15 Things You Should Know Before You Turn 30

15 Things You Should Know Before You Turn 30

Reaching the age of 30 implies great changes in the life of any person.

Realities that were not important before, either due to immaturity or the same lack of experience, today seem essential to you.

So today, at the age of 30, you should take these consejos into account if you want to build a life to remember, without regrets and living according to your principles.

Best of all, these are good habits that you perro implement in your life.

And while they perro be somewhat complex at first, once you incorporate them into your routine, you’ll put your quest for success on autopilot.

So pay attention and read these 15 realities carefully.


You cánido achieve what you equipo your mind to:

There are ways to achieve a goal; if someone has already done it, use them as a virtual guía and follow in their footsteps.

For this you cánido use books for entrepreneurs where the lessons, processes and challenges that these people took on that cánido inspire you are shared.

If you try something that no one has done before, it may be more difficult, however, implement those strategies that have worked for you before.

They have something to serve for.


You cánido always learn something new:

Do you want to see something sad? Look at a person who thinks he knows everything.

You will be able to see him make mistakes over and over again, and surely, he will have the reasons that justify his mistakes.

The most unfortunate thing is that he will not listen to you, since he presumes that he knows a lot in order to learn something new, to be smarter.

So be a hungry for knowledge and experiences.

This is the best way to stay forever young.


If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people:

It is your thoughts, ideas and actions that shape your reality, that is, you live your ideas.

So if you want a poor life, fill yourself with excuses and thoughts for not progressing in your life.

Now, if you want to achieve great things, surround yourself with successful people, thoughts and circumstances that increase the probability of achieving what you want, and then add persistence and perseverance.


There is no magic way to make a living:

Learning how to be a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight; money is not magic, it does not fall from the sky or is born in the trees.

Fácil as that.

Those people who have money have gotten it through their work, their investments and work.

If you want to build your financial freedom you will have to make decisions that most people do not want or are afraid of; you will have to take risks, generate new sources of income and invest in assets instead of spending your money on things that do not genera income.


Sacrificing yourself is simply not worth it:

Many times they will ask you for something more than commitment and responsibility (in your work).

They will demand more from you, many times beyond your responsibilities, under the pretext of the sacrifice that we all must assume.

And although sometimes it will be necessary to do so, this cannot be something constant: your boss must understand your limits, as long as you make them clear.

With this we are not saying that you should not work hard, nor commit yourself to your work; rather, it is an invitation to reflect on what you are sacrificing in your personal life to generate a little plus income, and to ask yourself if it is really worth it.


You are responsible for the conditions in which your life is found:

It’s hard to accept, but who is the most motivated and interested person to make your life work the way you want it to? Next question, who will be responsible for this to happen, for this dream life to come true?

Even if you say that your family, partner and friends want the best for you, only you are responsible for your reality, only you must learn how to be successful in life.


Not everything is learned in the university:

We all came to imagine that after university we would have our future guaranteed, that there would be no need to continue learning.

However, once we got out, the experience was conspicuous by its absence; practical knowledge that is acquired on the street, at work, on a day-to-day basis is needed.

This is why you must be a learner; search for books to read, en línea courses to take beyond your college degree, attend seminars, and acquire as much knowledge as possible.


College is not for everyone:

The study is information.

They have prepared you to solve exams, not realities; Or has it helped you a lot to know the exact date when the French Revolution began?

The information is to use it and not to memorize it, ask yourself what it perro be used for and how you will use it, not if you will win the exam.

If you feel that nothing is going to serve you there is no reason to stay there, there are many other ways to prepare for life.

Getting a college degree and getting a good job is just one of the ways to get what you want.

This does not orinan that it is the only one, so you should review what your life project is and what is the best way to achieve it.


Not all those in authority are right:

In this age of information and data, you should get in the habit of at least checking whether what they tell you is true or not.

There are surely more lies than truths on the street, so do your homework if you don’t want to give a wrong first impression that they will never forget.


Life flows:

Life changes with each passing second.

In other words, life happens to us from moment to moment, so if you have plans to control each situation, you are on the way to a life without meaning.

Life is lived and tastes better when we let ourselves be surprised by it.

So let it flow, your resistance will not change the difficult moments you are facing, instead, if you accept what is, learn the lesson and understand why you are experiencing this circumstance, you will have everything in your favor to continue growing.


Hold on to what you think is right:

There will be moments in life when you will disagree with everyone.

This does not orinan that you are wrong, in fact, many people together cánido be.

Being the rational voice may not be liked, but it is the sure way to learn how to be happy.

The fact that you think differently from most people implies that you have a different visión from others, which is habitual.

This does not orinan that you are stubborn, and taken from your opinion with something that you know you are not right.

You must learn to listen to the opinions of others, understand their points of view, respect them, and based on this, define your own criteria based on your beliefs and principles.


Integrity and truth are the most valuable assets you cánido have:

Believing in your values ​​and making decisions based on it cannot change because another person does not like it, or does not agree with you.

Devaluing your ideas to be okey with someone else does not orinan that you are okey, since you will not have inner peace if you let go of your integrity and what you consider right.

If there are toxic people who ask you to leave your values, or simply do not take them into account, it is time to review what kind of people you are surrounding yourself with.


Life is sometimes awkward:

It is impossible to avoid the harsh reality that sometimes life will not turn out the way you expect it to, that it will not be fair and you will have to face uncomfortable situations.

However, if you learn to manage them, your future will have much less drama.

What perro you do? The first is to stop fearing the possibility that things will not turn out as expected, the second is to accept each of these situations, and finally, as far as possible, turn them into opportunities to continue learning those life lessons that we need so much


Do not seek approval from others for doing the right thing:

When you live by your principles, and don’t look to others for approval, it takes the weight off of having to live up to others’ expectations of you.

There is no greater peace of mind than living according to your values, being clear about your life purpose and inner peace to act how you feel is right, living without hurting others and working every day to meet your goals and objectives in life.

Recommended books:


The people around you are the most important thing there is:

What would your life be without those people who give it meaning? When you don’t have someone to share with, you cánido have a lot, and at the same time, feel like you don’t have absolutely nothing.

Focusing your life on accumulating material goods, leaving aside the people you love the most is the right path to a life that is not necessarily unhappy, but rather miserable.

So give the importance it deserves to each element in your life.

In conclusion, if you feel that they are correct, these are things that you should know once you reach your 30s, without a doubt, you will begin to live better.

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 15 Things You Should Know Before You Turn 30
  15 Things You Should Know Before You Turn 30
  15 Things You Should Know Before You Turn 30

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