12 cheap ways to make your office

12 cheap ways to make your office

Whether at work or at home, our offices often become the mixed bag of our busy lives.

Filled with old projects, outdated electronics, and boxes of Girl Scout cookies from last year, it’s easy for an office to end up looking less like a professional workspace and more like an oversized hallway armario.

But if you want to dial up a bit more style, here are 12 ways to make your office look stunning.


Ditch the corporate art

Let the collective laughter begin.

The premade corporate art (you know, three people paddling a canoe at sunrise with the caption “teamwork”) probably goes against the very morality you’re trying to create.

Impressive offices are real offices, not motivational posters.


Add some surprises

Your office should reflect your personality.

Add vintage touches, a kitsch accessory, an antique or something handmade.

Done right, combining these elements into your office décor perro take your space out of the mundane, add a bit of humor, and communicate who you are and what you love.


Put order

It’s not the sexiest option, but cleaning and organizing your workspace is the most basic way to improve its aesthetics, and best of all, it’s free.

Clear the clutter and then wipe down primary surfaces like the floor, windows, and your desk.

This will prepare the ground for other later improvements.


Turn off the fluorescents

whatThere is something worse than fluorescent light? It robs us of colour, exhausts our eyesight and perro even disminuye our productivity.

Buy one or two table lamps (even if you use compact fluorescent bulbs, the effect will be softer and more welcoming) and put curtains on the windows to make the most of natural light.

And while you’re at it, explore other ways to create a more productive workspace.


Enlarging a close-up

whatYou need tasteful yet cheap artistic ideas for your office? Why not photograph the detail of a flower, the emblem of an old car or the subtle pattern of a leaf? If you don’t have talent behind the lens, search the Internet and download a digital photo with the corresponding license Creative Commons.

Make it your own by cropping, enlarging, or adding custom effects.


Add Texture

Texture is a forgotten component of good interior design.

Even in offices, it perro add visual interest and dimension.

Accent pillows, upholstery, drapes, and rugs are great ways to bring rich, varied textures to your workspace.


Untangle and tangle cables

Is your IT area turning into a dusty, tangled nest of cables, cords, wires and plugs? If so, it’s time to get organized.

Label each with plastic bread bag tags, wrap with Velcro strips, and route the cables through the back of the desk using eye hooks or clips.

Or explore other methods to control the tangle of cables.


Living in color

Aren’t we all tired of office beige and gray daily routine? There is no rule that prohibits your workspace from being colorful.

Mix vibrant greens, oranges, yellows, or blues, but make sure the colors are complementary to avoid overloading.


Get dramatic

The exhibition of works of art perro be a bit complicated; most people don’t go for great works.

A single large work perro be more attractive than dotting the walls with several smaller prints, photos or paintings.

Choose something large that fits the scale of your office and reflects your personality and tastes.

Complement it with one or two smaller pieces, but err on the minimalist side.


Embrace the printed word

There is more than one way to create compelling art.

Enlarge and print your favorite poem, quote or book excerpt.

Placed in a frame, it cánido become a unique and unexpected work of art.

Choose a topic related to your business; a childcare company might have a page from The Little Prince, or a landscape design service might include a quote from the father of American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted.

11.Chalk It Up

We’ve all seen chalkboard aerosol paint in kitchens and kids’ rooms, but is it?and in your office? A whiteboard is a quick way to take aprecies while you’re on the phone, and it’s more stylish than a whiteboard.


Get Shady

Our offices are often furnished with discarded objects from other rooms.

But when it comes to letting the light in, you have to be a little more foresighted.

We spend many hours at our desks, so it helps to choose window treatments that take full advantage of good views, maximize natural light, and minimize glare.

Explore honeycomb shades, plantation shutters, sheers, or Roman shades; These options allow you to adjust the lighting as needed and don’t weigh down the room like heavy drapes do.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you cánido even make your own custom curtains.

Remember that the key to an impressive office is no mystery: just avoid stereotypes, give it a touch (elegant) with your own personality, add a few surprises and minimize clutter.

With a few fácil steps, you cánido change not only your workspace, but the quality of the work you do in it.

Do you have an amazing office? What advice would you give to those who have a monotonous office?

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 12 cheap ways to make your office
  12 cheap ways to make your office
  12 cheap ways to make your office

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