20 ways to generate plus money in Spain

20 ways to generate plus money in Spain

Today there is a large number of options to generate plus money in Spain or any other part of the worldAlthough in some cases you will need advanced knowledge in a subject, the vast majority of opportunities will be accessible to almost anyone.

Below, we espectáculo you all the available options that we have found so that you perro earn plus money from the comfort of your home (and some physically).

We have selected the best below:


Work as a trabajo independiente writer

work as a writer Trabajo independiente is one of the digital work modalities that is carried out the most in the world, above all, because you cánido generate from 500 to 3,000 euros depending on the rates you have as a writer and because it does not require investment, more than a PC, Internet connection and writing skills.

However, it is not as easy as it seems, since there is a high amount of competition, so you must offer something relevant in your services so that an employer perro consider you.

In addition, due to the large number of editors available in this area, the prices of the service have decreased considerably, even so, it is profitable but will require a lot of effort.

It should be noted that you perro also earn plus money in Spain as Ghost Writerwhich is basically the same as the aforementioned, but with the difference that here you will work anonymously or under the name of another person/company.

Today being a dueño de un sitio is an easy way to get plus money in Spain, however, more than a computer and Internet connection, you will require capital to invest, which will be used to acquire a domain and a hosting service.

However, You should know that if you are successful with your website you perro earn a lot of moneyThere are Internet portals that generate high monthly profit figures.

The profits that you obtain will depend on many factors, for example, the topic that you want to attack, the SEO strategies that you use, the location of the public that visits your website or other factors.


Entrar the affiliate business to sell products

Getting plus money in the affiliate business is quite easy if you are from Spain, although You will require knowledge in marketing or digital marketing, but you will not need to invest a single euro.

Since, this method consists of selling products from widely recognized marketplaces such as Amazon or AliExpress.

In case you have a a web page and it receives a large number of visits, you perro use it to promote the products that you want to sell, through transactional reviews or TSRs.

However, you should know that in order to start earning money with this method, you must join these companies.

In the case of Amazon, you will have to look for the affiliate websiteregister and meet the requirements they request so that you cánido start earning plus money from Spain.


Take paid surveys

An easy way to get plus money is with paid surveys.

Simply, you will need to have some free time, a computer with an Internet connection and a PayPal account to receive the money you have won.

However, you should know that with this method you will not be able to become a millionaire, and it may be one of the least profitable options.

Except, if you apply a strategy that consists of registering on multiple paid survey platforms and begin to answer the questions that are necessary for them to credit funds to your account.


Create courses on Udemy

If you are a specialist in a subject or have extensive knowledge in a subject, we suggest you create and sell courses on Udemy to earn plus money from Spain.

Udemy is one of the busiest digital learning platforms today.

So you have an iniciativa, the 10 most relevant professors of the virtual academy have invoiced more than 10 million dollars.

It is important that the educational material that you sell is didactic, easy to understand and totally designed for the public that wants to learn it.

Remember that it is essential to have skills to impart knowledge and thus develop a successful course.

We suggest you investigate about techniques to educate; in case you are not familiar with this field of work.


Write an ebook and sell it on Amazon

Those who possess writing skills find it easy to work as writers cánido create a digital book to sell it in one of the largest international markets in the world; That’s right, we orinan Amazon.

For this, we suggest that you take the weekends when you do not have many activities to do or you cánido develop it during the night.

However, You will have to make a small investment to prepare the cover that will be in charge of attracting the publicfor this you must look for a designer who is in charge of making the image that will represent your book.

Although it is not a method to earn plus money immediately, it cánido leave you an excellent range of profits in the long termespecially if you get positive reviews on Amazon.


Join the world of dropshipping

He dropshipping is basically creating a virtual store or ecommercein which you will make a series of products available to the public for purchase, and for each acquisition that is made you will have a commission.

As a rule, these products are offered by a dropshipping supplier.

However, to be successful in the market You must have basic knowledge about how to equipo up a websitein addition to positioning it and also applying marketing strategies to sell.

There are people who live from thissince they dedicate themselves full time to their virtual stores, which cánido generate thousands of euros in profits in a fairly short period of time.

Despite being an attractive business iniciativa with which you perro earn a lot of plus money, we emphasize that it is perhaps a bit difficult to succeed given the high competition.

For this reason, You must manage to stand out from your competitors and thus find your first customers.


Offer services on Fiverr

Earning plus money perro be quite easy on Fiverr, which is because it is a specialized platform for freelancers to find clients.

However, it stands out because it allows users to offer a multiple number of services, initially highlighting the writing, graphic design and programming.

In the same way, you cánido visit the platform and explore to see what other digital services you perro offer.

It is undoubtedly one of the best options for those who want to offer services from home.

As we saw recently, make money with fiverr It’s relatively easy, if you know how to do it.

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to have a good profile, and positive reviews so that you cánido be taken into account by the clients of the platform, since on Fiverr you will find hundreds of registered freelancers looking for assignments.


Instagram or Tik Tok influencer

During the last years, the small, medium and large companies, are dedicated to investing more in influencers of Instagram or Tik Tok.

This is because having large audiences and being able to influence them perro genere an increase in the sales of a certain company.

Although to be an influencer it is necessary to have a large number of followers, it is a process that will be worth every minute invested.

Since, doing this type of work in your free moments It cánido guarantee you from 150 to 500 euros or much more for each publication that you do promoting a company, brand or service.

We teach you in this guide how to make money with popular media Step by Step.


Virtual assistant

Another way to earn plus money is working as a virtual assistant.

You will simply have to take care of the tasks that someone else cannot do.

For it, You will have to look for an employer, this cánido be done through platforms such as LinkedIn, Belay Solutions, Vava Virtual Assistantsamong others.

It should be noted that this is one of the options for earn plus money easier than you cánido get.

Because, there is a countless number of companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for virtual assistants on a daily basis to take care of the tasks that demand the most time.

In addition, you will only require a PC or notebook and an Internet connection.


Sell professional photos

If you are passionate about photography and have skills in it, we suggest sell your photos to get plus money.

You cánido do this through image bankswhich are accessed by thousands of users a day to find a good image and buy it.

ANDn these platforms all kinds of photos are bought: complete panoramas, landscapes, structures, arts, portraits, among others.

Keep in mind that thousands of websites on the internet need to publish articles with images every day.


Dog walker and sitter

Being a dog walker or dog sitter is one of the ways in which you perro earn plus money in your spare time.

In addition, it is a task that you perro do very easily and with maleable hours; that clearly must adjust to the same deadlines that your client requests.

There are websites that facilitate contact between owners and caregivers, for example, gudog and DogBuddy.

Little more needs to be said about this activity; You will only have to walk the dogs to a park, feed them if necessary and hydrate them during the course.

With this you could get up to €1,000 and if you are lucky maybe €2,000.


Offer sessions as a personal trainer

If you have knowledge related to physical training, fitness or some afín aspect, you perro start conduct training sessions vía the Internet; You cánido advertise this through popular networks, using platforms such as Instagram, Fb Live, Tik Tok or even YouTube.

It should be noted that in this way you cánido be known on the Internet, and over time they will start looking for you to offer personal training sessions through private vídeo calls.

In this way, you cánido Earn plus money from home just doing activities that you like, and that in a certain way are not difficult for you.


Buy wholesale and sell on popular media

If you like to be the center of attention or you simply have popular networks with a large audience that constantly views you, it is possible that recommend products through short vídeos or lives I cánido make you plus money.

Especially if you have bought them at low prices.

Clearly, for it You must make the purchase of the product and then a reliable review.

Since, this will be what drives your public to want to acquire what you are trying to sell.

In addition, a point in favor of this method is that you cánido establish the desired price for the merchandise, however, it will require investment.


Invest in the depósito market, ETFs or cryptocurrencies

Investing is one of the best existing ways to earn plus money.

However, you will need to learn a lot about the depósito market, trading or other aspects to get a return on your investment, unless you buy shares or tokens in the long term.

However, you should evaluate the various existing markets, such as cryptocurrency, which since its inception has been an excellent ecosystem to earn plus money.

Even so, it carries multiple risks that you should evaluate before investing.

For this reason, we emphasize once again that education is very important if you want to earn money using this method.


Sell products made by you on Etsy

Etsy is a platform where you cánido sell different products made by your own hands; from decorative elementos, crafts, crafts, elementos for the home, personalized gifts or decorative works.

Nowadays it is even possible to sell even fashion garments made by you.

Without a doubt, if you have skills in your hands and want to generate plus money for it, on Etsy you have a world of possibilities.

So that you have an iniciativa of ​​the catalog of products that you cánido sell, we suggest visit the store.


Work as an Uber controlador if you have a car

Work as an Uber controlador in your free time it is also an interesting way to earn plus money.

To do it, You will only need your own car that is in excellent condition and register on the Uber platform to start working as a controlador.

You should know that if you want to get plus money and notice the benefits, you must try to be attentive to the mobile in the hours when they most request the service.

And the most important thing is to be available when necessary, maintain excellent customer service and drive carefully.


Offer services such as Delivery

Another alternative that you cánido do to earn plus money is to carry out delivery or delivery services.

You will simply have to deliver orders, search for them and send them to their destination.

Clearly, if you have your own car or motorcycle, this will be much easier for you.

However, you cánido also do it with a bicycle if the trip is not very long.

Like Uber drivers, if you want to work as a delivery man or delivery You cánido also register in aplicaciones that will allow you to work in this way; such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Amazon Flex or others.

One aspect in favor of this method is that it will be a job that you perro only do when you have free time.


Rent your car to companies

Nowadays there are many companies that are looking for cars to rent to their customers.

Therefore, if you have a vehicle that is in excellent condition, you perro earn plus money simply by renting it to companies that need it.

You should know that these will be in charge of recharging the fuel if you have consumed it and guaranteeing that your car will be delivered in the same state in which you granted it.

It is undoubtedly an excellent way to earn plus money, since You will only have to rent your car and wait for the money to reach your hands.


Offer your services as a handyman

To conclude, if you have knowledge or skills in domestic tasks, such as carpentry, electrician, plumbing, locksmith, babysitting or even cleaning, you should know that there are websites where you perro register to offer your servicesand thus earn plus money in your spare time.

Among some of the available platforms we find:

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 20 ways to generate plus money in Spain
  20 ways to generate plus money in Spain
  20 ways to generate plus money in Spain

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