120 personal questions to get to know better

120 personal questions to get to know better

Would you like to get to know better? that person you are falling in love with? To your coworkers? Or even your own parents? To achieve this, there is nothing better than asking the right personal questions.

But this cánido sometimes make you too nervous about not wanting to cross the line regarding your questions.

I am sure that more than once you have wanted get to know that person in front of you better about you, to know if he likes you (or not), if you are coincidente, or simply to find out what he likes to do.

However, I know that asking such personal questions cánido be a bit intimidating and it cánido genera in the other person a certain air of distrust.

I know, the same thing happens to me when they want delve a lot into my life or they ask me too intimate questions.

If, for example, you are interested in a person in a loving way, and you want to know about their past relationships, you cannot come and just ask “Why did you break up with your previous partner?”

you will be discarded the second you finish doing it.

You should rephrase the question so that it doesn’t feel like you get in too much in their life or that you are too direct.

So here I have made a list of 120 personal questions that always work for me to get to know someone better without scaring or intimidating them.

This list will help you end those uncomfortable situations in which you do not know what to sayand they will open the doors to make new friends or to make your date perfect.

Although if you don’t have much time to go out, there are also applications to get to know someone better.

120 questions personal to get to know others better

1. Where you would like to live?

We all have an iniciativa of ​​the place where we would like to live perhaps in another country, city or even staying in the place where we are currently.

This speaks volumes about whether the person is someone adventurous or prefer stability and she is extremely attached to the place where she has lived for a long time.

On the other hand, the site you choose will also speak a lot about your tastes, since if you choose a different country, for example, it means that is intrigued by that culture class.

2. What would be the first thing you would do with the money if you won the lottery?

It is no secret to anyone that there are too many materialistic people and let’s be honest, most people He doesn’t like someone like that.

Therefore, knowing what someone will do if they have a large amount of money will say how materialistic it is and in turn, the priorities you have in your life.

If I would spend on a lot of clothes, a new car, a house for your whole family, pay for the university and career you want to pursue.

Either answer will give you a lot of information about what is priority for that person.

3. Do you like what you study?

Many times we assume that a person is in a university degree and that it is of course you like it but it is not the case all the time.

some are either by obligation because they didn’t know what they wanted or because indeed, if they like it, but assuming it is a first-hand mistake.

If you ask him if he really likes it, you will know if he really Is there something else you are passionate about? or simply love what he does without going beyond.

4. What is your favorite movie?

The genre of movies or someone’s favorite, talk a lot about that person and your tastes in general.

It does not orinan that you like horror movies but that you are not attracted to pink things, but that at least feel more attraction towards that genre.

Knowing someone is also about find what to talk about and let the moment flow, this question is one that will help you do just that.

5. What would you like to learn right now?

There is always something that we have in mind to learn and that “something” speaks about what that person look forward to the future too.

If you want to learn another language, play an instrument, drive, anything.

All that will guide you to what called attention and your tastes in that regard.

I have friends that at the moment that they presented to us, many responded, “I want to learn to speak French”, “play the guitar”.

Each one of them did what they wanted at that moment and when I heard those answers when I met them, I knew that they were somewhat bohemian people, that they wanted to try to have a talent (although we all already have it in some way).

Guess? Make no mistake about them.

6. What animal would you like to be?

Animals are known to have certain characteristics that identify them. Like we have dogs in the loyal category, for example.

This question will also help you know the same opinion that person and the animal have about themselves or rather, the characteristics of this that are most consistent with them.

It’s basically like the Chinese zodiac.

Each year is represented with a different animal that according to, represents what that person is like, this iniciativa does not go very far the purpose of this question.

7. What is your favorite music genre?

The style of music is very attached to someone’s personality and although sometimes you perro be surprised that it is the opposite of what it seemed, you will almost never be wrong.

There are people who, upon encuentro me, are surprised that I like it a lot classical music but at the same time, I love a good rock.

What you would think would be that I am a mixture of both and indeed, so it is.

Although not all the time what your genre of music perfectly describes is closest to your tastes, it will help you. in the process of knowing to that person.

8. Do you like to read?

One of the things that people have in common more and more each day, It is the pleasure of reading.

It’s very easy to strike up a conversation with someone once they tell you about their literary tastes.

In addition, knowing if they like it or not, you perro also evaluate the person a little more as for his personality because of his taste in books.

Asking if he reads will inevitably lead you to talk about which or which they are his favourites.

9. How would you detalla yourself using only 3 adjectives?

People are very generic on this type of question and they tend to stagnate when answering them.

The reason is fácil, because many times instead of describing how they are, they actually say how they would like to be

That is why this question will play a very relevant role when you are getting to know someone, since in addition to knowing who they are or how they see themselves under their critical eye, you cánido also meet how they really want to be

10. What defect is the least support of someone?

This question tells you a lot about what surely it is not.

I orinan, the defect that I least support and even despise in someone (although it sounds somewhat exaggerated) is that be unpunctual

This gives you the initial iniciativa that if that bothers me, it’s because no way I am someone who arrives late to commitments or places.

In fact, I’ve only been late about 6 times in my life and it’s been for things that they get out of my hands but never because it took me a thousand years to arrive.

What some people hate or perro’t stand the most is undoubtedly a feature that 80% of the time none have.

Besides that this cánido also represent some fear or past experience that has caused them to dislike you.

eleven. What would you buy if you could only get one thing?

The answer he gives you will determine a lot if he is someone who put their interests first or if you have a materialistic attitude, about what you really need and your family.

Almost everyone you ask this question will tell you something extremely expensive which is habitual, but the “why that?” that comes after your answer it is largely what will also reveal his intentions to you.

Just because someone says a car doesn’t orinan that be totally materialistic but it does speak largely of it.

That is why the key is the reason that he presents to you why he wants that and this question will make way for you to know more in that regard.

12. What would you like to study at university?

We all know that a college degree reflects what we want to do in the future or practically, the rest of our lives.

People who want to be doctors, nurses, or anywhere from the health area, they are supposed to like to help everyone in a closer way and of course, the sick themselves.

Just as that area speaks a lot about someone, in the same way the others do.

That is why depending on what you want to study or are even studying, you cánido tell you about his plans to the future and where it wants to go.

13. What do you like the most about yourself?

One of the things that will help you to know this question, is how much esteem one has towards himself.

On the other hand, you will be able to see what that person sees as a virtue from their point of view but you will also know what things they think are a defect by perhaps not mentioning it or perro you name some things that you see in her and see how she expresses or thinks about them.

It’s all about how do you play it once asked this question.

14. What have you always wanted and still perro’t get it?

Knowing someone’s dreams is one of the first things what we want to know

Someone’s dreams speak a lot about where they see themselves in the future and what they really aspire to, whether they are ambitious or wants to be successful.

You cánido also know the degree of importance that desire has for that person and perhaps, it even looks like yours and find a way to get along even more.

fifteen. Tell me about your life in 5 minutes

when we have to make a summary of something, we always seek to write or say the most important thing.

The same thing happens when you ask someone this and put it under some pressure.

When they start to answer your question, due to the pressure and time you gave them, they always will be led to tell you the most relevant and important thing in your life, what you think has value.

So it is a good way to get to know someone more thoroughly and Avoid going too far on the subject.

16. Detalla your perfect day

Likes is the first thing we hit upon when encuentro someone and the reason is fácil: to have more themes of conversation.

With this question you will know what you enjoy doing, who do you like to spend time with and also, possibly you get quite close to what he likes the most.

your goal is find your hobbies and tastes.

17. What was the last book you read?

It’s no secret that more people love to read than most people think and going back to the question of whether she likes to read, you perro do this followed by her.

For what to know someone who loves reading and perhaps failing that, who at least enjoy some good text or a great book once in a while.

In addition, what someone reads speaks a lot about personality and the areas that They tend to attract you.

If you like to read, you may also find a common ground and you may be surprised with the pleasure she has in reading and you perro share your opinion about her.

18. Who is the person you miss the most right now?

Here you are already entering a slightly more personal area and if you don’t know how to do it at the right time, you may end up burning yourself with the fire you are playing with, however, once you grasp a little more trust with that person, is a great question to know your feelings.

Someone’s past attracts us a lot and we usually dig a lot into it but most of the time it turns out to be something abrupt, that’s because you don’t correctly.

When you ask him the question of who he misses the most, two things perro happen: to mention someone who has passed away or who is far away in a certain way.

This way you will also know who is important to that person and touch more the sentimental theme.

19. Do you like your job?

When someone enjoys their job, they will tell you more than 5 things you like about him or at least he’ll talk enthusiastically once you throw this question at him.

But if it is something that they do not enjoy, you already know that it is not something that person sees themselves doing in the future and that speaks volumes about their tastes. on a more professional side.

This will help you with two things:

  1. See that in effect, he loves what he does and you will know that you perro play more songs relating to your work.
  2. Quite the opposite, that he doesn’t like what he does and cánido help you make your way to discover what he really likes or like to do regarding a job.

twenty. How would you detalla love?

If you are interested in inquiring more towards a romantic side, this question is perfect.

On the other hand, this topic is a bit philosophical and it perro help you understand more about the person and his point of view about not only love, but also life in general.

This also brings out the sentimental side of someone and inevitably will be described a little when replying to you.

You cánido formulate other topics from this question that are a little deeper and instead of everyday and fácil, more philosophical as I told you at the beginning.

twenty-one. What advice would you give your “me” as a child?

I must emphasize the word “advice” and that it is found singular, not plural.

We all have many things we regret and we would like to go back a little time to be able to change it or at least improve it.

That’s why if I told you “advice”, that person would never end and more importantly, it would stray too far from the topic.

Your goal is to know at the beginning what matters most to him and by putting a limit of only one thing, she will inevitably mention the one most relevant to her.

22. Do you use popular networks a lot?

Today this is like a mandatory information What should you find out when you meet someone?

This will help you know if he spends a lot of time chatting or posting every thing what he does during the day, someone very inconspicuous.

Just as it perro be the opposite, someone more reserved than prefer to use them from time to time and only for what is important or inform yourself with them.

23. What is your biggest fear?

Traumas from the past or perhaps very recent are a touchy subject for people, but know your biggest fear (whether what they tell you is true or not) perro get you closer to finding out the real one.

There are some who are afraid of the dark and may well remain as a fácil fear to that or to develop due to some trauma and perhaps an experience beyond that.

This way you will also know what topics to avoid and what jokes you shouldn’t do to that person at some point.

24. Define your sense of humor

Surely you have met those people who you cánido tell the best joke of the world, but they just don’t laugh with it.

There are others who rather laugh too much or for anything, as well as some who are funny about a heavy joke or something despiadado.

You should know that there are several types of humor and believe it or not, it is important to know which one are you dealing with when encuentro someone.

It’s fácil, there are some who have too much sense of humor, others who have a darker, absurd or even they lack it.

25. How do you disminuye stress?

Stress, something that we all have, be it a little or a lot, but is always present in our lives.

The way in which we handle it may be the same as that used by others like this as totally different. Now, how will this question help you?

Easy! You will know how that person relaxes and if that way avoid or disminuye stress, it is because it also enters your favorite activities or things.

You will also know if They have something in common in this aspect.

26. What is your best childhood memory?

Knowing the connection that someone has with their family is relevant so that you know if delve into that topic in the near future.

Now, during all the questions I take you indicating the traumas that someone may have from the past, but it is also important to know the good memories and the experiences that made her happy.

Childhood is a stage that largely marks the good and the bad, so you will know what would make that person happy even now.

27. Who are the people who inspire you the most?

So you will meet their “idols” or people who give you motivation.

If someone admires a person and inspires them to fulfill their goals or certain dreams, believe me that person they admire and they have much more in common of what you think

With this I do not want to tell you that by knowing her idol or the people who inspire her, you will know her, but if you perro give you more or less an iniciativa what that person wants in his life and what he wants to achieve.

You will be able to find many characteristics in that person who has or adopted from the image that inspires her

28. Are you clear about what you want in your life?

The planning and structuring of life is something important if you want to have something closer to that person or even be friends.

It is not good to have a plan to follow for everything, but you have to have some organization and equipo goals.

That is why it is important that with these questions find out how structured has his life.

Someone with a good structure suggests that they are someone with equipo objectives and goals, but above all, organized and not simply is carried away by what happens all the time (although sometimes it is good).

29. What kind of person would you not strike up a conversation with?

With this question it is very easy to discover the levels of empathy and discrimination that the person has

Once someone answered me: “with a black person”.

And if you ask me what kind of person I wouldn’t start a conversation with or at least end it on the spot, it would be with a person racist or xenophobic.

There are many of this class and interacting with them is something that will have a certain level of difficulty and if You don’t share the same ideals it would even be unpleasant.

This will also help you identify idealism and the beliefs that person has about popular classes and thinking towards people of other statuses or situations.

30. Do you like the changes?

To know the level of appreciation or attachment that someone feels towards routine and customs, as well as feeling good about being familiar with and following a estándar.

This question is required.

On the other hand, you cánido also find yourself with a surprise and know that that person is a lover of the new and loves to constantly make changes.

For example, those who dye their hair a lot.

Who travel the world or spend their time changing the place where they live.

This also speaks of how adventurous that person is and their attraction to what different and unknown everything that is not or implies a routine.

31. Would you forgive an infidelity if you feel that person loves you?

If you want to get into something deeper and more personal in a romantic aspect, your biggest fear in case you want to aim for an intimate relationship with that person is the degree of importance that you give to a relationship.

It also tells you the degree of appreciation you have for yourself.

Believe it or not, the point of someone continuing in a relationship where her partner cheated on her, if it speaks enough towards the esteem that has.

But what you’re really aiming for is the first thing you’ll know thanks to this question.

32. How have others judged you at first sight?

The first impression counts a lot, but it always leads almost all the time to be wrong in how are you judging that person without even really knowing her.

Once you are already delving into her and getting to know her, it would not be bad for you to ask this question to see if your opinion so far it’s the opposite to what many believed, including you.

When they are the complete opposite, you will also understand that he doesn’t exactly like it that they associate it with what others think of it when it turns out to be the complete opposite.

33. What is the last lie you told?

Being honest every day costs more, so trusting someone always it gets harder over time.

If she answers your question with a lie she told but that isn’t relevant in itself, she may be being completely honest with you by specifically telling you the last lie she told, or want to avoid a little the true answer.

Now, when you realize that they are looking at your stupid face and they tell you A big lie, You know that either that person just doesn’t mind talking about their lies, or they just want to evade the answer with something that they find more relevant but less personal and revealing.

3. 4. If you could live on another planet, would you like it?

as i told you, adventure!

The reason why the questions to find out if that person is adventurous or not are so important is to see how coincidente are they on certain things and if you perro get into those topics of conversation with her.

It is a fact that adventurous people are not so attracted to others that are “boring” not liking adventure very much and being more of a routine person.

The same happens in vice versa.

I don’t want to tell you that you couldn’t give it a try, but if we talk about compatibility, this will help you to know.

35. What is your favorite holiday?

There are people who hate Christmas as well as valentine.

Others just cánido’t.

keep your love by them.

If you try to create a friendship or move towards a romantic relationship with that person, it is important that the answer Write this question down and record it in your memory so that you surprise him and know that you must make an effort during these dates.

Your favorite holiday talks about the activities you enjoy doing and how much he enjoys doing those that take place on these dates.

Christmas represents someone who likes family union and celebrating.

Valentine’s Day, a hopeless romantic who enjoys love in the air.

So it is with the others.

36. What was your favorite subject in school?

To find out the reason why they are doing the activities, work or hobbies they are currently doing, many times comes from long ago at school or a little more in the past.

An example: biology lovers tend to go a lot to the side of health.

Fanes of sciences like chemistry or physics tend to go to an area where perro continue to use them.

It will help you better understand their tastes and from where they come originally.

37. What 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

The answer to this question depends a lot on the sentimentality, materialism or survival of the person, so you perro learn more by which of the three things is governed more.

Some would choose to carry their cell phone along with another series of afín things and merely useless in survival.

Others would carry lanterns, a way to create fire, more in the style of survival, while some will be carried away by what gives them more ética support and, in turn, motivation.

38. If you could change a law or create one, what would it be?

A topic of conversation that has been touched upon is political, of course, very careful.

However, I’m sure this question will lead to a nice discussion with the other person about what would they do and why?

You will know the inclinations of the person for certain injustices or laws that you don’t think they comply with their work or are good for society.

so you will also give your point of view about it and you perro exchange opinions.

39. What instrument would you like to play?

You tend to associate all instruments with classical and rock music, but each one perro have a different purpose according to what you want.

This is why each instrument speaks a little about the personality of the person and his tastes in music.

the piano ones they will always choose a rhythmic music but also something soft.

While the guitarists will often go towards an acoustic rhythm but with some rock and strong sounds mixed.

There you perro get the tastes and the genre that you like (although you cánido ask this directly) but you will also know if there is any variation between the style of music that made you known.

40. Do you prefer day or night?

If you ever want to invite her to do an activity or just for a meal, you will know what hours you prefer to enjoy your time.

Some people prefer the day and make the most of it to do what they want and in the end, go for a drink. deserved rest.

others prefer let part of the day go by and sunlight to go out at night or do what they need during these hours.

I am someone at night and many times, I even leave my job for these hours but I admit that I also invest good daylight hours.

41. Without which of your 5 senses could you not live?

If he manages to choose taste, it is because he is someone who does not give much importance to what he eats or find more important to be able to feel, for example.

Now, if you take away the touch, maybe you’re not a very loving or caring person. so it is irrelevant to you.

As for sight or hearing, for everyone those are the main two, but if you choose sight, you are someone who loves to listen and I would not abandon the pleasure otherwise, if you prefer to see rather than hear, then it’s more of a visual thing.

About smell, possibly someone who does not give much importance to smells and I would even find it beneficial probably.

42. What superpower would you like to have?

Although it may seem like a silly question and just to get a topic of conversation, the person’s answer cánido be interpreted in a different way. more personal than a fácil game.

When someone chooses to be able to fly, it is because they love to feel free and without ties.

There are also those who would like to become invisible from time to time.

because they attract or call much attention.

If you want to travel or change the past, it is because you have events that they continue to mark his life and you would like it to be different.

But if you want to see the future, surely you are someone who does not like the uncertain and prefers keep everything well planned and organized.

43. What songs would create the perfect album for you?

An easier way to know all your musical tastes and find some other song that you don’t know and may interest you, is with this question.

Even though someone usually likes a specific style or genre of music, there is always one or another song which is the exception to the rule.

to meet them, it’s very easy to break through to it by asking this.

If you stop for a moment, surely your album is made up for several songs that hardly or are very few of the same genus or afín.

The same perro happen with that person and you may be surprised to hear one that you love too

44. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If one day you want to surprise that person but you don’t want to be too obvious when asking, “what is your favorite food?” (yes, it perro be very obvious), this question will save you the moment where I cánido get a little suspicious.

It’s a pretty fun way to know your favorite food, agregado, you’ll know what it is that cánido never miss between your meals.

If he answers you with an I don’t know, it is because he is someone who enjoys any kind of food or simply could not live eating only one.

I think that I would include myself in the latter, all meals they are too delicious.


Five. What do you like to spend your free time on?

There are very active people who take advantage of every last second of their time to work, study or do some other activity that keeps them at a steady pace.

Others prefer to use their spare time to relax and maybe, take a power nap.

To find out what kind of person he is in this aspect, you will be able to do it with this question and you will know if he is someone who cannot keep doing nothing or prefer to spend more time at home and resting.

Some invest it to share with people who appreciate a lot even if it’s just talking or being by his side.

46. What would you not forgive your partner?

Just like infidelity and just like many would not forgive it, for other people there are other aspects or things more relevant than that.

But infidelity is the most common mistake or fact that people do not forgive and this implies that loyalty and fidelity it is very important for they.

Depending on their answer, you cánido know what is most important to that person both in a relationship as a couple even a friendship.

47. When you are sad, do you like to be alone or with someone?

Although the recommendation of many is not to leave a sad person alone, that depends a lot on their character and how to solve your problems of sadness.

Some prefer to spend time alone to think and decrease the level of sadness they feel without someone else is interfering.

Others cánido’t stand being alone when it comes to sadness and it’s partly because they probably don’t be fanes of loneliness.

However, how you will act when a case arises with this person, it will depend a lot of the answer I give you.

48. What is your favorite drink?

If you are not exactly a lover of liquor but this person presents great appreciation for him, then knowing it is something you need first hand.

But if you are someone who enjoys a good wine or going out for a drink, maybe you perro get the couple that you needed to go to a bar or for a glass of the best wine in the country.

Although it seems very common for people to drink alcohol, it is actually quite seen nowadays people who are not a seguidor of it so do not get surprised If someone answers you “strawberry juice”, instead of an alcoholic drink as you expected.

This will also help you know their habits, if it is someone who has alcohol problems even or if it is quite healthy in that aspect.

49. Are you afraid of death?

This topic perro be delicate for some people, but to know if they feel a certain panic about death or on the contrary, they prefer to think about enjoy your life than be with the iniciativa that one day they will die.

It is ineludible that at some point in our lives we were not afraid of death since sometimes it is not about our person but of a loved one.

However, as I was saying, the answer will tell you if they are someone who lives more in the present and life to the fullest, or if they live with a constant fear that possibly in a few minutes he will stop breathing.

fifty. How would you define family?

For each person, family means something different, although it may look the same.

Some would detalla her as loving, caring, supportive, irreplaceable.

Others may see it a more philosophical way and merely existential.

Yes, believe it or not, there are people who do not give much importance to the family, so they may as well some means your EVERYTHING, for others they are simply other people you grew up with.

That’s why the concept and the way in which everyone defines family is so varied.

With the concept they give you, you will know the importance it has for them and also, it also greatly influences whether they plan to start a family some day.

51. If you dedicated your life to solving one problem, what would it be?

Although there are many problems going around in the head of each one of us, there is always something that sometimes does not let us sleep quiet.

A main problem, that we want to fix at all costs no matter the time take us

In this way you will know more about the problems and what is going on more time for your head, they might even have similarities in what they both want to resolve.

In addition, you will also know the degree of importance and seriousness that person possibly gives to a topic pretty deep and that it affects not only her but many others.

52. If you were the president of your country, what would you do?

If you don’t like to talk about politics, then it’s okey to avoid this question, but if you’re someone who enjoys a healthy exchange of opinions, go for it!

A way of knowing what that person would prioritize and what they think is needed solve first of all It will espectáculo you the importance that these factors have for her in her day to day.

things always start with Something small to later be on a large scale.

If you want to eliminate poverty, it is because you hate to see children on the streets or people going through need.

If you prefer to go for one more topic ecological and environmental, It is because it gives a lot of importance to nature and the ecosystem.

53. If you could travel in time, would you go to the past or the future?

If you choose the past, it cánido be for two reasons: you have some experience what do you want to change or simply go back to the best memory you have had and relive it.

On the other hand, going to the future would orinan that he is an anxious person. to know what awaits you and that in some way or another, does not look to the past and prefers to move forward, perhaps with a bit of despair.

There is also the possibility that they will tell you that neither of them, there are people who simply want to live in the present without being dragged by the past and wait to see what the future holds, not canalla tomorrow’s surprise.

54. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

Sometimes they give us the impression that they are people very serious and other times, perhaps too lucky or too extroverted.

If you want to know how “wild” or fun is someone, ask him this question and you will give way to his extroverted side that you do not know.

If it ends up being a person who hasn’t done a lot of fun stuff, there’s a good oportunidad you’ll have a oportunidad to introduce and introduce on the fun side.

You may also know unfortunate events with this question because if the person looks open to talk about his pranks, he will always mention one that went wrong.

55. What does the word “home” orinan to you?

Like the family, this word has many meanings depending on the person and it is that not all of us have lived the same circumstances so that it means the same thing.

This is a way of knowing what kind of life they have had and what it means to this person. have a home.

For some it will simply be a place to spend the night, others will feel that their home You are where your family or loved ones are.

Some will say that it is simply where you feel comfortable regardless of location.

This will help you to know at a level more personal to this person.

56. What other language would you like to speak?

This speaks volumes about the attraction you feel towards some culture or country.

On many occasions they also choose to speak a certain language out of necessity or because in one way or another, they would like to dedicate themselves to something where they will need it sometime.

This type of conversation will lead you to talk more about where would you like to travel, What would you like to do when you learn it?

Remember that you won’t be able to get to know the person more if you don’t create conversation in some way. sometimes it’s not about only to get information but to create a pleasant context to continue talking.

57. What fictional character would you bring to life?

This question cánido result in something quite funny and will let you know which fictional person admire more than anything.

We all have one and whoever tells you that no, he needs a big dose of movies.

You perro easily develop more topics of conversation with this question since when she tells you what it would be, questions will arise from: “because?” or that you even come across the coincidence that it is the same one that you would bring to life.

Sometimes it is a matter of having fun when speaking and you cánido get to know that person a lot since with this question so fácil and funyou will know why he admires that character so much and the characteristics that attract him.

58. How old would you be for the rest of your life?

We all have in our mind the perfect age to do what we want and that, in turn, has also been a time in which we had more happiness than worries and obligations.

From this question you will know two things very important of her:

  1. How much he dislikes them the responsibilities.
  2. The Best moments of their life.

If someone tells you that they prefer to go back to when they were a teenager, it is because they liked to have a quieter life. no need to pass for many responsibilities.

If, on the other hand, you espectáculo your preference for someone between 20 or 30 years old, you have no problem. with the responsibilities but also enjoy a life with more freedom and no legal limitations.

59. What is the best question you’ve ever been asked?

Making the person think is a pretty good thing if what you want is really get to know her better Because the more I reflect on her answer, there are two possibilities: she’s trying to be totally honest, or she’s thinking of diverting you and telling you something different.

If a person liked a question that was asked, it is because he likes to talk about it and she is proud that she was asked that question.

In this way, you will know what topics you should play with her to keep a good flow of conversation and get to know her better.

Also, this question will save you if the conversation got boring or monotonous

60. What things do you think we have in common?

Topics of conversation tend to be created easier when They have something in common, But that, as you know.

If you ask this to the person, it is very possible that one day he will tell you ask you back but from there you will already be establishing a moment where you will be able to learn more about her and express your tastes more at the same time.

It’s not just about the person talking about herself, but also that you provide information about yourself so that she does not feel like the only one talking and opening her life.

personal questions always must be answered on both sides so that the conversation flows and if you add things in common to that, they will never stop talking, but rather the opposite, they will delve deeper.

61. You like surprises?

There are people who find much charm to receive something by surprise, while there are others who are not exactly entusiastas of it.

This is much more important than you think because when I tell you that there are people who don’t like you very much, it’s on a level that they would even be mad at you thus.

Not all of us receive things with the same joy or enthusiasm, so to keep that in mind for future occasions, it is important that you record the answer to this question in your brain and repeat yourself: “I must not surprise him.”

Sometimes it may be a good moment to do them, but mostly avoid them.

On the other hand, for those who do like it, then stand out constantly surprising him.

62. Would you rather be handsome or smart?

Although I cánido joke with you saying “both” the answer she gives you seriously will say a lot about her.

If you choose to be pretty or handsome, then it gives you more important to a person’s appearance than his intellect.

If you choose intelligence, then you don’t care much if someone Is it “ugly” or “pretty” to be with her either for friends or partner.

The physical appearance and the importance that someone gives it about intelligence determines that he is a somewhat prejudiced person and appearances.

While someone who likes intelligence more is a matter of whether He doesn’t care much about the physical that means you wouldn’t mind if someone is also nice and sweet instead of just good-looking.

even the answer of “both” it has a meaning, it wants both equally.

63. Do you like to collect something?

We always have something we love and we could have a million of that but we would not get tired of continuing to collect.

Although many do not take it as a hábito, every time we go shopping there is something that is the first thing that calls us attention and we always want.

If the person answers you if he collects something or at least there is something he would like to collect, you know what is your downfall for future gifts or conversation starters.

When someone is fascinated by something, never tires to talk about it.

64. Would you stop talking to your best friend if they offered you a million dollars?

It depends a lot on the situation of the person but although it is a bit extreme case, you will know how much he values ​​the friendship and relationships he has with someone.

Of course, in cases where the person is in dire need of money, will not doubt it but make sure that after receiving his answer, you ask the reason for it.

There will also be others that will surprise you. choosing your best friend about money.

65. Would you rather live in the city or a town?

As someone who comes from a much smaller town or community, I know what it’s like to live in a big city and calm.

A person may well appreciate much peace and quiet of a town or forest, as well as you perro lean to all the things that the city offers you but being much more exhausting to live in it.

What is more important? The tranquility or fun but tired from the city?

Just that will answer you by just answering “city or town”.

66. In which movie or series would you like to live?

Another way to discover your tastes in terms of series but above all, the lifestyle that you would like to wear.

Now, there are also chances that he will pick up some detective series or maybe something more daring and like Game of Thrones, who knows.

What will also make you see is how daring and wild she is in terms of how she would like to live now. how much adventure is open to experiment.

Others would choose a more everyday or full of luxuries, the series will talk a lot about what that person wants to live.

67. Are you religious?

Many times you assume that someone believes in God or in some other higher being when you possibly don’t even believe in such a thing.

Also cánido be everything otherwise.

The theme of religion it’s just as delicate than the politician and if you don’t approach it well, it cánido end a bit badly but as long as you respect the opinion of the other, everything will be fenezca.

It is important that you touch on this topic at some point to know their beliefs and knowing what kind of topic to talk about or what kind of comment to omit and sometimes do so as not to offend that person.

68. How do you stay motivated?

Sometimes when we’re at our worst, we need someone let us raise a little encouragement, but how do we do that when we don’t know how to motivate that person?

If you want to find out, never skip this question It is not at all compromising and perhaps you will even learn a thing or two to also motivate yourself.

69. Cánido you tell me 5 things you like about yourself?

Between being egocentric and have high self-esteem there’s a fenezca line between what’s nice about it and how overly flattering it is.

When you start a relationship with someone it is good that you get to know more about her emotional level and self-esteem, how much that person is appreciated.

People who have a level of egocentrism is proven who do not espectáculo the same love towards others more than some other exception.

You also need to know if you are dealing with someone totally different, who don’t like anything about her and self-esteem is on the ground.

70. Is there something you like and are ashamed to admit it?

Some things we are attracted to do not always say out loud out of shame or fear that causes us to think about what others will say.

Perhaps there is something that she is passionate about more than anything and because she thinks she will be judged or They’ll think it’s ridiculous he dare not share it with someone else.

Before asking this question, give him a few words Give encouragement and make her understand that no matter what it is, you won’t judge her.

In this way, that person will open up about it that he likes but has never dared to say.

71. What makes you angry?

One of your biggest insecurities when getting to know someone is doing something that makes them angry or, failing that, makes them angry. close back to you.

So instead of stepping that land full, Why not take the test to avoid entering it?

I orinan, when you ask this, usually the person will answer you with all the honesty in the world but it is a warning to you meaning “never do this or I will seriously get mad” and that is exactly what you should keep in mind.

Not all of us get angry in the same way, there are times when someone gets over it in a day, just as there are other people who perro never leave the resentment or anger that you caused them.

Save yourself that if you cánido and with this question, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

72. Do you like to exercise?

Do you want to know if he is active like you or prefer to stay at home watching Netflix with a lot of food?

There are exercise fanatics who cannot live without your daily 2 hour routine training before doing anything else.

But there are also those people who prefer to tell you that not to run and train. Instead, they opt for something more flavorful and comfortable at home or another activity that doesn’t involve exercise.

If you are someone who loves to exercise, you surely like have friends or a partner who has almost the same taste as you in it.

It may also happen that you are looking for someone to stay at home with you watching a marathon of Law and order.

Knowing if you like exercise or not will help you know how should you relate with her in that sense.

73. What do you think of loneliness?

As I told you, ask a few questions above, there are people who when they are sad they prefer to be alone, but there are others who, in general, want to spend quality time with themselves.

You need to know how much someone enjoys being alone or not to know how far perro you be with that person during the day or even the week.

Sometimes even if they don’t tell you, someone wants to be alone but you are bothering without any intention.

That is why it is good that if it is someone who enjoys their solitude, you give them more space than habitual.

If you are someone who prefers to be in company, then You already know what to do!

74. How many pizza perro you eat?

A question that will help you fade the tension That perro create some of the most people questions, is this.

I mentioned to you earlier that a conversation is also about have fun encuentro more of the person, not just extract information.

On the other hand, in addition to entering a fun topic, you will be able to know how much does that person eat And if you really enjoy eating so much.

If you ever want to ask her out for something or more specific, a date, you know that eating will be what steal the night in case you love to eat.

If you don’t eat so much, then you cánido focus on other activities or hobbies you have.

75. If you see someone drop a $100 bill, would you put it back?

How honest a person is is very easy to discover when you put them to choose between money and his morals.

Also, if you want to find out what other values ​​are instilled in him, is a great question to be able to get to that observation.

Although some see it as very common to keep money they find on the street, it is not exactly “lucky” when you see who dropped it and you have the oportunidad to return it.

His answer will tell you a lot about what he thinks is right or not. and will inevitably deepen on the reason why you would return it or why you would not.

76. Where are you from?

I know it was probably one of the first questions I should have started with, but it’s so repetitive in a way that I wouldn’t let her among the first

However, some people they cánido be offended if you assume where they are from.

For example, there are many foreigners that you usually take for granted that they are not from the country where did you meet them but it turns out that yes, that cánido offend them a lot or fall something heavy.

so this question do not omit it but neither break the ice with her as the conversation perro get boring at first.

77. Are you superstitious?

Ghosts, UFOs, bad luck, objects that bring you success and money.

There are people who believe in it as well as others not.

It is very easy to offend someone when you say that you are not superstitious now if it is the opposite, there are people who may not agree with you.

So before going into that subject, find out with this question which of the two sides bow down and if you should delve into the topic or change it as soon as possible.

78. What mystery of the world would you like to discover?

I remember the first time I asked this question and they answered me: “Where we all come from.”

Everyone’s answer will vary. according to the mystery that consumes you the most inside and is crazy to discover.

Based on that, you perro also deduce the likes he has and towards which side of the story and everything that has to do with the world, is more attracted.

This type of question leads to more talking points and things they may have in common.

79. What makes you feel really alive?

Sometimes in addition to being a hábito or something they like, there are activities or certain things that make someone feel free and alive.

To learn more about that part of her, you need to start with that.

How to do it? ask the question directly don’t shy away from her.

Many times it is better to ask a question that talks more about life and more philosophical than something, no matter how common or fácil it may be.

Delve deeper into things that give to talk about and don’t be so common for that person or for you.

80. How would you like to be remembered?

When I answer this question, will inevitably name what you think best characterizes you and, in turn, what you like best about yourself as a person and individual.

If he cánido’t tell you exactly what he likes best about himself, so this question It will take her by surprise but she will inevitably answer it since you will make her think about something deeper.

could you share as you would like it be reminded to open up more.

81. Do you have many friends?

If someone has few friends it means that is someone introverted and has difficulty socializing or prefers to stay with a closed group.

If you go more to the side of many friends it is because enjoy the company a lot or being around people all the time.

There are people who are very extroverted and it is very easy for them to make friends but that also means that perhaps they do not have one that is really very close.

Sometimes it’s harder to know how these kinds of people really feel than who they are. more closed and introverted since they tend to hide how they feel all the time under a facade.

82. Sweet or salt?

It has no meaning beyond the fácil fact of whether you prefer sweet or salty food.

However, when it comes to inviting her to eat or giving her a gift that includes food, you know which of the two would choose.

Sometimes what you need is to know a person more thoroughly in the basic things like this instead of always looking for deeper information about it.

83. Sing or dance?

If he chooses to sing, you will know that it is very possible that don’t be very good at it the dance part.

Although that doesn’t orinan the singing part either. be your forte but at least if the one you prefer between the two.

In the event that he chooses to dance, the same thing happens and also if he is someone who really enjoys it, you will know what activity Perro you suggest any other occasion?

84. Comedies or dramas?

Movies are a good common theme and that is why when asking about your favorite, knowing if you prefer comedies or dramas maybe it will lead to some other genre and it will make the conversation spread.

If you are one of crying and watching a lot of drama to feel trapped by a movie, or if he prefers to laugh until your stomach hurts.

Capable is someone else from action movies or a little of everything.

85. Have you done something illegal?

Be a bit daring and break the odd law on occasion It is not a sin in itself the question is that it is not repeated so much or it becomes a bad habit.

With this you will know how far that person has come to commit a crime” and how much she loves risk and how daring she is.

know your side more daring and surprise you in the process.

If it is someone who claims to have done nothing, he is lying or is too correct to break any law on purpose.

85. Who was your first love?

If you are someone looking for a friendship-only relationship, this question perro be interpreted as “I would be interested in something else in the future.”

Be careful with her because in addition to being something more personal than the previous ones, perro make you uncomfortable to the person.

It’s not bad to know first love and maybe you perro even take it how i play to a certain point, but if you see that the person thinks about it a lot to answer, better not push for an answer.

Now, if she responds, it is because she is open to share that kind of information and you could try asking other more personal questions.

86. Would you like to get married?

For everyone, getting married indicates a commitment and responsibility towards someone as much as you care for yourself You should do it yourself with that person.

That is why many flee from him and not for all is the dream to raise it to get married.

If that person says no, it’s because they don’t want to. feel compromised or that it is an obligation to be in a relationship with an individual for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, if you answer yes, he is not afraid of him to a responsibility with someone else and perhaps it is even your dream to contract it.

87. Do you dream of a family of your own?

followed by topic of marriage, Although you may think that by saying that they do not want to get married you assume that they do not want to have children or start a family, you are wrong.

There are people who want a family but without the need to go through marriage first.

However, the very rationale for getting married applies here: It’s a matter of whether or not you run away from responsibility.

If you like to be independent and not have to be in charge of someone else, or if you dream of watch a family of your own grow and have more company in the future.

88. What would you do if your parents did not approve of your partner?

You need to know how much a person is willing to give when you love someone and how much their parents control their life.

If you are interested in forming a couple with this person, you need to be prepared in case a situation like this arises.

If that person decides to leave you because they do not have the approval of their parents, they may be dependent on them but also be afraid of losing them.

But if he chooses you over them, you know that’s a great proof of love but it doesn’t orinan you should be all right with it.

You should think about the situation and action What would you take if that were the case?

89. Have you been unfaithful?

As well as the question of whether I would forgive an infidelity It is also good that you know if he is capable of doing it.

infidelity causes insecurity and distrust and if he did it once, nothing gives you the assurance that he cannot repeat it.

Normally people don’t talk about this much just encuentro someone so remember to ask this question when you have already interacted and gained more confidence with her.

Also open yourself up to the possibility that while he may tell you that yes it has, it is unlikely that I will tell you how many, although it is very likely that many people are lying on this question.

90. Who perro you talk to non-stop and not get bored?

This is a move both in your favor and to get to know her better.

There is a possibility that he will answer that that person is you and it means that you perro get closer more easily to her and to enjoy talking to you.

On the other hand, if the answer is someone else, you will know who is so important for her and if you are looking for something romantic, who is your competition (unless it is a relative or very close friend).

Once I answer you, you perro delve into why he likes to talk so much with that person and try not to copy them, but to talk about more topics that you share with them to make the conversations between you more interesting.

91. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

You will be able to know what is the defect that acknowledges having and the one that annoys you the most of all to a level that you even want to change it.

Although many times you will meet people who they would like to change something of them that in itself is not bad and they just don’t see it.

Perro play the role of making him see that what would you like to change is well or support her in her decision if it is something that would be a defect.

It is basically a question to know what hates herself more and to what level

92. What is your philosophy of life?

People see life in very different ways and if you want to know more about what does anyone think of her and in turn, how he lives it, then you need to know what his philosophy is.

This question is quite deep and will make the person express yourself enough at a level more complex, but it will espectáculo you a lot about her and her life in general just by answering it.

You’ll think it’s a question too deep to do it directly, but there are times when it is necessary and you cannot ask it in any other way.

If you want to know more and how he professes his life, then do not hesitate too much to do it, nothing bad will happen.

93. You like vídeo games?

There is a certain love for a good game but not everyone likes to sit in front of a screen and “push buttons” as many call it.

There is no deep reason why you want to ask this question but whether it is someone who he loves vídeo games or not, you are interested in knowing their answer.

If you like them, possibly would you like to spend time playing with this person, but if not, I doubt you’d be willing to spend hours with her doing it.

The same will happen to that person depending on your answer And how will you take it?

In any case, you will still get to know more about his tastes in this subject and what he prefers to do if he does not like vídeo games since it is possible that make a comment about another activity that you like.

94. Have you had a serious accident?

So you will know the traumas that that person has physically and even psychologically.

may be a question quite delicate since you do not know if it will bring back memories that it does not want to relive in its mind, so have some tact when doing it.

Now, if the person shares this easy information with you, it is because they do not have any trauma or wants to talk to someone that is not part of his past or of that moment.

Anyway, you will know if he has had a bad experience or not.

95. What is your favorite moment of the day?

Just as there are people day or night, there are specific times of the day who are the ones who enjoy the most for “x” reason.

Knowing why they prefer that time of day will help you get closer to her in case you want to share more time in a suitable and pleasant time for that person.

In addition, you will be able to discover if it is for some specific activity why she enjoys it and maybe join her if she doesn’t mind and you want to not only get to know her but make more contact.

96. If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?

You will know if you have lost someone very important in your life And I wish I had her back.

There is also the option of having some historical person or celebrity that you would like to meet and have them become part of your life again.

Everything will depend on the importance that person had for her and even if it is relevant for the rest of the world.

97. Is there something you always refuse to do?

If there is something you dislike on a large scale, will always reject do anything that has to do with it or totally involves it.

Also, also may consist of any situation in which that person should put himself to do that “something”.

This will answer if it is someone who is willing to do any favor or She is selective when it comes to making them. and it will not always be available.

if it’s someone open to do favors He will mention that it is the only thing that he would not do for her and even less for someone else.

98. What has been your biggest failure?

Talk about your failures already it is difficult for a person, but if you have already reached this level of the conversation and ask questions, nothing will happen to ask and the worst that cánido happen is that they escoge not to answer it.

For someone who wants to get to know someone in depth, it is important to know which it has been that failure that even to this day may haunt her.

In addition, it will help you to know their tastes in some way by knowing in what area or of what kind was his failure.

Just watch your words once I’ve answered you and be delicate.

99. What is your favorite topic to talk about?

If you don’t know what else to talk about that person, don’t feel bad for asking directly your favorite topic of conversation.

They consider breaking the ice the hardest part, when really keep the conversation going is the real challenge of it all.

When I tell you, you perro archivo again a topic at the root about that topic or have an iniciativa about what to talk about.

Sometimes you’ll even know if the conversation is better as far as it’s gone and just re-interact on another occasion.

100. Who is the first person you call when you need help?

Although many would assume that logic says that you call your family, but there are people who count more on other acquaintances, whether they are friends or people closest to them, and they prefer not to disturb their relatives.

This question will espectáculo you who is that person with whom cánido always count and she knows that if she needs anything, she won’t hesitate to call her.

If you want to be someone close and be there for her, you would have to give him the same confidence that person who is always there for her gave her.

you cánido do it too talk about favors What has he done to find out more about why he has so much confidence in that person?

101. Do you usually judge a book by its cover?

Like they judge her, many times the opposite happens and it is that person who usually judges others at first sight without knowing them first.

This will espectáculo you how shallow is it and if she is really interested in getting to know someone more thoroughly despite the fact that at first glance she has not liked him at all.

If you accept that it does, then you are someone who gets carried away a lot by the first impression.

If your answer is no, then you are fully open to talk and meet someone, giving her the opportunity to be different from what she imagined or thought at first.

102. Do you believe in second chances?

If you manage to become close to that person or even, while you get to know her and suddenly pufff! you mess up, you’ll know how open she is to giving you a second oportunidad.

there are people you cánido call them resentful or not, but sometimes all they want to avoid is having to go through the same thing again.

If someone is open to grant you that second try, then you are able to forgive and highly appreciate the relationship you have with someone, be it friendship or romantic.

But if he says no, then he’s someone more closed and selective, It is difficult for you to get over something or a mistake someone has made.

103. What do you regret more than anything else?

Knowing which has been one of the possible mistakes you have made or rather, perhaps the most important, you will know if there is any trace of guilt and past that still disturbs her.

If you want to be a support for her, it is good that you know what even today would you like to correct more than anything.

So you perro also get closer to knowing what bothers her internally and another of the things he constantly thinks about.

If he talks about a somewhat bigger problem, you will be able to tell what kind of person he is in the sense of remorse and feelings, if you feel pain for having made that mistake or wanted to do things better.

104. What do you prefer: to be ugly and live your whole life, or to be handsome and live only one year?

It is very afín to the question of whether he prefers to be someone good looking Or someone with intelligence.

Much of it is about discovering what do you prioritize on a scale of superficial or internal.

If you choose to be ugly but live forever, then you don’t care much about someone’s appearance and prefer take more time what will it have

Now, if you choose to be pretty or attractive, then you live too much on appearances rather than time and prefer have 5 minutes of fame instead of taking forever to do whatever he wants, until he stands out as much or more as if he were good looking.

105. What was your first impression of me?

If you want to know more about what he thinks of you It starts from the first moment they met.

Sometimes it is difficult for you to determine if he really likes you to that person or if they are really trying to get closer to you as you are to them.

If you want to strengthen that possible closeness, start by knowing their opinion about you and see if it has been changing over time or after a conversation.

don’t be afraid of him to the answer since only in this way will you know what to improve in case there is something that gives you the signal that he does not like it.

106. Would you like to take a year to travel the world?

The immediate response of the majority would be a “YES!” immediate, but there are people who would invest that time in something that they consider more important.

This question also helps you to know if she is excited about meet the world or if there is something else on your mind that is occupying your time and you would rather do about it.

Get to know that person little by little and see what they really want if he could and what he aspires.

sometimes it’s not good approach and ask directly in what would occupy the time but to wait for her to express why she would not take it to travel.

107. What is your favorite television series?

It may be a lover of watching tv and series at all times or capable is someone else to read and go out.

Although the activity of watching television is common, perhaps it is a person who you prefer to invest your time better instead of going through channel after channel.

If you want to find out what his televisión obsession is or if he does anything else during that time, you will find out just hearing his answer.

If he says he doesn’t have one, he may as well be someone who prefer to see everything a little but nothing excessive

If you have one, then maybe it’s a topic of conversation that you just found

108. What would you do if you could live forever?

“I would have too much time, So I would do everything I guess”, was the answer I once received.

The truth is that the limitation of the human being is time, so if they took that away from us, rather the things we perro do would end.

However, the first things that he mentions to you are the ones that he has wanted to do. for a long time but perhaps you have been afraid to do them until now.

Putting him in this situation will make it much easier to get him to talk about everything you like and want in your life.

Capable is someone more adventurous than you think but he doesn’t espectáculo it out of fácil fear that his life is limited and he prefers to do other or less risky things.

109. What would your last words be?

You cánido take this question with humor or be something more serious at the moment to give your answer.

There are people who would tell some secret that they don’t want to keep beyond death or like many others, simply saying something funny or encouraging to others.

Regardless, you will see if the person is someone very serious Or do you prefer to reach the end of your days with a smile on your face.

cánido be a theme something deep to meet someone but it is very interesting.

110. Do you prefer to explore the bottom of the sea or space?

This question is more than anything so that you perro have a much longer conversation, since at the moment of giving you the answer, ask the fácil “why?” will genere it to become extensive.

In addition, the people who choose the space want to know if there is more life out there and they have a certain fascination for something outside their planet that would be the comfort zone of humanity.

If you choose the bottom of the sea, you are someone curious to meet more about where you live and the mysteries that are buried and no one has been able to uncover until now.

111. If you could create anything, what would it be?

Do you want to know if that person is interested in others? This question is perfect.

If you escoge to create something that only benefits you her as an individual then it is clear that she does not think much about others and only about herself.

But there is the option of it being someone who I want to invent something that perro benefit millions of people if not all of humanity.

This espectáculos you how charitable is and how interested he is in the welfare of others and not just hers.

112. Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

Be a little more precise as soon as you ask this question, if he answers with “I don’t know” For example.

Ask them to be more specific, Where do they see themselves in a work environment, family or just fun.

Look for them to detalla their personal future.

Everything that they tell you many times it will be related to something what they do in the present or something they have always wanted to do.

It’s also a way for you to know if you’re dealing with someone who has everything planned and a fixed goal or a person who prefers to live as time goes by.

113. How would your friends detalla you?

This question is a bit tricky because when asking that person to detalla themselves according to what they see her friends, they usually feel a bit insecure.

If you have real friends will even say things bad things they see about her, but if she says only good things, it is because they are not being totally honest with this person.

It is a form of know the environment and the people with whom this person surrounds himself.

Usually there are also some detalla how they look instead of what others look like even though that wasn’t the question.

114. What is the best gift you have ever been given?

If it’s been the best gift, then it’s something you appreciate either an object or a memory that they made you create.

If it’s an object, then it’s something that has a lot of value beyond just being something material like many they would call it

Whereas if it is a memory that was created from that gift, then also you cánido start a conversation with that person about the experience he lived.

Talk to him about a gift you have been given to encourage her to keep talking about it.

115. Are you a friend of your ex–partners?

If you are someone with a romantic intention towards that person, his answer will clarify a lot. how open is it to keep a friendly relationship if things don’t work out and you enjoy their company but only as a fácil friendship.

But if you want to be just his friend, this will help you to know who is interested in forming new ties always.

People who are not able to get along with his ex–partner (unless the reason is greater) they are somewhat spiteful and do not forgive so easily, it is difficult for them to overcome something.

Being considered uncomfortable means that they think they would be faking by being friends with the one who was his partner.

116. What catastrophe do you expect to happen?

It sounds a bit pessimistic, but there are people who they are always waiting of something happening or exploding once and for all.

Things like a zombie apocalypse, a large scale sunami, that global warming genere natural disasters.

It is a subject to know what terrifies you that could happen and at the same time, something fun about ideas that may come to mind.

Imagine he says a zombie apocalypse, you cánido ask him how would i survive and continue the conversation.

117. Would you like to be a leader in your work?

If you are someone enterprising and who likes to direct and follow your own goals, then he will choose to be the leader not because he feels authority, but because he is not following other people’s orders or goals.

If you are more satisfied with not being one, then it is because you do not aspire to that much, although of course, there are exceptions but always keep in mind that someone who is simply a follower does not usually comply their own dreams but to work so that others fulfill theirs.

To see how much persecutes them and wants, you need to know the answer to this question.

118. Do you support the current government of your country?

Coming into another bit of politics This question will make you avoid speaking or making an inappropriate comment that you may regret at some point.

Someone from the opposite political party to yours it perro be hard to deal with it, so it is better to know before you get into that area.

119. Apartment or house?

There are people who enjoy great living space even if it is only them or a couple of people who inhabit the place.

Others prefer a site smaller and easy to maintain.

What does that person prefer? That will also give you a clue to the future should you go further with her in a romantic realm.

120. Are you harsh or hard on yourself when you make a mistake?

So you will know how much tolerate mistakes And how often do you commit them?

Some see a fácil mistake as imminent failure and that makes talk a lot about mistakes of others and see them as the end of the world.

Is a person able to tolerate one or another mistake or is tortured by them?

Remember that it is not about making a question after another and that if you are looking for information and get to know it more closely, you must also do your part.

Try to answer these same questions before asking them and see with which ones you don’t feel comfortable.

There are many times when that person will return them to you and you have to be ready for when that happens.

These questions always help me get to know someone better and I have rarely had problems with some of them and they have been one of the most personal when they refuse to answer them.

If you have someone in mind that you want to know better, it’s time for you to go for her and ask her.

Which personal question did you like the most? The one with the pizza always makes me laugh!

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 120 personal questions to get to know better
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