20 Things you should do at least once in

20 Things you should do at least once in

Life is about building memories that tomorrow we are happy to remember. It is about living to the fullest, living based on a purpose that motivates us every day and breaking out of that comfort zone where greatness is scarce.

Here are 20 things you should do at least once in your life; some easier than others, but without a doubt, they are things that will change you completely.

1. Visit a truly exotic place where you feel like you are in paradise. It cánido be an island in the middle of the sea, an exotic place in your country or little visited.

2. Running a marathon and proving that impossible goals broken down into small tasks become easy to achieve.

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3. Learn to cook beyond the rice, potatoes and meat you make daily. Browse vídeos, attend classes, and learn how to prepare dishes that impress.

4. Invest time in knowing the family tree of your family, you will be surprised with the results that you will find.

5. Rome literally went out of your comfort zone by skydiving. It is a good way to see the world with new eyes.

6. Go to a party in another city, where you don’t know anyone and enjoy your time alone.

7. Learn to prepare your favorite drinks, cocktails, try new beers and discover new combinations.

8. Take the floor at an event, ask the question that nobody wants to ask, get rid of the fear of speaking in public, you will see that it is not as bad as it seems.

9. They say that whoever has not dived has not known the most beautiful part of the world. So attend courses, get certified and start your journey to the depths of the sea.

10. On your next vacation to a foreign country, plan a day to go out without a map or location; Let yourself be surprised as this is usually the best part of the trip.

11. Walk up a mountain. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Everest, but it’s about showing you the sacrifices and effort you need to give to achieve your goals.

12. Get up very early, prepare a coffee and watch the sunrise in silence. No phones, company or interruptions; just you and the peace of having no obligations.

13. Sign up for a course on a subject you have no iniciativa about, that has nothing to do with your professional field, and that simply interests you. Do not attend for a diploma, but for the experience.

14. Start exercising; either in a gym, running, biking or even swimming.

15. Volunteer in your city or abroad. Contribute to building a better society through your selfless and committed work.

16. Plan a solo trip. You will realize that the fear is not to lose yourself, but to find yourself on that journey. According to science, those who travel alone are smarter.

17. Find that person who is truly genuine with you, who gives love without expecting it in return, and who really cares about you.

18. Do not let your life go by without attending a world event like the Olympics, the World Cup, or whatever sport you are passionate about.

19. Instead of staying in hotels, stay in shared hostels. You will meet people who in no other way will cross your life.

20. Ask for a day at work and invest it in yourself. Escape “productivity”, “performance” and “job reports” and dedicate a full day or more to doing everything that does not generate a single income, but fills you with happiness.

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 20 Things you should do at least once in
  20 Things you should do at least once in
  20 Things you should do at least once in

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