15 new technologies that are essential

15 new technologies that are essential

Starting a business is more about taking the first step, but sticking with it is even more difficult, especially with all the new technology out there today that we depend on to make or break our business.

So the question is: What technology should I implement in it?

Today, our guest Javier Gázquez, will talk to us about 15 new technologies that perro never be missing in your business.

Nowadays, being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with new technologies, since they accompany the businessmen in the daily development of their activity.

Innovations break out every year. which genere companies to have to carry carry out a extremista change in its production processes.

It is what is known as disruptive technology.

This year has witnessed how this type of technology, such as natural language processing, computer visión and artificial intelligence, They have been developing in such a way that they have become primordial tools that should be present in any company.

Society will be able to verify how the aforementioned technologies, and also many others that will appearing throughout the year, will drive the way do businessas well as new products that are launched on the market in the very near future.

For all those interested in create your own businessnext, some of the latest technologies will be on display which cánido be used to make their work easier.

These, according to experts, will also affect multiple organizations who are making their transition to the digital age.

15 new technologies the ones you perro’t do without in your business

1. En línea medical care at a reasonable price

The companies Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway announced some time ago their intention to jointly create a company, which through the use of technology offers both their families and their employers High-quality, transparent and simplified healthcare at a reasonable price.

Many industry followers watched as health insurance stocks fell, at the same time that they saw how new technologies could affect positively in healthcare.

And it is that great advances are being achieved in preventive care.

Moreover, the ABI organization predicts that this year many companies will introduce remote patient monitoring, which would orinan the incorporation of eighteen million devices in corporate wellness programs.

2. The development of interactive vídeo technologies

Many companies invest in interactive vídeo technologies, especially when they want to spread the use of vídeo in their business. agile programa development, that is, beyond their programa development teams.

Is about an interactive and agile method in which the teams need to be face to face, or at least have the necessary technologies to best replicate certain types of intimate situations, such as project delivery.

The development of vídeo technology will provide new features that simulate and enhance face-to-face communication, especially as companies scramble to fill the skills gap with scattered teams.

Among these characteristics, the virtual reality.

3. New technologies improve customer service

The customer service area is moving rapidly towards its digital transformation.

Some experts even predict that by the year 2022 the usuario will have more conversations with bots than with your own partner.

In addition, they also ensure that in just one year the chatbots they will have developed so much that they will even understand the tone, the highest value conversation paths and its content in order to achieve its multiple objectives.

The advantage of artificial intelligence is that it has the ability to eliminate, or at least transform, routine jobs, thus allowing to focus on other tasks that require the human aspecto to a greater extent.

It’s not that they replace humans, but that make your work more bearable so that they cánido put all their efforts into other issues related to the business.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence gives the possibility of program bots that are dedicated to serving customers.

This method is increasingly used by businesses, since this way they cánido pass through a kind of first filter the comments of the users, being able to help them in a faster and more precise way.

However, it is also warned of what all this implies.

Artificial intelligence will be able to learn those words that perro influence the attitude and in usuario actions.

This possibly provokes mass actions through a technology who cánido turn this subtle compromise into manipulation.

4. The internet of things

Most companies have already thought about how to integrate the Internet of Things into their processes. Not only en línea companies, but also those of a lifetime, they want to apply new technologies like this.

An example of this is the food campo, which emplees sensors to know the moment and the way in which the fields must be irrigated, automate the packaging and logistics processes.

CompTIA has published in a report the enormous help that IoT devices are providing in terms of cost reduction and efficiency improvement in industrial environments, thanks to which companies are obtaining many benefits.

By increasing the use of IoT in factories big reductions are achieved in downtime, as well as in energy consumption and process waste.

However, this increase also means the appearance of new security threats, so companies must work together with IT groups to identify risks and adopt a protection method that helps to disminuye or eliminate them.

5. En línea Consulting

Managing business paperwork doesn’t have to be task of the entrepreneur himself, that you probably don’t have much of an iniciativa about these matters.

So they perro count on the help of an en línea consultancy, with which communicate over the Internet Whenever necessary.

These companies also rely on technology, since they work with en línea accounting programs.

Information on this type of advice cánido be found on sites like GesTron where delve more into these topics.

6. blockchain

This is the basis of cryptoeconomics, and constitutes the greatest advance in terms of cybersecurity within the scope of companies.

It is not only a virtually foolproof way of drawing the line followed by a transaction (in the case always that the currencies are not cryptocurrencies), but it is valid in many other processes.

Citing some of them, the Blockchain cánido be used in the Human Resources area, especially when selecting personnel, identifying the candidates through the analysis of their different professional profiles.

This allows us to equipo aside criteria of a subjective nature in selection processes, since contracting times decrease more than notable.

7. cryptoeconomics

It is especially related to the previous point, and is increasingly present.

The fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise It has made it possible to pay for practically any product or service.

It is not possible to know what will happen to the crypto economy in the future, but experts agree that it will be booming in the near future.

8. Voice assistants reach the business environment

Although it is still too early to obtain the most of it to voice-activated assistants, the truth is that they are already present in many companies.

In the short term, it is expected that these attendees will favor the growth of productivity and improve the cómputo between personal and professional life. However, as the years go by, it is expected that this type of technology will even replace computer screens and keyboards.

9. The rise of immersive experiences

Until just a decade ago, immersive technology only appeared in futuristic movies, and today it has become a reality, cánido even be used.

This kind of technology perro provide multiple benefits to businesses, Therefore, many are carrying out a transition towards digitalization to meet the expectations of their clients.

It is expected that by 2022 virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality will be present in 20% of large companies, being commercial use of augmented reality greater than that of virtual reality.

Little by little the pilot projects will evolve until they become sustainable business models, so in the year 2022 this change will be very noticeable.

10. Industrial 3D printing

Thanks to the development of 3D printers, many companies they perro get prototypes and parts on the fly. Such is its popularity that twenty million dollars worth of 3D printed products and parts are expected to be created in the United States by 2026.

eleven. New applications for artificial visión

This technology It is used by companies to track customer journeys.

However, it is currently being put to other emplees, thus moving from the en línea market to physical stores.

Numerous applications are being achieved thanks to advances in visión and artificial intelligence, as well as in the proliferation of cheap and available sensors.

For quite some time, many companies have followed the buying habits of consumers, and today they continue to do so to obtain data that makes them stand out in such a competitive market.

12. Microservices and containers

Many organizations need to develop applications quickly, especially those who use the Internet of things and the cloud.

For this reason, microservices and containers attract more and more interest from them, whose growth will increase as these companies become more comfortable with their management.

13. The resurgence of infrared

This technology has been used for many years, but it seems that it has re-emerged due to the multiple possibilities it provides. development in the computational power of processors that current devices have, such as the Microsoft Kinect and the iPhone X Face ID.

14. Diminished reality, a still unknown technology

This is the opposite technology of augmented reality.

Despite being quite unknown, the truth is that it cánido be very useful, since it is able to remove parts of reality to leave only the essentials.

The individual will be able to visit virtually a city where there is no one until you completely eliminate clutter and noise from your workplace.

fifteen. The hologram.

From Star Wars to real life

For many years, the creators of Star Wars They already sensed that this technology was going to be present in the not too distant future.

The hologram represents a new form of interaction with both people and objects.

Thanks to its double beam of light, three-dimensional images perro be obtained in a real environment and without using any device.

Undoubtedly, holographic technology opens up a world of possibilities capable of revolutionizing en línea shopping and marketing.

the attitude of businessmen before the new technologies

A study carried out by TomTom Telematics, a company dedicated to providing fleet management services and connected cars, reveals that the majority of Spanish companies think that new technologies are critical to recruiting, motivating and retaining their workers.

Many of them also indicate that Among the main reasons why they have decided adopting these new technologies have been: increase productivity, improve customer service, increase the number of sales and disminuye the costs of the company.

However, three quarters of them indicate that there is no necessary information about these new technological systems for those businessmen who are interested in implementing them, although they also complain about their high cost.

Another of the problems they encounter is the lack of experience within the company and the difficulty Finding a provider that meets your needs.

Author Description: Javier Gázquez began his path of Internet marketing and business 12 years ago, which ended up becoming his great passion.

He has collaborated in large newspapers and developed his projects as director ejecutivo at Amplificados and being the creator of Blogtimista.

Her advice from him? “Never forget that you have to try the absurd, to achieve the impossible.”

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 15 new technologies that are essential
  15 new technologies that are essential
  15 new technologies that are essential

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