15 Habits of Happy People

15 Habits of Happy People

The Happy people They have a especial way of seeing life. They understand that in order to live better they should not make big changes in their lives, but opt ​​for certain habits that, practiced daily, lead them to achieve their results.

Today it is common to see how people are concerned about making money at all costs, and although we cannot deny that this is an important resource, we cannot ignore that this is not the only important thing in life.

If all you do is work to fill a bank account, you’ll come to wealth feeling empty, so it’s important to work towards your goals in a comprehensive, or holistic way.

In this article we will share with you a series of common habits that happy people haveso that you perro enjoy what you do, learn how to be happy, and start living that life you have been dreaming of for so long.

1. Invest in experiences instead of buying things:

One of the biggest impediments to being happy is adaptation. This is why, when we buy something and it becomes ordinary and unexciting, the level of life satisfaction drops, and we are forced to look for the next purchase.

Research conducted by Cornell University has found a way to break this harmful cycle. The psychology professor thomas gilovich It has been shown that we experience the same increase in happiness when we buy something we want and when we travel.

However, and the big difference between the two, is that the happiness derived from our purchases decays over time, while the memories of our travel experience continue to provide us with happiness hormones for much longer.

Experiencing different types of unusual events, traveling, learning new skills, and even practicing extreme sports are one of the most common habits of happy people.

2. Good relationships keep us happy and healthy:

Another key to happy people is their relationships. Contrary to what many think, that happiness depends on factors such as money and status, the biggest predictor of your happiness and overall satisfaction in life is basically love.

According to the Harvard Grant and Glueck study, which was conducted over 75 years ago, having someone to confide in was shown to help the nervous system relax, help the brain stay healthy longer, and disminuye emotional pain. and physical.

As stated Robert Waldingerdirectivo of the Harvard Study of Adult Development:

“The clearest message we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Although these cánido be complicated and difficult, a full and meaningful life is built on good relationships.”

3. The importance of being in the present:

Happy people rely on the ideas of great thinkers regarding happiness; and an iniciativa that great writers share is the importance of being in the present.

For Oshorecognized spiritual guru, his definition of happiness consists of the following:

“This is the simplest secret of happiness. No matter what you are doing, don’t let the past move your mind, don’t let the future interrupt you. Because the past is gone, and the future has not yet arrived.

Living in memories or living in the imagination is living in a non-existential plane. And when you’re living there, you’re letting go of the essentials. Naturally you will be miserable, because you will be leaving your whole life.

Something afín raises Eckhart Tolleauthor of the famous book The Power of Now and known as one of the most habitual spiritual authors in the United States:

“Always say yes to the present moment. What could be more insane than creating an inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now?

Surrender to what is. Say yes to life and see how it suddenly starts working for you, and not against you.”

This moment is all we have, so one of the most common questions of happy people is How cánido we start living to the fullest in the now?

4. Happy people allow themselves to be sad:

Recently, the University of Melbourne conducted a study where the relationship between popular expectations of not experiencing negative emotions and depression was analyzed.

The results showed that the more pressure a volunteer felt about not feeling sad or anxious, the more likely they were to feel depressed.

The psychologist Brock Bastianconcludes that “Depression rates are higher in countries where happiness is rewarded. So much so that, instead of being a component of a life well lived, feeling happy has become a goal.”

What does this have to do with happy people? Well, these are aware of the way they feel; they allow themselves to feel sadness, disappointment, pain and even loneliness, since they have enough emotional intelligence not to see happiness as a goal, but rather as a decision that is made daily.

5. The decision you must make every morning to be happy:

When you wake up, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The perspective of how you see the world cánido positively or negatively impact your attitude during the day.

It’s no secret that positive thoughts bring you happiness and energy. Having a positive visión of life allows you to see unexpected events as part of a process, as something necessary, and even as a source of learning.

This is the reason why happy people they choose to think positively; Not only do they live better and achieve more, but they also disminuye the risk of falling into depression, anxiety decreases, and they become more resilient in the face of difficult times.

The invitation is quite fácil, every morning you have a new opportunity to choose how to face your days, so remember what he said Harvey Mackay:

When you wake up every morning, you have two decisions. See the positive or negative side, optimism or pessimism. I choose to be optimistic. It’s all about perspective.

Albert Einstein called it as “The most important decision we make in our lives. The decision to believe that we live in a friendly world or a hostile one.

6. Discover what prevents you from being happy:

There’s no nice way to say it: If you’re not happy, stop complaining and make a life change.

Happiness is not a fácil feeling, but a way of living life. The reason why happy people have managed to stay that way is because they simply do not conceive of any state other than happiness as acceptable, or at least, possible for their lives.

So they are willing to make the necessary changes that guarantee them to live in a better way. In case you want to give it a change, here we share four steps to achieve it:

Find the reason why you are not happy:

There are several reasons why you might feel unhappy:

  • Perhaps you may be in a job that does not meet your expectations.
  • It could be that you do not enjoy being around people with whom you share your day to day.
  • You are in an unhealthy relationship, among others.

The first thing you must do to change your life is to identify the reasons why you do not feel satisfied.

Change your negative attitude:

The law of attraction is not a fácil theory; how we think, act and speak reflects our attitude.

Seek to face each situation with the best energy, thinking that today things may not be as you would like, but if you work for success, eventually things will change.

Happiness depends on your attitude, so you understand that you have control over how you approach each situation in your life.

Create a plan to achieve happiness:

After finding the reason that is preventing you from being happy and being armed with the best attitude, you are able to devise a plan to achieve that happiness.

Determine what is that goal you want to reach and build the steps that will make you achieve it.

Execute the plan in action and don’t look back:

Once happy people are clear about what they want to achieve, and have designed their plan, they do not wait for the perfect time to carry it out.

They act immediately, knowing that there will be tough times, failures, mistakes, and rejections. However, they are clear that to change their lives they will have to make difficult decisions and get out of their comfort zone, even when they are afraid.

7. Make three people smile every day:

Strive to get a smile from three people you have by your side. This espectáculos your interest in others, that you care about them and want them to be well. So be it with a joke, an image or an anecdote.

These kinds of small and fácil situations are the ones we will remember with joy, and are frequently practiced by happy people.

8. Practice conscious silence in your life:

Treat yourself to 10 minutes of silence to return to your essence, to think about what your most important goals are. The effort of day to day makes you easily lose your purpose in life.

You cánido use this time to learn to meditate, pray or simply to be thankful for what you have, what you don’t have and what you are working on.

If you are not happy with what you have in your life, work to improve it but do not let ambition limit everything you have achieved, or prevent you from being grateful.

It’s not about religions, it’s about being thankful for your health, your opportunities, your life, and so many other things you have.

9. Choose carefully with whom you share your time:

Happy people choose wisely with whom they share their time. If you want to have a different perspective on life, share with new people.

For example, you cánido share time with people over 70, and with small children whose innocence will inspire you.

It doesn’t make any sense to spend your limited time with toxic people who don’t add up to your life. Avoid those people who talk about others, whose conversations are always negative and do not add anything of value.

Additionally learn to forgive. Life is too short to spend it hating someone else.

Take advantage of every moment of your life to build positive things, to give love, to create good memories. This is the way happy people have chosen to live.

10. Hydration is essential:

Drinking plenty of water is a reflection that your physical health is a priority. So develop healthy habits that take care of your body, the most important work tool you have and that no one else will take care of for you.

Also, water has incredible benefits for your health. According to the European Institute of Hydration, the most important benefits are:

  1. for a proper functioning of the brain. When we are adequately hydrated, the brain cells receive oxygenated blood and the brain remains alert.
  2. So that kidneys work wellhelping them eliminate unnecessary waste and nutrients through urine.
  3. To improve the digestive tract since water is necessary in nutrient dissolution.
  4. A great ally for the skin, helping to maintain elasticity of it and its tonicity.
  5. Protecting the joints for the muscles to function properly.

Ultimately, having a healthy body contributes to your happiness. You will be healthier, you will have a calm mind and you will be able to devote your energies to achieving your most important goals.

11. The opinions of others do not define you:

well says Napoleon Hill in his book Think and become rich that opinions are the cheapest goods on earth.

Everyone has one to give you, and while it is true there are some well-intentioned ones, there are others that simply express a point of view among many out there.

Instead of thinking about what they are saying about you, focus on improving what you do every day. The opinions that matter are yours, since the only person in charge of your happiness is you.

Assume happiness as your responsibility, living each moment as if it were the last, learning from each difficulty and with a positive mentality.

12. Read books, invest in your knowledge:

Investing in books leaves you impressive results. These are an inexhaustible source of knowledge, experiences, skills and stories.

When you invest in books, you are sending a signal to your mind that you want to grow, that you are willing to learn new things, expand your knowledge, and improve your results.

In the case of happiness, there are many books related to the subject. Here are some recommendations.

13. Do not put off your family or your friends:

Ultimately, family is what gives meaning to what you do. They are the people you cánido always count on, and regardless of where you are, close to them or not, you know that you will always have a place to go.

Don’t let work, productivity and commitments prevent you from calling them, sending them a message saying how much you love them, and when you cánido, visit them.

Reap your friendships and take care of your family. Invest time in them, choose them wisely and remember to have a cómputo between your work and personal life.

14. Exercise every day:

Exercise not only helps you with your physical appearance, it also influences your mental stability. According to the Psychology and Mind portal, the 10 most important benefits of exercise are:

  1. Produces happiness chemicals
  2. Disminuye stress
  3. Improves self-esteem
  4. Improve your popular relationships
  5. relieves anxiety
  6. Prevents cognitive decline
  7. improve your memory
  8. Increase your brain power
  9. Helps you be more productive
  10. Helps control addiction

So start today: sign up for a gym, go footing, swim in your neighborhood pool, anyway. Happy people take care of their physical health, this has great effects on the rest of the areas of their lives.

15. Happy people smile more often:

If you think about it, you will realize that we will not get out of this game called life alive. So have as much fun as you perro. Take advantage of every opportunity to get the most out of what you do.

There are too many reasons to smile, so think about every excuse you make up for not doing it. Surely you have a good job, a good income, a great person by your side, and you feel that it is not enough.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting more and moving forward, do not let this ambition take away the color and smile from your life.

Once you start working on these key habits that happy people have in common, you’ll need to work on those little decisions and things you do every day that contribute to your goal. So start today, be part of the happy people.

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 15 Habits of Happy People
  15 Habits of Happy People
  15 Habits of Happy People

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