15 ways to make money selling from

15 ways to make money selling from

Stop once thinking that earning money is difficult.

That thought it is part of the past.

You cannot continue to think as if there were no other alternatives.

If you ask your friends, I’m sure there are many who will tell you that what they want is to earn money without having to work a lot.

But they don’t bother to do anything else.

It happened to me myself.

I was always complaining because I did not have moneyhe thought that he was not capable of doing anything if he did not work hard for it.

Not that I wanted to be lazy, but to be honest, if they give me the option to earn money doing lessI wouldn’t think so!

I realized the importance of living life, how good it is to eliminate stress and enjoy more leisure without feeling guilty.

For this, it was clear to me, we had to look for alternatives.

It couldn’t be what everyone already knows, it had to be something that was different.

That he did not need any type of initial investment and had the option of becoming from anywhere.

are you ready for improve your life?

Everything starts from a mentality change:

  • When you don’t know how to do something, don’t wait, investigate and do it yourself.
  • read many books but also dedicate yourself to writing your own.
  • Start as a student and then create your own en línea courses.
  • move and improve your communication with other entrepreneurs.

15 different ways to earn money selling from home

1. Sell ​​on eBay or MercadoLibre

You have too many things. You have too many objects that don’t let you be more free.

You don’t need them and you cánido surely make money with them.

These two platforms are best known and those that concentrate the majority of clients from all over the world.

He procedure is fácilyou have to take some photographs of the product, write a good description and equipo a price.

For example: “Shirts for weddings or special occasions are sold.

Linen fabric and cream color.

The quality is excellent and they were only used once.

Contact by phone: *** *** ****”

2. Rent your most precious objects

Not everything that belongs to you is to be sold.

There is most expensive elementos that cánido be rented by other people when you are not using them.

It’s the best way to give them profitability when they are not generating any profit.

Think of it like this: you have a car but you only use it three days a week, how about you rent it the rest of the time?

You perro disminuye the cost of investing in a car by letting other people use it when you don’t need it.

You perro earn around $143 per day renting your car.

You cánido rent a car, your bike, the lawnmower, the party dresses, your house with airbnb… everything you need a great investment and that you perro monetize.

3. Go shopping and get paid for it

Yes, you read it right.

There are companies that pay you to go shopping at their stores completely incognito.

In this way, they analyze how your employees they are treating customers.

For you it is the perfect business: you go shopping and earn money giving realistic information about what is happening.

The pay that you receive cánido vary depending on the time you need to invest and the results you genera.

This, in addition to being a fun job, cánido also earn you a lot of money.

If you think about it, there aren’t many people who know about these kinds of jobs.

The smartest thing is that, now that no one knows about it, you find the companies that they pay more and make them yours.

4. Sell ​​your old music and vídeos

go to your loftopen the old boxes and look for those old DVD’s, disco compacto’s, games for consoles and recordings on devices that nobody emplees anymore.

This may seem useless, it has a lot of value for collectors.

What does not have any kind of meaning for you cánido be very different for others.

before putting a fair price to your music, vídeos and games, do a little research to find out how much it really costs in the world of collectors.

Vídeos, old radios, disco compacto jugadores are highly valued in the traditional market. What are they still doing in your attic?

5. Write product reviews

Believe it or not, there are many companies that pay you to write reviews about your products to have, from those comments, more sales.

The en línea world moves by recommendations and testimonials. This is the reason why you are so important to these companies that want to position themselves in the market.

You don’t have to write only positive things.

The best of recommendations is what is sincere.

For example: “For the last ten days I have tested the wet floor vacuum and perro say that it has been very effective on most surfaces except oak wood.”

The iPhone aplicación, GigWalkswill connect you with companies that need a mystery shopper to take pictures of their stores and get paid for it.

6. Become an Uber controlador

You do not need to have any type of license. simply with with driving license valid you perro present yourself as a candidate to be an Uber controlador.

This new alternative company is growing at an incredible speed.

There are already thousands of drivers who perro earn around $254 daily with only 4 hours of work.

For that you just need to find a mid range car and dedicate yourself to touring the area in which you live.

Customers will contact you through the aplicación and tell you where to meet them.

Don’t worry, at the beginning you will have training courses that the same company will provide you.

If you still have doubts, you cánido learn with our article, This is how I became an Uber controlador and earned $977 in 5 days. In it you will find everything you need to know to be a successful Uber controlador.

7. Take paid surveys

From the comfort of your home and risk free.

Not many people know this, but there are companies that pay you to do their surveys en línea.

It is true that if you are starting in this world, there perro be too much information at one time.

There is too much information about surveys on the Internet that perro confuse you.

The accounts that I have tried perro easily give you $38 in forty minutes.

If you are really interested in it, you perro see how it works in this article.

But, What are the surveys really about?You just have to understand that your opinion on products or behavior models is very valuable to large companies.

What you answer, along with thousands of other people, will help them improve the product and to achieve better marketing or sales in the future.

8. Cook your best dishes for others

One of the secrets to making money selling from home is find the cómputo between something that you are passionate about and that you cánido sell.

The challenge is to find the best way to turn it into a salable product.

For me cooking is one of the most relaxing aspects. my great friend Sofia, makes around $354 per day cooking meals for other employees.

Every day we have less time for ourselves, to cook and take care of ourselves.

As you cánido see, it is a need in society that you have to solve.

sell your skills and improve the lives of others.

The good thing about this business model is that you perro do it from home, when you want and how you want.

Don’t confuse it with owning a lugar de comidas, here you have much more flexibility.

You cánido also, when you have more experience, outsource people Let them work for you, giving a more complete service, working less and becoming the boss.

9. Get a new credit card and earn commission

Although it seems that banks never give anything away, the truth is that if you know how play by their rules and use them to your advantage, you cánido earn a lot of money.

There is an American entrepreneur who dedicated himself to opening around 1,497 credit cards and take advantage of the tax advantages offered by each bank.

I was earning over $9,756 a month!

The bonuses offered they are highly variable and it is important that you study the fenezca print in detail.

Above all, remember that you should not use these cards, only take the recruitment bonuses.

Caution: If you get to use these cards, they perro use it as an excuse to charge you commissions and payments that will not be pleasant at all.

10. Open a clothing store on popular media

It is not the same to sell your clothes in street markets than to equipo up a clothing store on popular networks.

You don’t even need to create a Web page.

On Fb there are many public and private groups that are dedicated to publishing the sales of the products that are sold by individual people.

It is also recommended that you use the free platforms of Ebay and Etsy to promote you.

You just need to make a profile and let buyers find you.

The more you share with your friends and popular networks, the better your third-party advertising will be.

You have to know that even if they don’t buy, if they share, they will be the best form of promotion.

eleven. Earn money writing articles

From the comfort of your home, with creativity and under your own hours.

You may be interested in learning to write and start using that knowledge.

For this we have created a guide totally designed so that, in less than two days, you start earning money with what you write.

If you want to earn money with a blog, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. what you have to do is concentrate the information that perro be useful to others on the web in the right way.

Make no mistake, writing a blog is not something that is born overnight, but the perseverance and willpower it will give you results.

Do it always thinking about what the reader is looking for.

12. Child care help

To be successful in this job, you have to like children.

I would tell you a little more, it has to be something that come out naturally of you.

Children, and especially parents, have a sixth sense that will make them recognize if you really are the right person to take that position.

Do not commit too many hours or plans at the beginning.

Take a test and see how it goes.

Be sincere with yourself, it will be hard work if you don’t feel good about what you’re doing.

For example: You cánido prepare small games for children: the chair game, hide-and-seek, the happy bunny… are some of the options that cánido win over children.

Another good option is that, instead of taking care of the children at home, simply dedicate yourself to taking them to school or private classes.

Most parents don’t have time for it, they will pay you well.

13. Turn your photos into money

There is an application for your mobile phone that allows you to earn money simply posting your pictures on the platform.

They don’t have to be about anything specific, they just have to be of very good quality.

How would it work?Fácil, all you have to do is upload the photo to the application (Foap) and earn $5 for each sale.

The person who buys your photo will pay $10, and you, without doing anything else, will earn half of it.

The platform will take care of find customers.

That easy.

For example: If your photograph is sold 20 times, you perro earn $100 directly in your pocket in just one minute (which is how long it takes to take the photograph).

14. Sell ​​plastic caps

Not many know it, but bottle caps concentrate more than one 87% of plastic high quality.

This perro be sold for recycling and is very valuable.

There are companies that pay almost $4 dollars for several plugs.

It depends on the size and color, but if you focus on getting the maximum amount of them, you cánido make a good monthly salary.

ask your friends and family members to keep for you.

The more quantity you have, the more money you will earn and in less time.

fifteen. Triple your money in less than a week

This option is a bit more sophisticated and requires more study, but it is the way to earn more money in less time.

I’m talking about invest in binary options.

There are not many people who dare to invest in binary options.

This, among others, is one of the reasons that makes it so incredible to get large sums of money.

If you need advice, we have created in Gananci a step by step guide to investing in binary options. You must read it if you want to entrar this world.

With the guide you will have everything you need to have the Control over your operations.

Choose one of these 15 ideas to earn money selling and focus all your efforts to make them come true.

Which of them has worked best for you?

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 15 ways to make money selling from
  15 ways to make money selling from
  15 ways to make money selling from

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