15 breakfasts to go after the

15 breakfasts to go after the

We cover a lot in our days, and there is no busier time than the morning.

Between hitting the snooze, exercising, getting ready (and the kids) for work (and school), and all sorts of random responsibilities, it’s no wonder some 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day.


By now, I’m sure most of us have heard that skipping your morning meal perro make it difficult to control weightalong with a host of problems, including an increased risk of heart disease.

If you fall into the category of meal skippers, there’s no better time to switch than today.

I’ve scoured the internet to find the 15 fastest and most portable breakfasts, perfect for articulo-workout or fueling a busy day.


Fruit and iogur parfait

This Fruit and Youghourt Parfait is as pretty as it is healthy.

Just rinse out a Mason jar and fill it with your favorite seasonal fruits, granola, and low-fat Greek yogur for added protein (17 grams per cup), and you’re equipo to go all day.


Overnight oats

If you prefer to prepare your breakfast and forget about it, try this recipe for Skinny Overnight Oats in a Jar.

You cánido use the milk you prefer (I like almond milk) and don’t forget the chia seeds.

They are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acidssurpassing even linen, and help keep you satiated.


Mini Quiches

Eggs are always a great articulo-workout option because they’re cheap and good for you.

Try making a batch of these mini crustless quiches for several days of breakfast on the go.

They perro be eaten hot or cold.


Western Omelettes

Another great muffin pan recipe, these western omelets They are suitable for those who follow the paleo diet.

Agregado, who doesn’t love a good bacon wrap?


Eggs in a cup

If you think ahead, you perro save a few eggs, some cheese, etcétera.

in the office fridge and into your coffee mug (make sure it’s clean!) for a piping hot breakfast at your desk.

Yes, it’s that fácil with Eggs in a Mug.


Breakfast Egg Rolls

I love the iniciativa of ​​making egg rolls for breakfast.

If you’re unfamiliar, egg rolls cánido be found in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores.


Smoothies to prepare in advance

Prepare your blender and place one of these shake mixes before going out.

Without digging through the fridge, you perro make a filling drink in a matter of minutes (and it costs a lot less than the store-bought version of this very concept).


Banana Dog

I don’t know how this one hadn’t occurred to me! Banana Dogs: Use leftover hot dog buns (whole wheat is better), put a banana inside, some peanut butter and a drizzle of jam.

You could also make a delicious version loaded with other fresh fruits, chia and flax, and almond butter.


PBJ Rollup

The next one, the PBJ Rollup, is labeled as a school lunch.

However, I think we cánido all agree that peanut butter, jelly, banana, and granola all sound just as delicious for a quick and easy breakfast on the go.


Mason Jar Pancakes

Use your favorite pancake mix (the whole wheat version will fill you up longer and longer) and try these Mason Jar pancakes.

The recipe calls for serving them with syrup, but if you want to avoid a sugar crash, use fruit and nut butter instead.


Microwave Cupcakes

If you prefer something more homemade, try the Microwave Muffins.

They are customizable, so you perro make them elegant or fácil.

If you want to make them often, mix the dry ingredients ahead of time and store in an airtight container.


Freeze Breakfast Sandwiches

You cánido buy all kinds of prepared food, but making it yourself is much healthier.

Take these Freezable Breakfast Sandwiches, for example.

They have all the flavor of the store-bought ones, but are so much healthier.


Freeze Breakfast Burritos

The same concept applies to these Freeze Breakfast Burritos.

You perro use eggs, cheese and meat, whatever you have.

I would love to try making them with a mix of beans, rice and vegetables for a vegan touch.


Remade Cupcakes

If you are looking for energy, it is better to avoid breakfasts rich in sugar.

Unfortunately, many muffins fall into this category.

However, these Quinoa muffins for him Breakfast are a great salty alternative.


Energy bars

Paired with fruit and even yogur, an energy bar perro be a solid, quick breakfast.

We offer you 20 tasty energy bar recipes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

There is something for everyone, and I love making them in bulk so I cánido easily pick them up!

What is your favorite healthy breakfast to go? Share it in the comments.

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 15 breakfasts to go after the
  15 breakfasts to go after the
  15 breakfasts to go after the

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