17 Best Pages With Templates For

17 Best Pages With Templates For

Are budgets a constant in your working life? Do you want to save yourself some time every time you have to prepare one thanks to budget templates of Excel for free?

Without a doubt, these will help you to be more effective and productive, since you will only have to fill them in with the pertinent information in each case.

And if you don’t know where to find them, don’t worry, I have been in charge of compiling the 17 best pages with templates for free estimates.

All of them are easy to download, adaptable for any business or professional freelancer and with professional quality.

And the best thing is that they are completely freeso you will not have to invest a single euro.


Why would you need to download Excel budget templates?

Before continuing with the list of pages to download these preset formats, I will give you a brief explanation of why these types of resources in especial would be useful to you:


They save you time

One of the main reasons why it is recommended to use templates is because you save a lot of time when creating the formats you need to perform any task in this MS Office program.

And it is that these They already give you a predefined structure that you cánido perfectly use for specific tasks, and not only to create budgets, but for much more, including calculations or more complex tasks.


They have pretty professional and organized layouts

If it’s not for strictly personal use, and someone else is going to have access to the spreadsheet, you’d want it to look as professional as possible.

Luckily, many of them are made with professional designs, which not only look good, but are also quite practical.

And above all, allow you to organize your work optimally.


They include macros to perform quite useful functions

Macros are an exceptionally good resource for speeding up any job.

There are preset formats created for specific tasks, as is the case with these Excel budget templates, which include specialized macros that will help you finish your work much faster, optimizing your effective time.


Helps you get familiar with the Office programa

If you are not used to working with spreadsheets or do not master the tool 100% (something quite common), these will help you simplify the work.

In this way, you cánido familiarize yourself with the ones in the Office suite, without having to neglect your work or fall behind on your pending tasks.

You will be able to create budgets as if you were an Excel master.

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The 17 Best Pages to Download Budget Templates for Excel for Free

Now yes, let’s go to the list of platforms where you cánido download these spreadsheets with a predefined format:

1. Office templates

Let’s start with the “official” alternative And it is that it is a special Microsoft website where you perro find various types of Excel templates, both free and premium.

In Office Templates you perro find some of the best templates for an Excel budget, official, safe and created by experts in the tool.

I always recommend taking a walk through this website, since you almost always find what you need, although if you are looking for something more original or creative, you cánido take a look at the rest of the pages that I will espectáculo you later.



We continue with another platform where you perro find a wide variety of templates, including some free spreadsheet budgets.

ExcelGratis is quite complete and only has free version formats that you cánido download with complete confidence.

Professional and easy to complete.

3. SpreadsheetExcel

PlanillaExcel is a very minimalist page with models for professional budgets, quite afín to the previous one, but with much more variety than that one.

In addition, it is much better designed and it is very easy to navigate in it to find the best ones or, at least, to choose from a notable variety.

It is one of the most recommended after the official Microsoft Office page that I mentioned before.

It is updated regularly and new templates are uploaded frequently, so you cánido always check if they have updated the list.


Smartsheet is a very useful tool for those who want to optimize the administrative operations of their company, among other things, and in this section of their website they have compiled an excellent list of budget templates for clients.

Here you will find the main ones that you may need for your businesstotally free, and coincidente with Office.

5.Just EXW

Just EXW is one of the best page alternatives with budget templates in Excel format, and in general, one of the best pages dedicated to office programa.

In especial, it stands out for having some of the most professional you cánido find on the Internetalthough the only drawback is that not all of them are available for free download.

And it is that it is a platform that includes premium templates, very good, but that require a payment to download.

Of course, you cánido also other free ones, and they have a lot of variety.

In addition, they have guides, tricks and tutorials to use this spreadsheet program like a professional.

6.SpreadSheet 123

SpreadSheet 123 is a website in English that collects a wide variety of templates, whether for Excel, Word or other types, such as calculators and calendars.

In it you cánido find a wide variety of predesigned formats for your work budgets, as well as other interesting categories such as lists, invoices or business related or families.

I recommend that you take a tour of this website, since it has a lot of variety and excellent quality, despite being totally free.


Trump Excel

We continue with TrumpExcel, a web page that unfortunately is also in English, but that has excellent resources for those people who constantly use spreadsheets.

It stands out mainly for a series of eBooks that you perro download for free with tutorials for the use of Excel.

If you understand English, I recommend that you visit this website, since has interesting content that you perro download for free to learn how to use this program, as well as super useful templates.

8. Thousand Templates

PlantillasMil is another page dedicated to uploading templates of all kinds, and not only for Excel, but also for Word.

Like Just EXW, on this website you perro find both free and premium templateswhich require a payment to be able to download.

Perhaps the only drawback is that you don’t have as much variety of free ones as perro happen with the premium ones, in addition to the fact that the quality is relatively lower than other pages.

9. WPS Template

WPS Template is another excellent alternative to search for both free and “premium” versions.

It has a lot of variety, although this variety is divided into several categories, so there are some that are quite poor with examples to download.

Still, you cánido find what you need quite easily.

In addition to Excel templates too includes some to create letters and presentations unique, so you perro find some great resources.

It is one of the most recommended sites on the list, and I personally invite you to take a look around there.


Free Templates

This web page is another of the alternative pages that are dedicated to collecting templates, although with much less quantity than other previous pages, since it only has 10 different examples.

Still, all of very good quality and useful for various types of professional projects.

In case you are interested, in it you will also find models for other formats:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Graphic design in PhotoShop (PSD)
  • Web design with HTML5 format
  • PHP snippets

This makes it one of the most varied in terms of category.



Xataka comes to this list of pages with free Excel budget templates with an incredible list of up to 127 different examples.

Although not all of them are for the purpose that concerns us today, there are very attractive models visually speaking.

This website dedicated and specialized in technology stands out in this list mainly for the quality of the examples collected.

You perro also find from the most professional formats to the most creative, with macros that will make your life much easier when working with spreadsheets and when quoting your clients for your services.

12.Invoice Fácil

Invoice Fácil is a service to create en línea invoices quickly and easily and that you cánido use within Spanish territory.

On its website, you cánido find a section to download some Excel budget templates for free, and that you cánido also use in various programs, such as:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google plus Docs
  • google plus sheets

Of all the pages of this type, this is the most versatile, since all its templates perro be used in the programs that I have mentioned.

It does not have as much variety, but all those that you cánido find are quite professional, and not as fácil as some that you will see later.

They have the perfect cómputo between professionalism and creativity.


We’re almost done, and it’s time for sevDesk to make its appearance.

It is an en línea tool for entrepreneurs that you perro try for free, and that among its functions perro help you calculate what you are going to charge your customers.

All this quite easily and quickly.

On its templates page you will find a Complete Guide to Creating Professional-Quality Estimatesavailable in various formats, which you perro download for free.

I recommend that you take a look at this website, so you perro learn more about how to make quotes for clients.



In FormacionOnline.eu you will find a quite complete list of 180 templates for Microsoft Excel, totally free and not only specialized for budgets, but for many more professional utilities.

You cánido also find some useful resources for freelancers.

They have quite interesting and curious designs, and they will come in handy for any calculation you want to perform, or even for other tasks you need to do in your spreadsheet.

Each example is direct download, so you don’t need to follow very complex steps.

In addition, they are organized by category, so it will be easy for you to find the template you need.



In this Genbeta articulo you will find a short but concise list of some templates that you cánido use for multiple situations or needs.

And among them, of course, you will find templates to create accurate and fairly complete budgetswith some pretty good macros to make your job easier.

16. Recycle Bin

Recycling Bin is a web page that allows you to download invoice templates to charge your customers, it is focused on Spain, and it also includes some budget templates for .xml and .doc.

The ones on this website they are quite basic Compared to others that you cánido find on other platforms on the list, but it is great for you if you are Spanish and you are not looking for anything extravagant.

If you just want to send a clear and concise budget to a client, this is your page.


Let’s end this list with Pinterest, and I’m sure you’re wondering why Pinterest is on this list, right?

Well, you may be surprised, because in this popular network it is possible to find some excellent ideas in many areas, so it is not impossible to find some interesting ones.

Just a quick search and you cánido find excellent alternatives to create budgets with excel.


As you have been able to verify by the great variety of examples that I have mentioned in this article, the one who does not make attractive and professional budgets is because he does not want to!

And it is that by entering any of these pages that I have left you linked, you will have a large number of templates with designs of all kinds: minimalist, colorful, elegant, etcétera.

What is your favorite page to download budget templates?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you know of any others that have worked for you, please share them with all of us in the comments!

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 17 Best Pages With Templates For
  17 Best Pages With Templates For
  17 Best Pages With Templates For

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