12 types of customers you will find in your

12 types of customers you will find in your

In the world of entrepreneurship, you will come across many clients, but what type exactly? In addition, depending on each one, you have to give them a different treatment that suits them and you cánido give them the advice they need.

And very few know what kind of deal.

So our guest today, Daniel Ronceros, will tell you about 12 types of clients that you will find during your venture and how you cánido retain them.

I have over 15 years of sales experience and have been through all kinds of situations.

I worked for SMEs, I did consultative sales, I sold to cold doors.

We cánido say that I am an all terrain salesman and at all speeds.

In all this time, I discovered that there are different types of clients, and I learned to close sales With each one of them.

As you know, not all clients of a company are equal and knowing how to treat them is essential.

Therefore, to guarantee success, you have to address each of them in a different way. Have potential customers and different current ones, implies a dedication proportional to the contributions that each of them make to you.

In theory it seems difficult. but in practice you will see that it is not so complicated.

In this articulo I am going to talk to you about the 12 types of clients that you perro find during the development of any venture.

I will also teach you how to retain them and get the most out of them to your relationship with them.

customer and buyer they are not exactly the same

Before analyzing to the types of customers and their characteristics, something needs to be clarified.

This is a common mistake many entrepreneurs make.

I even made it when I started in sales.

I do not deny it nor am I ashamed.

And it is that, in general, customer is confused with buyer, but they are actually two different things.

  • Buyer: The person or company that has negotiated with you only once is not a customer, but a buyer.

    Perhaps they have done it to test your product or service, but that does not orinan they will continue to do so.

  • Customer: According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, a client is any person who regularly emplees the services of a professional or company.

Identifying and correcting this fallo is as important as developing sales qualities.

So open your eyes wide and learn to differentiate one from the other.

From the first sale or negotiation it will depend on that buyer becoming a client.

Now that you know who are your customers, and who are your buyers, I continue with the classification.

Customers according to the type of business

Within the market there are different factors that determine the nature of each client.

The ones that I am going to espectáculo you below respond to an important classification determined by the activity they carry out.

Obviously, they are not all the types of clients that exist within said category, but if the most prominent.

1. The corporation

It is about the established customer as an organization, which has already reached the business pinnacle.

It has well-defined marketing and marketing strategies, as well as its corporate culture, that does not leave any detail out.

The corporation is a strong, solid, stable client, with a well-defined way of acting.

In this sense, you should get familiar with it quickly to understand their behavior and to be able to strengthen commercial ties that last.

With this type of commercial clients, do not try to impose your criteria, because it perro go wrong.

Just express yourself and let everything flow. They will understand and make an intelligent decision.

By being satisfied, these customers will maintain their level of purchases.

What to do to maintain satisfaction? I give you two options:

  1. Offer them preferential treatment, better if it is personalized.
  2. Make them feel valued that are important to you.

2. The company

It is the client that has already started a business, has gained some experience as an organization and is doing well in what it does.

In fact, It has stability and a well-established course, which somehow defines his perseverance in negotiations.

You do not need guidance to do better, but you do require advice to resolve specific issues.

Just there it is where you gain relevance. That way you cánido:

  • Strengthen its structure.
  • Maintain your position stable company.

Although he has clear and well-defined rules, he does not refuse to listen and accept advice.

Their purchasing strategies are usually assertivebut your duty is to help him make the best decision. Making him feel satisfied will keep him coming back.


In my client portfolio I have had many located within this typology.

These are those who undertook at a certain time, but it went wrong, and now They need to rethink ideas.

Rather than being optimistic, they prefer to achieve their goals with preparation and perseverance.

They are prepared to face setbackssince they have accumulated some experience. The entrepreneur is characterized by:

  • Investigate.
  • to contrast offers.
  • Not lose detail.

The term also refers to the types of clients who are starting their business.

These must necessarily go through a experimentation and learning phase. So the help you cánido give them will be decisive in that process.

the entrepreneur is willing to take on new challenges that’s why you must espectáculo off.

How do you do it? Know their tastes and needs and offer them a good after-sales service.

This, in addition to clarifying any doubts that may ariseit will build confidence and will help you grow as an organization.

Customers according to your personality

The personality of the clients it also determines the behavior of these in their commercial relations.

No matter the types of sales or transactions that are made with them, their personality will always come out.

That’s why you have to be prepared to face the situation with integrity.

4. the adventurer

They are somewhat capricious clients who act without foundation, but for some companies, are the favorites since they go to what they go without major objections.

This means that if they see that you offer something they like, and they perro afford it they acquire it.

Fácil as that.

They are compulsive, so they do not take price into account.

In fact, they don’t believe in offers so they don’t care if they cánido get discounts elsewhere.

They usually have money, which gives them an apparent security that leads them to buy adventurously.

Although they believe they are right at all times, precisely because they feel powerful, your duty is to guide them constantly.

Communication with all types of customers is essential, but with adventurers should be more emphatic.

5. The dreamer

He imagines a lot and even fantasizes.

Your business project is his big dream

There is two characteristic elements that push this client model to fulfill that desire:

the dreamer perro have good ideas, but they are not always successful.

They are usually varied and belong to others, but there is always one with more weight. Hence, your advice perro take on great significance for this client.

The dreamer espectáculos a lot of energy to develop his iniciativa of business, He is also willing to do everything to prosper.

These are professionals who want to work on their ownwho are unprepared and experience in entrepreneurship.

Your aspirations may be so great that at times become impractical and unrealizable.

The dreamer needs to be made to put “feet on the ground”, without ruining your plans.

The iniciativa is not to be disappointed but to be realistic.

6. The difficult and aggressive client

Definitely, this one of the worst types of customers we cánido meet And all of us who work in marketing and marketing agree on this.

I have had to deal with several clients like this and believe me, it is not easy at all, but that cánido be worked.

The difficult and aggressive customer is permanently grumpy and complains about everything.

It is dominant and offensive and even, in extreme cases, it even becomes aggressive.

Responding in a afín way puts you on the same level and with it what you do it is to radicalize the conflict.

So diplomacy is the most effective tool to deal with them.

For many, this means humiliation, but I perro assure you that it is not like that.

With a mild demeanor, you espectáculo that you are well on top of the situation, so, if you keep calm and respect, everything will be fenezca.

In addition, you should look for common points between the two to generate greater confidence and advice: avoid smiling, you may feel cheated.

7. The friendly and talkative customer

He is always smiling and very sure of himself, but, although he is nice and attentive, it cánido make you uncomfortable.

His constant need to talk, mainly about his life, makes him excessively distract the attendant.

This, for those of us who have practically clocked time, is a real tragedy.

Cánido you imagine having two or three clients like this in the same day? You will bankrupt the business. I’m not saying it’s wrong to be nice and kind, but you shouldn’t overdo it either.

How to go about advancing in a negotiation without coming across as cutting? The first thing is to be kind and courteous.

As the saying goes, Politeness, does not remove the brave.

Courtesy is an essential skill to achieve professional success, so ask direct and specific questions, so that your interest in helping him find what he is looking for is noticed, in this way will give you concrete answers and you cánido get to the point.

8. The shy indecisive customer

This client is the complete opposite of the previous one since he is insecure and shy, but above all, he speaks little and has trouble communicating.

One has to “take the words out of his mouth with a spoon” and he smiles very little, so it’s habitual for him to have a grim face almost all the time.

In general, this type of client has problems to raise your requirements and the worst thing is that they don’t let themselves be helped much, because they evade the questions.

They are extremely closed.

They hesitate so much that, in the end, if they are not served by a good salesperson, They don’t let the sale close.

To approach this client, the first thing you must do is to motivate him to express himself and earn their trust.

You achieve this by maintaining a positive, cheerful attitude, and showing confidence about your product or service. Respect your point of view but let him know that there are other options.

9. The impatient customer

They’re in a hurry all the time, and they think that’s why they’re priority on your agenda so everyone else they remain in the background in your point of view.

For this reason, they demand urgent and immediate attention. They think their priorities they cánido make you skip some steps in the sales process.

They are demanding and determined, as well as meticulous.

Their impatience makes them detect any detail, no matter how small it may seem, and thanks to that, they may feel offended if they perceive that you are not giving them the attention they deserve.

The essentials when working with these types of clients is to keep patience Remember that if you rush, you lose.

So, how perro you address them?

Have many ways If you do, don’t panic:

  • Avoid clashes.
  • Espectáculo him that he is not right offering you the most information
  • Examine the feasibility of your requirement.
  • Meets your demands as long as, are within what is allowed.

10. The know-it-all client

It is believed smarter than everyone and constantly, he contradicts others.

his ego and pride they are through the roof and he thinks he is above everyone, so he handles himself with a certain air of superiority.

It cánido be aggressive or offensive if it is contradicted.

He tries to impose himself most of the time, and that leads him to be very demanding.

Hence he defends his rights very hard and demand the greatest attention possible.

Being extremely detailed, he tends to archivo many claims, with or without rights.

With these types of clients you have to be careful, so keep your patience and education is key.

Listen carefully and let him see that his contributions have been important, but don’t lose your leadership because after all, it is you who perro offer solutions to your demand. Give him the reason if his approach does not affect the company to a greater extent.

eleven. The impulsive customer

He is impatient and sometimes indecisive, so it is quite common that you may seem convinced of something, but after a while change your mind.

Many times I have met clients who, after a long conversation, they were satisfied then they retracted and ended up rejecting the purchase.

The situation is frustrating, because you feel that you have wasted your time, but you have to learn to cope with it.

As if that were not enough, these types of clients complejo turístico more to emotion than to reasoning and knowing this, do not be surprised if in the middle of a negotiation they come out with a fit of anger.

My recommendation for dealing with them? They would be the following:

  • Be patient and tolerant but act quickly.
  • espectáculo him The goodnesses of your product or service.
  • have firmness in your attitude and in your words.
  • make him feel that for you It is a pleasure to serve you and give you a solution to your problems.

12. the objetivo customer

It is not the most suitable person or company to acquire your products or services.

The classification refers to the most equanimous, fair and impartial client, speaking in terms of personality.

Many people will wonder But, do these types of customers exist?

Well, I perro assure you that yes, although they are not abundant.

The objetivo customer is the one we all want to have.

Because? Because it evaluates the sale or negotiation process in its proper dimension, is understanding and balanced, and it may be demanding, but he knows how far to do it.

He never exaggerates, and just as he demands, He also knows how to give.

More than a recommendation to address it, I would tell you that what you need is to keep it.

For that, all you need is to be a good entrepreneur and you achieve this by showing off all the values, attitudes and virtues inherent in this job.

funnel customers according to grade fidelity

Guaranteeing the continuity of our venture implies sustaining, over time, commercial relations with our clients.

This is achieved, on the one hand, guaranteeing profitability, directly or indirectly, and on the other, fostering fidelity.

During the loyalty process development You will come across four types of customers:

  1. New client: The one who is just requesting your services or products.

    Capturing it is much more expensive than maintaining it.

    But there is always a first time.

  2. Satisfied Customer: It is the one that manages to exceed or match the expectations prior to the purchase with the benefit received.
  3. Loyal Customer: The one who returns time and time again, but also refers clients to you.

    He is demanding, expressive and honest.

    It is the engine that moves any business.

  4. Evangelizing client: The one who spreads the benefits of your product or service, giving it more value and credibility.

    Support all your actions spontaneously.

The conversion funnel, to scale position and move from one level to another, is achieved as follows:

  • From new customer to satisfied customer: Maintaining a close, continuous and proactive relationship.

    It is necessary to take care of the details and take advantage of any situation to surprise them.

    Make commitments with them It will earn you their trust. Customizing your products/services based on each client generates a lot of satisfaction.

  • From satisfied customer to loyal customer: Satisfaction does not automatically lead to loyalty.

    That has to be earned.

    How?: Knowing the client very well and fulfilling the expectations that you have generated.

    Even when you don’t sell, add value and provide short-term solutions.

    Make him feel unique by personalizing the attention you give him.

  • From loyal customer to evangelizing customer: Do you constantly negotiate with you, like your product or service, but still do not make your loyalty and satisfaction public? Turn the purchase or sale into a positive experience and there will be no space in which you do not express yourself well.

    Expand your communication channels so that he replied your messages and even create your own.

Now that you know how many types of customers there are, and how to treat them, let’s do it.

I hope this articulo has helped you to clarify your doubts.

If you liked it, share it with your colleagues, surely they too It will provide them with ideas to better face his day to day.

If you want to make a suggestion or add something I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment. See you on the networks!

Author Description: Daniel Ronceros has experience in all types of sales that have made him an all-terrain salesperson.

He is dedicated to helping professionals and businesses to improve the sales of their companies in a personalized way and with his Daniel Ronceros website.

He has billed million-dollar sales and has clients on 4 continents.

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 12 types of customers you will find in your
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  12 types of customers you will find in your

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