2 legit sites to earn money by giving your

2 legit sites to earn money by giving your

2 legitimate sites to earn money by giving your opinion easily and quite safely since they are quite reliable.

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2 legit sites to earn money giving your opinion are quite reliable to start make a few dollars.

So if you want to generate a good profit, then we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method to start.

The first page we will see is about:

  • members.pineconeresearch.com
Pinecone Research make money with our opinion

Survey sites like Pinecone Research allow companies to collect customer retroalimentación.

As a participant, the process is fácil: subscribers complete surveys in exchange for rewards in the form of cash, eGift cards, or merchandise.

Completed surveys provide valuable retroalimentación that allows companies to improve their product or service offerings.

Simply put, survey sites pay you to share your opinion, but participants should approach it with caution: there are drawbacks to consider, and the benefits are often less than expected.

What is Pinecone?

Pinecone Research is a survey site that offers you cash in exchange for your opinions.

Most surveys are designed to review new products or services.

The site also notifies you by correo electrónico when new surveys are available.

The site is available to US users only.

It is also exclusive and you cánido only sign up vía invite.

How to register in Pinecone Research?

Registering with Pinecone Research perro be difficult as you have to be invited or find registration banners on the web.

Another thing to keep in mind is its exclusivity.

Pinecone Research targets specific demographics to complete its surveys.

One habitual theory is that they are primarily looking for college-age young adults and no longer there is sign up plus.

Due to its exclusivity and complicated registration process, there are few known cheats for the site.

One consejo is to bookmark their registration page and periodically check for openings, though keep in mind that this page is usually reported as “down for maintenance.”

Pinecone Research Mobile Research Aplicación:

Users of the Pinecone Research aplicación report that it functions as a source of information only.

You cannot take surveys in the aplicación.

Instead, you will be redirected to your membership area vía a web browser.

The aplicación is available on both iOS and Android.

It has mixed reviews on both platforms.

Pinecone Research Research Banners:

These appear randomly on the web and offer registration opportunities for the site.

Pinecone Research states in its FAQ section that this happens “periodically throughout the year.”

Research suggests this is done to rule out certain demographics.

It also suggests that the banners appear more frequently on other survey sites that objetivo a US-based audience.

They typically last for a couple of days.

As mentioned, the only way for subscribers to sign up is by clicking on web ads (assuming you become a objetivo) or through member referrals.

To join, you must be 18 years or older and a resident of the UK, US, Germany or Canada.

Pinecone Research has separate panels for each country.

Even if you are part of these criteria, you perro still get rejected if they already have enough members to fill the demographic.

How does Pinecone Research work to earn money by giving your opinion?

The Site is intended to help businesses collect marketing information.

This is done by creating surveys and sending them to “influencers”, just a catchy name for respondents.

Your answers help these companies to improve their products or services.

A unique feature of Pinecone Research is that gives users the opportunity to learn about new products before they go on the market .

There are also reports of users receiving free samples.

Here is an explanation from the site on how it works.

How Pinecone Research works

You cánido earn money by giving your opinion on Pinecone Research: Is it legit or scam?

Pinecone Research is definitely legitimate .

They are owned by The Nielsen Company, a New York-based marketing agency.

This company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

BBB accreditation of pineconeresearch.com

Pinecone Research has been in business for 22 years.

It operates from Cincinnati, United States.

Beware of fake platform reviews.

Research espectáculos that various sites have tried to copy its format in the past.

These sites have also been operating under similarly named domains.

Some of the reviews you see may be from these copycat sites and not from the de hoy Pinecone Research.

Just make sure to use their official aplicaciones and log in vía the pineconeresearch.com domain.

There have been fraudulent attempts to impersonate Pinecone Research on Fb.

Please note that Pinecone Research does not have a presence on Fb and you will not be asked for your login credentials:

Communication of attempted imitation and fraud on Fb to pineconeresearch.com

According to their security policy, all communication with the site must be done through correos electrónicos ending in @pineconeresearch.com

How much does Pinecone Research pay for giving your opinion?

  • En línea survey at Pinecone Research $3 PER HOUR

Peter Pinecone represents a typical person conducting research studies en línea at Pinecone Research.

As you cánido see, the earnings from him are quite low.

Each survey pays $3 through a points system.

Users report survey times lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

The number of surveys available on the site is low as most users claim to be able to earn with around 1 to 4 surveys per month.

How does Pinecone Research pay by giving your opinion?

Payment options Gift cards, bank transfer.
minimum payment 3 dollars

You cánido redeem the points you earn for electronic certificates (Amazon, etcétera.) or cash.

Once upon a time cash payments vía PayPal, direct bank transfer or vía postal checks.

However, as of October/November 2020, it appears that Pinecone Research now only allows cash payments vía bank transfer and that’s through a third-party service called Wallet by Rewards on Demand.

We’ve read a lot of complaints about this new payment method, but the company behind Rewards on Demand seems to be reputable, so hopefully the issues will be resolved soon.

The minimum payment at Pinecone Research 3 dollars.

According to Pinecone Research’s FAQ hub, your points may expire after 12 months of inactivity.

However, I have seen some complaints about accounts being suspended in shorter periods of time.

Research espectáculos that payment is reliable.

Pinecone claims a 3-5 day response time on wire transfers, but instant redemptions on y también-certificates.

All withdrawals are paid through the redemption option on the site from the membership area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pinecone Research?


  • Answer only pre-qualified surveys.

This is one of the reasons Pinecone Research’s exclusivity is an advantage: Since the company knows exactly who they need, participants won’t waste precious time answering surveys they aren’t even qualified for in the first place.

It’s one of the qualities that Pinecone Research reviews most excite.

Other survey sites will ask you to take surveys with a series of pre-qualification questions to verify your eligibility.

Twenty minutes later, it’s You may receive a notification that you are not qualified to take the survey; this is time wasted without reaping any reward.

Although the company sends you fewer surveys compared to other survey sites, it only sends you surveys that you are eligible to take.

  • Try new products.

Pinecone Research allows you to test a product before it goes on the market.

This is an attractive feature for product fanes or anyone who is motivated by shiny new things.

Be aware, however, that there is no way to voluntarily sign up for the product trial; the company only sends you articles if it deems it appropriate.

  • Attractive compensation.

Pinecone Research It is one of the highest paying survey sites. The company pays a minimum of $3 per survey,

Participants perro expect a pay raise the longer they stay on the site, capped at $5.

  • Insurance against errors or browser crashes.

With other survey sites, a navigation crash means losing the survey you’ve already started, which perro be very frustrating.

The website saves all your responses in an emergency.

  • Various reward options.

While other survey sites only have cash rewards and limited gift cards, Pinecone Research has a more robust rewards system that also offers gift cards of multiple varieties (y también.g.

Amazon, Starbucks, restoranes, Walmart, Home Depot).

Other survey sites will require you to accumulate a certain number of points before claiming the rewards, but Pinecone Research allows you to redeem them even after just taking a survey.

This gives you the flexibility to claim rewards anytime you want, in cash or in-kind.


  • An invite-only membership.

This is by far the worst drawback Pinecone Research has over other survey sites.

There is no way to register on the company’s website as you need an invite form to entrar.

The only way to sign up is to clic on the banner ads, and they only appear if it’s directed at you.

  • You perro be expelled at any time.

Pinecone Research reserves the right to terminate its panelists if necessary.

Your membership depends on the needs of the platform.

Compared to Survey Junkie’s modern and organized interfaz, the Pinecone Research website looks and feels very outdated.

If you do not radica in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom or Canada, you cannot apply for membership.

You must also be at least 18 years old to join.

This is a common criticism in most Pinecone Research reviews.

Although they pay very well, the company only sends you one or two surveys a month, which really isn’t much if your goal is to make a lot of money.

  • Desktop or notebook only.

Compared to other survey sites, Pinecone Research is only available vía desktop and notebook computers.

Without a mobile aplicación, you won’t be able to earn money on the go.

Pinecone Research only allows one member per household to become a panelist.

As already mentioned, once you’re already a panelist, other members of your household are instantly banned from joining the group.

Finally the page that we will see is about:

Opinion Pionner how to earn money giving your opinion

What is OpinionPioneer and what does it offer?

OpinionPioneer is a very new survey site where you cánido earn by sharing your opinion.

But there are many these 2 legit sites to earn money giving your opinion offer this, so you have to choose wisely to find the right options for you.

I have thoroughly tested OpinionPioneer myself and in this review you will get an inside look and learn all about what it has to offer.

And let me reveal right away that this is definitely a legit paid survey site, and I’ve been quite impressed so far, as it offers some things I haven’t seen on many other survey sites.

However, that doesn’t necessarily orinan it’s the right fit for everyone, so let’s start by going over the income opportunities it offers so you cánido get an overview of them before we go over the full income potential.

Take Paid Surveys:

The main income opportunity that OpinionPioneer offers is to get paid to share your opinion by taking paid surveys.

It makes it pretty easy to get an overview of available surveys as soon as you log in.

Examples of paid surveys at opinionpioneer.com

You perro easily get an overview of the available surveys.

What I really like about the survey overview on OpinionPioneer is that you perro see the POC (Probability of Completion), which means you’ll get an indication of how likely you are to qualify for a given survey.

This is something which I have not seen on other survey sites and, in my opinion, it is a very easy to use feature.

Just keep in mind that just because a survey only says a 30% oportunidad of qualifying or less, it doesn’t orinan you perro’t qualify.

It will still be worth a try, in my experience.

As you perro see in the image above, you will also be able to immediately see how long the survey will last and the rating it received from other respondents.

And once you’ve completed a survey, you also have the ability to rate and provide retroalimentación on the specific survey, if you have one.

These are some cool plus features that I haven’t seen on many other survey sites either.

Just keep in mind that you won’t qualify for every survey.

That is generally just one part of taking paid surveys.

But for optimize your chances of qualifying the best thing to do is make sure you fill out the short profile survey at the top of the screen right after you join.

Complete your profile to earn money giving your opinion on opinionpioneer.com

You will earn 50 points for taking a short profile survey after joining.

you will also be you will pay $0.50 for the profile survey and it will only take you 2 minutes to complete, so it’s a great start.

Another unique feature that OpinionPioneer offers that makes it less frustrating when you don’t qualify for a survey is that you are will pay a reward even when you don’t qualify .

You’ll get 0.03 cents if you start a survey and don’t qualify.

Granted, it’s not as much as what you’ll get for completing a survey, but it’s still a nice consolation reward.

Just keep in mind that you won’t always receive an correo electrónico when a new survey is available.

In my experience, it will actually be quite rare for you to receive an correo electrónico notification.

Therefore, it is a good iniciativa make it a habit to check the website at least once a day in search of New surveys to optimize your earnings.

Invite friends:

OpinionPioneer offers you one more way to earn.

You cánido earn more if you invite friends to join.

You will get a 15% commission every time the person you invited wins.

These earnings will not be taken from your friend.

Your friend will earn the same, and OpinionPioneer pays this percentage to thank you for inviting others.

This is actually a pretty generous referral program compared to most other sites that primarily offer surveys as a way to earn.

Most sites will only offer you 10%, but here you will get 15%, so it cánido definitely be a good way to earn some plus money.

How to register with OpinionPioneer?

We will only go to “Register” and fill in the registration form with the information indicated, for example:

  • Correo electrónico
  • Name
  • Last name
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Register

How does Opinion Pioneer pay by giving your opinion?

Every time you win, you will win points. 100 points are worth 1 dollar, so 1 point is worth 0.01 US cents, so the conversion rate makes it pretty easy to quickly see how much you’re getting for a survey.

Once you’ve earned $10 (1000 points), you perro request a payout.

At the time of writing this review, the only payment method offered is PayPal.

opinionpioneer payment method giving your opinionpioneer.com

But PayPal is one of the most convenient ways to receive cash payments en línea today, so it’s definitely a great payment method.

I’ve also been told that OpinionPioneer plans to introduce more payment options soon, so if you prefer to get paid in ways other than PayPal, then this may still be relevant to you.

I’ve been paid myself so I know it definitely pays.

Below you cánido watch a vídeo where I espectáculo you exactly how to withdraw money and espectáculo OpinionPioneer proof of payment:

How much money perro you earn giving your opinion?

OpinionPioneer pays quite well for the surveys you take there compared to many other survey sites, and they also have a generous referral program.

So it cánido definitely be a good way to earn some plus money and have your opinion heard at the same time.

Just keep in mind, though, that as with all survey sites, it’s not a way to earn a full-time income en línea.

If that’s what you’re looking for, paid surveys are generally not the right option for you.

But as a free and easy way to earn some plus money, it’s definitely a good option.

Cánido you use it on mobile?

Being able to take surveys on your mobile device perro be a great way to increase your earnings.

Not only does it make it possible to take surveys whenever you have a little plus time, no matter where you are, but it also makes it easy to get to the highest paying surveys before they fill up.

And luckily it is possible to carry out surveys from your mobile in OpinionPioneer.

You cánido simply log in to the website from your browser and take the surveys from there.

Also, there is now an aplicación available for iOS and I was told that one for Android will be released later.

But no matter what, you perro take surveys on your phone.

Who perro join OpinionPioneer?

In theory, you perro join OpinionPioneer from more or less every country.

However, in some countries, it won’t really be worth it as you won’t find any surveys.

However, it cánido still be a way to earn by inviting people from other countries where more surveys are available.

But if you want to earn by taking paid surveys, you perro find most opportunities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, most European countries, some Asian countries, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Saudi Arabia and some surveys will also be available in South Africa.

Occasionally you perro find surveys from other countries as well, but the countries mentioned above are where you’ll find the most.

Perro you get support?

Being able to get support is very important and says a lot about a site, in my opinion.

And OpinionPioneer has great support – they have an FAQ page that goes over the most important questions, but if you have any other questions or issues you cánido contact them through the support system once you log in or vía the contact form at the website.

And the support is usually very quick to respond, in my experience, and this is definitely a big agregado.

You cánido earn money giving your opinion in Opinion Pioneer: Is it legit or scam?

Overall, OpinionPioneer is definitely a legit paid survey site.

It’s still very new, so its full potential is still a bit unknown.

But so far it looks very promising.

But it does have its pros and cons so you perro get a full overview before you escoge if it’s for you or not.


  • It gives a great overview of the surveys available.
  • Payment vía PayPal is available
  • You get a reward when you don’t qualify
  • fast support
  • Generous referral program


  • Sometimes it perro take a little patience to find the surveys you qualify for
  • Currently only offers one payment method

As you cánido see, I think OpinionPioneer is a pretty good paid survey site.

It’s still a very young site, but it already offers some things that many older survey sites don’t, like a reward when you don’t qualify, you perro see the probability of qualifying, quick support, and more.

Tell us what you thought of this article about 2 legit sites to earn money giving your opinion, that perro help you in your economic situation! You perro leave your comment that is important to us, do not forget to share and follow us on our popular networks.

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