19 Motivational Vídeos for when you don’t know

19 Motivational Vídeos for when you don’t know

Living brings with it a equipo of challenges that lower and strengthen. We need inspiration, we need encouragement to face these challenges, and these motivational vídeos They will help you in this process.

It is no secret that human beings face countless difficult moments on a daily basis that lead them to question the meaning of existence.

They question why certain events occur, or the reason for moving forward. In general, the answers to these questions radica inside, and these motivational vídeos seek to support you in your doubts.

Motivational vídeos to face difficulties:

It is truly difficult to get up before the loss of a family member, a job, a precious asset, or the appearance of an illness, among other events.

Depression, dejection and sadness cánido take over an individual in situations like these, without having the will to limit their access.

But it is here where the human being must espectáculo himself and those around him what he is made of, and transform those feelings of apathy into life lessons that build and reinforce his personality.

Learning from each experience, extracting the best from each fact, valuing what has been lived and carrying the road traveled as a shield to face what is to come are qualities that transform people, and make them worthy of admiration and respect.

In the motivational vídeos described below, situations, phrases (in Spanish) and experiences are presented that exemplify what has been narrated before, thus becoming valuable support tools for everyone.

1. The best motivational vídeo in the world:

It is a vídeo with more than 700,000 views on the YouTube platform, which lasts six and a half minutes, accompanied by messages backed by images from famous movies.

“I’m going to make it” is the first written sentence that cánido be seen in the audiovisual, which begins with an approach that revolves around fear, that which, linked to failure, makes action impossible, as there is latent pain from the last defeat.

These types of motivational vídeos motivate you to take action; not to be accepted, or to seek the approval of others, but for their own value, so as not to settle for less than what each person deserves.

In the same way, it states that on many occasions people escoge to stay in their comfort zone, doing only what they are supposed to know how to do, which in truth translates as a fear of assuming personal responsibility for change, letting someone else do it. do, instead of executing each one.

2. “Overcome fear”:

Created in 2016 and with almost two million views, this motivational vídeo is made for the male audience, although its message, at certain times, transcends gender.

It is an audiovisual production designed for those men who feel stuck in their relationship situation. Do your fears block you? They are one of the questions that arise when it begins.

“You don’t have to be anyone to start, but you have to start if you want to be someone” is another of the premises put forth by Christian Cruz, its creator, under the brand Conecta Conella.

Leaving home; Do not wait for the perfect moment, since this is just an excuse to stay in your comfort zone, and “waiting is a vicious circle” are other consejos summarized in the material.

3. “The best motivational vídeo in the world”

This type of motivational vídeos manage to capture the attention of the public from the first moment, because it is developed through a moving story.

“Never let anyone tell you no”, cánido be read in the initial description, as an appetizer of the plot that is raised below.

Among many bosses, teachers and leaders who mistreat their staff, students and followers, the story of a little boy stands out with a especial style in painting that his guide disapproves of, and who frantically rages to cross out making an X in each painting.

The little one is down at first, and it is where it is heard that many people feel that the other is dangerous when they begin to prosper, because they see this as a threat.

The “offended” will seek to diminish the other person in any way, to fail and give up, but it remains for each person to flourish and be prosperous. Parallel to this, the student begins to make an incredible work of art out of his paintings crossed out by the teacher, which ends up being admired and applauded by all, before the astonished gaze of the teacher himself.

4. “Start your day with energy”

A motivational waking up vídeo including consejos for doing the first six minutes after opening your eyes to have a perfect day.

Smiling, staying positive and happy, being grateful for what you have and not letting anyone make your day bitter are her main lessons. Another has to do with intentions, deciding what you want to be, because we are all special, capable of suffering and getting up with the lesson learned.

5. Before I die I want…

In her TED vídeo, this artist recounts the results of the experiment of writing on a giant blackboard the question: Before I die I want…

The vídeo espectáculos the responses and comments of his neighbors, who creatively question the way we are leading life.

Other motivational vídeos that will be of great help to undertake, overcome complex moments or simply to motivate you to continue with your projects.

6. Why you won’t make it to a great career:

In this vídeo Larry Smith tells in a funny way, he describes the absurd excuses that people create for not following their passions or finding their purpose in life.

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7. Accept almost making it:

In this motivational vídeo we are asked to consider the role of “almost making it” in our own lives. In our quest for success and mastery, the question that results is, is the near miss that gets us going?

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8. The psychology of your “future self”:

Dan Guilbert He talks in this vídeo about an investigation into an illusion called “end of history”, which consists of assuming that the person we are now is the person we will be for the rest of our lives. Ask yourself, do you like the landscape and what you are?

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9. Do not regret regret:

These motivational vídeos break paradigms in our life. For example, we have been taught to live life without regret. Have you ever wondered why?

In this vídeo Kathryn Schulz, using personal experience, convincingly and inspiringly explains how we should understand our regrets.

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10. How to make tough decisions:

This is one of the motivational vídeos that could change your life. If you are wondering what university degree to pursue, if you should break a relationship or continue, choose the place to live, among others, this vídeo is for you.

According to philosopher Ruth Chang, the reason these decisions are difficult is because of the way we approach them. In this vídeo, Chang offers a new framework for defining who we will be in life.

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Motivational vídeos for entrepreneurs:

We cannot leave out those motivational vídeos that inspire so many people to undertake; not just business, but the journey of their lives, important changes or the start of personal projects.

These vídeos full of motivational phrases seek to give you that encouragement you need when you have doubts, when you want to give up or you don’t know what to do with your life.

11. Lose your fear, and learn what you want:

Productivity guru Tim Ferris, best known for his book The 4-Hour Work Week, tells inspiring stories that espectáculo that a fácil question—what’s the worst that perro happen?—is all you need to learn something new.

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12. Why we do what we do:

Tony Robbins discusses the invisible forces that drive everyone’s actions in this TED talk that is a must for every entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to change their life.

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13. Steve Jobs speech at Stanford:

The Apple founder shared important life experiences during a commencement address at the Stanford University. One of Steve Jobs famous phrases is:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do it is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. As with everything to do with the heart, you’ll know when you’ve found it.”

14. Get started and stop complaining: Jack Ma

Conference where Jack Ma tells the story of Alibaba.com and his training as a person and entrepreneur.

15. Alibaba founder Jack Ma: “Harvard rejected me 10 times”

Summary of the failures, visión and projects of Jack Ma, one of the richest men on the planet. He capable of transforming the course of his life.

16. How great leaders inspire action:

Simon Sinek has a fairly fácil but powerful blueprint for inspiring people to be good leaders. Which starts from a golden circle and the question: Why?

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17. 5 Ways to kill your dreams:

We all want to invent a product that changes the market, create a successful company, or write a “best seller” book. Yet very few actually do.

Bel Pesce, an entrepreneur from Brazil explains 5 ways of thinking that make sure your dreams never come true in this motivational vídeo.

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18. Keep your goals to yourself:

After finding a new plan for our life, our first instinct is to tell someone. However, Derek Siver argues that it is better that we keep our goals a secret.

In this talk, based on research dating back to the 1920s, he espectáculos that people who talk about their ambitions are less likely to achieve them.

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19. Me, entrepreneur:

Finally, we present a short documentary that talks about dreams, work and the future, portraying the feelings of some entrepreneurs.

In short, these motivational vídeos will help you persist in your projects, no matter what.

Regardless of your current situation, if you are facing a difficulty, a new project or an important change in your life, with sufficient motivation and the necessary perseverance you will be able to achieve each of your goals.

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 19 Motivational Vídeos for when you don't know
  19 Motivational Vídeos for when you don't know
  19 Motivational Vídeos for when you don't know

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