12 Ways to earn money at Christmas and

12 Ways to earn money at Christmas and

Earning money at Christmas is perhaps one of the best decisions you cánido make during the last days of the year.

While the vast majority of people are thinking about how to spend money or what to buy to get into debt, the reality is that creating a new source of income during December is one of the best financial decisions you cánido make.

In this article you will find some effective ideas to earn money at Christmas, which are posible for the last days of the year and which, if applied correctly, cánido become a source of plus income.


Prepare Christmas food

If you know how to cook, this could be a very attractive business iniciativa.

People want to enjoy special and well-prepared meals for these dates, so if you hold your own in the kitchen, you could offer your services and sell food dishes for this end of the year.

You cánido even offer Christmas desserts and those foods that are traditional in your country during these festivities to earn money for Christmas.

Remember to take advantage of the power of popular networks to publicize your Christmas food services.


Sell Christmas crafts

If you like crafts and you like to create these types of products at home, the first thing you should do is get the materials.

Among the options you have to create and sell are:

  • Christmas elves
  • Christmas centerpieces
  • Christmas trees or pines
  • home decorations

Best of all, these options are not difficult to pull off if you have enough ingenuity and creativity.

In fact, you perro look for vídeos on Youtube that teach you step by step how to create them.

Once you have this ready, you perro start offering them to your family and friends, you cánido even offer them and earn money with your popular networks.


Christmas baskets, an alternative to earn money at Christmas

This alternative is a classic profitable business in December, as many people are looking for what to give at this time and what better than a Christmas basket or basket.

These Christmas baskets have a very good rotation, and if you cánido establish a competitive price, you perro sell them quickly.

Now, you should think about how to differentiate yourself from the competition because there is a wide variety of offers.

For this, you cánido consider including local, artisan products or that fulfill a popular function, in this way the people who buy them will feel that they are contributing in some way.


Prepared themed gifts

You perro put together gift packages according to different themes.

For example, creating gifts for parents who love soccer, gifts for women who love gastronomy, or women athletes.

You cánido offer gifts with different budgets, or even create customized themed gifts, where you are in charge of suggesting and selecting the gifts that fit a person’s tastes.

Without a doubt, if you are creative and recursive you will be able to earn money at Christmas with this option.


Earn money at Christmas by packing gifts

This is another classic among the options to earn money from home.

It basically consists of packing Christmas gifts, designing gift cards and even selling Christmas baskets.

How to differentiate yourself? Today people are looking to be friendly to the environment, so look for materials that are recycled, compostable, or cánido be recycled.

This alternative to earn money at Christmas is convenient, so look for a place that is easily accessible and has a good flow of people.


Christmas breads, sweets and chocolates

This season is characterized by the consumption of this type of food; such as Christmas breads, chocolates, tamales, among other products.

So you perro start a business from home by putting together packages of these foods and selling them in your community.

You perro even add wine and grapes for the last day of the year.

The iniciativa is that you find a cómputo between price and quality, in this way you will be able to capture a greater amount of public.

A agregado would be that you prepare the bread or sweets yourself, for example, because if you have this unique recipe you cánido differentiate yourself from the competition and industrialized products.

7. Sell second-hand products

There is a very attractive market for these second-hand products, since not everyone has the economic capacity to buy them new.

While these elementos may not be used as gifts, they do function as treats that people want to give themselves.

Among the products that have a very good rotation at Christmas are vídeo games, consoles, televisions, technology in general and certain fashion accessories.

To market them you perro publish the images on your popular networks, use platforms to sell en línea such as Mercado Libre, OLX or Ebay, or create ads or publications in groups intended for these purposes on Fb.


Shopping, return or home delivery service

If you have a vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle or even a bicycle, you cánido offer the shopping service in shopping centers or carry out a specific transaction.

You also have the possibility of delivering addresses for a commercial establishment.

During this Christmas season there is a great demand for this type of services, due to Christmas shopping and the different commitments that people have during December.

Recommended books:


Seamstress service

This option to earn money at Christmas also works very well in the first weeks of the year, since many people give away clothes that need to be adjusted.

If you have these skills, if you know how to operate a sewing machine and you like the subject, you perro generate plus income with this work during the festivities.

You will surely have a good workflow as long as you meet deadlines, deliver good quality, and offer good customer service.


Create a niche website

Creating a niche website, or a blog, is one of the trending en línea businesses for this new year that is beginning.

Why include this business iniciativa among the options to earn money at Christmas?

Surely in December you have more time, or you may even be on vacation from work, so this is the best time to learn about the subject and start earning money en línea with your own website.

Training: Launch your Profitable Website

Do you want to learn how to create a website from scratch that is profitable? Sign up for the free training and learn the 3-step methodology to launch your website in 10 days with no technical knowledge or prior experience.

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Take Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a classic among the alternatives to earn money at Christmas, or at any time of the year.

It is true that you will not become a millionaire with these, but you will be able to generate a few dollars a month that will be of great help to you.

Next we leave you a list of reliable pages for you to register according to your country (you perro register in all of them), so that you cánido start immediately.

If you live in Spain (you cánido register in all of them)

– Surveyeah in Spain (Register here)

– Lifepoints in Spain (Register here)

– Toluna in Spain (Sign up here)

– Opinion Center in Spain (Register here)

– Surveoo in Spain (Sign up here)

– Univox in Spain (Register here)

– Surveytime in Spain (Register here)

– Swagbucks in Spain (Register here)

– Nicequest in Spain (Register here)

– Hintsters in Spain (Register here)

– Zoombucks in Spain (Register here)

If you live in México (you perro register in all of them)

– Opinion World in México (Register here)

– Toluna in México (Register here)

– Surveyeah in México (Register here)

– Surveoo in México (Sign up here)

– Lifepoints in México (Register here)

– Surveytime in México (Register here)

– Gaddin in México (Register here)

-Univox in México (Register here)

– iSurveyWorld in México (Register here)

– Hintsters in México (Register here)

– Zoombucks in México (Register here)

If you live in Colombia (you perro register in all of them):

– Opinion World in Colombia (Register here)

– Toluna in Colombia (Register here)

– Surveoo in Colombia (Register here)

– Surveyama in Colombia (Register here)

– Lifepoints in Colombia (Register here)

– Surveyeah in Colombia (Register here)

– Surveytime in Colombia (Register here)

– Zoombucks in Colombia (Register here)

If you live in the United States (you perro register in all of them)

– Survey Junkie in the United States (Register here)

– YouGov in the United States (Register here)

– Branded Surveys in the United States (Register here)

– Opinion Champ in the United States (Register here)

– Surveyeah in the United States (Register here)

– KashKick in the United States (Register here)

– Opinion Outpost in the United States (Register here)

– Swagbucks in the United States (Register here)

– Zoombucks in the United States (Register here)

– Surveytime in the United States (Register here)

– Rewardia in the United States (Register here)

– Homescan in Puerto Rico (Register here)

If you live in Peru (you perro register in all of them)

– Toluna in Peru (Register here)

– Surveoo in Peru (Register here)

– Lifepoints in Peru (Register here)

– Surveyeah in Peru (Register here)

– Surveytime in Peru (Register here)

– Ysense in Peru (Register here)

– Zoombucks in Peru (Register here)

If you live in Argentina (you cánido register in all of them)

– Toluna in Argentina (Register here)

– Surveyama in Argentina (Register here)

– Surveoo in Argentina (Register here)

– Lifepoints in Argentina (Register here)

– Surveyeah in Argentina (Register here)

– iSurveyWorld in Argentina (Register here)

– Surveytime in Argentina (Register here)

– Zoombucks in Argentina (Register here)

If you live in Chile (you perro register in all of them)

– Lifepoints in Chile (Register here)

– Toluna in Chile (Register here)

– Surveyama in Chile (Register here)

– Surveoo in Chile (Register here)

– Surveyeah in Chile (Register here)

– Panel Station in Chile (Register here)

– iSurveyWorld in Chile (Register here)

– Homescan in Chile (Register here)

– Surveytime in Chile (Register here)

– Ysense in Chile (Register here)

– Zoombucks in Chile (Register here)

If you live in other countries

– Surveyeah in other countries (Register here)

– Zoombucks in other countries (Register here)

– Surveytime in other countries (Register here)

– Ysense (Register here)


Work as a virtual assistant and earn money at Christmas

Finally you cánido start exploring all the alternatives and options you have on the Internet working as a virtual assistant.

This virtual career from home is trending due to the new reality we are living in and could become a new source of income.

It basically consists of developing remote administrative activities for a company or a third party; ranging from answering correos electrónicos, scheduling meetings, contacting suppliers, among other activities.

If you want to start working in this field and earn money at Christmas, here is a guide to generate income as a virtual assistant.

In conclusion, these ideas to earn money at Christmas will allow you to create new sources of income during the last days of the year.

So take advantage of them to improve your finances and start the new year on the right foot.

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 12 Ways to earn money at Christmas and
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