15 Best Movie Weblogs: shorts, series,

15 Best Movie Weblogs: shorts, series,

You want to know what are the best movie weblogs, shorts, series and even Spanish cinema?

If you are a lover of the seventh art, surely you often feel a certain need for find more information about the latest news about curiosities such as: when the next movie in a saga or the next episode of your favorite series will be released, among others.

And since I am also a movie seguidor and, above all, a seguidor of motivational movies, I want to share with you a compilation of some of the best movie weblogs that perro be found on the web.

Ideal weblogs for true movie buffs.

In the list that I am going to present you, you will find absolutely everything, from a Spanish largometraje blog, about more (or less) well-known series, to others with more niche content such as independent or “author” cinema.


5 Factors taken into account to choose the best largometraje weblogs

Now, to really choose the best weblogs, it is not enough just to go to Google plus and do a search with the keyword “best movie blog”.

There are many factors that influence whether or not a website is included in this list and that I have taken into account when making this list.

And finally I must clarify that, due to the fact that they appear in the order in which you will see them, does not orinan that a blog is better than the next.

That is, I have tried to share with you a “list” and not a “top”.


The central theme has to be cinema

There are many weblogs that are multi-thematic or that only regularly mention cinema, but those do not interest us.

The ones that I espectáculo you here they have the seventh art as the central axis of their websiteand everything is related to this world.

For this reason, those of a journalistic type that have a largo section have also been left out of the list, although you may see one with a digital newspaper or magazine format that is entirely dedicated to this subject.


Quality content

Another important point that I will take into account is the quality of the content that is published on the movie blog.

This implies that they do not have major misspellings, that the content is relevant to you who are a movie lover and that it does not fall solely in the «journalistic sensationalism“, presenting news related to 35mm art.

In addition, it will be taken into account if the information that is published is true or, if at least, they contain some kind of alert that a articulo may be false or that it still remains to be confirmed.


Community in Popular Networks

The cinema is better when shared with other fanes of your favorite movies and series.

For this reason, another aspecto that I considered when choosing each largometraje blog is the presence that the blog has on popular networks, and if it has a community with which to interact.

Although I have to admit that this has not been one of the most determining factors, since I have achieved some “gems” that do not necessarily have an active community on popular networks.


Aesthetics in the design of the Blog

Personally, when I browse a page, I like it to be aesthetically presentable.

No matter how good the information is, if I don’t like its design or it causes me some visual discomfort, I will not stay there, unless it is strictly necessary (such as the information I am looking for is only there).

Therefore, those cases in which the web has a bad aesthetic design, will not be included on the list.

This also includes technical factors of web design such as blog loading speed, poor navigability, etcétera.


Intrusive advertising

It is habitual to find advertising when it is a niche blog such as a movie blog, but I do notice that it is very intrusive advertising in which ads and pop-ups simply do not stop appearing every time I move the mouse or I scroll down the page, turn around, and walk away.

For this very reason, those weblogs that abuse intrusive advertising will not be included on this list.

Plus aspects to choose the best largometraje blog:

To end this section, in addition to these 5 points that I have mentioned, I have also included some more technical aspects in my list of factors, such as:

  • SEO positioning in the SERP’s
  • The estimated number of visits per month (according to Ahrefs)
  • The number of posts
  • If it is (apparently) active
  • How long are articles usually?

15 Best largometraje weblogs, short largos and Spanish largometrajes today

Now yes, let’s start with our list of the best movie weblogs that exist today and where you cánido find all the information in the world about the seventh art, your favorite series or the news of your favorite actors:

1. Espinof

The first place on our list is Espinof, a blog dedicated to the 7th art that has a very attractive design on an aesthetic level, and that also combines very well with its theme.

It belongs to Webedia, the network that manages such relevant web sites as Xataca.

It is updated quite regularly thanks to its large team of collaborators, all with great knowledge about movies and series, so you will have content to fill you up, something that will be difficult for you as it is so varied with its themes.

On the other hand, they have additional content that you perro find on their popular networks and on their YouTube channel.

There they don’t go up so often, it is very well worked and with great content.

You cánido now escoge whether or not to be part of their community, registering on the home page and following them on their popular networks to discuss with other lovers of this art.



It is a largo blog that, although it has news on international series and largos, is also quite up-to-date with the Spanish scene.

This makes Fotograma.es an excellent place to find out about the latest Spanish cinema newsin addition to events such as festivals and events held throughout the territory of our country.

Furthermore, in his “Trailers” section You perro find vistas previas of some of the most anticipated movies and series, accompanied by interesting comments related to these largo works.


Serious Cinema

This is another very well done largo blog, and it has very varied content from the world of cinema.

Besides, its design is quite clean and attractive to look atwhich makes it nice to navigate this largometraje blog.

The Cine en Serio blog offers different types of content, among which we cánido highlight his podcast and his YouTube channelwhere reviews of some of the most renowned premieres are often uploaded.

On their Fb page you perro also find interesting content about the world of cinema, in addition to uploading reviews of some movies, so you cánido discuss your favorite actors and actresses.

4. Behind the Cameras

Let’s go with a blog perhaps a little less elaborate, Tras las cámaras, and this especial website does not have an incredible design, or what we could call modern, but rather fácil, giving the principiante blog sensation with almost no investment.

However, it is his proposal that places him on this list, since it is a specialized site within the cinema niche, bringing to its readers quite interesting behind the scenes content and some of the most legendary largometrajes in cinema.

If you are a lover of vintage and retro, you will love this option, especially because you will be able to see some images from beyond the filming for the most curious.

5. The Penultimate Mohican

I have to admit that this largo blog has me freaked out.

And no, not because of its relatively long name for a dirección de Internet, or even because of its varied design or content, which I have to admit has surprised me (I’ve been fascinated by its aesthetics).

What I liked the most about The Antepenultimate Mohican is that it is an independent largo blog, a magazine digital dedicated almost exclusively to auteur and independent cinemasomething that is rarely seen, because as you perro imagine, it is a very niche topic, for a very small audience if we compare it with the number of people who enjoy going to the movies.

And not satisfied with dedicating themselves to a campo with as little visibility as this one, they do it wonderfully.

I recommend that you take a look at this curious blog, even if you are not a big seguidor of independent cinema.

And by the way You perro also go through their popular networkswhere they publish very interesting content.

6. Uruloki

Uruloki is a pretty weird name for a movie blog, I know, but what if I told you that it’s a horror, fantasy and science fiction largometraje blog? Well, it sure makes more sense.

And this is one of the best weblogs you will find for this very specific topic.

For this reason I have somewhat ignored the aspecto of its web design, which as you will see is quite fácil compared to other more modern ones, and perhaps very much in the “traditional blog” style with a 100% blog format.

Here you will find trailers, news and information on some of the latest horror moviesboth those that have been renowned and those others that have gone more under the radar and that you surely did not even know about.

It is truly an excellent place for lovers of horror movies.

And it has several backlinks that will take you to websites of interest, among which we include the blog’s popular networks.

7. Crows Nest

Since I couldn’t leave just one reference site, I bring you another spectacular horror movie blog.

It’s about Crow’s Nest, and like the previous articulo, it’s a blog dedicated to scary, fantasy and Sci-Fi movies.

It has a slightly more creative design than Uroloki, but with the same feeling of simplicity that the previous one gives, as if it were an principiante blog.

But don’t let it stop you, because it is a real gem and it also has a fairly active community within the comments, not to say that every few days they articulo new reviews of largometrajes somewhat lesser known than the typical tabloid releases of today.

In addition to relevant information, I have to point out that “Crow’s Nest” includes some pretty good reviews of lesser known movies by the general public, but which have been true works of art of terror.

Another infallible stop for lovers of horror movies.

8. The Seventh Art

The name of this web blog does not leave much to think about, since it is obviously a website totally dedicated to the largometraje world, with a modern design, and very focused on the hottest news.

But El Séptimo Arte does not only offer fácil press releases, since this largo blog is one of the ones that offers the most variety of content among all those on the list.

  • News
  • trailers
  • Information about your favorite actors
  • List of box office receipts of the most recent largos

I personally recommend it as one of the best.

In fact, I’m one of the ones I consult the most.

9. Press Center (Netflix)

Netflix has become one of the most habitual media to watch series and movies and is widely known throughout Spain for works such as “La Casa de Papel”.

What not everyone knows is that it has a blog, the Press Center, where you cánido find information related to the series and movies produced on the famous platform, as well as trailers and information of interest to series lovers. .

Although I have to be honest, at the level of variety, it is perhaps the worst blog on the entire list, but its content does is relevant to users of the platform of membership.

In addition, it adds many points that it is one of the largest uso contínuo platforms for movies and series in the world.

10. Bloggers

As with the 4th place, “Behind the Cameras”, in the case of Bloguionistas it is also a page that, although it does not stand out for its aesthetic section or its web design, does do so with a quite different proposal from the rest. .

And it is that focuses especially on scriptssomething that is not usually seen in other largo weblogs like the ones we see in this list.

It is a very interesting website for lovers of everything related to be behind the scenes.

You perro find everything from script analysis to tutorials and books dedicated to them, so it’s quite complete for a micro-niche.

You cánido even download scripts for some movies if you’re interested in checking them out.

11. Largo Critic

We continue with proposals that are different from the classic “cinema news” formats, and it is that Cine Crítico stands out, as its name indicates, for articulo movie reviews.

Now, the same thing does not happen as with the two previous cases, and it is that this largo blog has a fairly modern design.

Not only perro you find reviews of movies and series, but they also share information such as awards, trailers, premieres and even special effects related contentand all from an objective and, above all, critical point of view, which in the end is the central axis of this blog about cinema.



Filmin is another content uso contínuo platform focused on series and movies, and that works in a afín way to Netflix, through a monthly subscription, although with some additions.

It is clearly not as well known as its famous competitor, but it does have a lot to offer its users, and among these we cánido highlight its blog, which in terms of content is better worked and with more variety.

You perro find out from news from the world of cinema and series to information about events and festivals around the world.

It is a largo blog that, although derived from a content uso contínuo platform, espectáculos that there is no need to neglect the content that is uploaded to the blog, and that it perro provide a lot of value to its users.

13. Cinema3

Cine3 is a Mexican largometraje blog dedicated to disseminating all kinds of news about the world of largo and television.

They offer their users varied and high-quality content, in addition to having a fairly good publication rate, so you will not run out of articles to read daily.

In addition, it also publishes interesting content related to Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

And although it is focused on information about the region of México on said platforms, it also uploads content that cánido be useful for us Spaniards, mainly news about the main series of these uso contínuo platforms.

14. You Rocket

You Rocket is a largometraje blog that, in addition to including series and largometrajes in its theme, It also takes into account the world of comics and vídeo gamesalthough to a lesser extent of course.

It is a different proposal from the previous ones, in the sense that it focuses its publications towards other areas that are a little more “geeky”.

However, if superhero movies are your thing, I personally recommend this blog, since it is one of the most complete in the industry.

15. From Seguidor to Seguidor

De Seguidor a Seguidor is a Spanish largometraje blog that you perro be proud of, not only has it won recognized awards both in Spain and in the world, but it is a very complete blog in terms of content.

In it, you cánido not only find information and news about the world of cinema and series, but also includes books, comics and anime among its themes.

It is an excellent blog to entertain you and inform you of the latest movie news, and much more.

And as if that were not enough, they also organize raffles, contests and even cosplay.

It is really a great blog for the most “geeks”.

Anything else? Well yes, because it also reviews the most recent largometrajes and quite objective reviews to add.

I believe that it is a website that anyone could entrar and enjoy equally, where you perro find content for all tastes, regardless of whether you are more of a lover of comedy or romance, or, why not, animated cinema. .

I recommend that you take a tour of this blog right now, do not you will regret it

Which of these jewels did you like the most?

Do you know of any other largometraje weblogs that you would add to the list?

These that I have collected are some of the best movie weblogs that you perro find on the Internet.

I would dare to say that the best, although you will have to judge for yourself, leaving me a comment and sharing your favorites with me.

It all depends on the taste of each person and what you are looking for in a blog.

Let’s all make this list bigger and bigger!

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 15 Best Movie Weblogs: shorts, series,
  15 Best Movie Weblogs: shorts, series,
  15 Best Movie Weblogs: shorts, series,

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