has a tremendous impact on our health, productivity, safety, and happiness, the question seems ineludible: Cánido we change them? The answer is yes, and that’s what this book is about.”

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19. 12 Rules to Live By

This is one of those self-help books that are revolutionizing the world today with its teachings. Its author, Jordan Peterson, with an entertaining, critical and interesting tone, shares the necessary rules to lead a good life.

Some of these rules are: stand tall with your shoulders back…, like lobsters. Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie; do not disturb children when they are skateboarding; and when you find a cat on the street, caress it.

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20. Atomic Habits

This book is based on a primordial question, how cánido we live better? Its author, James Clear, by means of offers interesting approaches based on scientific research, which allow him to explain how to transform small daily habits to change our life and improve it.

This is based on something known as the Kaizen Method, which suggests making small changes whose results accumulate over time.

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In conclusion, rest assured that your personal growth will be exponential if you apply the valuable advice that you will find in these self help books.

Each one of them, from a unique perspective, gives you wisdom that will put you in a winning position in your life.

With these books you will not only learn about meditation, the power of your mind and body, the way you talk to yourself, but you will learn a variety of topics that will make you grow in an integral way.

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 21 Self-help and personal growth books
  21 Self-help and personal growth books
  21 Self-help and personal growth books

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