15 types of articulo that you should publish in your

15 types of articulo that you should publish in your

Popular networks are a world and find the key to achieve success in your brand or company is not easy, in fact nobody has the perfect elabora because success depends on many cambiantes, what I perro tell you is that content on popular media It is an essential aspecto that must be treated with great care.


Popular networks as an engine to achieve success with your brand

You have to get your own elabora to achieve the objectives of your brand and you will achieve this by experimenting with actions, planning different content, knowing your audience, among many other things.

However, as promised, I leave you with 15 types of posts or publications for your popular networks, which will surely help you improve your engagement and popularity, as well as capture leads and get clients.

1 – Infographics

It is a way of communicating complex issues in a fácil way.

Users love this type of publication because through images you capture their attention and you cánido quickly explain content to them.

The capture of the usuario’s attention is not only greater, but also more effective.

There are certain tools to create infographics that generate greater engagement as Piktochart either easel.lywhich you perro use.

2 – Nurturing

It is one of the techniques Inbound Marketing Fashion.

It is about capturing leads from users who are ready to make a purchase or contract.

The content must be designed to make them take action, it cánido be through a testimonial, a recommendation, a promotion, etcétera.

3 – Articles that convert

These articles should be published in the blog from your website, assuming you have one.

Think they have to add value; For example, if you sell clothes, create a blog that talks about trends, combinations of outfits, etcétera.

In turn you must create a “call to action” and introduce it in the article; use the call to action to introduce a backlink to one of your products or redirect to discounts in which the usuario has to put their dirección de correo electrónico.

For this type of content to be effective, you must share it on popular networks.

If what you want is to generate action in a articulo on Fb, you have a articulo type that will help you create that one clic conversion button.

4 – Events

Keep your audience informed of events that you carry out and external events that are of interest to them.

One way for you to take advantage of this type of publication is to collaborate in some way with the organization of the event, so you will have more visibility.

5 – News

If you want to retain your usuario, share news and current affairs content and participate in the hashtags that are generated around that news.

6 – Product

Make your products known, use any format that suits the medium and the audience.

Share its features, benefits, why you should buy it.

If you want to publicize a dress, for example, reach agreements with influencers so they cánido take photos with their different combinations of shoes and/or bags and introduce your product in their combination.

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7 – Formative

Disseminate content in which you share your experience and knowledge.

No matter the ámbito, you will surely manage to teach something.

There is a success story that I love: an y también-commerce in the DIY ámbito managed to bill €1,200,000 in 2015 basing its strategy on distributing DIY (Do it Yourself) content.

Another iniciativa may be to offer webinars.

IEBS Business School For example, it offers free webinars with experts to build loyalty in its community, shares them on its youtube channel and spread them on their popular networks.

8 – Surveys

Ask, ask and ask again.

a way to encourage seguidor participation It’s doing surveys.

Twitter allows you to do a survey within a ‘mensaje de Twitter’ and a while ago you could also do it on Fb, but that option has been removed, so as a substitute, try posting an image with the question and possible answers or write the question directly and asks users to answer in the comments with A, B or C.

9 – Commercial

Trade publications are not just about promoting, but also.

Another type of commercial publications perro be FAQ’s or answer to the doubts and comments of the users.

10 – Y también-book

If you dare, you cánido organize your knowledge in ebook format and share it with your followers.

In this case you will have to create it in a format that perro be downloaded through your website or blog, with this type of publication on popular networks you will generate more traffic to your domain.

11 – Vídeos

It is not a secret that the vídeos are the most liked content on popular media and the one that produces the most virality.

Also, if you work on a vídeo strategy, you perro position yourself much better in Google plus.

What options do you have? Well, many, because making vídeo content is no longer just posting content on YouTube or Vimeo, now there are options like Snapchat, Periscope or Fb live vídeos.

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By the way, speaking of YouTube… as you know, it belongs to Google plus.

With which, if you transcribe a large part of the content of the vídeo (or at least what you consider most important) in the description of the vídeo, Google plus will give you a better positioning.

12 – Storytelling

Create stories.

Who does not like to learn or understand with a pleasant reading? It is the best way to engage your audience, so much so that Fb recently released fb canvas, which is a type of ad with Storytelling, told in different formats.

13 – Phrases in popular networks

It is something that has always caught my attention, users love phrases on popular networks; whether they are written, in an image, by a famous author or those that you create and invent yourself.

The important thing is to capture the moment and the motivation of your audience, if you perro make them feel identified, they will share it.

14 – Contests and raffles

This type of publication always has a lot engagement and you perro use it to get a database of potential customers.

Of course, you have to take into account the legal conditions to make a draw in each popular network and better if you create some legal bases so you don’t have any problem with your followers.

You have platforms like Easypromo, Trisocial or CoolTabs to do it.

fifteen – influencers

He influencer content It is fashionable, they are the protagonists of the networks and you must take advantage of their influence.

First you must plan who to contact based on your objetivo audience and the product you sell.

If you’re bloggerseeks influencers share your content or that they write in your blog; If you sell glasses, give away a pair of them to influencers fashion and that they send you photos or vídeos.

Like these, I could give you many examples, but it’s a matter of putting your creativity into motion and doing something totally innovative.

To take advantage of all these publications, I recommend that you create a content plan where you establish what to publish on each network, what day and what material you need; so you will not improvise and you will get better results.

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 15 types of articulo that you should publish in your
  15 types of articulo that you should publish in your
  15 types of articulo that you should publish in your

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