20 books to raise your self-esteem and be

20 books to raise your self-esteem and be

There are days when you wake up and You don’t feel like facing the world. All you want is to be able to hide under your pillow and have the world forget about you.

And many times that feeling has a lot to do with our self-esteem.

Because if you don’t value yourselfHow cánido others do it? It is impossible.

The good news is that you cánido change that too, because inside you is the strength to achieve itand in your mind you have the power to modify your thoughts, and start loving yourself as you deserve.

However, I know that sometimes getting it yourself is hard.

Therefore, in those difficult moments is when you most need to go to a source to help youand give you the push you need to move on.

I’ve been through really hard times in my life in which he believed that he had fallen into a well from which he could never get out; but with my willpower and some resources, I have finally managed to get off the ground.

One of the things that always work for me is read positive sentences that raise my morale and help me see the good that is around me.

But what has never failed me are self-esteem and personal growth books.

It’s amazing the magic that a few words cánido create just by reading them when we need it most.

It is as if the universe gave you at that exact moment what you had to learn so you cánido go your way…

That’s why today I want to give you a gift here, and share the 20 self-esteem books that have helped me the most throughout these years, and that I am sure that they will also help you to overcome that moment that you are going through now.

Of course, there is something you should know: none of these books will be of any use to you if all you do is read them.

If you do not apply the teachings and advice that are in them, your problems will not be solved magically.

And you will not be able to help other people who also need it.

But if you are willing to put all your will to follow in his footsteps, and above all you have faith and believe in yourselfnothing will stand in your way from now on.

are you ready for turn your life around and improve your self-esteem thanks to these readings? Go for it!

20 self-esteem books that they will change your life

1. fall in love with you Walter Riso

Many times we are accused of being selfish for feeling self-love, we stop showing the affection we have for each other and to recognize our achievements by pleasing other people.

This book teaches us that loving what we are is not selfishis learning to take care of our mind and our personality.

You will learn the way in which you cánido have an affair with you, it will help you have better relationships with other people, to do your job better and to be happier.

2. Nothing is so horrible: The philosophy of the strongest and happiest, raphael santandreu

This book is really a manual that will guide you step by step to cope with the stresses in life.

If there is one thing that experience has taught me, it is that the glass will be as full or as empty as you look at itAnd that’s what this book is about.

You will learn to enjoy life without fear and without complexes, not to get involved with those toxic people that we find everywhere and to eliminate anxiety attacks.

3. Destiny happiness: 12 fácil principles that will change your life, Marc Reklau

Everyone talks about being happy and happiness, but really what is to be happy?

I think that everyone imagines something like money or love and emplees it to fill the definition, but when they get it, something else is still missing.

In this book you will learn what happiness really is, it will espectáculo you why being happy is what it takes to be successful and will teach you how to be happy.

You only have to follow 12 habits, how to develop optimism, the ability to choose and the acceptance of change, which the author explains simply and clearly.

4. The Macron method: The 68 keys to the success of the young president who breaks the mold, Rupert L.


Emmanuel Macrowith only 40 years, managed to win the presidency of the Republic of France.

However, this is not the most impressive, I had no more than 3 years of experience in high politics and managed to prevail with 66% against his opponent.

What is the key to your success?

In this book you will find the strategies that helped him achieve political, personal and professional success so quickly.

You will learn to mark your profile, to be transparent and to take the best of each world between the 68 keys that explains in detail.

5. Self-esteem to live: How to trust yourself and achieve what you want, Hermínia Gomà Quintilla

Within everything that surrounds us we forget that change has to start from within for it to be important.

This book is a guide with quizzes that is Designed to help you reflect and get to know yourselfsometimes we just need to know a little more about ourselves to love ourselves unconditionally.

You will learn to recognize the way you thinkfeel and act with practical activities to have more confidence in yourself and develop your self-esteem.

6. Direct your life: Discover the popular and emotional skills that will lead you to personal success, Pau Forner Navarro

When I saw the title of this book I imagined that it would be another one about “you are the owner of your life” “assume your role” but really turned out to be deeper that this.

It is written as a manual skills to defend our purposes and free ourselves from toxic relationships and behaviors.

The best thing is that the techniques you will learn are based and proven by scientific studies.

In only 296 pages will teach you about charisma, confidence, the language of emotions and non-verbal connections.

7. Classic semejantes to get to know you better, Jorge Bucay

What I liked most about this book is its original and fun scheme to deal with very important issues.

The author makes a selection of 15 classic stories such as sleeping beauty, the ugly duckling and the little mermaid to explain the way we represent our illusionsour fears, goals and obstacles.

Children’s stories have a human element that leads us to discover the best and worst of each one, in this book you will learn to find it now interpret many aspects of your personality.

8. The Ikigai method: Awaken your true passion and fulfill your escencial purposes, Héctor García (Kirai) and Francesc Miralles

This book it’s a sequel from “Kigai: Japan’s Secrets to a Long and Happy Life”

Once again they gather the secrets to recognize and achieve happiness of the ancient culture of Japan, from the “centenary village” in Okinawa.

Ikagi means to do somethingdo it with the utmost attention and do it in the best way.

With this book you will learn with practical exercises what are the 35 routes to know what your reason for being is or the passion of your life.

You will know what inspires you and you will know the address of the path you should take.

9. I will be assertive: Use your emotional intelligence to assert yourself, Olga Castanyer and Olga Cañizares Gil

With this book you will take a trip to the most amazing land you will ever know, your reaffirmation and empowerment as a woman.

You will learn about the relationship between assertiveness and emotional intelligenceand what it is to be an assertive woman according to your needs.

You will develop emotional competencies: self-knowledge, emotional regulation, self-esteem, self-motivation, empathy and active listening, communication skills and assertive techniques.

And finally espectáculo you how to put all these consejos into practice in your daily life as a mother, as a daughter, as a worker and as a couple.

10. Automatic self-esteem: believe in yourself and achieve your goals, Silvia Congost

In this book the author advises on the importance of believing in your abilities and your resources to face all the challenges that arise daily.

He will take you by the hand for six steps that will improve your relationship with changeswith love and with yourself.

you will learn that you are the most important person in your lifeyou are your only company and how should you treat yourself, thinking positively, forgiving yourself and spending time for yourself.

eleven. The power of self-esteem: How to enhance this important resource, Nathaniel Branden

This author defines self-esteem as confidence in our capacity and our right to be happy and as a tool to achieve our goals.

you will learn about the importance of self esteem for psychological growth, effectiveness and personal merit and the feeling of satisfaction when goals are achieved.

You will identify the 12 obstacles that are preventing you from developing your self-esteem and you will discover the 6 principles that will help you strengthen it.

12. You are worth more than you think Matthew McKay

In this book the author focuses on one of the most destructive habits for self-esteemself-criticism.

Is that sometimes in the search for perfection we attack each other harshly without measuring the consequences that this will have on our decisions in the future.

The most valuable thing about this book is that more than explaining it, It will teach you to strengthen your self-esteem with fácil and effective exercises.

You will learn to change your life developing your self-esteem, and judging yourself in a realistic, objective and healthier way.

13. 52 things you cánido do to raise your self-esteem, jerry minchinton

It is based on the relationship between self esteem, inner peace and personal and professional relationships.

In a very fácil way, the author explains what are the elements that damage self-esteem.

This book teaches you 52 techniques to improve your relationship with your friends and your partner, your happiness and self-confidence.

14. Your incorrect zones, Wayne Dyer

Although this is the first book by this author. It is a reference on the subject. of self esteem.

It helps you to understand very easily the most important principles to be independenthappy and have a healthy life.

You will recognize that you are the dream of life and you will learn to espectáculo your self loveto break the chains of the past and discard useless emotions such as guilt and worry.

This book is a shortcut with which you will gain security and inner peace and you will learn the 12 characteristics that a person has without erroneous zones.

fifteen. The 6 pillars of self-esteem, Nathaniel Branden

These 6 pillars that support self-esteem have to do with the requirements for emotional stability.

Nathaniel Braden explains that self-esteem is not something that is given by itself, but rather must be cultivated and must be developed following certain healthy behaviors.

You will learn the importance of living consciously, accept yourselftake responsibility for your life, self-affirmation, have a purpose and protect personal integrity.

The book ends with 12 recommendations to develop self-esteem and expand the capacity to be happy.

16. Love yourself as if your life depended on it, Kamal Ravikant

The most serious depression pictures begin with small blows to self-esteem, this book was written thinking precisely about the most difficult cases to face.

It developed as a guide to help you overcome the most difficult crisesin which it seems that you have fallen into a black hole and gives you the tools to empower yourself.

You will learn to develop the two tools that will help you get ahead in the face of personal crises in which you feel that you have lost your identity: Compassion towards you and self-esteem.

17. Self-esteem: Evaluation and Improvement, Matthew Mckay and Patrick Fanning

This is an exercise book designed for strengthen your self-assessment.

He will advise you on those cases in which we have been subjected to value judgments and we raise barriers like rage or perfectionism, or we fall into harmful vices such as alcohol and drugs.

will serve as a wound healing guide of self-rejection, freeing yourself from defensive barriers and changing your own image.

18. Self-esteem in 10 days, David Burns

Although I’m not a seguidor of authors who offer “instant self-esteem,” this book has innovative and very easy methods to understand that will help you recognize your state of mind.

It will help you in cases where you need turn around problems and see them from another angle.

You will find graphics and step-by-step guides to get up when you’re down and you need help to face the day, accept the problems and find solutions.

The book is organized to finish it in 10 weekseach week you will take a step and at the end of each step you will fill out an evaluation to know your progress.

19. 40 reflections to awaken your self-esteem, feli garcia

The author presents it as a workbook that gather daily reflections and contains practical activities.

He proposes to change your lifestarting with making changes in yourself, taking away other people’s power over the love, acceptance and respect you feel for you.

It is oriented to the tendency of the power of thought, understanding that they are Our thoughts dominate our lives. and that we perro change the reality of everything that surrounds us from thought.

twenty. The self-esteem. our secret force Luis Rojas Marcos

In this book the author describes the factors that create the image we have of ourselves.

They detalla three important elementsour genetic load, the influence of loving relationships from childhood and the ability to recognize all this in order to explain our feelings

In these three factors is everything that we are and that is related to the customs and beliefs of the place from which we are born and on this will depend the aspirations and opportunities with the that we build our self-esteem.

What other self-esteem books do you know? Leave your comment below and tell me your opinion.

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 20 books to raise your self-esteem and be
  20 books to raise your self-esteem and be
  20 books to raise your self-esteem and be

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