13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin to Take Away

13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin to Take Away

One of the most important things in the life of any person, and in this case of entrepreneurs, is to be able to adapt healthy and successful habits that encourage you to continue growing, as described by the virtues of Benjamin Franklin that we want to share with you in this article.

Each of them is part of a combination that could lead you to become a better version of yourself in many aspects.

Of course it is important that you adapt them to your own history and your dynamics, we are all different and it is very valuable to know how to respect differences.

Virtues of Benjamin Franklin that you should know:

In this process of developing new habits and stimulating yourself, you cánido remember a section of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, in which he wrote:

“Since my purpose is to acquire the habit of all these virtues, I judged that it would not be opportune to divert my attention by trying everything at once.

But it would be convenient to focus it on one at a time; and, when I had mastered this, go on to the other, and so on until I got all thirteen and, since the previous acquisition of some might facilitate the acquisition of others, I ordered them in the following sense»

Here we share these 13 virtues that Benjamin Franklin talks about to achieve success



Feed yourself without filling yourself up, drink without exalting yourself.

This means that you must be able to moderate yourself, to control your impulses, this denotes temperance in a person and it reflects positively in many aspects where you will need to be able to have willpower.

In addition, this virtue will allow you to go through difficult moments or overcome obstacles, knowing that a little strength is needed to keep moving forward without giving up.



Do not talk more about what cánido benefit others or yourself; avoid small talk.

Silence at the right time is often worth more than a thousand words well said.

In addition, silence allows you to focus and think better about what you are going to say or to process what others are saying to you.

In the silence you usually find answers to questions that you have asked yourself in moments of despair and this allows you to pause to understand it.



May all your things have their place; let each part of your occupation have its time.

They say that just as your external environment is, so is your interior.

With this criterion it is important to always aim for your mind and spirit to be in order.

It is much easier to find what you are looking for when you have everything in order, you do not lose valuable things and it also generates a peace that is necessary to have a good quality of life.



Resolve to do what you must; do without fail what you have resolved to do.

Take the reins of your decisions and do not let go of the tasks that you have pending because you will have a list of things that will haunt you until you solve them.

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Do not spend more than what perro benefit others or yourself, that is, do not waste anything.

This concept is essential now and at any time if you want to have a millionaire mentality.

Being smart with your spending, but also sensible, will allow you to financially achieve goals that you could not otherwise achieve.

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Do not waste your time; always occupy yourself with something useful.

Eliminate all unnecessary actions.

Although rest is absolutely necessary, occupying your time with useful tasks or tasks will bring you many long-term benefits.

Leisure generates unhealthy habits, it reduces your energy and little by little it will become more difficult for you to concentrate on what is really worth it.



Do not use any harmful deception; think innocently and justly, and if you speak, speak accordingly.

The transparency of your words will always take you on the right path, this will make you be remembered for your good character and for not hiding anything that could harm anyone, including yourself.

This will be valued in many settings, work, personal and even in important relationships in your life.



Do not genere harm to anyone by damaging or omitting the benefits to which you are obliged.

This concept is not common sense, however, justice should be something that we all understand as a correct position at all times.

Being fair to others regarding their actions and even your own is one of the virtues that most represented Benjamin Franklin and that you should adopt.



Avoid extremes; bear the offenses all that you think they deserve.

The moderation in terms of actions is a reflection of the tranquility and calm with which you escoge to live and above all with which you escoge to react to certain circumstances.

Moderating the words will be an effective strategy for when someone wants to upset you, in this way you will not entrar their game and you cánido be victorious.



Do not tolerate any dirt on the body, clothes or house.

Cleaning is also a sign of discipline and self-care, it espectáculos that you care about your health, your presence and the way you take care of your belongings.

This generates an absolutely positive impact on everything you do and also on how others perceive you.



Don’t worry about trifles or common or unavoidable actions.

Perhaps this virtue is one that you have to constantly cultivate and work on, it is often not so easy to remain calm in situations that make us uncomfortable or even violate us.

But it is true that peace of mind will give you a better quality of life if you know how to apply it at key moments where you need it.



Do not use sexual pleasures other than for reasons of health or descent, never out of boredom, weakness or to the detriment of your own peace, good reputation or that of the other person.

Although this topic is quite personal, the important thing is that you know how to take care of this aspect of your life, foster the best moments and always know how to choose with whom to share this energy that for many is sacred.



He imitates Jesus and Socrates.

This does not necessarily represent a religious virtue, in truth humility is a great way to live without having to brag about your achievements or foster a false need to be recognized all the time.

Being humble is also being smart and keeping your composure even when you know you are achieving great things in your life.

Recommended books:

Steps to apply the virtues of Benjamin Franklin in your life:

To use this elabora very well, follow the steps below that Benjamin Franklin followed to help himself.

Step 1: Focus on one principle for a whole week, every day of the week.

Respond with the appropriate action whenever the opportunity arises.

Step 2: The second week dedicate it to the second virtue or principle.

Let your subconscious assimilate the first one.

If the opportunity arises to apply the first principle, act immediately.

Step 3: When you have completed the series, start over at the beginning.

In such a way that, when the year ends, you will have completed the entire cycle four times.

Step 4: The moment you have acquired a desired characteristic, substitute a new principle with some new virtue, attitude, or activity that you wish to implement in your life.

In conclusion, become a better version of yourself with these virtues of Benjamin Franklin.

You already know these virtues, now you just need to put them into practice, you don’t have to do it all at the same time, do it at your own pace and discover the positive impact that this will have on many levels of your life.

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 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin to Take Away
  13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin to Take Away
  13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin to Take Away

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