12 reasons why you are a failure and

12 reasons why you are a failure and

If your life is not where you expected it to be right now, there are a few reasons that may explain the reason for your situation.

Maybe you feel that you have failed at everything what you have done so far and that everything in life goes wrong for you.

But you perro fix it and be successful from now on if you accept that there are things you don’t do well and you are willing to work on them.

Today we are going to explore together some of the more important reasons for which perhaps you have been failing so that you are clear about what is preventing you reach your goals.

Once you have discovered what your weak points are, you perro start working on them and take action to change your life and make it better.

12 reasons why you are a failure and everything goes wrong

1. You haven’t faced your greatest fear

We all have a fear that rule our lives; for some it is trying new things, getting out of our comfort zone, or being afraid of failing.

For others, their biggest fear is interacting with new people, learning a new skill, or even the fear of not knowing how to do something well.

You already know what scares you the most do in life.

But if you don’t make the decision to face that fear, you will never succeed at the level that you want or would like.

And the reason is fácil: surely that fear is the one that it’s been holding you back during all these years, and the culprit that you have not reached the objectives that you wanted so much.

So hit that fear very hardstart taking small steps TODAY to overcome it, and you will see how the obstacles that until now prevented you from going further begin to collapse in your path.

You perro do it! You have enough courage and strength to face anything in this life.

2. You are not motivated by ANYTHING you do

If there is nothing and no one in your life that motivates or inspires you even a little, then you have a problem

We all need something that excites usthat sends a chill down our spines and gives us the motivation we need.

And we all have that thing that excites us and makes our hearts go faster when we think about it.

The problem is that many times we do not stop to look for what it is that which motivates us so much.

Perhaps right now you are thinking “there is nothing that inspires me, nor motivates me, nor I like it”, but is not true.

What happens to you is that you have never stopped to think What is your passionor what you enjoy your happiest moments with.

That is why you should do the following exercise: sit in a quiet place with a piece of paper and a pencil, think of all those things you could be doing for hours without getting boredand write them down.

If you feel unmotivatedmaybe the first 5 or 10 minutes you perro’t think of anything or you have a little trouble thinking about what makes you happy.

But don’t give up: make an effort to find that activity or purpose that really fills you up.

If you find it very difficult to find something that inspires you, go out and don’t stop trying new things until you get it.

3. You let outside forces control you

Does your boss tell you what to do every day? Is your life controlled by the bills you have to pay each month? Don’t you dare to do certain things because you fear others will judge you or criticize you?

All these external factors are responsible for you have failed so far because you have let them control your life.

If you let other people or other things tell you what is important to you, you will never be able to achieve the true success you want. You want to.

We all have bills to pay, people in our lives who criticize us because they don’t like what we do, how we act, or even how we dress…

But you shouldn’t let that take full control of your life.

Do not pay attention to those who speak badly about you: surely they envy you because you have been brave to do something they dare not.

And if your boss or your bills overwhelm you, look for ways to solve that situation like looking for another job, talking to him, or cutting expenses and saving a part of your higher salary.

4. You fall into temptation too easily…

Are you one of those people that every time something goes wrong, you go out to buy something to have a little more joy?

Or of those who prefer to stay at home when there is a problem, eating pizza and watching tvor not get out of bed?

Stop falling into those temptations all the time and start have a little discipline with yourself.

You perro’t have the life of a millionaire or a successful person if you always let those little pleasures keep you from your true goal.

Your mind is a specialist in deceiving you tempting you with things you don’t really need and don’t do you any good.

That’s why you need to be aware of those tricks and learn to say no when those thoughts come your way.

This is the only way to really make the most of the time you have, do valuable thingsand reach the goal you have equipo for yourself.

5. You listen to anyone who has an opinion

A friend of mine once told me: Jenny, opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.

And my friend is quite right: we all have an opinion on each topic or each thing.

But that doesn’t orinan that all the comments we get be good.

People will always tell you what they think you should do, say, or how to behave. But they are not you.

Yes, it is good that you listen to them and take the advice they give you; but it is you who must make your own decisions and not depend on others when they tell you what is best for you.

6. You are too lazy!

Getting out of bed every morning or staying in bed late is the first sign that will tell you if you are really ready to be successful, or if you prefer to be successful. continue to be a failure that you will never achieve anything in life.

take action It is the most important thing to succeed and be successful.

If you are not able to wake up to start doing things that lead you to where you want, then you will never get anywhere.

Get off the couch or chair and start working for what you want.

It’s time to push yourself 5 times more than you were doing so far to find something that motivates you and helps you achieve your goals.

7. your room is a pigsty

No, I’m not your mother trying to tell you how to live your life.

But keeping your room clean and tidy is what will help you keep control of things and have your mind clear and organized.

Think about it: your room is where you probably have most ideas about things you want to do.

And maybe it’s where you work to meet those goals you’ve equipo for yourself.

And it will be very difficult for you to work if you have things here and there tossed, disorganized, or dirty.

success consists of have disciplineand a clean room is part of that regime.

So pick up everything you have in your room and stop living like you’re a teenager who doesn’t give a damn.

8. You are always humiliating others

The easiest thing in the world is criticize the the rest for what they do.

If you go to any soccer match or any other sport, you will see a lot of people yelling at the jugadores and telling them how bad they are at that sport.

But humiliating or criticizing others is also the easiest way to fail in life

Forget what others are doing and focus on how you perro be better in your life.

Instead of putting others down and telling them how horrible they are or how bad they do something, try give them inspiration and motivate them by appreciating the work they do.

Remember that the real winners in life are the ones who lift people upnot the ones that sink them.

9. Why do you dress like that?

It may seem silly to you, but the way you dress and your personal care They say a lot about the person you are.how others see you, and how that affects your mind.

If your beard is unkempt, if your hair is tangled, and you smell like you just get out of a garbage perroNo one is going to take you seriously, not even yourself.

Take pride in your appearance and don’t be afraid to espectáculo your personality at the same time when you dress.

Realize that when you dress well and are neat, so are you. you will feel good about yourselfand that will give you the motivation and energy to go for everything you equipo your mind to.

10. You wake up very late!

One of the things that super successful people do is wake up early every morning.

None of them get up later than 7:30 on weekdays.

The sooner you wake up the faster you perro start your dayand more time you will have to do all the things you want or need.

Going to bed late, and then waking up late too, is what is killing your success and making you a failure.

eleven. you never help others

When was the last time that you did something for someone else for no reason? You will never succeed in life if you don’t understand that giving is what really makes the world work in a positive way.

The more you help others, the more you will get what you want, and the chances that someone help you too to achieve success will be higher.

You don’t even need to have a reason to do something nice by other person.

You just have to learn to take positive habits like helping others and be generous with others to start being a winner in your life.

12. You think you’re already successful

Perhaps you are one of those people who believes that they are already successful… Perhaps in front of others you will teach the nice car that you bought yourself, or the luxurious watch that you got for your birthday a few months ago.

but those things they don’t really make you successful.

In fact, what prevents you from succeeding and being happy with your success is thinking that you have already achieved everything you wanted in life.

You have not done it.

Success is not something that is built and, once finished, you don’t have to do anything else.

You must keep it and equipo other goals May they provide you with success in other areas of your life.

And do not think that you are a winner for To have more money than your neighbor or a better house.

Actually what gives success in life are the people around you, the experiences you liveand how good you feel about yourself.

So put your ego aside, because you still you have a way to learn.

And you, What steps are you going to take to change your life and make it better? Leave me a comment below and share what you think.

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 12 reasons why you are a failure and
  12 reasons why you are a failure and
  12 reasons why you are a failure and

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