2 legit sites to make money with

2 legit sites to make money with

2 legitimate sites to earn money with paid surveys and doing different fácil tasks even work for mobile. !Keep reading!

2 legitimate sites to earn money with paid surveys and performing different fácil tasks.

You do not require experience or a minimum age and the best thing is that it works all over the world so you cánido Earn money wherever you are.

Next we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method to earn money en línea easily.

The first page and mobile application that we will use is about:

What is PollPay?

Poll Pay is a paid survey site operated by BitBurst GmbH with its registered address at Lerchenweg 340789 Monheim am Rhein.

They even have their business registration number: HRB 89799 and contact information listed on the website.

These details make them appear legit and trustworthy compared to other shady sites.

Poll Pay is an application for Android and iOS devices that allows its users to get money and different gift cards by taking paid surveys.

The rewards are received directly in euros (not in points) in your account cómputo, something that is undoubtedly a point in favor.

In addition, each survey reflects the estimated time to complete and the plus to receive, which together with the possibility of completing it at any time and place, makes it an excellent option to earn plus money in your spare time. Depending on the occasion, you will escoge if you are interested or not.

whatHow to download and install Poll Pay?

The first step to enjoy this mobile application is to download it from Android or iOS in which it is available.

If you cánido’t find it, it might not be available for your country.

Although there are people who choose to look for it in an alternative market in APK version, I do not recommend doing so for security reasons.

Once downloaded, you simply have to complete two steps:

  • Accept the terms of service and confirm that you are older than 16 years.
  • Sign in by linking your Google plus, Twitter or Fb account.
Poll Pay earn money with paid surveys mobile aplicación

Code to win €0.23 as a gift:

As usually happens in almost all applications of the same style, just for registering you will receive a welcome gift by entering an invitation code.

In this case, it is a plus of €0.23 that you will receive instantly in your account cómputo.

To obtain it, you must entrar the application and go to the “Surveys” section.

Once there, scroll down and you will find the option “Have you been invited?”, where you cánido entrar the code in the box that appears in the following image:

Poll Pay welcome plus with invite backlink

How does Poll Pay work to earn money with paid surveys?

As in all paid survey pages and applications, the first step to take after registration is to complete your personal profile 100%.

As I suppose you already know, have a suitable profile It is absolutely vital when it comes to receiving the largest number of surveys, so do not hesitate to complete it in the best possible way and without leaving any questions along the way.

In the case of Poll Pay, you will find the qualification survey in the main menu after pressing the “Start” button.

As you perro see in the image that I have posted below, the survey lasts 5 minutes and comes with a reward of €0.32.

Qualification reward for completing your profile

So, between the welcome plus and the qualification survey you will have €0.55 in your account cómputo in just a few minutes.

Taking into account that the minimum withdrawal is equipo at €5, isn’t that bad, huh?

Who perro join?

The best thing I love about Poll Pay is that it’s available almost everywhere in the world.

It is open for membership registration regardless of where you live.

You must be over 18 as they use PayPal as a withdrawal method.

There are a few options for using your popular media login (Twitter and Fb) to sign up for a new account.

Also, you cánido use your Apple account to log in for those who use Apple mobile phones.

How to earn money with Poll Pay?

Poll Pay is a mobile application that offers two types of income opportunities to earn plus money moving.

paid survey:

The main way to earn with Poll Pay is by completing the free en línea surveys found in the application.

Before taking a survey, remember that you may not qualify for all opportunities.

Fortunately, this aplicación also rewards you with 0.01 euro even if you get disqualified.

This gain may seem like a small amount, but it’s better than nothing, right?

After completing a survey, you will earn an additional percentage of plus earned from the subsequent survey taken.

After that, the timer for the plus will start and you will have to take surveys to achieve it.

Already having the aplicación correctly downloaded and installed and the qualification survey completed at 100%.

From there, all you have to do is entrar the application from time to time to check if there are new surveys available.

Sometimes difficult surveys to complete with a duration of 30 minutes and a very good reward usually appear, in this case what you must do is be focused and have enough time if you want to succeed in doing it.

One thing you should keep in mind is that many of the surveys disappear immediately, especially if they are very short or very well paid, since they have a limited quota and the demand is usually very high.

For this reason, you must be alert and check the application on a recurring basis to opt for the largest number of them.

So, the money you earn will depend largely on you.

Invite your friends and increase earnings:

Like most GPT and paid survey sites, it also has a referral program that rewards you if your friends join using the unique backlink.

You will permanently get 15% of your earnings as a plus.

Also, if they join with your code, they also have an initial plus of 0.31 euros.

More prizes available:

Apart from payments through PayPal, Poll Pay offers you other very interesting rewards that you perro review at any time within the “Rewards” menu.

I suppose that depending on your country these prizes may change.

Prize withdrawal minimum
PayPal €5
Amazon €5
Spotify €10
Zalando €10
Aplicación Store & iTunes €10

When and how is Poll Pay charged?

The minimum to charge in Poll Pay is 5 euros through Amazon vouchers and 10 euros if we do it through PayPal.

But be careful, if you request a payment of ten euros by PayPal you will need to have $10.50 because they will deduct 0.50 euro cents for commissions.

For Amazon there are no commissions.

My recommendation is to request payments through vouchers for Amazon because the full amount is charged.

In addition to Amazon and PayPal, you perro also charge through vouchers for Zalando, the Aplicación Store and Spotify Premium.

And how long does it take to pay Poll Pay? Here comes one of the strengths of this aplicación. Pay immediately! That is, if you request a payment by PayPal, the money will arrive immediately in your account.

You cánido earn money with paid surveys in Poll Pay: Is it legit or scam?

Many people are looking for ways to earn plus money en línea by sharing their opinions on paid survey sites.

Since the Poll Pay aplicación is available to download and install on both IOS and Android devices, everyone cánido use the aplicación to earn money on the go.

Taking into account that the aplicación is completely free and that the company behind it (BitBurst GmbH) is completely legal, you cánido rest assured that the application is completely safe and reliable.

In addition, since its inception it has been paying its users on time.

In addition to the mobile aplicación, they recently released their web version as well, so you cánido still do that if you still prefer to survey your desktop.

Positive and negative aspects to consider about Poll Pay:

After gathering as much information as possible about the application, testing all its features and confirming for myself that it really pays, the most relevant pros and cons that I cánido highlight are the following:

  • Legal and registered company.
  • Rewards are received directly in money, not in points.
  • Good catalog of prizes, with PayPal included.
  • Clean, fácil and easy to use interfaz.
  • It takes up little space on the mobile and hardly consumes resources.
  • 15% commission for life of the earnings of your guests.
  • You are compensated with €0.01 for the surveys that you start but cannot complete.
  • Very low withdrawal minimum and instant payouts.
  • Some questionnaires are too long.
  • You do not receive any notification when there are new surveys.

Finally we will talk about the following page that is about:

What is Timebucks?

Timebucks is an excellent platform that allows people to earn income in their free time by doing different jobs.

On this platform you perro not only do paid surveys, but also you cánido earn money doing chores, playing games, watching vídeos, receiving Correos electrónicos, mining and among many other options.

The minimum withdrawal fee that this platform has is 10 dollars, which perro be generated in a relatively short time if you work with dedication.

This platform has a wide variety of payment methods ranging from bank transfers, through Skrill, AirTM, Nefteller, Tago Card, Payer and Bitcoin.

As you cánido see, it is a very versatile platform and offers a wide variety of methods to generate income In Internet.

The vast majority of Latin American countries are accepted by the page including countries like Venezuela, Cuba or Argentina.

How to sign up for Timebucks?

Signing up for Timebucks is quite easy as long as you follow the steps below.

Remember to entrar the Timebucks home page to be able to follow the steps that we are going to espectáculo you in this guide.

1: Choose the registration method:

The first thing you must do to be able to register is to choose the registration method of the page.

Timebucks has an easy-to-use interfaz so it won’t be difficult for you to entrar your data.

You just have to press Sing Up (registration) and entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and password that you want to assign to the account in addition to clicking on the captcha.

You perro also backlink your Fb account to automatically create a profile for you, saving you all the other steps.

However, if you don’t want to associate your Fb account, that’s okey, just continue reading the steps to complete the registration.

2: Confirm your registration:

The next step that you must complete in order to start using the platform is to go to the correo electrónico you entered to create the profile and look for the confirmation message that Timebucks has probably already sent you.

Once inside, what you have to do is clic on the backlink that will take you back to the page to finish registration.

3: Accept the terms and conditions of the page:

To finish the registration and once you have confirmed your correo electrónico, what you have to do is read and accept the terms and conditions that the page has.

Once you agree to the terms, the page will award you 100 points, these points will be added automatically after you hit accept.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to all the jobs Timebucks offers and you cánido start generating income en línea.

As soon as you entrar the home page of the platform you will see offers of surveys that you perro do so take advantage of the time and generate income right now.

How does Timebucks work to earn money from paid surveys and other activities?

It is a legitimate GPT that rewards you for completing a wide variety of tasks such as;

  • Watching vídeos.
  • Conducting surveys.
  • Content display.
  • Completing offers.
  • Download free aplicaciones.
  • Solving Captcha

It was launched in 2014 by LK International Ltd, a company located in the United Arab Emirates.

It was recently acquired by the Australian company Clearing Pty Ltd and is now operating without significant changes.

TimeBucks emplees an affiliate marketing technique, cost per acquisition.

Basically, this means that the company gets paid according to its actions of completing tasks.

As a reward for your participation, the company shares part of this income with you.

Essentially, TimeBucks allows you to:

  • Sign up in 5 seconds and start earning instantly
  • Refer people and earn a commission for each person you refer
  • Pay weekly with 6 different payment methods

As for TimeBucks users, the company allows them access to honest retroalimentación and information.

This information helps them shape marketing campaigns and develop new products.

How much are TimeBucks points worth?

timebucks does not use a point system.

All surveys and tasks display a dollar amount, making it easy to track your earnings.

How much money perro be made with TimeBucks paid surveys?

This page will match you with the appropriate surveys using the demographic information you provide in your profile.

Before you start a survey, you’ll see an estimate of how long it should take and what reward is offered.

Surveys cánido take up to 20 minutes to complete and you perro expect between $0.30 and $1.

Essentially, you cánido earn 10-20 dollars every day depending on how much time they spend on the site.

There are new polls every week, but your rating will depend on your demographics.

What are the other ways to earn money with TimeBucks?

Offer walls:

There is a deal wall section with access to several different deals.

This cánido be, for example, getting paid to download aplicaciones, register on a website, try a product for free, etcétera.

We have access to around 12 walls and each of them gives access to many offers with some of these offers having very good rewards.

Most of them are also offered through other survey sites like PrizeRebel or ySense, so if you generally prefer to use one of these sites, you cánido probably find the deals there as well.

Content Options:

The content tab within Timebucks gives access to several different ways to earn.

In fact, at the time of updating this review, you perro find 8 different ways to earn only in this section:

Some of the options to obtain content are for example:

  1. Earn by clicking on small ads and visiting a website for a certain number of seconds.

    You might also like the TimeBucks Fb page and more.

  2. You perro view slideshows where you have to view 10 pages of a slideshow to get paid.

  3. This cánido be quite entertaining as there are some great slideshows on crazy puppy photos, best MMA fights, shocking facts about celebrities, worst tattoos ever, etcétera.

In this section, you perro also find the following income opportunities:

  • Engaged Hits (you perro earn by installing programa that will play vídeos automatically)
  • Push clic (you get paid to clic on ads delivered as push notifications to your browser)
  • Get paid to search (earn up to 0.01 cents per en línea search depending on the country you live in)
  • Get paid to watch YouTube vídeos
  • View news slideshows

The best thing about the content section is that you perro always find ways to win here no matter what country you live in.

Some of the options in this section won’t make you a lot of money, but many of us will probably see slideshows, news, etcétera. anyway and the tasks are generally easy and quick to do.


Timebucks has a section called simply “Tasks.”

Here you cánido get paid to do different types of tasks like downloading aplicaciones, watching YouTube vídeos, visiting certain websites, following people on popular media, etcétera.

Assignments are usually not taken but not all of them are good value for your time.

These tasks are created by other Timebucks members as not all of them offer fair pay for their time.

So choose these tasks wisely.

You perro always escoge what tasks you want to do and you perro see the requirements and pay before you start.

And if you choose wisely, it perro be an easy way to earn a little more.

Get Cash Back When You Shop En línea:

I personally think it’s great when GPT sites have a refund option.

This means you perro get cash back if you shop en línea at certain stores they’ve partnered with.

TimeBucks also has this option, so it cánido be a great way to earn/save some money if you shop en línea anyway.

You cánido use this option if you ever buy through AliExpress.

TimeBucks doesn’t have as many options but it does have some good options if you ever buy through AliExpress.

So if you ever do that, it’s a good iniciativa to check out this section.

Invite people to join:

You cánido earn 15% of the earnings of everyone you refer.

There is no limit to the number of people you perro refer to the platform, and you will also receive $1 for every referral that signs up.

You cánido invite other people to join TimeBucks and receive a commission for it.

You will be paid in 5 levels.

That means you’ll also earn commissions for the people your referred people refer.

It’s not a high commission, but a little bit is fenezca too.

If you invite a lot of people who also end up inviting a lot, it cánido add up and be a great way to earn.

Because it has 5 levels, it makes for a pretty good referral program compared to many other afín sites.

So if you join and like to use it yourself, it’s a really good iniciativa to start inviting others to join.

They will earn the same whether they join through your backlink or not, as commissions are paid out of TimeBucks’ pockets.


TimeBucks has the arrangement to help you earn money using your Instagram account.

Most of these tasks involve following people, which will only earn you a few cents each.

However, if you enjoy spending your free time on Instagram, it’s a great way to increase your earnings.

clic ads

This is a very fácil task as you perro get paid for clicking on the ads.

You’ll need to stay on the ad site for a specific amount of time, typically 60 seconds.

You will earn $0.006 per clic, but it is an easy activity.

Watch vídeos

This is the most passive task in TimeBucks.

Although you will only receive 0.001 to 0.005 cents per vídeo, if you like it watch vídeos is an easy way to earn plus money.

download aplicaciones

You perro also get paid to download, play and interact with aplicaciones.

Again, this isn’t usually a high-paying activity, but it perro be a fun way to explore new aplicaciones.

Articulo is TikTok

There is a whole section in the earnings area for TikTok tasks.

There are rules you must follow and you will need to agree to the terms before you begin.

Each option has a vídeo tutorial, so you cánido qualify.

The amount you will receive depends on a quality score that is calculated when you connect your TikTok account.

Solve captcha

This is a small data task, but TimeBucks review comments highlight that it perro be a bit tricky at first.

I found this task easy and there is no limit to the number of times you participate.

You perro earn $0.003 for solving 20 captchas.

daily bonuses

The top five TimeBucks earners each day will receive a plus.

First place receives $20, while fifth place receives an additional $1.

This is a nice plus for completing tasks and earning cash.

Premium membership costs $4.95 per week and allows you to earn 25% higher rewards on all surveys, offers, and other tasks.

TimeBucks Cheats

  • Thoroughly complete your profile
  • Be so honest while taking surveys
  • equipo a schedule
  • Open your qualification correos electrónicos quickly
  • Refer as many people as possible
  • Get a TimeBucks plus me
  • You should focus on the easiest surveys and not the highest paying ones.

    Just because it pays the best doesn’t orinan it’s worth it.

How to redeem points with TimeBucks?


The minimum payout is $10, but there is a cutoff payout period at 11:59 p.m.

New York time on Tuesday.

If you miss this pay period, your earnings will carry over to the next week’s pay period.

Before you perro claim your first $10, you’ll need to verify your identity to receive your winnings.

This requires uploading identification documents, which are immediately and permanently deleted from TimeBucks servers.

You should receive your winnings before Thursday.

AirTM / Skrill / Neteller

The minimum payout for these methods is $10, with the same payout period as BitCoin.

However, AirTM provides the opportunity to receive funds into your PayPal account.

You perro select PayPal on the AirTM platform, so you perro quickly redeem your cash within 48 hours.

As with Bitcoin, you will need to verify your identity for your first payment of $10.

Wire transfer

The minimum cómputo is 10 dollars and the same cut-off period of Tuesday at 11:59 pm applies

You perro make money with paid surveys in Timebucks: Is it legit or scam?

We perro say that timebucks is quite a reliable and easy to use platform.

This page cánido be defined as a multipurpose platform where you will not only generate income by surveying as we said before.

The iniciativa is that you cánido make use of all the options that it allows you to make so that you generate the highest possible profits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of TimeBucks?


  • Referral Program: You earn a 15% commission on all earnings from the people you refer, as well as a 5% commission on any advertising deposits they make.
  • Start Earning Instantly – Unlike other sites, there is no approval process for new registrations and you perro start earning within 5 seconds of joining.
  • 6 different payment methods to choose from: Payeer, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, TangoCard and bank transfer.

    There is no gift card option.

  • Low Minimum Withdrawal Threshold – Once you have accumulated at least $10 in profit, you cánido withdraw money vía any of 6 payment methods.


  • Long wait time for payment: If you earned less than $100 in total, you’ll need to wait 30 days before you get paid for tasks worth more than $3.
  • Low Pay for Non-Survey Tasks: Most non-survey tasks, like watching vídeos and installing aplicaciones, pay around $0.01, so it’s not worth it.

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 2 legit sites to make money with
  2 legit sites to make money with
  2 legit sites to make money with

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