20 ways to make money on Halloween

20 ways to make money on Halloween

Most people resist the signs of the upcoming fall holidays because they fear what is coming, or rather what is going: their money. But this year, instead of pulling all the bills out of your wallet for Halloween this and that, fill it to the brim with fresh money using these ways to turn October 31 on its payday-draining pumpkin head.

1. Attach business cards to trick-or-treat candies

Do you have a business that you want to promote? This Halloween, get in front of a bunch of customers by attaching your business card to the candy you hand out. When the parents inspect the candy later, they’ll find her and hopefully call you. If you have a lugar de comidas or shop in the city or provide a service, try a 10% discount instead of a estándar business card. You’ll get neighbors who don’t know your business to know your brand, and you’ll only spend pennies on new customers. (Shout out to my lovely aunt for this iniciativa. Genius.)

2. Rent out your guest space to tourists

If you’ve thought about renting out your house or spare room on Airbnb and other micro-rental services, use Halloween as a test. There is usually a higher demand during the holidays, so you are likely to book relatively easily if you keep your accommodation comfortable, clean and affordable. This is a great way to experience what it’s like to host travelers (without committing to it as a full-time job) while earning a little plus income. (see also: 5 easy ways to make good money with Airbnb)

3. Grow a pumpkin patch

A pumpkin patch cánido bring in a lot of money during the season. halloween season and in the following weeks if planned in advance. Planting a pumpkin patch doesn’t require a lot of land or a lot of compañia emprendedora capital. Seeds are cheap, and large pumpkins don’t need a lot of maintenance. Start planting them in May or June so they are ready for the Halloween season. And while you’re at it, plant pie squash and butternut squash to sell before Thanksgiving.

4. En línea affiliate sales

It is not necessary to physically sell the products to make money with Halloween parties. An iniciativa that few contemplate is en línea affiliate selling specifically focused on Halloween-related elementos. In addition to Amazon Associates, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of reputable affiliate programs available en línea that pay generous commissions for referrals. Just Google plus your especial area of ​​interest to find the most lucrative Halloween-specific programs.

5. Sell old costumes en línea

If you still have the kids and adult costumes from last year and don’t plan on wearing them again, try getting rid of them locally through Fb Marketplace, Craigslist, or en línea sales aplicaciones like Letgo. You’ll have the best oportunidad of getting rid of your unwanted clothes with good photos and reasonable prices. Start at 60% off what you originally paid for the suit and haggle up from there. (See also: Turn your old clothes into money with these tools and aplicaciones)

6. Charge your friends for a sweet arrangement

You probably won’t have much luck at this as an adult, but if you’re a high school or college student, put your entrepreneurial skills to good use early on and sell Halloween candy for a price. Everyone has a sweet tooth at the end of October, so take this opportunity to turn your trick-or-treat stash or bags of seasonal cut-price candy into a profit. If you get an advantage over the competition, that is, over the vending machines, you will have a mini-business on your hands.

7. Sit for parents of children or pets

Many adults like to enjoy Halloween parties as much as children, so if you know any parents or pet owners, offer your babysitting services so they perro enjoy the parties they have been invited to. There are several habitual services that will help you market yourself, such as Care.com for child care and Rover.com for pet care. Each of them will help you create a profile, tap into the local market, and share your services on popular media. (see also: How to Earn Over $400 a Week as a Pet Sitter)

8. Take the revelers in your car

I’ve been a Lyft and Uber controlador for a couple of years now, and I cánido tell you firsthand that there’s a huge demand around Halloween. I’ve made a few hundred bucks just on Halloween night, and that’s just driving from 9pm to 2am. Demand will of course depend on the area you live in, but if there isn’t much to do where you are, drive to another, more habitual area where you know people will be partying and therefore need safe transportation home. . (See also: How to Earn Plus Money Driving for Uber or Lyft)

9. Host a haunted house

A friend of mine told me that his family charged 25 cents for admission to the principiante haunted house they equipo up in their own house, but this was in the 1960s. The current rate of inflation would be $2.07, and no one is going to pay that much to get into your dungeon of terror, but you could probably get 1-2 bucks per family if you create a sufficiently interesting and terrifying attraction.

10. Host a trick-or-treat garaje sale.

Got a bunch of junk you’d like to sell? Take advantage of the people traffic that occurs on Halloween night to organize a small garaje sale while handing out candy. Provide bags for smaller elementos, and be maleable enough to allow larger elementos that guests won’t want to carry overnight to be picked up the next day.

11. Offer your face painting or hair and makeup skills

A quick popular media articulo about your hair and makeup skills will likely fill your Halloween weekend schedule. Expand your reach with a posting on Craigslist. Everyone wants to look their best for the holidays, and they will pay good money for it.

12. Tailor the costumes

Holes in the costumes may need to be patched, or someone may need an old costume picked up, and if you’re handy with a needle and thread or a sewing machine, you might pocket a few crunchies for your tarea.

13. Organize a theme party

If you like entertainment, you perro make a surprising amount of money by hosting a Halloween themed party and charging $10 or more per head. For the more mature crowd, consider hosting a themed party, such as a cocktail mystery night. Make the catering professional to make it worth the price of admission for attendees.

14. Get a seasonal job as a haunted house actor.

Do you like to scare people? Local haunted houses and corn mazes hire actors to scare visitors this time of year, as do amusement parks that host seasonal events like Six Flags’ Fright Fest.

15. DJ at a Halloween party

Spin “Monster Mash” and other ghoulish music by DJing at Halloween parties. It doesn’t have to be a major event, so look for children’s parties, block parties, and events at community centers.

16. Sale of food stalls

As one of the loudest events on the holiday calendar, Halloween generates a notable amount of foot traffic on local city streets. Setting up a stall selling cider, donuts and other delicacies cánido make you a lot of money in a short time. You just have to make sure you get the necessary permits from the local authorities well in advance of the big day.

17. Make last-come-themed baked goods

I have a friend who makes the most amazing, perfectly decorated cookies, for which she gets paid top dollar in custom orders. If you’re a cooking whiz, offer your baked goods to the neighbors for their parties and even drop by local restoranes and cafes to ask if they’re willing to serve up your treats. in their boxes in exchange for a part of the profits. These are the first steps of a small business.

18. Accompany the children in the trick or treat

Sort of like babysitting; they will pay you in cash and a few chocolates. Parents or guardians who work late and therefore cannot take their children trick-or-treating will be interested in this service.

19. Selling water to thirsty parents

Carrying children around for hours on end perro be very exhausting. Help adults rehydrate by offering bottled water for $1 a bottle, or equipo up a lemonade/Kool-Aid stand to sell small cups of the sweet for between 50 cents and a dollar.

20. Decorations for Halloween

For those who really get into the Halloween spirit and deck out their homes with all the trimmings, decorations cánido cost a pretty penny. There are several ways to take advantage of this reality. You cánido buy large quantities of decorations from wholesalers and resell them for a profit, or make your own from scratch. In any case, decorations are an easy sell come Halloween.

To finish: Many Benefits and fun

We hope this brief assessment of the profit possibilities Halloween offers has given you some elogiable money-making ideas. The resourceful entrepreneur knows that big money cánido be made at any opportunity with the right amount of drive and preparation. Fortunately, Halloween turns out to be one of those opportunities where it’s especially easy to make money while having fun.

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 20 ways to make money on Halloween
  20 ways to make money on Halloween
  20 ways to make money on Halloween

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