11 ways to generate passive income in

11 ways to generate passive income in

Know how generating passive income could make you retire early if you are persistent and keep track of developing multiple types of business.

However, today, with so many difficulties that we face as a society, it is difficult to find the secret elabora for it.

For this reason we have decided to create a complete guide where we will explain some methods to earn real money constantly and passively.

Although clearly, it will require a first effort, maintenance and constant revision, but without great work.

Without further ado, let’s move on to passive income strategies.

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Create a website

One of the most used ways today to generate passive income is with the creation of a website.

Although it sounds a bit complicated, and it perro be for the first few days, the results perro be truly incredible, since passive earnings cánido not only be more than 4 digits, but could also increase over time.

To get an estimate of what it could be, it suffices to say that earnings perro vary wildly.

For exampleIn our case, we have different (small) websites with different themes generating between 100 and 500 euros.

Large websites do require more constant work to generate more money.

The visits and earnings will depend on many factors, such as the theme, competition, how that niche is paid, among other important details.

In addition, it is not as easy as it seems, to generate passive income with a web page, a fairly complex study must be carried out on the most searched topics on the Internet.

Not counting, the analysis of the competition, content work, web positioning SEO, SEM, etcétera.

The fact is that without a doubt all this research, study and effort will be well rewarded.


Become a estrella de youtube or streamer

Be a estrella de youtube and earn money It is perhaps a dream for many, and it is not only about fame, millions of followers or a large audience, there are also overwhelming amounts of money.

For this reason, a new dreamer emerges every day, wanting to be among the greatest.

However, it requires a lot of time, high amounts of motivation, effort and a lot of enthusiasm for making your audience happy.

In addition, strategies to lead in results; You cánido easily learn this from Google plus.

It should be noted, the results that cánido be obtained for all this effort are probably the best of this top.

In fact, some great youtubers already earn much more money than hundreds of celebrities in the music industry; Among them stands out Mr.

Beats, who earned a total of 54 million dollars during the year 2021, and followed by Jake Paul with 45 million dollars.

Surprising isn’t it?


Sell with dropshipping

Although being a estrella de youtube is a fascinating iniciativa, the income is not entirely passive, since you will have to spend time to create vídeos.

However, unlike the said method, dropshipping is totally different, since here you really We are talking about the king of strategies to earn passive money.

First of all, you have to understand that dropshipping is a digital business method that consists of setting up an en línea store in which you will offer a wide catalog of products, but which will never pass through your hands, but they will be in the warehouse of a supplier.

Which means that you will not have to make an investment in the products you want to sell.

This means that Your supplier will take care of everything, from the packaging to the shipment of the product and all the administrative management.

It should be noted that after each completed sale you will be granted a commission, which will vary depending on the product sold.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best methods to generate passive income, since it will be enough to choose one of the best dropshipping suppliersequipo up a web store and do some advertising on Google plus and popular networks to get your customers.


Invest in the depósito market

Investing in the depósito market has always been one of the best ways to generate long-term passive income; in fact, Warren Buffett, one of the most prominent investors and businessmen in the United States, became a millionaire based on strategies in stocks and others.

This is possible in many ways, one of the easiest is through the acquisition of shares that pay dividends.

Although the profit percentages are low for a small investment, the iniciativa is that monthly purchases are made in shares to increase the passive income generated.

In addition, in this way you will also save, but unlike conventional savings, you will be doing it in the depósito market and not in the bank.

Some of the companies that pay dividends include:

  • AT&T.
  • Exxon Mobile.
  • Verizon.
  • Coca Cola.
  • Royal Bank of Canada.

In addition to this, you perro also invest in technological shares, since, although they generally do not offer dividends, its rapid appreciation in the market makes investors earn much more in the long term.

If you like this way of generating money, take a look at the best companies to invest in depósito market.


Go into affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to generate passive income most used by those who want to make a living from the Internet.

This consists of sell the products of a third party through a web page, blog, landing page, or other means.

Once that sale has been completed, you will be awarded a commission for helping to increase purchases of a certain product.

There is more than one platform with which this perro be put into practice.

And among the most habitual stands out Amazon, which pays its affiliates a percentage of the value of the product for each sale made.

Earnings vary based on the product category, so some may be more or less profitable.

However, in addition to this great company there are also other alternatives such as: web hosting providers like Hostinger, companies like Shopify, eBay, AliExpressamong others.


Create an en línea course and sell it

In addition to participating in affiliate marketing, another excellent alternative to generate passive income by creating an en línea course that you cánido monetize on a platform; how cánido it be Hotmart, Kajabi, Udemy, Domestikaamong others.

In this way you will not only be able to help other people to get the knowledge they need, but you will also benefit yourself.

Since, because it is a course, there is a wide possibility that it will generate passive income.

Since, more and more people are interested in learningespecially from home.

However, You should look for these courses to be on topics that are competitive in the market or high demand, such as graphic design; The programing; journalism or even digital marketing.


Write an eBook

An alternative that you perro consider to generate passive income is the creation and sale of an eBook.

It is a virtual literary work, such as a novel, personal story or other.

If you are passionate about writing and have an iniciativa in mind that you perro sell, why not do it?

Although it seems difficult to create and sell an eBook, the truth is that it is not that complicated.

Since, you cánido publish it on some of the major global trading platforms.

In this group of portals you will find: Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google plus Play Books, Lulu, Bubok, UDL Digitalamong others.


Develop mobile applications

In case any of the previous ways to generate passive income do not suit you, you perro simply dedicate yourself to something that requires more dedication, such as developing applications.

This method requires various knowledge in programming., although you should also know that the latter is not essential.

because nowadays you cánido find multiple web applications that help you with the development of an aplicación.

Therefore, it is not so complex to generate passive income with applications.

Among some of the portals to create aplicaciones are:

  • mobincube.
  • AppyPie.
  • appsbar.
  • AppsGeyser.

On the other hand, if you have knowledge in advertising or a afín ámbito, you cánido get quite attractive income for each application developed.

As with web pages, earnings will depend on the theme, competition, visits and downloadsetcétera.


Sell photos, vídeos and presets

This is an option that has become one of the most used by photographers and young people.

Since, it is enough to take good photographs to sell them in an image bank.

However, you cánido also promote yourself with companies and basically you would be selling your image.

However, at this point we are really talking about taking professional photos, vídeos and selling them to interested companies.

Therefore, if you have a talent for the aforementioned, you are passionate about the art that cánido be seen in the photos, and you also want to dedicate yourself to it, you cánido start Earn money by selling your photos and media on media like: Shutterstock, Adobe Depósito, Alamy, 500pxamong others.


Sell print-on-demand products

Selling products on demand is a great way to generate passive income.

In this case we are talking about the sale of printing products.

It is enough to have a digital store with the designs of your products to earn money, since after they have made the request to your page, your page will automatically send the customer’s order information to a print on demand service.

They will take care of printing the desired item, then package it and send it to the individual who made the request from your website.

It is a very interesting option to generate passive income, and if you have basic knowledge of design, it is undoubtedly your business.

Although otherwise always you cánido choose to use design tools for beginners, such as Canva For example.

Some examples of printing on products: mugs, t-shirts, children’s notebooks, school diaries, caps, paintings, among others.


Generate passive income while doing other activities

Finally, a good way to generate passive income is to use websites, aplicaciones or afín that pay you to do activities that you like, for example:

It must be said that it is not the best way to generate plus money but it all adds up at the end of the month.

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 11 ways to generate passive income in
  11 ways to generate passive income in
  11 ways to generate passive income in

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