12 promotional strategies to increase your

12 promotional strategies to increase your

To promote a product, a business, or a service, no need to have a big budget and spend a lot of money on advertising.

Today I am going to espectáculo you by teaching you 12 promotion strategies that you perro use in your business to attract customers, increase your sales, and generate more benefits.

These methods cánido be put into practice whether you have a physical store or a en línea businessor if you sell your products or services on a web page, on your blog, or on a Fb page.

But best of all, most of These strategies won’t cost you a dime.

So if you want to have more sales in your business, but you don’t have money to spend on advertising, keep reading and put any of these into practice. 12 promotional strategies.

12 promotional strategies for increase the sales of your business

1. Promote yourself on popular media

Popular networks are the perfect marketing tool for the 21st century entrepreneur.

Opening an account on a popular network will not cost you anything, and you will reach hundreds and even thousands of potential customers.

But you must know how to use them effectively.

To promote a product or business on popular media it is not enough to create a profile and wait for the entusiastas to arrive.

Here I leave you some basic steps to implement this method and make the most of it:

  • Create a profile on a maximum of 3 popular networks (Fb is almost mandatory, and Twitter and Instagram would also be a good iniciativa)
  • Do not articulo a fácil backlink to your products or your business: accompany it with an attractive text that will make your fanes want to clic on it
  • share too posts from other pages with interesting content
  • Espectáculo information that gets your fanes interested in your product or business (for example, photos of how your products are created, vídeos using your elementos)
  • ALWAYS reply to questions or comments that your followers leave you
  • Create contests or events funny ones your fanes cánido interact with
  • Articulo interesting content (motivating phrases, amazing photos) for users to share and thus reach more people

Read the following article to learn more about popular media promotion: 7 consejos to succeed with popular media marketing.

2. Encourage shopping with discount vouchers

A discount voucher is a tool that cánido help you not only get more sales, but also retain customers also.

The secret to making this promotion strategy work is limit the time in which it cánido be used this discount (for example, a discount that lasts only 5 days), and that cánido only be used by a small number of people.

So you will create a feeling of exclusivity in the client (only he or she perro use it) and urgently.

How to offer this discount? There are several methods:

  • through your Fb page (only for followers)
  • Sending an dirección de correo electrónico to subscribers of your newsletter on your website or blog
  • Giving a discount voucher to customers making a purchase in your physical or en línea business
  • Handing out a limited number of discounts in a street near your physical store

3. Send your product to bloggers and youtubers

This is a method that both large and small companies use because the results are very good and hardly cost any money.

It consists of locating weblogs with good visits and popularity, but related to your business, and contact bloggers to send them your product free in exchange for them talking about it to their readers.

If you have a clothing store, search weblogs of fashion and beauty to send them a t-shirt, a skirt or a dress.

If you sell mobile aplicaciones, search YouTube channels in which they talk about technology or vídeo games and give them free access to your aplicación so they cánido espectáculo it to their audience.

4. Offer free samples to your buyers

There is no better way to attract customers and buy from you again and again than allowing them to test your products first.

It is true that not all businesses perro do this (a computer store cannot give a computer as a sample); but if your merchandise allows it, give a sample of it is an excellent promotional strategy.

You perro give free samples in your same physical store when a person makes a purchase – so the client will feel special and will buy from you again – or distribute samples at home in the mailboxes of the houses.

If you have an en línea store, send a sample with each order or allow people to request a sample without buying.

In the event that you sell digital services or products (libros electrónicos, mp3 music, consulting services), gives free access to that service for a couple of days or send them a part of that service for free (for example, a couple of chapters of your ebook for free).

5. Do marketing with your newsletter

If you have an en línea store, or have created a website for your physical business, it is a good iniciativa to do a newsletter or newsletter to keep your buyers and future customers informed of your news or promotions.

So you perro advertise yourself better and get more interested customers in what you sell.

To find out how to put this strategy into action, read point 1 of the following articulo: 6 digital marketing strategies to attract customers.

6. Run a contest

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Launch a contest in which the prize is one of your products or services perro help you a lot to promote yourself and get popularity for your business.

Not only will you be able to make yourself known, you will also you will create curiosity about what you sell on the people who participate.

The best method to start a contest is to do it on popular networks.

On Fb ask your entusiastas to participate share your articulo on their profiles in which the photo of your product appears and a backlink to your website.

You may be thinking that with this promotion strategy you will have to send a free product; but that action will help you to make it known, and the winner of the prize tell your friends and family about your rewardand on your blog or YouTube channel if you have one.

The rest of the contestants will discover what you sell, what is your en línea store, website, or address of your business, and surely they will be interested in your products and will make a purchase.

7. Write a guest articulo on other pages

Writing a guest articulo on other web pages or weblogs in your industry will help you introduce yourself to potential clients and expand the presence of your business.

This promotional strategy It is afín to sending a free product to bloggers and youtubersonly here, in exchange for a little publicity, what you will give is an article to be published.

In that article you cánido write about an important topic and, in a subtle way, promote your product so that the people who read it are interested in it.

8. Collaborate with other businesses

A good iniciativa is look for other businesses that are not your direct competitionbut that they have clients in common with you, and thus collaborate with them to send you the clients of the other.

For example, if you have a cell phone store, you cánido partner with a computer business.

When someone comes to buy from you, tell them about the computer store and give a discount for that businessand have the computer store do the same for their customers.

This is a great way to promote yourself, get more known, and get increase your client portfolio by helping other entrepreneurs like you.

9. Make demonstrations or small courses for free

Offer free demos of your products in your business is another good way to attract the attention of your customers to publicize your small business.

Not only will you be able to arouse their curiosity in your merchandise, but you will also make them the desire to buy increases when they see the benefits it perro provide them.

One way to do this is offer small courses that do not last more than two hours in which you teach to use that article.

Do the demos on days you have more customers in your business so more people cánido see the test.

the great company Apple often emplees this method and they have verified that it is a great way to increase their sales.

They usually do small workshops from time to time (3 months, 6 months) that only last a couple of hours one afternoon, and espectáculo the operation of the new iPad, the new iPhone, or any other accessory that has just been launched on the market.

10. Hand out business cards

Printing a few business cards won’t cost you a lot of money and you perro make a good professional impression with them by giving them to people who cánido promote your business.

Create cards that include your business logotipo, a small slogan or phrase that describes what you sell, your correo electrónico, phone number, address of your store or your website.

Do not cut yourself: give these cards to everyone who perro advertise you – friends and family who distribute them among their acquaintances, or even clients so that they remember you or give them to other people -.

Talk to owners of establishments that are not your competition and ask them if you perro leave them there for their customers to take them…

eleven. Create promotional bookmarks

Creates a bookmark fun with the backlink to your website or blog, the address of your local, the name of your brand, and go to the public library of your city.

ask the librarian if you perro leave some bookmarks there for people to catch.

Or if he cánido give one of your bookmarks to anyone who borrows a book.

Inevitably, the readers of those books they will see and surely many of them, if only out of curiosity, they will entrar your website or visit your physical store and they will be interested in your services or articles.

12. Put advertising in the mailboxes

This last promotional strategy It is the most traditional and best known by all.

It consists of creating some brochures or advertisements announcing your business, and putting these papers in the mailboxes of nearby houses to your establishment.

If you have little budget, print these flyers yourself; but if you have a little money, you cánido design a nice ad to be printed at a nearby printer where they don’t charge much.

You’d better use this method to a store or physical businessand that you distribute the advertising in the houses near where your local is located.

As you see, most of these promotional strategies won’t cost you a dimeand in the rest you will have to invest very little money to put them into practice.

They are techniques that although they seem fácil, They work very effectively, and are used around the world. both by large and small companies, as well as by people who are starting their path in the entrepreneurial world.

Which of these promotional strategies have you used and which ones worked best for you? Leave me a comment below telling me about your experience.

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 12 promotional strategies to increase your
  12 promotional strategies to increase your
  12 promotional strategies to increase your

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