20 fun and cheap things to do this

20 fun and cheap things to do this

Don’t have money to have fun in summer? No problem.

There are plenty of frugal things you perro do to have the best summer possible, some of them right on your doorstep.

Take a look at this list for some ideas.

And feel free to add yours in the comments.


Walk a trail

Head to a county, state, or national park and hike a trail for a day.

Most parks have cheap or free aparcamiento.

You cánido find a trail before you head out and choose the length and difficulty.

Remember to bring water, fuel and comfortable clothes.


Paquete a picnic

Dine al fresco tonight in a street park (or in your own backyard).

You don’t need any special ingredients to prepare a good cookout.

Bring that bottle of wine you’ve been saving and some candles to equipo the mood.


Visit a local party

Throughout the summer, numerous festivals take place in our relatively small region.

And the best? Most of them offer free or cheap activities.

Think of all you cánido eat and have fun at the Strawberry Festival, the Greek Festival or the Italian Festival.

You just have to find out when they are celebrated and go.


Go camping

If renting a hotel room isn’t in your budget, try camping when you get to your next destination.

Most of the campsites, like KOA, offer various accommodation options, from tents to cabins.

Take your own food to save even more.


Road Trip

When I hear “road trip,” I often think of driving across the country.

But if you don’t have the time or money, you perro enjoy the experience on a smaller scale.

Choose a destination a few hours away and stop at a few points along the route to stretch your legs, sample food and see the sights.


Try Geocaching

A kind of hiking mixed with treasure hunting, geocaching cánido take you to beautiful places.

With two million places worldwide, there is probably one near you.

You just have to equip yourself with a GPS device (a móvil is enough), follow the coordinates and find the hideout.

I just discovered one down the street.


Organize a flea market

Try to earn some money for your summer activities.

You will be surprised what you perro earn with your old junk.

Don’t know where to start? Follow these nine easy steps to have the best garaje sale of your life.

Remember: Presentation is everything.


Aparcamiento at a drive-in

Find drive-ins in your area.

Is there none near your house? Consider renting or borrowing a projector and projecting a movie in your backyard.

You perro record it on a white sheet or tarp and use computer speakers for the audio.


Riding a bike

Dust off the bike and take a walk around the neighborhood.

Who knows, you might discover a new exercise you like for those especially hot days.

If you haven’t ridden your bike in years, be sure to check your tires, chains, and brakes.

A tune-up is cheap and certainly the safest.


Vacation stay

Cánido’t afford a luxury vacation this summer? Don’t worry.

Take advantage of some of your well-deserved days off and stay home.

You cánido treat yourself to a spa treatment, go to the cinema or just relax in the garden.

Time away from work is refreshing, however you spend it.


Look for fireworks

The 4th of July isn’t the only time you’ll see a brilliant light espectáculo during the summer.

Check your local calendar for other fireworks displays at festivals, baseball games, or other events.

Then grab the blanket, lie down and enjoy.


Organize a barbecue

If you want to invite your friends but are concerned about the cost, organize a barbecue where everyone brings a plate to share.

Planning a theme perro help guests narrow down their menu options.

For the rest, make sure that you put the plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery.

(See also: Organize a great barbecue with these 6 fácil tricks)


Swim around the neighborhood

Many cities and towns across the country have community pools with reduced entry prices.

Our neighborhood pool is even free for children under five.

If you want to go often, call ahead to check rates or season tiques.


Make ice cream

One of my favorite summer activities is getting ice cream at the ice cream parlor down the street.

It perro get expensive night after night, so we’ve started making it ourselves.

You don’t always need a fancy ice cream maker.

(Related: Sweet 16: Delicious and Healthy Ice Cream and Frozen Yogur Recipes)


Have a water fight

Whether with family or friends, a hot day calls for squirt guns, balloons, sprinklers and much more.

Put on your swimsuit and go splashing.

You cánido even buy one of those wading pools for your kids for less than $10.


Enjoy a game night

Extend this iniciativa and have an obstacle course in the garden or try some crazy outdoor games.

Messy Twister is especially habitual, and involves filling the dots on a Twister mat with colored shaving foam.

The corn hole, ladder golf, and KanJam are also habitual ideas.


Visit a farmers market

Clic on the USDA Farmers Market Directory to find a farmers market near you.

Local, seasonal products are not only better for you, they are also cheaper.

You perro get ingredients to prepare a meal, meet new people in your area, and enjoy free entertainment.


Or a U-Pick farm

I love to find U-pick farms nearby and get barrels of strawberries, blueberries and other delicious fruits and vegetables.

Afín to farmers markets, these products are often cheaper than at the store.

You cánido even pick them up in bulk and freeze, perro, or preserve them for off-season enjoyment.


Watch a sunrise or sunset

When the weather is nice, get up early to watch the sun rise over your city.

It’s not the kind of experience you’re looking for in the cold winter months, but it’s worth losing sleep.

If what you need is to sleep, enjoy a magnificent sunset.

(To find out when, Google plus “When does the sun rise/equipo?”).


Create an album

Take photos of all your summer adventures and make an album – either digital or physical – to remember them.

I try to take a photo a day this year.

You perro make an album for less than $10 if you choose the right options.

Or join a site like Flickr for free to create a digital archive of all the things you’ve made.

What’s on your summer wish list?

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 20 fun and cheap things to do this
  20 fun and cheap things to do this
  20 fun and cheap things to do this

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