18 ways to earn easy money without leaving

18 ways to earn easy money without leaving

if you ask someone What would you do to generate more income? each month, your answer will likely be to find a higher-paying job.

But you and I know that nowadays finding a decent job is hard.

And get a low paying second job That makes you come home exhausted is not one of your options either.

That is why here below I share 18 ways with which you perro earn easy money without leaving home!

My wife and I have used these methods when we have needed plus income at home, or when the money was not enough to pay our family expenses.

And everyone they have always worked for us investing less than two hours a day to work on them.

There are applications to earn money and you only need to have the Internet, a mobile phone and sometimes your computer.

18 ways to earn easy money without leaving home

1. Earn money for giving your opinion

Filling out surveys is one of the methods easier and more fun that exist to start earn money from the comfort of your home Without much effort.

All you have to do is sign up for the pages that I share below, receive surveys in your dirección de correo electrónico, and answer the questions they ask you to accumulate profits in your account.

Clic on the blue button below to se her survey company list that I use, and register for free in them:

>> Free List of Paid Surveys <<

Filling out surveys will not get you a full salary per month; but yes you will earn extra money that will help you to save or pay some expenses that you have, or points that you can exchange for prizes.

What I like most about paid surveys is that it is an easy way and quick to get income.

Each survey will take you only between 5 and 15 minutesand you can fill them out wherever you are: from your computer at home, from your cell phone if you are watching television, waiting for the bus, or in line at the market to pay for your purchases.

Also, sign up for these survey pages It’s FREE: I’m not selling anything.

2. Open your own online store

Have you always wanted to have your own business, but never had the time or money to do it? Opening a virtual store is the solution for you.

Can create your own online store in less than 15 minutesand then you only need to upload the photos and descriptions of the products you are going to sell for it to start working.

Once this is done, you will only have to spend an hour a day to check for new orders, prepare them, and send them to buyers.

Easy, right?

>> Clic Here To Create Your En línea Store <<

This is how my wife started her virtual store of women’s accessories: when I dropped our son off at school in the morning, I would come home, check for new purchases, and prepare them.

This took barely an hour each day, and with a few requests earned enough to help pay some household expenses.

Later, when he began to have more success with the store, he began to put a few more hours of work into it, and has now tripled the revenue that generated at the beginning of booting.

What I like most about this method is that there are hardly any costs.

With platforms like Wix Stores (Here is my wife’s shop) you cánido create your virtual store without knowing anything about web design for less than $5 a month.

3. You like talking? This way of earning money is for you

Have you ever wondered if it is possible make easy money just with your voice With Hablaula now it is possible.

This method I discovered it thanks to my student Danielaand since then many of my other students have been using it with pretty good results.

It is about reading texts aloud that different companies and people will send you, record them with your cell phone or your computer’s microphone, and send them the audio you just recorded.

Why would they pay you to do something like that? Because every day they get on the Internet thousands of audiovisual and sound contents of all kinds: vídeos, audiobooks, radio spots…

And the companies that genera them need people like you who put their voices to the texts that must be recorded to publish these contents.

In Hablaula they will put you in contact with these companies, and you only have to spend a few minutes a day recording your voice reading the texts they send you.

4. My favorite method: earn $637 in 15 days

A few years ago, in addition to putting into practice the ways to generate profits that I share with you here, I decided to also try invest in binary options to see if they really worked or not.

And since then, this method has become one of my favorites because it is the one that better results and more money has given me

However, I warn you that this is not a mode of generate profit for everyone.

The binary options They are not an advanced system to create a million-dollar business, nor are they for you if you want to earn more than $7,000 a month.

When I started trading these types of investments, I only made $637 in the first 15 days.

So as you perro see, this is not a get rich system if you are new to this world.

Before doing your operations, you must read this guide that I have written here in Gananci where I tell you my personal experience.

And it is also important that choose a reliable broker and sure.

The broker that I use is IQ Option because it is the one that has shown me to be more transparent, and because with IQ Option cánido start trading with a deposit of as little as $10 in your account.

Entrar your data Clic below for more information:

5. Write for websites and weblogs

if you think that make a blog it’s a bit complicated for you, but you like to write and you want to earn money from it, so write texts for other weblogs and web pages.

There are many bloggers who need people to help them with their pages. writing additional articles to have new content for its readers every day.

And those people will be delighted to pay someone like you for that kind of work.

The good thing about this is that it is you who decides what topics you want to write aboutand how many hours you want to work each day.

On platforms like Earn Money Writing either Upwork there are many such offers where you cánido become a blog contributor by writing a couple of articles a week, or become a regular writer by publishing posts every day.

6. Sell ​​your clothes and your used things

Go to your cabinets and open them.

How many things are there in them that you haven’t used for monthsor even years?

Instead of sitting there taking up space and generating dust, you could sell them and make good money with them.

There are many things that you perro get rid of: from clothes that you no longer use, until furnitureyour children’s toys, electrical appliances, or books.

A friend of mine cleans his house every year from this type of objects, and selling them has gotten up to $700 for all that I no longer needed.

You choose the way to put them up for sale: you perro do it in a flea marketgo to a thrift store, or sell them en línea at sites like Free market either ebay.

7. Get easy money by doing mini-tasks

For some time, there have been platforms on the Internet like Fiverr or Geniuzz in which anyone perro register, and do small tasks in exchange for a fixed amount of money.

On these platforms you cánido articulo ads like write a person’s name in the sand and take a photo, record an audio singing, create a logotipo, or write opinions in a forum.

It’s a way Easy and fun of earning money en línea, and the more jobs you do you perro earn more money for each of them.

8. Become a virtual teacher

Do your friends and family always applaud you for something you know how to do very well? So teach others that skill special thing you have becoming an en línea teacher.

On platforms like Superprof you cánido sign up and offer the subjects in which you are an expert: mathematics, music, languages, drawing, sewing, cooking…

With this method you perro get make between $10 and $30 an hourdepending on the course and level you are going to teach.

For this you will only need a computer, an internet connectionand an optional cámara web if you want to teach vía vídeo.

9. Create crafts and sell them

Do you like to create crafts such as bracelets, earrings, toys, or your own clothing accessories? earn money easily selling them on different sites.

One of the best pages to do this is etsy.

This platform is dedicated especially to those people who want sell self-made elementosbut they do not know how to attract customers to achieve it.

On Etsy you cánido sign up for free and start publishing ads with your products so that other interested people perro buy them from anywhere in the world.

If you do not want to use this page to sell your crafts, you perro do it on other sites like Fb, Instagram, or in markets of crafts that are celebrated in your city.

10. Watch ads in your spare time

This is one of the first methods that I started to use on the Internet to get some plus income.

It is about signing up for pages that will send you ads to your dirección de correo electrónico, and they will pay you every time you clic on that ad and see it in your browser.

They don’t usually pay a lot to do this. (between $0.01 and $0.10 or so), but it only takes you a couple of seconds to see each ad, and it cánido earn you an plus $10 a month.

Some of these pages where you cánido start doing it are Neobux or Clixsense, and you perro invite your friends to join so that they are your referrals and get a pinch more money each month with this.

eleven. Get paid to surf the Internet

Another interesting way to generate profit is testing web pages while browsing them, and giving your opinion in exchange for an economic reward.

Basically, they will send you the backlink to a web page, you will have to entrar it, and go doing the tasks that they send you (search for a product, select a photo, etcétera.).

What is essential to be able to participate in this is that you have a computer, a microphone, and a cámara web so that you cánido record your impressions and gestures with your voice.

Some of the pages where you cánido sign up to do this are UserTesting (in English) and uxline (in Spanish).

12. find a job en línea

Do you need to generate income, but you find it difficult to find a job in the sin conexión world? Then look for a virtual job to employ yourself from home.

Every day there are more people who work in this way only with their computers and the Internet.

And there are hundreds of positions for which you sure have skills and talent.

For example, if you are good at organizing appointments and schedules, an ideal job for you would be virtual assistant.

If you know how to type fast on the keyboard, become a text transcriptionist.

If your talent is designing websites or making logotipos, become a graphic designer.

There are many pages to find work in which you only have to register, search for job offers you want, apply to them, and wait for them to hire you.

13. Write books and sell them

If you love writing stories that you make up in your head, or you have knowledge that you cánido share with others, a good iniciativa to earn easy money is write books or guides to sell In Internet.

Perro Publish your novels on Amazonor do it on other platforms such as Bubok or Lulu so that they reach millions of people around the world without leaving home.

Think about it carefully: when you have your book written, and you publish it on one of these pages, you will not have to do anything else to keep generating profits with it over and over again.

It’s a great way to earn passive income in a fun wayand you perro also turn it into a really lucrative business.

14. Do you know English? Become a translator!

If you know another language other than Spanish such as English, French, Italian, or German, you cánido get good income without having to leave your home.

Translations is a market that it grows more and moreand all over the world there are millions of companies (and even individuals) who need people like you to translate the texts they need.

Here are many tasks you perro perform: from translate fácil textsyes as documents or small articles, to entire books or web pages and weblogs.

Some of the best websites to search for jobs as a translator are ProZ.com, TranslatorsCafe.comor Upwork.com.

In this article you will learn 13 consejos to get started in this activity successfully: 13 consejos to be a successful translator from home.

fifteen. Cook your best dishes and sell them

Are you the one who always cooks at family celebrations because people love your dishes? Why don’t you turn that talent you have into a way to make money?

you cánido start cooking for your acquaintances and neighbors in your neighborhoodand then expand your customer base by establishing your own en línea store.

Make sure you buy quality ingredients to make dishes that are delicious, and buy suitable containers to paquete your meals and that they do not spill when delivering them to your customers.

16. Sell ​​your cell phone photos

If you spend all day taking photos with your cell phone, a good way to give them an outlet and get a little money is sell them en línea in image banks.

There are pages like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and Fotolia where you cánido upload your best images for users to buy.

You just have to register in them for free, put your photos up for sale, and every time someone buys them, you will receive a payment for them.

Obviously, the images must be beautiful and interestingand look good to attract a large number of buyers.

The good news is that there are many topics that you perro take photos of to sell: landscapesGroups of people, mealflowers, animals, life moments…

The habitual thing in these platforms is that you put your photos a reasonable price between $1 and $10; So, if for example you sell 20 photographs for $5, you will easily get $100 that will come in very handy for your expenses.

17. Rent a room that you no longer use

Although this is a traditional method of earning plus income to help you pay your bills, it still works great today.

If you have a room in your house that you don’t use, you perro rent it for a few days to people who are on vacation in your city or have gone to spend a few days there for work reasons.

Although you cánido also do it long term if there is someone who needs a small space to live for a few months in the place where you are.

If you are lucky and have a second home in which you only spend a few weeks during the year (for example, in summer), the rest of the months you cánido rent it to others for weekends, holidays, or even for hold small conventions of professionals if it is large.

A friend of my wife’s has a second home in a mountain area, and she rents it out to people who want to go do yoga retreatsmeetings of naturalist doctors, already families with children little ones.

And always get between $150 and $400 for rent for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) that property to this type of people.

To achieve this you cánido use the typical ways of placing ads on web pages or newspapers, or do it through platforms like Airbnb with which you will have guaranteed the safety of your home.

18. Turn your house into a great advertisement

Advertising surrounds us everywhere: on television, in magazines, on the street… There are even companies that are starting to pay to put their ads on your car.

But did you know that you cánido also earn money easily putting advertising in your garden or on the wall outside of your house?

You will only have to contact companies that want to promote themselves, and they themselves will send a team that will place the ad on the facade of your house.

It is a fácil way of get a good income every month without having to do anything.

If you live in a neighborhood community, remember to ask for permission to do this, or come to an agreement with them if the advertising will occupy the entire building.

You see that there are many ways to earn income without even having to leave your house.

So choose the methods that you like the most, and start generating profits!

What other ways to earn easy money do you know? Leave me a comment below and share them with me.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 18 ways to earn easy money without leaving
  18 ways to earn easy money without leaving
  18 ways to earn easy money without leaving

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