13 Secret Traits Millionaires Have

13 Secret Traits Millionaires Have

If you want to be a millionaire, hang out with billionaires… This way you will achieve it faster.

This is one of the most effective consejos to achieve your financial freedom.

However, how cánido we surround ourselves with millionaires if we don’t know any? The best option you have are the books written by them, or those contents that gather their best advice and habits to learn how to be a millionaire.

Thanks to the Internet and globalization, today you have extremely valuable information, which could change the course of your life (and personal finances), at the distance of a clic.

However, it all depends on what you do with these traits that millionaires have in common, and which of these you implement in your day to day.

Characteristics of the world’s millionaires:

So, in this article we are going to share the secret traits that millionaires have.

These were found by Robin Sharmathanks to his work with great experts in different fields of action and industries, which were shared in his latest recommended book Manifesto of Heroes for Every Day.

As you will see below, these traits stem from the millionaire mentality that these people have.

They are clear that, in order to build wealth, they first have to train their mind to see new opportunities and take advantage of the situations they live in their days.


Unshakable self-confidence

The richest men in the world strongly believe in their creative ambitions, and are convinced that their aspirations will come true.

Additionally, these characters have a broad visión of the future, which allows them to open up to new business opportunities that others are not able to perceive.


A positive visión of the future

When everyone sees problems, millionaires see possibilities and a better future.

And it is that having a bright visión of the future allows them to unleash their ability to create and add value to other people.

For this reason, motivating phrases are so important, as they encourage the right minds to insist and persist.


They don’t settle

If at the first attempt things don’t turn out as you expect, what do you do? Do you give up or try again?

Successful entrepreneurs, investors, and millionaires understand that failure yields to persistence and intelligence.

So they choose not to conform, and strive to fit the world into their visión of it.

They are not willing to go with the flow, doing what everyone else is doing and getting the results of the majority.


They are curious as children

When was the last time you read a personal finance book or invested in your financial education?

Millionaires have one characteristic in common, and that is that they are not willing to let their curiosity be affected by the comfort zone of most people.

They protect their curiosity from the pessimism, conformism and mediocrity of other people.

And for this, they are constantly learning, studying, reading.

They are very clear that, to earn more, they have to contribute more.

And this is only possible if they are learning new things on a recurring basis.


They care little about the opinions of others

One of the great lessons in the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hillis that opinions are the cheapest goods that exist on earth, because everyone has one.

This is why millionaires do not spend their time thinking about the opinions of others, since these have more to do with that person’s beliefs, and not with their abilities.

Simply put, millionaires refuse to let their ambition be constrained by beliefs fueled by the fear of others.


Committed to perseverance and persistence

The richest men and women in the world have two common recurring traits: They are constant and persistence is a characteristic that they practice on a daily basis.

These people practice routines, rituals and methods every day to be more productive, achieve better results, and positively impact the lives of other people.

Only in this way will they manage to become legends and a source of inspiration for others.


They want to be the best

There are people who take a dim view of the fact that someone else wants to be the best in their field of action; they see it as greed, ambition, and even call it a lack of gratitude.

However, millionaires love victory and the feeling of progress, of seeing how their performance and abilities improve every day and this is translated into daily evidence.


They resist immediate pleasures

The richest people in the world train to resist immediate pleasures.

In fact, this is a shared lesson in the psychology of money from Morgan Housel.

The capacity for self-control and personal discipline allows them to keep their big goals and plans, not only when they start, but during the process and even when difficult moments arrive.

Remember the following law of money: Millionaires play for the long term while the mediocre want to win quickly.


Ability to multiply your wealth

While most people are consumers seeking to fill emotional voids through purchases, millionaires are creators or producers.

In fact, these people do not fall into the trap of consumerism or impulse purchases.

Additionally, another common trait that millionaires have is that they do not only think about passive income, but are also motivated by active income.

They find pleasure, happiness, and purpose in developing activities that add value to others.

recommended books


They avoid negative people

Millionaires avoid surrounding themselves with people who live with complaints and excuses all the time.

As one of those famous phrases for entrepreneurs puts it, you are the result of the five people with whom you share most of your time.

So millionaires prefer to surround themselves with creative people, who are positive, who want to create and who are on the same level or higher than them.


They take responsibility for their life

Do you assume your achievements and your mistakes with your own responsibility? Or are you one of those who blame others for your current situation?

The richest men and women on this planet have the wisdom and courage to face their current situation and its results; they do not depend on third parties or external forces.

If you want to be rich, you will have to develop this trait: commit to your goals, keep what you promise yourself, and your self-confidence will increase to develop more complex goals.


Asymmetrical risks and rewards

Many people believe that to be millionaires they have to take big risks, because these lead to great results.

However, millionaires have a different view.

For them, their investment decision does not have symmetry regarding the risk and the possible return.

This means that they assume much smaller risks compared to the possible gains.

And to be able to access this type of money investment, millionaires tend to be more conservative, thoughtful and aware when making any decision.


They see value when others see losses

Finally, millionaires have a developed ability to detect hidden values; either in assets, companies, art, real estate or others, that other people do not see.

This is why they spend their money wisely to build wealth.

While everyone sees losses, bad times to invest or prefers to stay financially quiet, these people have capital to make decisions that will lead them to build wealth in an asymmetric way.

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 13 Secret Traits Millionaires Have
  13 Secret Traits Millionaires Have
  13 Secret Traits Millionaires Have

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