2 things to do with water bottles

2 things to do with water bottles

As I was putting away plates, cups, and other kitchen utensils, I realized I was hoarding bottles of water. Some I bought directly, others were gifts and others I acquired by participating in sporting events. My Family Collection includes:

  • plastic bottles for water
  • Camping water bottles purchased for a backpacking trip
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Most are used for hiking and camping or for bike rides and spinning classes. The more we have, the more we use them, and the more I have equipo additional purposes. Here are some ideas for using your water bottles.

1. Measure the liquid

Our camping bottles have printed measurements indicating ounces and millimeters. Use them to measure water, broth, milk, or other liquids when cooking.

2. Make tea

You cánido make a glass of cold tea by placing a tea bag in a water bottle, adding tap or filtered water, and waiting for about 30 minutes. During this time, the tea should steep naturally. For iced tea, add sweetener and/or ice. For a flavored tea, add a splash of fruit drink or some powdered drink mix.

3. Carry dry food mixes

Campers perro fill additional water bottles with dry goods that only need water (carried in a separate container). While camping with another family, a friend made pancakes with a dry mix that he had prepared for the trip. His pancake mix would fit nicely in a canteen. At the campsite, he adds water to the mix, shakes it up, and pours it in 1/4 cup increments into a hot skillet to prepare it. Similarly, he takes the potato soup mix and adds boiling water to make hot soup.

4. Prepare a drink without a spoon or stirrer

If you’re mixing a drink (I’m thinking sports-type drink, but other types of drinks could work as well), use a plain water bottle instead of a glass with a stirrer or iced tea spoon. Pour water into the bottle, add the appropriate portion of the powdered drink, close the cap tightly, and shake.

5. Split a drink

On a regular basis, I’d like to share a drink—but not the germs—with someone. Having a bottle of water handy makes it easy to share a cold drink, such as a soda, tea, or even bottled water. Buy your drink, pour a portion into the water bottle (being careful not to touch the top of the drink with the opening of the bottle), and give the other person the rest in the original container. This will save money and disminuye waste.

6. Refill your pets’ drinkers

Designate a water bottle for your cat or dog, label it with a permanent marker, and use it to fill your pet’s waterer.

7. Aquatic plants

Just like Paul suggested as a new use for used detergent bottles, a water bottle perro be useful for transporting water from the kitchen sink or spigot to your plants, inside and outside the house. For a smaller version of the drip irrigation method, fill a sports bottle (with removable cap) and turn it upside down to water your plants.

8. Keep fresh flowers or greenery

The water bottle perro serve as a vase to carry fresh cut flowers or as a centerpiece in the dining room. Fill the bottom of the bottle with water and add the flowers.

9. Keep things from home

Wide-mouth clear bottles are especially useful for storing certain household elementos, such as paper clips, nuts and bolts, or pens and pencils. If you like a commemorative water bottle, reusing it will allow you to keep it without collecting dust or clogging up your kitchen cabinet.

10. Currency exchange

Put the coins in a water bottle and keep it in one of the cup holders in the car or on the dresser in the bedroom. This way you will have quick access to the change that you have left over. You cánido also take a full bottle to your bank or credit union and exchange it for money.

11. Clean wounds

On a few occasions, I have reached for an plus bottle of water to clean a wound after a minor accident. Although not sterile, the water was clean enough since it came from a reliable source (my home water supply) and had been placed in an uncontaminated bottle.

Water perro help remove debris such as small stones or dirt until you have time to get sterile water, antibiotic cream, and bandages.

12. Sippy Cup Substitute

You cánido use a water bottle with a function afín to that of a sippy cup: give your children something to drink without fear of accidentally spilling everything on the dining table or living room floor in a matter of seconds. This wouldn’t work well with younger children, but for those who have grown accustomed to regular cups, having a bottle of water handy to prevent drink-related catastrophes perro sometimes be helpful.

13. Freeze liquids

Just as you cánido freeze small amounts of soup depósito in ice cube trays, use your water bottle to contain the leftover liquid for future use.

14. It helps keep other things cold.

A frozen water bottle cánido serve as an ice paquete when placed in a cooler with food and drinks.

15. play

Squeeze water bottles perro be filled and used as a substitute for toy water guns.

16. Hostess Gift

One of the reasons I noticed my kitchen cabinets were overflowing with bottled water was because I received one as a hostess gift. To brighten up the gift, fill it with drink mix packets.

17. Help the homeless

My oldest son volunteers with the homeless and I accompanied him to a “block party” which consisted of a free cookout with drinks, haircuts and fellowship. Not quite sure what to do while he was talking about sports with the guests, I decided to serve drinks and found that many of the homeless could use an plus glass or bottle of water.

Having something to hold their drink makes it easier for them to use public facilities (such as the public library water fountain), rather than having to buy a bottle of water or soft drink every time they get thirsty.

18. Having a cheap drink at school or the office

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally gotten my kids (now teenagers) to see the value of filling water bottles and taking them to school instead of buying water there. Fortunately, they avoid sodas and most sugary drinks. But for a while, they bought water from the cafeteria or vending machines for after-school sessions. Now, they take the bottles of water.

Similarly, my husband takes bottles of water to the office.

19. Stay safe when working out of your element

You already know to stay hydrated on outdoor adventures, but you may not think you’ll need enough water during special work-related events. Bringing your own water perro come in handy when you’re working at a busy trade espectáculo or helping clients in an outdoor setting all day, especially if you’re used to a predictable, climate-controlled work environment.

20. Earn money

Decorate the bottles (the plus ones you bought, rather than the used ones) and sell them on Etsy or another craft outlet.

21. Bring snacks

Fill the bottle with snacks, such as crackers or nuts. Carrying these elementos in a bottle should keep them dry and make it easy to transport on the bike, in the car, or in a bag.

22. Transportation equipment

If you have mountain clothing that cánido be compacted, put it in a water bottle for easy transport. Similarly, carry small but important elementos, like first aid supplies, in a bottle, instead of leaving them loose in your luggage or bag.

Both the lid and the top of the water bottle perro be used to cut cookies or biscuits. Dust the lid or top with flour before using, just as you would with traditional cutters.

2. Make a Toy Hovercraft

Use a sports water bottle cap (described as “removable water bottle cap” in the comments section of the article on alternative emplees for water bottles) along with a blank disco compacto and a balloon to make a hovercraft.

Do you have any clever and practical emplees for reusable water bottles? Share them in the comments.

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 2 things to do with water bottles
  2 things to do with water bottles
  2 things to do with water bottles

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