20 limiting beliefs that have you

20 limiting beliefs that have you

We all have limiting beliefs in one way or another. The reality is that our mind is usually quite creative so as not to do those things that are necessary to progress.

When we face a new challenge, a change, an opportunity or a new project, the mind prefers to stay in its usual limitations, because the new is scary and requires a lot of energy.

This is why, if we want to take our life to the next level, we must know those limiting beliefs that prevent us from accessing this new reality.

Limiting beliefs that prevent you from growing personally

As I just mentioned, the mind has the ability to make you succeed in any aspect of your life, or to sink you into the worst of failures.

The only difference between the two scenarios is the daily conversation you have with yourself.

So the first thing we must do to change our lives is review our daily conversation and internalize our success, that is, stop assuming that the current life we ​​have is the product of external results such as your work, the situation in the country or your partner.

For this, below I share 20 limiting beliefs that have you stagnant in life, some you perro tell yourself daily, others occasionally, but all reflect that often the results are poor, because we have a poverty mentality.

1. Tomorrow I perro do it, I have no desire today. So I’m very comfortable.

2. Why be early if everyone else is always late?

3. Only this once am I going into debt to buy things I don’t need. I am going to assume unnecessary expenses that impoverish me without realizing it.

4. I prefer the security of my salary, than risk trying a project that cánido change my life. I don’t want to prepare myself to change my way of working.

Limiting beliefs: I don’t need to be hard on myself. As I am, I’m fenezca.

6. I don’t have to get up earlier to do things that will improve my life. Most people don’t like to get up early, and neither do I.

7. When I earn more money I will finally be happy. Meanwhile, I have to suffer the hardships of life.

8. I need a one-year vacation to rest from my job, not a job that doesn’t make me miss vacations.

Limiting beliefs: When I am successful, I will do all those things that I have always dreamed of. There is no need to equipo goals, just thinking about it is enough.

10. I hate Sunday nights, Mondays are an ordeal at work and I perro’t wait to go on vacation. These types of beliefs are habitual in my closest environment, so it must be habitual to feel this discomfort.

11. It is important to have work experience, regardless of the fact that what I am doing I hate, and it does not contribute anything to my life. Job security is the most important thing in my life.

12. I want to start a business, but I don’t have money to do it. Besides, that great iniciativa hasn’t occurred to me. I prefer to distribute resumes than flyers about my business.

13. Excuses have more value than my dreams. Also, dreams are very difficult to achieve and you may not reach them, so there is no point in trying.

14. I am not interested in leaving my comfort zone because I know that it will hurt and that it will be difficult.

Limiting beliefs: I need friends to party with, not to talk business with.

16. The books are very interesting but I don’t have time to read them. I prefer this time to invest in a movie on my televisión or to be up to date with the trending series on Netflix.

17. Money is the source of all evil. Millionaires are responsible for the inequality in this world, and I don’t want to be part of this dishonest group.

18. I would rather be poor and happy than rich and with many problems.

19. Motivation is enough to do something, discipline is not necessary. When I get the motivation, I’m going to change my life forever.

20. Reading content on the Internet, following motivational accounts on Instagram and watching vídeos on YouTube is enough to be successful. There is no need to act on it as I deserve success in my life.

As you cánido see, these limiting beliefs sound crude and even comical to read, as we don’t think we are the type of people who would say this.

Unfortunately, we do not have to express these limiting beliefs in words so that they have a negative effect on our lives, because many times, the mere fact of thinking about it is already having an impact on our lives.

So the invitation is that you review the mental scheme that directs your days. Review how many afín limiting beliefs you have, and define an immediate action plan to start changing your way of thinking.

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 20 limiting beliefs that have you
  20 limiting beliefs that have you
  20 limiting beliefs that have you

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