15 tools and aplicaciones to editar vídeos

15 tools and aplicaciones to editar vídeos

New technologies allow us editar vídeos from the browserwithout having to download anything to our computer with Windows or Mac operating system.

We even have the option of getting mobile aplicaciones to do the whole process directly from our phone.

And all this without having to complejo turístico to the computer.

On the net there are a large number of options available, so it cánido be somewhat difficult to find the en línea tool that we are looking for for the vídeo editing.

In this article we detail the most important ones:


9 tools for Windows and Mac to editar vídeos

✅ Metricool

metricool is a tool that has been designed to help you save time when editar vídeosIn addition to being very easy to use.

It is a good option to prepare the vídeos before uploading them to any popular network, such as TikTok.

It allows us to modify vídeo characteristics (such as exposure, saturation, gamma, temperature, sharpness, gamma…), cut it, slice it, even apply different filters to achieve the desired effect.

To be able to use the tool it will be necessary to have chosen a plan, but one is free, so you perro use Metricool without any cost.

✅ Openshot

openshot It is considered one of the best tools for editar vídeos en línea that we perro find throughout the network.

It is open source programa that stands out for its wide compatibility, so we perro add all kinds of vídeo and audio archivos, knowing that most likely it will not have any problems with them.

In addition to allowing us to add conventional vídeo effects (such as brightness, color or transitions), openshot it goes a step further by allowing us to use 3D titles, image overlays and animations.

Everything is controlled through a very precise and intuitive timeline.

✅ VSDC Free Vídeo Editor

VSDC Vídeo Editor is an interesting option en línea vídeo editing which is designed for all those who are looking for a professional result without having to overcomplicate it.

Furthermore, it is free and its interfaz is very clean, so you perro understand how it works just by taking a look at what it offers.

It is a very interesting option for when you are looking for more advanced results: for example, for the launch of a massive campaign on popular networks like YouTube, or on platforms where vídeo quality is a concern. must to consider.

✅ Wevideo

wevideo is an en línea vídeo editing tool that allows users to create and editar vídeos from anywhere.

This alternative comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use usuario interfaz, as well as offering a wide range of features such as audio editing, adding text, and exporting HD vídeos.

The only problem with it is that it is a paid option, although it is possible to try the tool for free for a while.

Once we have fulfilled it, there will be no choice but to sign up for a payment plan.

✅ Avidemux

Avidemux is available both in a desktop version for Windows (that is, you cánido download it) or you cánido access the tool to editar vídeos en línea (both for Windows and for MAC).

It is a free programa editor that stands out for its precise and useful editing options: it allows you to synchronize tracks and audio and vídeo, apply filters, cut and slice segments, work with images, music, and vídeos of different formats, etcétera.

It is coincidente with even high-resolution vídeos, in formats such as AVI, MKV either MP4.

✅ Kapwing

kapwing It is not exactly an option as well known as the previous ones, but it has nothing to envy.

It is not an en línea vídeo editor to use, but it allows us to access a complete study in which we perro shape vídeo marketing campaigns with all kinds of fun and attractive effects.

You will be able to add overlay images, gifs and vídeos to design the campaign as you have it in your mind.

As a fact of interest, it also has a meme generator.

Of course, you should keep in mind that it only allows you to save the vídeos for a maximum time of 7 days.

✅ Clipchamp

Continuing with this list of options for editar vídeos en línea, you should also know the history of clipchamp.

It is an en línea vídeo editing tool that offers a variety of editing features, such as adding music and color correction.

Clipchamp also features a library of depósito content, allowing users to add images and vídeo clips to enhance their projects.

The brand itself manages a community in which we cánido receive help from other members who are using the tool, as well as being able to share our experiences.

✅ DaVinci Resolve 18

With this original name, DaVince Resolve 18 It is presented as a robust solution for editing vídeos with great detail.

Its main point in favor is the great quality that it allows to handle and its characteristics when working with audio.

It has many functions for remastering and colorizing the sound, so it is designed more for advanced users.

From the free version we perro access innovative tools that are related to assembly, design, editing, graphic animations, among other resources.

✅ Canva vídeo editor

canvas is a tool that you should already know for editing different graphic resources.

What you may not know yet is that it also has a handy vídeo editor which is considered quite complete.

It’s no mystery: you perro apply many templates to make your task easier, work interchangeably with vídeo and audio archivos, apply animations or carry out other tasks in just a couple of minutes.

It is a good option to work on content that will end up on popular networks or on pages where quality vídeos are sought, weighing as little as possible.

6 mobile applications to editar vídeos for free

✅ CapCut

CapCut is an interesting mobile aplicación for editar vídeos which is available for both Android and IOS.

It allows you to work with quality clips and has the option to automatically share the resource on popular networks, as is the case with TikTok.

Among its most common functions, it allows you to add text, stickers, transitions, 3d effects, modify the speed, delete audio, among others.

Best of all, it does it without introducing an ad or those dreaded watermarks.

The only problem is that it is quite a heavy application, so we will need to have enough space on our device to be able to move it smoothly.


iMovie is a free vídeo editing aplicación for iOS that allows users to create and editar high-quality vídeos on their mobile devices.

The aplicación has an intuitive usuario interfaz that allows users to cut, add music, effects, and transitions to their vídeos.

It also offers a wide range of export options and iCloud support for syncing projects between devices.

At the moment it is not available for Android operating systems, and nothing seems to indicate that it will be in the future.

✅ FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another of the best aplicaciones for editar vídeos for Android devices.

Its great point in favor is found in its extensive library, famous for allowing us to access more than 1000 songs, filters, stickers, vídeo formats, backgrounds, emojisamong many other resources.

Although it is It is true that it has payment plans, in the free version it is possible to work even with qualities of 720p and does not have any ads.

However, if you want to work with 1080pthen yes you will have to subscribe to a payment plan.

✅ Quick

Quik is a free vídeo editing application available for iOS and Android. The application is easy to use and offers a wide range of editing templates that allow users to create high-quality vídeos in a matter of minutes.

Quik also offers advanced editing features like adding music and color correction.

if you have one GoPro or a photo/vídeo camera that allows you to obtain great image quality, this application complements itself perfectly.

In addition, it has the option of saving an unlimited copia de seguridad copy in the cloud, so that your archivos are always safe.

✅ InShot

InShot makes it easy for you in the process of editar vídeos.

It won’t take long to see how combining vídeos and regulating the speed of each clip will be very fácil.

In addition, you cánido also add fading effects, add a colored border, among other resources.

However, the capabilities of the aplicación do not stop at the basics, but also have other more advanced features.

The problem is that you will need a little more time to master them.

The resulting vídeos will be exported without any kind of watermark.

✅ Videoshow

Finally, we have the option of Videoshow which will not leave anyone indifferent either.

It is not only a good aplicación for the creation of funny clips, but also for our professional creations that cánido be made up of resources such as sound effects, stickers, scrolling texts, etcétera.

It is a good application for working with vídeos at an advanced level without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

With our list of 15 free en línea vídeo editing tools and aplicaciones you cánido start working now.

Just take a look and stay with those that suit your needs.

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 15 tools and aplicaciones to editar vídeos
  15 tools and aplicaciones to editar vídeos
  15 tools and aplicaciones to editar vídeos

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