1xbtc | PTC bitcoin with ads

1xbtc | PTC bitcoin with ads

1xbtc is an American PTC in which we cánido earn bitcoin totally free. It is a relatively new PTC, since it was launched in April, but I think it has arrived with a bang. In my opinion, 1xbtc cánido become one of the best PTCs in the campo. The reasons why I think so are varied and I will detalla them throughout this tutorial. As I usually do, I’ll start by explaining how 1xbtc works and how to see the ads. And I will finish by describing the steps to request a payment and my opinions on the PTC. Does it seem good to you? Well let’s go to trouble!

Register at 1xbtc

In 1xbtc, as in the rest of PTC, it is necessary that we create a usuario account. To register with 1xbtc you have to go to its home page and fill out a form. If you want, you cánido go directly by clicking on this backlink. Once in the PTC, clic on the tab «signup» that appears in the top menu and will take us to the form in question.

Last update ” Several days ago I requested a payment in 1xbtc and I have not received it. A week later, I tried to communicate with the PTC admin in several ways (through which I had been able to communicate previously), but there was no way. Having seen what I have seen, I cánido only catalog 1xbt as a scam since it does not pay.

It’s very important use a gmail dirección de correo electrónico to register in 1xbtc. With other correos electrónicos it perro ocasione problems when withdrawing earnings.

The data requested by 1xbtc to register are a nick, a password, an dirección de correo electrónico address and our country. Fill in the form with all this data and as soon as we finish, clic on “Register”.

in that very moment we will have access to the PTC and we will be able to navigate through all the sections that compose it. So we are going to see what awaits us in each of them and how to start add satoshis in 1xbtc.

How 1xbtc works

As soon as you entrar 1xbtc you cánido see three elements. A menu with several sections at the top, three windows in the middle, and information, charts, and memberships at the bottom. As they say, all roads lead to Rome. And in this case, almost all the elements that are shown lead to the same sections. With the difference that we use a different route depending on the case. In fact, the three windows in the center are no longer mere shortcuts.

Well, so that there is no doubt regarding the sections, I am going to make a brief description of all the sections of the upper menu. And later I will explain with hair and signs the memberships that there are in 1xbtc and what advantages it supposes to have one or the other.

The 1xbtc menu is made up of five sections. Although in reality, the last one, which is the one that espectáculos the nick and the cómputo, has another six additional sub-sections.

Dashboard » The dashboard is the home screen that appears as soon as you access our 1xbtc account.

View Ads » The announcements section is the one that helps us to earn satoshis. There are two types of ads, Surf Ads and Active Window Ads, just like in Coinpayu and AdBTC.

Advertise » In the event that we want to buy advertising and promote other businesses, we will have to add funds and design the ad from here.

Market » 1xbtc has a referral market. On the one hand, there are users who sell them. They equipo a price and publish the offer in case anyone is interested. And on the other, there are users who buy them. So if the referrals are active, they get plus earnings for each ad they see.

Profile “ Apart from the cómputo, from here we cánido add the address of our bitcoin wallet, editar our data, see statistics, both personal and those of our referrals, we will also find promotional material, etcétera.

How to earn BTC in 1xbtc

We already know how 1xbtc works, so let’s earn our first BTC. First of all, I want to mention a piece of information that I have read in the PTC FAQ and that has caught my attention. The text ensures that at least every day will come out ads worth between 100 and 1,000 satoshis. It is something very positive since it guarantees us daily profits. Furthermore, it is a very unusual occurrence. Until now, I had only seen it in btcvicone of the oldest PTCs that exist and that is still en línea many years later.

Since I registered in 1xbtc every day there have been ads worth more than 200 satoshis.

In 1xbtc there are two types of ads to earn bitcoin, we will see them in the section Views. None of them have adfocus, so we cánido see them in the background and work other PTC simultaneously.

Surf Ads

Within the Surf Ads we will find ads of various values ​​and exposure time. So the longer the exposure time of the ad the higher the reward in satoshis that we will receive

To see these ads correctly we will have to do the following:

1. First, clic on the orange title and wait for a new window to open with the ad in question.

2. Once the ad is open, we return to the PTC window and we will see a counter and captcha.

3. Finally, we solve the captcha by selecting the corresponding images, waiting for the counter to reach zero and clicking on «Confirm».

Activate Window Ads

The other ads on 1xbtc are the Active Window Ads. In appearance, these ads are the same as Surf Ads, but they are only afín in that way because they work a little differently. In fact, to unlock this section you have to clic on a banner… but most of the time, for some unknown reason, the banner doesn’t appear. And of course, if there is no banner we cannot access the ads. Luckily, I have a little trick with which, even if the banner does not appear, we perro unblock Active Window Ads and earn satoshis without any problem.

The first banner that usually causes problems is the one that should appear when trying to access the ad unit. There the system asks us to press a banner, but as I said, there are times that it does not appear. The solution is as fácil as making one or two clicks a couple of centimeters below the sentence in English. Once inside Active Windows Ads, there are three steps required to view each ad:

1. We clic on the title and the ad will open. Unlike Surf Ads, here we will have to espectáculo the ad window. Not that of the PTC.

2. You may run into the second troublesome banner. To see the ad we will make several clicks a couple of centimeters to the right of «Clic on banner to start the timer«. Time will start to run and as soon as it reaches zero, we solve the captcha and clic on confirm.

3. At the end of the ad, the system redirects us to Views again. To access the Active Window Ads ads again we will have to repeat the same process.

1xbtc pays and is reliable

Another thing I like about 1xbtc is that it has a very low minimum paymentalthough it is progressive. That is, the first time we request a payment in 1xbtc we perro collect from 5,000 satoshis. The second, we cánido request from 6,000 satoshis. The third from 7,000. And so on until we withdraw for the sixth time from 10,000 satoshis. Which is the minimum payment that remains fixed forever.

In 1xbtc we cánido receive the BTC through three ways. For one, we cánido send our earnings directly to a BTC wallet. Or on the other, we always have the option of receiving the money in the Faucetpay and Express Crypto microwallets.

Since I already use other sites that pay for faucetpay, I have taken advantage of the situation and all the profits that I get in 1xbtc I will withdraw them to this microwallet. In this way, I perro accumulate the cryptocurrencies that I get on various websites and later send the full amount to my wallet in coinbase.

How to request a payment

Requesting a payment in 1xbtc is very easy and will only take a few seconds. The process would be like this:

1.- The primordial thing, first of all, is to make sure that our withdrawal method is well configured. For this we are going to Profile > Settings. Once there, we select if we want to charge directly to the wallet, by Faucetpay or by Express Crypto. And depending on the option, we add the wallet address and clic on Update Account.

2. To withdraw the winnings we will go to Dashboard and we will clic on “Withdraw”. As in the first step we have already configured the payment method, we will only have to select it among the options that are shown, entrar the amount of satoshis that we want to withdraw and clic on “Submit Request”.

3. At this moment 1xbtc will send us an correo electrónico with a confirmation code. We open our dirección de correo electrónico inbox in a separate window, access the correo electrónico, copy the attached code and paste it where it says “Verification Code”already in the PTC.

4. Finally, clic on «Verify Code» and the payment will be validated and pending review. As soon as 1xbtc approves the request, they will send the satoshis to the wallet.

1xbtc cánido take up to a week to pay, although they usually do before. On this occasion, they paid me 4 days after requesting the withdrawal.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

1xbtc referrals and memberships

1xbtc also has an affiliate system. In addition to ads, in all PTC we cánido earn plus BTC for recommending it and inviting our friends. And in this one too. The commissions we receive for referrals vary based on membership that we have.

in 1xbtc there are three memberships available. The free one and two more paid ones. These memberships are for all those users who get many referrals and want to get more out of their account. The benefits that each membership brings us are the following:

Free » The one we all have. Give 200% of the value of our clicks and 10% of the profits obtained by our direct referrals. You do not have to pay anything or activate anything, since it is the one that comes by default when we register with the PTC.

Habitual “ The first paid membership of 1xbtc costs 35,000 satoshis per month. In return, it multiplies the earnings from our clicks by 300% and those of our referrals by an additional 15%.

Business » This membership is already for very pro people who get a lot of referrals. The monthly price is 100,000 satoshis and multiplies your own earnings by 4oo% and 20% by the clicks made by our referrals.

If we buy a referral in the market, it will become part of our direct referrals. And as such, you will report to us the corresponding commission based on your activity and our membership.

Opinions about 1xbtc

Although along the way I have been leaving some comments about the PTC, I find it very opportune to make a small compilation and write down my 1xbtc opinions. As always, all the opinions are based on my own experience working with the PTC, so well, here they go:

✅ The most important thing is the first thing that jumps out and is that 1xbtc is free, pays and is reliable. For me, three basic requirements that any PTC must meet. Pay in dollars, bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

✅ Another very conveniente point is that 1xbtc always has about twenty ads. The ideal is to go to see the ads a couple of times a day, since a few more usually appear in the afternoon. Also, since they don’t have Adfocus, we cánido work on this PTC at the same time as we do with others.

✅ In my opinion investing in a PTC is never a good option. And much less if we do not have a good base of active referrals. 1xbtc has a referral market, but except for a few cases, most of them become inactive in the long run. In the market, only users who have been active during the last two days appear, but that does not guarantee that they will continue to be active from now on.


With 1xbtc we add a new reliable PTC to the list of pages to earn free bitcoin. And there are almost thirty. At the time of writing this articulo, the value of BTC is hovering around $11,000. During the last months we have seen how the price of BTC and the rest of the cryptocurrencies rose week after week. The market is very likely to follow the current trend. With its rises, its corrections and its falls, but with an upward trend. The way I see it, the best strategy without investment is earn free cryptocurrency now save and sell within a year or two.

Take a look at my business compilation for earn free bitcoins. You will find PTC, faucets, games and mobile applications.

And up to here with the 1xbtc tutorial. I hope the information is useful to you. Especially with the ads “Activate Window Ads”. If they don’t fix it soon, I’m afraid a lot of people will run into the banner problem and won’t be able to get the most out of the PTC. If you know someone who has this problem, explain to them the little trick that I have shared, so they cánido benefit from it. Like all of us. Until next time and continue giving bitcoin a blast!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 1xbtc |  PTC bitcoin with ads
  1xbtc |  PTC bitcoin with ads
  1xbtc |  PTC bitcoin with ads

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