15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs

15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs

Do you want to know what they are? The best fashion and trend weblogs Who to follow to be able to go to the last one this season?

If it happens to you like me (I admit it…) that sometimes you are not very sure how to dress for the appointment or encuentro, you should have a list of reference weblogs on hand like the one I have prepared for you today, so that know how to mezcle your ‘outfits’ correctly.

But as with everything, everyone has their own tastes, so I recommend that you take a look at all the Weblogs that I espectáculo you below and that I have selected, according to the criteria that I specify at the end of the article.

I hope you leave me your opinion in the comments and, if there is something that you feel is missing, I would love for you to tell me and thus make this guide more and more complete. Let’s complete it together!


The 15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs

For the most part, each of these cánido be considered as a personal Blog, since in addition to sharing current trends in terms of clothing and accessories, their authors also share a little more personal content about themselvessuch as experiences, trips and the like.

In some cases it is even possible to find a store, so it cánido be a good opportunity to update your wardrobe.

You should also take into account that some of these Weblogs, in order to reach an international audience, They are written, at the same time, in English and Spanish, something that I consider a quite serious fallo from the point of view of SEO Positioning.

But in any case, I understand that the objective of Bloggers in this campo is something other than that of a Blogging or En línea Marketing professional, as is my case…

With that said, let’s get started on the list!

1.Lovely Pepa

Alexandra Pereira is a fashion Blogger who is also a ‘YouTuber’, being very active on the latter platform, uploading vídeos quite frequently.

Regarding her blog, Lovely Pepa, it must be said that is one of the most habitualand although it does not update as frequently as on its networks or vídeo channel, it does have content with very spectacular images from time to time.

  • In addition to fashion and trends, she also uploads recipes for food and desserts, with a fairly healthy approach (mostly vegan) that gives the Blog variety.
  • He also emplees it as a personal Blog, uploading stories of his travels to truly impressive corners of the world.
  • He has several books on the market, such as «Simply Lovely Pepa«, to which he also alludes on his website.

Something interesting about Alexandra and her blog is that is one of the Spanish fashion bloggers who has managed to launch her own collectionand you cánido access it through the store that is in your blog.

I recommend you stop by and take a look:


2.Cheridan Style

«Cheridan Style» is a Spanish and personal fashion blog, whose person in charge and protagonist is Sandra Marchante.

In her blog, she usually uploads fashion advice, as well as recommendations when it comes to combining the different styles of clothing that you may have at home.

Something I love about this blog is that it is perfect for any woman, regardless of whether or not you perro spend hundreds of dollars in expensive clothes.

In addition to the fact that it is quite casual and you cánido use its outfits in different situations and times of the year.

It is perhaps a “do what you cánido with what you have” that will help you achieve spectacular looks without having to spend a bundle on brand name clothes.

She also shares a bit of her life with readers, telling about her travels and giving some advice and recommendations for those girls who don’t know how to organize their travel suitcase well or what clothes to wear.


3. My adventure with fashion

«My adventure with fashion» is a fashion blog written by helena cavea Spanish native of Cádiz, like «Cheridan Style», who is a lover of the latest trends and fitness, to which he also dedicates content in his blog.

It’s constantly rising fashion recommendations for the latest seasonsand he usually does it through his own outfits.

It also shares content related to healthy living and exercises that you perro do at home with total comfort, among other things.

In addition to her blog and Instagram, she also has a YouTube channel, where you cánido find makeup, beauty, and hair care tutorials.


4. Vintage Collage

We start with «Collage Vintage», which, as its name says, deals above all with vintage fashion, brought by the hand of Sara Escuderoa Spanish woman who currently resides in the city of Los Angeles and who began with her passion through her own Blog.

In it you will find a bit of everything, and not just vintage trends and fashion: from lifestyle elementos to his trips around the world, as well as some collaborations with other fashion professionals.

It also has a shopping section on its Blog, where you cánido have access to a variety of products at fairly affordable pricesand that are very consistent with the advice that she herself offers you in her blog.

Although the blog is in English (something that, as I already mentioned, I don’t recommend if you are thinking of creating a blog), you cánido follow her on Instagram, where she uploads content quite frequently, both in Spanish and English.


5. Angel wings

If we talk only about design, “Angel Wings” is one of the most peculiar weblogs on the list, with a fairly minimalist style that focuses only on what is necessary for the blog, and also works with a fairly impeccable cascade format.

Its author is María del Mar Álvarez, or “Maray”who is an image consultant and recently a designer, and not only offers fashion advice and look ideas for her readers and followers of her networks.

In addition, it also offers you a collection of clothes designed by her in her personal store Maray Álvarez.

Like her Blog, the clothes that you perro find in her store are quite minimalist, with small details that make these garments spectacular for various occasions.

And be careful, it’s not just for girls: boys cánido also shop around this store for “angels”.


6. Alberto Ortiz Rey

We continue the list with a fashion blog for men, it is the blog of alberto ortiz reyan image consultant for men who has dedicated his own space on the Internet to all those men who want to change their image.

Now, and in contrast to what we usually see in practically any other Blog, Alberto has decided to turn part of his content into a series of “photo books” where he basically uploads images with different looks and outfits.

The iniciativa itself is great and works quite well, because as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Besides, is among the most widely read Spanish fashion weblogs of the moment.

Of course, this does not orinan that you will not find more than just photos, nothing to see, and it is that fashion is not the only thing published by the author of this blog.

You also find some travel experiences, decorating consejos or personal recommendationsalthough it is true that much of it remains in his older posts.


7. Fashion blog for your baby

Now it is the turn of a somewhat different Blog, since it is a platform focused on fashion for babies and childcare.

In “Fashion blog for your baby» you perro find everything related to the latest trends for babies, as well as advice for your daily care and possible needs that may arise during maternity.

There is everything, fashion advice is not only published for the little ones, but also for maternity mothers and mothers who have just left the Birth.

It is perfect for those women who fear not finding what to wear during the last months of pregnancy, without losing glamor and style.

You even find “Home Deco” consejos, in case you still have no iniciativa. how to decorate your baby’s room.

In general, a highly recommended blog, both for mothers and fathers, especially if they are new and want to be fully prepared, even with the child’s clothes.


8. Maria de Leon Style

Being a blogger is not the main strength of Maria de Leon, but he’s not bad at it either, as you cánido see in his blog; Yes, she is much more active on her other channels.

In his blog you cánido find a bit of everything, from fashion and style to travel and experiences from which to draw great learning. And not satisfied with it, she also has her own store, where you perro find products 100% made by her.

Anything else? Well yes, interviews and conversations with super interesting characters from Spain, as well as a personal consulting and coaching brand that will help you achieve success being you and no one else.

Also, if you’re interested, has a published book called “Dress with style”, in which she offers you fashion advice and looks for 50 different situations that are usually everyday, such as going to work or going for a walk on a Sunday. Super recommended.


9. Men’s Fashion Blog

It is the second men’s fashion blog, something easy to guess from its name. He “Men’s Fashion Blog» is a more complete and conventional alternative if we compare it with Alberto Ortiz Rey’s blog, and much more varied in content, to tell the truth.

Here you perro find everything related to fashion and style for men, from complete looks to beard grooming consejos.

This makes it an ideal place to walk around and learn some interesting tricks to keep your personal image on top.

Personally I am fascinated by this Blog, and there are several very good consejos that you cánido get from here, I recommend that you see it, rest assured that you will love it too.


10. One of 40

Who says that fashion is only for young people? Well Estela Santiago Diaz It is clear proof that weblogs for mature women also have a place within the Spanish and international blogosphere.

And it is that its website, «one of 40«, is the perfect example that fashion and style know no age.

Here you will find super useful consejos to get spectacular looks and mezcle your clothes in the best possible way.

In addition, it is also the blog of a personal entrenador, so you will find consejos that will help you achieve a better and healthier lifestyle.

And of course, if you feel like it, you cánido hire her services, in which she herself will help you and will guide you to remodel your armario and transform your image completely and be your best version.


11. Hello Hannah

«hello hannah» is a well-known international fashion blog that, despite being in English, is well worth reading.

in it you find everything you need to look spectacular 365 days a year; from beauty and health consejos to fashion consejos and looks that you perro use in your day to day.

  • The best thing is that it doesn’t just espectáculo outfits and tricks to mezcle the clothes, but you cánido access its store and buy those looks that you liked the most.
  • She also gives eating consejos for a healthier life, especially for women who want to switch to a vegan lifestyle.
  • Among other things, it also has content dedicated to decorating your home and travel; you really find a bit of everything, and it is one of the best fashion and lifestyle weblogs on the internet.

Highly recommended, and if you want more, you perro visit his YouTube channel, where he frequently uploads content.


It is becoming customary to include a blog from the Webedia network in these lists, and in this case it is time to her trend blog, “Trendencias”.

It is one of the most updated, and with quite varied content. It offers its readers different alternatives, from fashion to beauty and makeup consejos.

In addition, as expected from a true trending blog, “trending” content is also published on popular networks, so it will be difficult for you not to be aware of the latest events that have impacted society.

In short, a good site to keep up with the world of fashion, your favorite celebrities and the latest events that have shaken our society.


13. Mary Goyanes

We’re almost done and we couldn’t put aside Mary Goyanesa fashion blogger and physiotherapist, who welcomes you with a smile as soon as you entrar her website.

In it you will find all kinds of advice and consejos to dress better and update yourself with the latest fashion trends, in beautiful landscapes of El Puerto de Santa María, his hometown.

Best of all, the Blog also has articles on beauty treatments and care for women, which she has tried herself and tells of her first-hand experience.


14. Sweetie

aida She is a Spaniard who is passionate about fashion and theater, she is from Barcelona and has been working with her Blog, “Dulceida”, for more than 10 years, which despite leaving much to be desired in terms of design and aesthetics, is one of the ones with the most traffic. web registers the entire blogosphere of the “fashion blogger” ámbito.

Update from time to time, although it is true that His main channels are YouTube and Instagramsometimes surprises his followers with a publication, where he espectáculos some of his latest “outfits”.

It must be made clear that he is a fairly successful personality, with more than 2 million followers on his channeland she really has very good advice and consejos, both on fashion and on beauty and health, which makes it quite worth following her.

Given his fame in recent years, he has also published a style guide that is a reference and a bestseller:

Finally, she has her own store, where she offers her own collection of clothes and some made in collaboration.


15. am lul

We end with another case of true Spanish success. And it is that «am lul» is a blog/shop whose author, gala gonzalezshe achieved the dream of many fashion bloggers: to create her own clothing line and succeed with it.

From his Blog you cánido access his store and clothing line, which is characterized by “not following seasons or trends”, but being eternal garments that you perro wear at any time, place or circumstancesomething that for many women is a real relief.

Unfortunately, he no longer uploads content as regularly as before, since he has focused more on working his brand through the networks.

Even so, it is still possible to find his old posts always available to read (although in English).

The reason why I include it in the list is because of the success it has had and because it is a brand that represents Spain in the fashion industry with a quite innovative concept such as its “eternal pieces”.

In addition, you perro access spectacular looks from their website that perro serve as inspiration.


Factors taken into account to choose the best fashion weblogs

Now, before finishing, I want to tell you a little about the factors that I have taken into account when selecting the weblogs that will go on this list.

1. Content quality

As always, the quality of the content that is uploaded comes first.

Remember that in this aspecto we not only take into account that it does not have serious grammar or spelling errors, but also that the Blog knows how to respond to our search intention.

2. Blog Activity

Another point that I consider very important is the activity you have, and by this I orinan that I will not include those weblogs that are inactive (without publication for more than 6 months).

The reason is because I want to offer you a active channel where you cánido find new content every so often.

Popular networks, especially Instagram, are particularly excellent for this niche.

For this reason I am going to include those Weblogs that also have a presence on popular networks, and if it is on Instagram, better.

Now, it happens in many cases that the profiles of popular networks are much more active than on their own website, so I invite you not only to stay with their blog, but to follow each of these bloggers on their profiles. Instagram, if you like fashion and current trends, you will not regret it.

4. Design of the Blog

In this case, I personally consider that the design of the blog plays a very important role, although I am not looking for avant-garde sites with exuberant designs, since it is a fashion and trends blog, the minimum would be to have a clean and aesthetically pleasing design.

All this without leaving out navigability or other technical aspects such as loading speed.

In addition to those already mentioned, as always, I will also give some importance to more technical factors at the SEO level, such as web positioning, the approximate number of monthly visits, content optimization and the like.

At the same time, I will also consider important the feeling that the blog transmits to me personally.


You no longer have an excuse for not being fashionable and up to date with the latest industry trends.

Each one of the Weblogs that I have shown you has its own good points and characteristics that make them unique, so you have a lot to choose from, so the question would be:

Do you really want to pass up the opportunity to update your look and surprise all your friends and family?

I sure don’t.

Did you know all these fashion and trend weblogs?

Would you add any other that you follow and have not included in this list?

Also, do not forget to leave me in the comments what your favorite blog has been, or if you know another one that personally fascinates you and that you have followed since before, I will read it below!

We hope you liked our article 15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs
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 15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs
  15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs
  15 Best Fashion and Trend Weblogs

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