13 Inspirational Overcoming Movies

13 Inspirational Overcoming Movies

Have you ever wondered why inspirational movies are so powerful? The answer is fácil: because they motivate you to be a better person, to fight for your dreams and to live the life you’ve always wanted.

That is why it is not surprising that the big screen is constantly adorned with great productions that are immortalized in the minds of millions of people worldwide.

Invictus, Life is beautiful, In search of happinesseither Extraordinary, are some of the most habitual inspirational personal development movies of recent years.

So if you are looking for motivation to be a better person, or to be more of a fighter or perseverant, we highly recommend the following motivational movies.

Inspirational movies that will invite you to change:

In this article we will present you 10 inspiring movies that will make you dream, laugh, cry, think or reflect on many aspects of life. We assure you that you will never be the same after seeing them because each one of them will leave you with a great teaching.

Undoubtedly, they are inspiring movies that will shake every fiber of your being and invite you to be more tolerant, peaceful, loving and courageous, especially in this hectic age.

If you dare to watch the self-improvement movies that you will find in this guide, you will acquire tools that will motivate you to live as you have always dreamed of. For example, some of these will help you overcome fear, the one that tends to paralyze you and keep you from your dreams.

Some of these motivational movies are on Netflix, and other movie platforms to find motivation.

1.Happy (2011):

Happy It was released in 2011 and it really has been classified as a documentary, but we still decided to include it in this list of inspiring largos that you perro not miss this year.

It is available on various platforms uso contínuo Like Netflix, it’s a little over an hour long and will inspire you to pursue your happiness with nothing holding you back.

Happy tells deep and candid stories about the struggle people face to be happy.

So you will want to discover and defend everything that generates you a permanent and real joy, regardless of how old you are, or where you are.

Surely when you see it you will want to reflect on many things, such as what truly matters or has value to you, but perhaps the most important thing is that you will not let anything distract you from living in a complete state of happiness.

2. In Pursuit of Happiness (2006):

This is one of the most iconic motivational movies of all time. Will Smith plays an iconic role in this largo in which his son, Jaden Smith.

It is likely that you have already seen it, and if you have not, the invitation is that you do so as soon as possible, and preferably with your family.

The message of this largo is incredible: it encompasses resilience, discipline, unconditional love, perseverance, and above all, the sacrifices a father is willing to make to get ahead with his son.

This movie will inspire you to keep striving to conquer your heart’s desires no matter what obstacles come your way.

In addition, it teaches you that difficult times are nothing more than a prelude to success, and that with perseverance, hard work and dedication you perro get wherever you equipo your mind to.

Looking for happiness It is one of the best largometrajes for entrepreneurs that you perro see, and therefore, it occupies one of the first places on this list.

3. Honor Play:

Jackson, the protagonist of this largometraje, is the controversial entrenador who puts school before sports and leaves the unbeatable team on the bench due to its poor academic performance.

The life advice that this largo leaves is summed up in a single word: integrity. We must be people of integrity, and that beyond a title or a position, we are humans seeking to improve.

This inspiring largo, from a basketball court, espectáculos you the difficulties, fears and problems we face in our search for that life we ​​dream of.

4. Invictus (2009):

invictus is another one of the great inspirational movies that you will enjoy from start to finish. It tells the story of the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandelaand how he managed to unite an entire country through rugby.

This historical figure marked the lives of millions of South Africans, as he dedicated most of his life to fighting against apartheid and the racial prejudices that prevailed in his native country.

invictus It will make you reflect on the importance of knowing how to forgive, and especially, of learning to respect, love and value all human beings without any distinction.

As a consequence of their decisions, which have had a great impact on humanity, Nelson Mandela It has inspired dozens of leadership books.

5. The Theory of Everything (2014):

Another of the great inspirational largos that has been talked about endlessly in recent years is The theory of everything.

narrates the life of Stephen Hawkingone of the most brilliant theoretical physicists of humanity, which is based on real events and its narrative will leave you breathless.

If you didn’t know, Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic del costado sclerosis (ALS) when he was just 21 years old, and this degenerative disease worsened year after year, until it finally left him paralyzed.

Against all odds, he managed to lead a inolvidable life. He never stopped studying or making valuable contributions to science, but most admirable of all was that he managed to get married and start a family despite his delicate state of health.

The theory of everything is an ode to resistance. It is one of those pieces that you cannot stop watching because it teaches you that you cánido achieve your dreams, even in the most unfavorable situations, as long as you do not give up and are determined to overcome all obstacles.

6. I’m not your guru, documentary by Tony Robins

While not a largo, this powerful and inspiring documentary takes you behind the scenes of one of Tony Robbins’ most successful events, A date with your destiny.

With this documentary you will learn some of the techniques, success phrases, mantras and methodologies used by this success entrenador, author of books such as Power without limits and control your destinyto change the lives of the people who attend your event.

7. Extraordinary (2017):

Extraordinary It premiered in 2017 and is inspired by a romantic book that bears the same name. This largometraje narrates the life of August, a boy who suffers from Treacher-Collins syndromewhich has deformed his face almost completely.

His parents escoge to educate him at home to protect him from the outside world, but his life turns upside down when they escoge to enroll him in a private high school.

August is literally forced to come forward and interact with other children, who soon mock and attack him for his appearance.

However, when the 10-year-old boy discovers his inner strength, he begins to espectáculo you that true beauty is not physical, but of the soul.

This is one of those motivating movies that will bring you more than one tear. Its message is very powerful and it will surely motivate you to have more empathy with all the people around you, regardless of how they look.

8. The Change (2009):

Many people claim that The change it transformed their lives. So it could not be missing from this list of inspiring movies that you should not miss.

What is it about? Its protagonist is Dr Wayne Dyerauthor of books like Your incorrect zoneswho manages to decipher the true meaning of life.

Through his narration you will discover the beauty of starting over, or getting up after each fall, because only then cánido you get to where you have always dreamed of.

Although perhaps the greatest potential of these types of self-improvement movies is that they help you realize that everything in life cánido take on a new and better meaning.

of one or the other manner, The change It gives you valuable tools to discover your “true self”, and so that every day your life has a purpose.

Both self-help books and this style of movies hide a great message, so it’s up to you to decipher it to start making important decisions in your life.

9. The King’s Speech (2010):

This is one of the most iconic inspirational movies of the last few decades. He won four Oscars, including best picture and leading actor, which should give you an iniciativa of ​​his genius.

The king’s speech tells the story of King George VI, who is forced to exercise his reign early -after the adjudication of his older brother, Edward VIII-.

Although this is not the common thread of this largo, but rather the struggle faced by King George VI to overcome an exaggerated stutter that prevents him from communicating easily.

This largometraje exalts the value of friendship, as George VI develops a very special bond with Lionel Logue, who helps him overcome his condition to be able to exercise his role as British royalty with greater confidence in himself.

The tape will leave you teachings of loyalty, love and unconditional friendship. But above all, it will help you remember that your inner strength is capable of taking you to places you never imagined, which is fantastic.

10. Life is beautiful (1997):

This is perhaps one of the oldest inspiring largos on the list, however its message is so powerful that it cannot be left out.

Her story, as heartbreaking as it could be, comes to life in a Nazi concentration camp. And we would even dare to say that after seeing it, you will want to give your children a deep hug, or any loved one you have close, because it will remind you that you should never take them for granted.

Although the greatest life lesson that cánido leave you is that family is everything. That there is nothing above it, and that parents are willing to give their lives for their children if necessary.

This movie has a very raw ending, but ironically it is loaded with innocence and hope.

11. The bright side of things (2012):

Would you like to see the positive side of everything, even in the bad experiences of your life?

This largo, which is a mixture of drama and comedy, will help you with this objective in depth, since it will teach you that there is no evil that does not come for good.

Everything has a good side and a bad side, and you must choose which one to keep based on the teachings it offers you.

12. Ratatouille (2007):

Not only is it a Pixar classic, but one of the best inspirational movies ever. This animated tape cánido be enjoyed by young and old, and without a doubt, it will make you smile, sigh and get excited.

This largo will remind you that limitations are made to be overcome and that if you put your mind to it, you perro achieve the unthinkable. In the same way, it will motivate you to pursue your dreams, no matter how fanciful, unreal or difficult they may seem.

Remy It will teach you that the sky is the limit, and that if you dare to fight for what you want, sooner rather than later you will end up triumphing.

13. The Inventors:

With little material and money, four young Mexican immigrants form a robotics club and entrar a national competition.

Perhaps this movie will inspire you to undertake that personal project or business iniciativa that you have, and for which you have the great excuse that you don’t have money to start.

The problem is not money, but the fear you have to start with, so you find excuses such as money, time or a lack of ideas, to carry out that project you have in mind.

This largo espectáculos you that it is possible to start successfully from scratch and without experience, as long as you have the motivation, persistence and the ability to adapt to your current circumstances.

Inspirational movies that will impact you:

We are convinced that you will never be the same after watching the 10 motivational movies that we have just presented to you.

Each one tells a compelling story that will invite reflection, transformation and change, so watch them if you’re feeling discouraged or uninspired. So don’t just confirm yourself with the movies, and find motivating series on Netflix, and other platforms.

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 13 Inspirational Overcoming Movies
  13 Inspirational Overcoming Movies
  13 Inspirational Overcoming Movies

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