14 Home Businesses for Moms (and Dads)

14 Home Businesses for Moms (and Dads)

no one should have to Deciding between your family and your job.

But unfortunately, the companies that exist today put us more and more in that predicament.

there is not one family reconciliation true.

To the bigwigs at the top of the companies we work for They don’t care if you’re a father or a motherif your son is a baby you need to take care of, or if your daughter wants to be with you to do her homework.

The only thing that matters to them is that work more and more hoursand that you make them earn money in exchange for paying you a minimum wage.

Worst of all is the position in which all this leaves you: if you continue in your job, you earn money to support your family.

But instead you will miss the most precious moments that you cánido have with your children.

And if you quit your job to spend more time with them, you won’t generate income, and that means not being able to afford a roof under which to play with themnor the food they need to grow healthy.

This is the real problem of the century in which we live: our children are growing up without their parents because of current tarea policies.

For this reason it is not strange that each time there are more moms and dads who escoge to work from home to be able to be with their children as well, and watch them grow with peace of mind.

Here I am going to give you 14 business ideas from home that you cánido start today, and that will allow you to spend the time you need with your little ones, while earning a salary to give them everything they deserve.

14 home business ideas for spend more time with your children

1. Write articles and translations

Writing texts and doing translations (if you know a second language) is one of the easiest ways to start earning money from home.

More and more web pages and weblogs appear that need to fill their sites with interesting texts for their readers; and what they usually do is hire people like you who know how to write to write their articles.

If you like to write, on the page Earn Money Writing They will provide you with employment and put you in contact with companies with which to start working.

Although you perro also directly contact websites and weblogs to offer them your services and start writing articles.

Regarding translations, there are many tasks that you perro do: from translate fácil texts from a couple of pages, to official documents, complete web pages, or even books that need to be translated into other languages.

This market is growing more and more, and it is a great opportunity for create your own business from home if you are a mom or dad, since it will allow you to work the hours you want from your computer.

read our article 13 consejos to be a successful translator from home in which you perro see step by step how to start this business, and what are the best places to start finding clients.

2. Manage Fb and Instagram accounts

Are you an expert in managing Fb? Do you love to spend time looking at photos on Instagram and leave comments on posts?

So this business is perfect for you if what you want is to generate income and at the same time be able to spend time with your children.

Businesses know how important it is be present on popular networksbecause they are platforms through which you cánido promote yourself, attract customers, and be in contact with your buyers.

That is why they need people who dedicate themselves exclusively to these profiles to update them, upload photos of your products, and answer the questions that your followers have.

And this is where you should take care of those tasks.

It’s a fácil business, but it will give you good income every monthand the best thing is that you will not need to work on it for many hours a day, since there are contents that you cánido program so that they publish themselves.

A good platform to start this venture is Earn money with popular networkswhere they will put you in contact with different companies so that you perro start earning money by managing their popular networks.

3. Become a kitchen chef

If you have a special gift for cooking, and your family always repeats with the dishes you prepare for them, take advantage of it and use that ability to become a chef vía Internet.

The iniciativa is fácil: create a blog or open a Fb page, upload a menu of meals that you know how to prepare, receive ordersand when you’ve cooked them, send them over.

Many people they don’t have time to cook because of their jobs, but they want to eat healthy and enjoy the traditional foods of a lifetime.

And that is why this type of personal cooking services is increasing its popularity more and more.

So it’s a great opportunity to earn money with this while you stay at home taking care of your children.

An advice: specialize in one type of food specifically, such as traditional dishes, low-fat foods, vegetarian meals…

So your chances of success will be greater, and you will attract more customers that if you offer dishes of all kinds.

4. Send event invitations

This is a business in expansion and that in addition fits perfectly for moms who want to work from home.

It is about helping engaged couples who are going to get married, companies that celebrate conventions, or anyone who has a celebration to send invitations for your eventsand then keep track of the guests who accept them.

If you’ve ever had to organize a party with a large number of guests, you will already have experience in this ámbito.

But if you’ve never done anything like this, it’s fácil: your clients will give you a guest list, and you should send them the invitations and make a list of those who are going to attend the event.

It will be fácil because apart from leaving the envelopes at your articulo office, and writing down the names of the attendees, you won’t have to do much more.

5. Earn money talking!

Every day they are uploaded to the Internet thousands of audiovisual and sound contents of all kinds: vídeos, audiobooks, radio spots…

And the companies that genera them need people who put their voices to the texts that must be recorded to publish these contents.

This is where you come in: if you have a nice voice, you perro become voice recording artist for this type of project.

The work is fácil; companies will send you vía correo electrónico a text that you will have to read aloud and recordand then all you have to do is dirección de correo electrónico them that sound archivo to get paid.

You will not need any special material to start this venture: with your computer, a microphone (for example the one on your cámara web or even the one on your phone) and your Internet connection will suffice.

the best site that exists right now to find this type of work is Hablaula.

on this platform they will provide you with clients With which to start working from the moment you sign up, recording texts with your voice, so you perro work from home spending more time with your little ones.

6. Become an interior decorator en línea

Interior decoration is a service that more people use every day because everyone likes it have a nice and cozy house where you perro celebrate dinners with friends or family gatherings.

So if you have good taste in decoration of homes, and you think you perro help others to make their houses look more beautiful, you perro offer advice on this through the Internet.

Just open your own blog or Fb page for people to find you, send you pictures or vídeos of their homesand you, with your talents and your style, give them advice and tell them what improvements they cánido make.

When you have finished each job, be sure to ask your customers for a testimonial and before and after photos of their houses to be able to espectáculo them to other people and thus attract more public to your business.

7. Take classes with your computer

Being an en línea teacher does not orinan teaching others only things like math or geography; there are hundreds of talents that many people want to learn en línea from the comfort of their homes.

You perro be an English, Italian or French tutor for those who want to learn a second language.

EITHER teach some instrument that you know how to play like the piano, the guitar, or the violin.

Other interesting options are to become Yoga instructortai chi, pilates, dance teacher like salsa, or even give cooking classes through your computer.

All you will need is a page to advertise, a good Internet connection, a cámara web or a microphone. to talk to your studentsand a program to communicate like Skype.

There are en línea tutors who earn from $12 an hour to more than $25 for a 60 minute class.

So if you take this as a habitual job, you perro get the same salary as a person who works outside the home.

8. Offers coaching for parents

All moms and dads know that while having children is very satisfying, the road is not always easy.

So if you already have experience raising your children, you perro help other mothers and fathers who have difficulties with theirs giving them advice through the Internet.

Cánido you guide them on the best techniques for them to go to the bathroom aloneto put them to sleep at night, what to do if they do not obey the orders they give their children…

Here you cánido also create a Fb page for them to contact you, and give them advice written or vídeo through programs such as Skype.

Or you perro create your own blog in which you write articles on these topics, and offer at the same time private consultancy or sell your own books in it about parenting.

9. organize and plan baby shower

The so-called “baby showers” are now very habitual; but most women who are about to be moms sometimes they are too tired and busy enough to organize themselves.

Use your experience as a mother to advise them and help them put on a nice celebration that they will remember for a lifetime.

Open a page on Fb, talk to your friends, family, or with acquaintances to hire your services, and thus start having clients on your list for this job.

Although this business for moms requires a certain amount of time to go shopping and errands, most of it you cánido do it without leaving home through the Internet or even by phone.

10. Create gift baskets for celebrations

Many people like that not only the gift is special, but also that it is presented beautifully.

And if you have good taste in decoration, you cánido dedicate yourself to create gifts in pretty decorative baskets.

For the content of the baskets, look for suppliers that offer you discounted products, and wrap them up with bows and pretty boxes putting several articles in each one of them.

Then you perro sell them through your own website, on your Fb page, Instagram, or by contacting companies that organize events for others.

The best thing is that you specialize in something specific: baskets for maternity and babies, for baptisms, communions and weddings, or even gifts for hospitalized patients.

eleven. Sell ​​your own crafts

Do you enjoy making necklaces, bracelets, dolls or even paintings and other crafts? Take advantage of your talent and sell your elementos from the armchair of your house.

Today people appreciate handmade things more than ever, and you cánido start your business opening a fb pageon sites like Etsy, or even from your own blog.

With this business iniciativa you will only have to leave home to send your orders; so it is an excellent opportunity to work from home and be able to be with your family.

12. Put a nursery in your house

If you have enough money, the ideal would be to rent a small place to start this business.

But if not, you cánido start your own daycare at home and take care of other people’s children while you take care of yours.

In addition, the advantage that you will have here is that the parents of the children that you take care of they will feel more secure because they will know that their little ones are well cared for with a person like you who already has experience raising their own children.

13. Open your own nail salon

all women like feel beautiful and take care of ourselves inside and outside.

And if you have a talent for personal beauty, this is an ideal business for you as a mom.

Cánido create your own beauty salon at home specializing in the field of manicures and pedicures: paint them, fix false nails, and offer all kinds of services related to this.

You just have to make sure that your house is clean and beautiful to receive your clients, and that you know the appropriate techniques to achieve the best results.

Start with your friends and family so that they spread the word, and in a very short time you will have more clients at your door who will want you to do a professional manicure job at home.

14. Create an en línea clothing store

Now it’s very easy open your own clothing store without leaving your house.

You will only need your computer, an Internet connection, and a place to sell your clothes.

If you have a low budget, open a Fb page or an account in MercadoLibreand upload photos of your elementos for visitors to see and buy.

If you have a little money available, you cánido create a fully professional en línea store making a website, and installing WordPress and WooCommerce on it to start selling.

Regarding clothing, there are several options that you perro use to build your inventory.

import from china It is a cheap option, but remember that sizes may be different to those of your country (usually they are smaller), and sometimes the articles do not have a very good quality.

You cánido also look for suppliers with low prices or discounts in your own city or country, or buy clothes in specialized wholesale stores where you will save a good amount of money.

Once you have all this, you just need to start upload photos of each item with their corresponding descriptions, and paquete the orders to send them by e-e correo electrónico to your customers.

It’s a business for moms that won’t take long once you’ve got everything organized, but it will give you very good income if you know Promote yourself and get clients.

There you have it: 14 home business ideas for moms that you cánido start in your spare time, and with hardly any money! Which of all these ideas is your favorite?

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I am a journalist specialized in business but my great passion is personal motivation and helping others achieve their goals.

I firmly believe that opportunities in life do not happen: you create them.

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 14 Home Businesses for Moms (and Dads)
  14 Home Businesses for Moms (and Dads)
  14 Home Businesses for Moms (and Dads)

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