14 fun ways to spend a snowy day

14 fun ways to spend a snowy day

I am what would be described as “someone inside«.

Not only is my skin capable of burning in as little as five minutes on sunny days, but I’m also a complete and utter coward in any weather, and my teeth tend to chatter when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

Suffice it to say that I prefer to spend the long winter months cooped up at home, especially now that I’ve moved to the winter tundra of the northern United States.

Luckily, spending the winter indoors doesn’t have to be a hassle.

In fact, all frugal indoor activities and fun perro make winter the best season of all.

Here are 14 fun indoor activities you perro enjoy while outside the wind howls and the snow falls.


Enjoy a movie marathon

There’s no better time to watch movies at home than on a cold winter day.

Although you perro put on your favorite DVD or watch something on Netflix, it’s even more fun to host a themed movie marathon.

Some movie themes to keep in mind:

See all the movies of a franchise.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to see all of Freddie’s adventures in A Nightmare on Elm Street or all of the movies in the Fast and The Furious franchise.

Watch multiple movies by a especial directivo.

Take a look at the early, mid-career, and recent movies of a directivo you like to see how his talents have grown and changed over the years.

  • See a remake alongside the original.
  • See movies from a list of the best.
  • Watch several of the most habitual movies from the year you were born.


A spa day at home

A luxurious bathroom is a staple of indoor winter relaxation, but it cánido do so much more than stretch out in a hot tub with a book.

Why don’t you get a manicure or pedicure, condition your hair, exfoliate your skin, and give yourself a facial? All of them are spa treatments that you cánido do at home without breaking the bank.

You will feel refreshed and you will help protect your skin and hair from winter dryness.


Teach yourself to draw

Surely you remember spending hours and hours drawing as a child, but it is likely that you have not done so for a while.

Get out pencils and paper, and you’ll soon remember how much fun it is to draw.

Whether you simply find drawings on the Internet that you would like to copy (after all, this is how art students learn), as well as if you take the time to learn the basics of drawing, your reintroduction to the art perro be an exciting way to pass the hours you spend indoors in winter.

The key is to let go of any perfectionist tendencies and draw whatever you find funniest, whether it’s unicorns, chainsaws, or unicorns with chainsaws.


Bake some treats

There is nothing more homey than the smell of freshly baked cookies.

Even if you’ve never made anything more complex than slice-and-bake cookies, following the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips or the oatmeal canister is an easy way to get started with home baking.

If you’re willing to try other types of baking, the time you spend indoors on a long winter day is perfect for letting your bread or pizza dough rise.

There’s something very satisfying about spending your day working on something you perro eat and share with others.


Put your photos in albums

Whether you have physical photos stored in old shoeboxes or your computer full of photo archives, a winter day at home is the perfect time to organize your photos into albums.

It’ll be fun to go down memory lane looking at your old photos, and you’ll end the day with an enviable sense of accomplishment.


Host a dance party

You may be cooped up at home, but that doesn’t orinan you perro’t get some exercise.

Move away the sofa, put on your favorite Spotify station and start dancing in your private disco.

It is also the perfect time to learn how to do your favorite dance steps.

Search YouTube tutorials and perfect your moves at home.

Lastly, you probably still have the old Dance Dance Revolution vídeo game and mat stashed around.

Dust them off and turn your dance party into a real gaming challenge.


Pull out a puzzle or board game

Whether you fancy spending the day in the snow alone or with the whole family, you perro have some good old-fashioned fun by dusting off a puzzle or board game.


Read by the fire

One of the fondest memories of my first home with my husband was the day I spent rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the living room while snow fell on the windows beside me.

There’s something so cozy about curling up with a book on a cold day, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a roaring fire next to you (not to mention a cup of hot chocolate).


Write a letter

It’s so rare these days to receive a letter in the e-e correo electrónico that we rarely think of sitting down and writing one ourselves.

Taking the time to think of someone special you could write to and putting your thoughts down in a handwritten note will feel great (you and them).



Napping is one of life’s pleasures, and adults rarely indulge in it.

The only problem with a nap is that sometimes it leaves you groggier than before.

If you need to do something on your winter day at home (even if it’s just cooking dinner later), plan by following these scientifically-approved consejos:

  • Take a nap during your natural afternoon energy slump.

    It is usually between one and three in the afternoon.

  • Naps of between 30 and 60 minutes are the most likely to leave you groggy upon waking.

    Try to sleep more or less than 30-60 minutes.

  • If you don’t have more than an hour, plan a quick 10-20 minute nap, which will leave you awake and alert afterwards.
  • If you have plenty of time for a nap, a 90-minute nap allows you to go through a full sleep cycle, allowing you to wake up easily and feel refreshed.


Catch up with friends and family

Extroverts who would otherwise be climbing the walls on cooped-up days now have many different ways to stay in touch with those they love most, no matter how dreary the weather may be.

Phone calls, Skype and FaceTime offer you the opportunity to connect, just like Fb and Twitter.

A day of being-nowhere-is a great time to reach out to those you may have been thinking about but haven’t had time to connect with.


Rearrange your furniture

Not only does swapping out the sofa for that chair and moving the televisión to another corner help your home look new and improved, it also gives you the opportunity to clean up some neglected corners.

You’ll likely dig up some stale Cheetos and pet hair tumbleweeds from under the couch, which you perro easily sweep out when the couch is out of the way.

While cleaning isn’t fun for anyone, rearranging furniture perro breathe new life into a tired room, and you perro’t help but clean while you’re at it.

It’s immensely satisfying to flop into your newly moved chair and enjoy the new layout in your much cleaner living room.


Create music playlists for every mood

Creating mix tapes is becoming a lost art, but you cánido recreate the fun by creating playlists of songs you love on your favorite digital music provider.


Channel your inner waiter or barista

Being stuck at home doesn’t orinan you have to miss happy hour or your favorite brewed coffee drink.

Take advantage of the time you spend at home to learn how to mix your favorite cocktails or prepare your favorite coffee.

You cánido find recipes and vídeo tutorials on the Internet.

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 14 fun ways to spend a snowy day
  14 fun ways to spend a snowy day
  14 fun ways to spend a snowy day

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