14 things to do when moving to a

14 things to do when moving to a

Moving to a new city is exciting, but it cánido also be intimidating. The physical move and subsequent unpacking are stressful enough; then you have to organize a whole new life, which requires weeks of your time, money and energy. To make the transition at least a little smoother for you, here is a short list of things to do when moving to a new city.

1. Change your address at the articulo office

In order not to fall behind in paying bills because you didn’t receive them on time, it’s probably best to change your address at the articulo office a couple of weeks before you move. The change will take about that long to be processed and instituted. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to contact the new tenants/owners of your old house to ask if they wouldn’t mind holding any late shipments the postman delivers after the move. Send a courteous correo electrónico at two and four week intervals so they cánido pick up anything that was lost during the change.

2. Visit the DMV if you move out of state

Nobody wants to visit the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] because it is literally the worst place in the world, but moving to a new state is necessary whether you think about it or not. You will need a new license and new plates, and the process will probably be easier if you take care of these things sooner rather than later.

3. Stop by City Hall for local service hours and policies

Some of the things you will want to know that you may not immediately think of are garbage and recycling days, street cleaning, how to dispose of yard waste, whether you need permits for household activities like yard sales, and much more. further. Each city’s hours and policies differ, and you’ll avoid unnecessary objetivos if you catch up early.

4. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors

whatRemember when we were kids and our neighbors were nice to each other? We are no longer as open and friendly as before with the people who live in the immediate vicinity of our house – many neighbors prefer to be left alone these days – but that does not orinan that everyone is a Scrooge.

I’m an outgoing guy by nature, so I always make it a policy to introduce myself to my neighbors when I move. Most of the time, a fácil hello will lead to an initial conversation if you and your neighbors bump into each other when you move in, but if that opportunity doesn’t present itself, don’t be afraid to knock on doors to let your neighbors know you’re new for good. these parts. If you’re feeling especially friendly, perhaps you could equipo up a small gathering in the early evening where you serve appetizers and cocktails and get to know each other.

Having at least a friendly relationship with your neighbors is important – in my opinion – because you never know when you’re going to need a little help here and there, whether it’s keeping an eye on your house while you’re away, taking care of your pet for a while or for that all-important cup of sugar when you’re baking during a blizzard.

5. Explore the area on foot or by bike

You cánido get a general iniciativa of ​​what is around your new home in the car, but you will have a more specific visión of the establishments that make up your area on foot or by bicycle. Focus on the center of the city where you live, since that is where you will probably find most of the important businesses that you will frequent as a resident.

6. Stop by the Visitor Center for information on the highlights of the city

I love visitor and tourist centers because they have a wide collection of all the information you need about your city. They have brochures, flyers and coupons for the best restoranes, hotels, activities and much more to help you familiarize yourself with the area while you settle in. Take home hard copies of these materials for your own use and for future guests who may visit.

7. Patronize local restoranes and shops

While I don’t recommend dining out often as a lifestyle choice, when you first move into a new place it’s not a bad iniciativa, as your kitchen will likely be a mess for the first few days, and it’s a good way to go. Get out and meet the locals. I also try to remember the names of my waiters—I jot them down in the aprecies section of my phone with features to help me remember the person next time—so that, over time, we perro have a name base between us. Not only does this practice help me feel like I’m putting down roots and therefore feel more comfortable with my surroundings, but it’s a smart way to ingratiate yourself with local business owners and their staff as a supportive member of the community. , and sometimes that has its advantages, you know what I orinan.

whatWhere the locals meet? The best way to find out is to go to some of the bars, entertainment venues and other party spots in the city. You don’t have to do it regularly – I fully understand that not everyone is cut out for this kind of popular life – but I think a night on the town hanging out with the locals is a good way to get a feel for the vibe of the town. area and the type of people that make it up.

9. Join the Meetup groups that interest you


If you’re moving to a new city without any friends around, you’ll want to make some; the transition will be much easier when you don’t feel lost and alone. The Meetup en línea activity site helps connect users with groups and activities that spark their interests, and is a good place to start. Personally, I’ve joined groups that focus on brunch, my dog, outdoor activities, trivia nights, and more, and there are plenty of other groups that are sure to complement your own iniciativa of ​​fun.

10. Research local clubs and groups and try some

One of the first things I do when moving to a new place is look up the local recreational and popular sports leagues. I love them because they get me out of the house, keep me active and introduce me to new people. These groups are not just kickball anymore. I’ve signed up for dodgeball, bowling, trivia, cornhole teams, but other sports such as softball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, and water polo are also offered in some areas. You will also want to find other groups that you want to participate in, such as church groups, professional groups, and support groups.

11. Find new healthcare professionals in your network

Although you may not need a healthcare professional right away when you move, over time you will need to find a new primary care physician and dentist, at the very least. To make the process more efficient, it may be helpful to ask your old healthcare professionals for their records to pass on to your new ones. Keep in mind that it perro also take time to find the right doctors in your insurance network and/or to get an appointment, so plan ahead.

12. Library Card Registration

Library attendance isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still useful to have a library card in case you want to check out a free book or movie. It’s also a good place to access the free Wi-Fi if yours isn’t equipo up right away.

Another good way to make new friends in real life is to check your friends list on popular media to see who’s in your area. Often just updating your status saying you’re moving to such and such an area will reveal some people who are nearby. It’s a good start, especially since you already know each other a little on the Internet.

If cross-checking your friends list with the area you just moved to doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or introductions in general. You don’t know who may have visited or lived in your city before or who may know someone from your area who you cánido put you in touch with. This also works sin conexión with neighbors, co-workers, and especially the service people in your neighborhood.

whatDo you know other important things we should do when we move to a new place?? Let me know some of your suggestions in the comments below.

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 14 things to do when moving to a
  14 things to do when moving to a
  14 things to do when moving to a

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