17 Self-help audiobooks in Spanish for

17 Self-help audiobooks in Spanish for

If you are at a point in your life where you want to reinvent yourself or change to live with joy and abundance, it is very likely that the self-help audiobooks in Spanish that we will share with you below will be very inspiring.

Audiobooks are a really new and practical format to consume information while you work, take a shower, or move from home to work.

They are versatile since you only need an electronic device, such as a móvil inteligente, to access the content that most interests you whenever you want and from wherever you are.

Self-help Spanish audiobook recommendations

In this article we will share 17 great self-help Spanish audiobook recommendations that are currently available on Audible.

This Amazon company has become the largest producer of downloadable audiobooks in the world, to the point of having more than 425,000 titles available in its library.

You currently have the ability to join Audible at no cost (clic to join), which will give you access to any of their premium titles and all of the audiobooks under their belt, free for 30 days.

1. If you believe it, believe it

This is one of the best self-help Spanish audiobooks available on Amazon today.

It will help you answer existential questions, modify that belief system that limits you and will even give you the necessary tools to successfully exploit your full potential.

His teachings will allow you to eliminate negative thoughts, be more optimistic and move in the right direction towards an integral human awakening.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

2. The 5am club

If you put your mind to it, living the life of your dreams is completely possible, and this is precisely what it tries to teach you. Robin Sharma with this type of self-help Spanish audiobooks.

In this opportunity Robin Sharma share with you some teachings that will have a profound impact on your personal and professional life, and that above all will allow you to achieve the happiness and vitality that you deserve to live in abundance and fullness.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

3. Talk less, act more

Brian Tracywriter of various bestseller of the New York Timeswill teach you to have habits to be positive that allow you to take ownership of your own life, dare to leave your comfort zone and take control over what you really want.

With this book you will also learn not to give up, to overcome your fears and to live a full, joyful, inspiring and happy life.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

4. control your destiny

The renowned entrenador and entrepreneur, Tony Robbins, explains why you should control your destiny and embark on a journey of personal discovery that has a higher purpose: to enjoy your self-fulfillment.

You will learn to have self-control, to get rid of negative habits or patterns, to develop healthy relationships with others and not to depend on anyone when it comes to being happy and successful in life.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

5. Know yourself as you really are

The lessons contained in this type of self-help Spanish audiobooks will be incalculable to you. They were written by the Dalai Lama himself, the top Buddhist leader and also a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

In this audiobook he explains how you cánido approach your reality of life from a more human, holistic and personal point of view. Specifically, his teachings promise to lead you to a great state of enlightenment and self-realization.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

6. The seven spiritual laws of success

Without a doubt, it is one of the best self-help audiobooks in Spanish that you cánido listen to to change your life, overcome your limitations and pursue your dreams until they become reality.

Its creator is nothing more and nothing less than Deepak Chopra and throughout this story he will teach you to understand your own nature, to rediscover yourself and to live harmoniously: with energy, enthusiasm, health, happiness and well-being.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

7. The power of Now

If you want to find cómputo in your life, or reach a state of inner peace, you need to listen to these types of self-help Spanish audiobooks with a lot of care and attention.

His actor, Eckhart Tolleexplains the benefits of living in the present and how you perro truly understand the power of now to build a dignified, complete, transformative and happy life.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

8. The power of 5 seconds

This audiobook will be very interesting for you if you would like to enrich your life in every way. Mel Robbins is the creator of this piece that has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

The power of 5 seconds It will give you the necessary tools to increase your self-esteem, your self-confidence, to overcome fear or uncertainty, get rid of inner doubts and feel happier.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

9. atomic habits

This is a true gem within the self-help Spanish audiobooks because it will prepare you to live better.

It encompasses truly transformative and effective teachings to seek good habits of life, or as its author has called them, “Atomic Habits”.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

10. the book of joy

Two Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Dalai Lama and the renowned Archbishop Desmond Tutu, are the authors of this masterful piece that will teach you for life.

It is an audiobook that talks about resilience, resistance, peace, courage, and above all, joy. Once you hear it, you will feel more prepared to reflect on your own life.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

eleven. The four Agreements

The four Agreements from the author Miguel Ruiz is another of the best self-help Spanish audiobooks that you should listen to as soon as possible.

He sums them up as: “be impeccable with your words”, “don’t take anything personally”, “don’t make assumptions” and “always do your best”.

His messages will resonate in your mind and in your life for a long time and will encourage you to make the changes you need to live fully.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

12. The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Learn to recognize your limitations in order to change them and transform them into strengths that empower you as a human being.

The teachings of this self-help book will fill you with courage and courage to be more and more humane, sincere, persevering and responsible.

It is written to help you ground yourself, especially to make your life as satisfying as you cánido imagine.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

13. The monk who sold his Ferrari

This is one of the most famous and powerful spiritual fables of recent times. It was written by Robin Sharma and it will fill you with cómputo, abundance, joy and courage to achieve a full state of well-being and happiness.

It will prepare you to live in a calm, passionate and meaningful way, until you manage to become the person you dream of.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

14. What I have learned in life

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most prominent millionaire minds of humanity, will teach you valuable lessons to live your life to the fullest; overcoming fears, uncertainties, difficult moments and insecurities.

What I have learned in life is a close, genuine and personal story about how human beings are capable of transforming their lives and walking towards their dream destination with a lot of effort and discipline.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

15. Cala with you: the power of listening

The renowned journalist ishmael cove narrates with his own voice what it feels like to learn to listen to yourself, to calm your inner sorrows and to enjoy the silence to create and visualize the life of your dreams.

With this story he will help you reach your best version as a human being in all the scenarios of your life.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

16. How to make good things happen to you

Learn to control your emotions and understand your brain so that you perro improve your life 100%.

This self-help audiobook will invite you to reflect and open your eyes deeply so that you perro discover how to make good things happen to you that help you live full of magic, surprises and great discoveries.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

17. release your magic

the author of Eat Pray Love, elizabeth gilbertwill help you unleash your magic in a truly inspiring, exciting and exciting way with this audiobook.

Start your path of liberation, change, and personal growth the right way with these kinds of self-help Spanish audiobooks available right now on Audible.

Backlink: Access the audiobook

Self-help audiobooks to transform your life

The self-help audiobooks in Spanish that we have just shared with you include great life lessons that will allow you to reach your full potential as a human being.

Living the life of your dreams is completely possible, and once you listen to this content you will have better tools to make the changes that are necessary to transform your existence and be a joyful, fulfilled and happy person.

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 17 Self-help audiobooks in Spanish for
  17 Self-help audiobooks in Spanish for
  17 Self-help audiobooks in Spanish for

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