18 ways to get easy money

18 ways to get easy money

Many times, get easy money it may seem like a difficult task.

People go only to pawn shops or to sell your stuff on sites like MercadoLibre or Ebay when they have the right money in their pockets.

But why limit yourself to just this? You have to put your creativity to work and look for other methods to make money.

Why not put your computer to work to get money? Here you have 18 things what cánido you sell for make money from the comfort of your own home!

18 things you cánido sell to get easy money

1. old junk

if you have at home things you no longer usewhy aren’t you making a little money with them?

Sell For example old furniture in your house that you have parked in an unused corner, or clothes you didn’t even remember you bought it is a great way to clean out your cabinets and get a lot of money at the same time!

2. Services

whatDo you like children, dogs, Or do you love spending time with old people? Why not sell your time taking care of them and keeping company with other people’s loved ones?

This is a good way to do some popular life while earning a little money.

Besides, take care of other people it will make you feel good about yourself and it is a very good way to be supportive of other people they need your help.

3. Work as freelancing

A worker freelancing is a person who self-employed for others who require their services.

If you are good with sentencesyou perro turn this into income selling your work to en línea publishersplaces that need articles written, or even articulo something you own yourself.

With this last option I orinan that you perro write a booka manual of something you have knowledge about, or even a guide (vídeo games for example) and self-publish them on Internet pages that exist for this purpose.

This is a good way to meet new peoplemake new contacts for your current job or a future job, and incidentally!get easy money and generate new income!

4. Opinions

Everyone has an opinion about something.

Why not they should pay you for yours?

There are websites and companies that are willing to pay you for your contribution and your ideas. making your services or products better.

For example, with the paid surveys you cánido say what you think on all kinds of topics (a product, some aspect of your life like shopping, your gas consumption) and so on. get easy money meanwhile.

>> Free List Of Paid Surveys <<

5. inquiries

Make a I work as a consultant perro be fun and a good reward, and also it pays well if you are good at it.

But don’t think you need to have a specific degree of studies to do itlike a bachelor’s degree in college.

be a tutor or give advice on how to study, help build a website better, or even give information about books and articles cánido help you get a lot of money while doing something you are truly passionate about.

6. Sperm

Not everyone is comfortable with the iniciativa of sell your dna.

However, for couples in a difficult situation to conceive children by traditional methods, this cánido help them experience the joy of parenthood and help you win some good tiques.

In this article on how to donate sperm you perro find all the information you need to know: which are the requirementshow is the process, what are your rights as a donor.

And with this you cánido earn more than $1,500!

7. egg donation

The egg donation is by far one of the processes to conceive through insemination more expensive what’s up.

A woman who donates her eggs cánido receive up to $10,000in one go!

This makes it a very lucrative way of help yourself while you help others to create life.

8. Ideas

In case you did not know, your ideas perro be worth money.

Writers, journalists, and people of all kinds of professions always are looking for new ideas and innovative.

And many of them are willing to pay good money for your thoughts

But where to sell your ideas? On the Internet there are several platforms for it; put in google plus “sell ideas” and your country and web pages will appear where you cánido do this.

Or if you have a profession such as an architect, journalist, or lawyer, go to related companies with that job and espectáculo them your ideas.

9. publisher services

Maybe you’re not a writer, but Do you know what good writing is? when you see her If you have ever thought “if this writer had used this word…” you have the potential to be a trabajo independiente editor.

Trabajo independiente writers are always looking for someone who review your creations at reasonable prices.

According to your reputation and your customers growyou perro bet that you will start to get easy money for something that you already do for free when you read a book or the newspaper!

10. cover art

If you like play with graphics and images of your computer, and you enjoy imagining the characters of your favorite books on a screen, you cánido be a object cover artist like a book, a web page, or even a music disco compacto.

A good cover artist perro charge $75 or more for each cover performing.

eleven. photo manipulation

if you are good with Photoshop or Gimpand you like to restore or manipulate photosperro turn your hábito into a business!

retouch photoscorrect the color of the eyes, and even crop images for cards Christmas or birthday parties are good ways to get free money with this activity.

12. Sell ​​space in your car

If you have ever seen a car wrapped in advertising for a company, the logical conclusion is to think that that person driving works for that company.

You couldn’t be more wrong with that!

There are companies that pay between $400 to $900 a month or more for convert your car in an ad andante for your product or services.

and with this you perro get free money to pay the rent of your house or your mortgage!

13. gold jewelry

Gold marks this year the highest price in its history at $1,500 an ounce.

So it’s a magnificent opportunity to open your drawer, take get rid of some of that jewelry hidden that you have that you have inherited or that someone gave you but that you have never used, and sell them.

The value of gold fluctuates (ie sometimes it’s higher and sometimes it’s lower, it’s never fixed), but you perro always do a minimum of $600 for every ounce or more, which means right now!maybe you have a great source of wealth in your jewelry box!

14. A free room in your house

Rent a room in your house It may not sound like a good iniciativa to you, but if you cánido find a good rented What do you think will be a excellent tenantrenting a room is a great way to get easy money.

Depending on the market rent in your areaand how big your room is and the conditions in which it isyou perro rent a room for a price from $150 up to $1000 a monthor even more.

fifteen. restore articles

sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

If you have a little money, you cánido buy used elementos on Ebay, or markets in your city, rehabilitate themand then resell them to get a good profit.

A rule of thumb here is that never spend more than 75% of the purchase price and never accept a price less than 25% more than you bought it for.

For example, if you buy a $5 lamp, spend no more than $4.25 to repair it; and when selling it, never accept less than 11 dollars for it.

16. Used books

if you have a pile of old books that you no longer read, maybe someone wants them! used book stores they usually pay 50% than perro be sold with store credit, or 25% of its cash value.

This is another great way toclean the house at the same time that you get free money!

17. Recyclable materials

Bottles, cans, bags, newspapers… the list of objects that you perro recycle is enormous.

Check if there are any recycling center in your areaasks how much they pay to bring these things to them, and begins to save your empty cans or the paper that you have already used to carry it and that get paid for it.

Recycling is not only good for the environment, also for your pocket!

18. Photos

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go from being a photographer principiante to turn it into a profession to earn money?

On websites like iStockPhoto they are always looking for new photos to sell them giving them your authorization and taking your share of profits.

The best thing about doing this is that upload your photos to this type of pages perro become a flow constant of get easy money that pays you over and over again whenever someone buys your photos.

Although if you prefer and you are a lover of popular networks, you perro also take advantage of the tools to make money with instagram using your photographs.

These are just some of the ways to earn money easy and fast, but today thanks to technology there are a thousand ways to do it, you just have to explore, try some of them and you will surely find the one that fits your aspirations.

Put into practice any of these 18 ideas to get easy money, and tell me how it went in the comments!

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 18 ways to get easy money
  18 ways to get easy money
  18 ways to get easy money

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