16 things I did to be a millionaire

16 things I did to be a millionaire

What do you need to do to be a millionaire before 30? The answer depends on the person you ask.

A financial investor will tell you that you should save, invest your income and control your expenses.

Your best friend will tell you that you perro get it robbing a bank while making fun of you

And your parents will ask you to stop talking nonsense, and to study for get a real job because being a millionaire only happens in the movies.

Who of all of them should you listen to? My answer is that none, because in reality those answers are just general ideas and not exact steps to help you achieve the wealth you want.

I too have been in my 20s, and although I wanted to get rich before I was 30, I quickly realized that dreaming about it was not enough to reach my goal.

It is necessary make a series of decisions and take the steps that will lead you to that wealth.

The good news is that those steps they are not as difficult as you may think.

That’s why here I want to share the 16 fácil things you cánido do to be a millionaire before 30and that will not prevent you from enjoying one of the best stages of your life.

16 steps important to be a millionaire before 30

1. Saving will not make you a millionaire

if you think saving 10% or 20% of your salary right now it will make you a millionaire before you’re 30 you’re wrong.

It is true that saving is important if you want to achieve wealth, but there are more things to consider. and one of them is achieve more income.

Find out how you cánido raise money that you already earn every month looking for other sources of income other than your job.

Realize that if you earn $800 a month right now, and save 10% of your salary, the result will be just $80 more that will fatten your bank account.

AND no one becomes a millionaire with such a small amount of money.

Therefore, in addition to saving, you should also think of ways to increase your money month by month and year after year.

2. Look for the money and go after it

Now that you know what the first step you have to take is, move your ass and go where the money is.

No one is going to knock on your door to hand you a wad of cash or give you a raise: you have to be the one to move to get it.

So think of ways to earn more: find a job that pays more, start your own businessDo jobs en línea to increase your income…

3. Do not depend on a single source of income

Do you know what is one of the big differences between rich people and poor people? that the rich do not depend on a single source of income to live.

Have a job or business that provides a part of your moneybut at the same time they also do investments and diversify their earnings.

How many ways to make money do you have now? Surely your answer is that the only means from which you receive money is from your work.

But have you ever wondered what would happen? if you get fired tomorrowOr if the company you work for goes bankrupt? You would be left without the only source of income you have.

That’s why you should look for various ways to make profits from different sides to have a safety cushion in the event that one of them fails you.

4. Save to invest, not to save money

There’s only one reason you should save: so you cánido invest later that money into other assets.

don’t save your money to use it in case of an emergency, to have it idle in the bank, or even worse, to spend it on unnecessary things.

Make it so that when a good one comes investment opportunityyou cánido use it and multiply that money saved.

5. Avoid getting into debt and cut your unnecessary expenses

debts are the real wealth killers.

It is the main reason why many people reach the end of the month with red numbers in their accounts.

And so you should avoid getting into debt at all costs, especially now when you are still such a young person.

The best way to do this is to think well What do you spend your money inand cutting your unnecessary expenses.

Instead of buying a brand new car that costs $25,000, look for a used – or new – car that does not exceed $12,000.

If it’s in good condition it will take you to the same places as a more luxurious car.

Cancel your televisión subscription cable: you cánido watch the same programs, series and movies over the Internet.

stop buying so many clothes every month to wear it only once in your life…

6. Treat money the same as if it were the love of your life

Your relationship with money should be just like a romantic relationship with another person.

If you go after him, you take care of itand it becomes a priority in your life, it will never leave you.

But if you don’t treat him as he deserves, and you don’t pay much attention to him, will leave you for someone that he does treat you as a priority.

7. Do not sleep

to the money he doesn’t care if it’s 9 in the morning or 12 at night, or if the calendar is a weekend or vacation time.

Never sleeps.

And neither should you.

When I was 17 years old and started my first en línea business, if a client contacted me at 10 at night and I could get a sale, I was there to serve you as if it were 10 in the morning.

To be a millionaire before 30, you don’t need to be smarter than others or have more luck, but rather be willing to work more than others for reaching it.

8. Don’t waste your energy on unimportant decisions

Know take decisions It is one of the primordial steps to achieve wealth.

And that is why you should focus on those that are important for your current and future economy.

do not waste your time Thinking about whether you should wear black pants or blue ones, or what you have to eat when you get home at night.

Make these kinds of choices automatically so your mind is fresh when you should. make a really important decision as if you should choose this or another job, or what would be better to invest in for you.

9. being poor is not okey

I have been poor and stank.

And I’m sure you think the same too.

With this, what I want to tell you is that you should start to get rid of the mentality that being poor is not so bad.

If you want to be a millionaire before 30 something very important is your attitude; and that is why you must eliminate all the negative ideas you have about money.

Having a good bank account with which you perro pay for a better vacation is not a bad thing, nor are you going to become a worse person or more selfish for adding a few zeros to your income.

10. Don’t try to pretend you’re rich

One of the biggest mistakes we all make is to think that being rich is be able to buy more things of the ones we have.

And that’s why we buy expensive clothes, expensive furniture, luxury cars… all just for pretend we have more money than what is actually in our accounts.

But what good is it to you buy all those things you don’t need and get into debt for overusing your credit card?

Be very careful with this because it perro be a death trap for you.

Real millionaires don’t need to buy or display expensive things to know how much money they have in the bank.

Don’t be like the others, and save yourself that money that you will spend without meaning to invest it in more important things.

eleven. Find a guía to guide you on the right path

This is an optional step because not everyone perro find a person to guide you the path you must follow to achieve economic wealth.

But if you have the oportunidad to find a guía to guide you on the right path, take advantage of it and listen to his advice.

Sometimes we cannot see well from within the situation we are in, and a person who tells us how do you see things from the outside It perro be a great help to have other points of view.

And if you perro’t find anyone to guía you, look at someone that you have achieved what you want to achieve and study it.

Read interviews that they do to know what their habits areWhat decisions did he make, what things does he currently do to stay at the top…

12. Do you want to be a millionaire? change your way of thinking

In the life, everything is the result of your thoughts.

If you think you cánido’t do something, you won’t.

If you think a situation will go wrong, it will eventually go wrong.

And be a millionaire before 30 It’s also a matter of mentality..

I know plenty of people who believe that to be rich you have to be luckyor being born into a wealthy family, but it is not up to them to be or not.

However, the power of your mind and believe in you to achieve it is what will really help you achieve that wealth you want.

When you think positive, you fill yourself with motivation and yourself push yourself into action to achieve your goal.

So don’t keep obsessing that it’s an impossible task.

Believe in yourself and that you perro do itand very soon you will see the result of your thoughts.

13. make money work for you

Having a lot of money is of no use to you if to get it you need to work 12 hours a day, and when you get home you are too tired like to enjoy your free time.

Remember what I told you above in point 4: you have to save to invest.

And those investments are the ones that should give you the majority of your earnings in order to disminuye the time you spend working.

You perro invest your money in hundreds of things, such as the depósito market, creating businesses, or real estate.

But the important thing is that these investments give you more money back than you generate with your work.

One of the methods that has worked best for me has been invest in binary options.

I started years ago with a few dollars and today I am generating more than $5,000 each month with this method working just 15 minutes each day on it.

Do not think that you need too much money or knowledge to start in this world: there are platforms like IQ Option where with only $10 you cánido make your first operations.

14. Don’t stop investing in yourself

Wanting to be rich or creating a plan to achieve it will do you no good if you don’t invest in yourself, in increase your knowledge little by little, and in growing as a person.

It is without a doubt the best investment you perro make in all your life.

That’s why you should remove those unproductive habits that are ruining your life, and start taking positive habits that change your life for the better.

Surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you, read more, take courses to improve your skillsmeet new people…

fifteen. Create concrete goals that you perro achieve

It won’t do you any good to wake up in the morning saying “I want to be millionaire“.

Your goal must be specific and concrete, so put a date in which you want to achieve it, and the exact figure to push you to start working on it.

The more specific your goals are, the easier they will be to reach you.

16. Your goal should be to win 10 million, not 1 million

The biggest mistake you cánido make is don’t think big.

So don’t aspire to earn just 1 million: do it to earn much more.

Know that you cánido do it.

Believe in yourself, in your abilities and your talents.

Remember that any goal you want to achieve is born from your positive thoughts.

What business would you start to be a millionaire before 30? Leave me a comment below and tell me.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 16 things I did to be a millionaire
  16 things I did to be a millionaire
  16 things I did to be a millionaire

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