11 successful businesses that work in times

11 successful businesses that work in times

There is a perfect moment to start a business? The most logical thing is that you think so, and that if the economy of the planet is really bad, the most sensible thing to do is wait for the storm to pass to start your own company.

But if you look a little at any time in history, you will realize that there are certain businesses that have remained strong and they have made the most of the times of greatest economic crisis.

If you want to become your own boss, start get the iniciativa out of your head that now is not a good time.

The true entrepreneurs don’t be intimidated due to lack of money, employment, or even the little time they may have to work on their businesses.

And you must do the same and think like them if you want to entrar the business world and succeed in this market.

It is true that not all companies are good for a time of crisis, and that you must beware when choosing the venture you want to create.

That’s why here I share this list of 11 types of successful businesses that you perro start in times of crisisand with which you will get the same profits (or even more) than when the economy is at its best.

11 successful businesses in times of crisis that will give you big benefits

1. sale of alcohol

Virtually all companies engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages they withstand the worst moments of crisis well economic.

The most expensive types of drinks, such as vodka or whiskeythey are affected because their prices are higher.

But in the case of drinks such as liquors, beer or winetheir profits remain the same or even higher thanks to the lower prices they have.

Why is this happening? Because human beings are animals of habit, and we don’t leave a habit just because the personal or financial situation has worsened.

we adapt and we do what is necessary to continue maintaining it, especially when it is a habit that makes us feel good and takes us away from our problems a little.

If someone is used to having a beer after work with their colleagues, will continue to do even if that means cutting expenses elsewhere.

Here are many alcohol-related businesses you perro consider: from the typical bar where customers go to watch football having a drink, even a liquor store or a distilled or fermented beverage factory.

2. Beauty products

Did you know that 1929, during the years of the Great Depression, was one of the times when more lipsticks were sold even though the women had hardly any money?

This is pure psychology: at the worst times everyone we need to look good as a way to encourage and motivate us to keep going, especially women.

Forks cheaper to buy a lipstick or a blush to get it, than to buy a dress or some nice shoes.

so here you go another successful business in times of crisis more to which you cánido get a lot of use, and where you will find many options to start.

You cánido start your own line of cosmetics, or sell brands that already exist on the market; cánido offer makeup in a physical store, or create your own en línea store for this type of product.

Start up a beauty salon in which you offer facial and body treatments, or a hairdresser where you fix the hair of your clients…

Any business you cánido think of related to the world of beauty for women is valid here.

3. Health care

We are increasingly aware that being healthy, both inside and out, is important if we want to reach 80 years of age. as healthy as we cánido.

That is why today there are many people who take time to exerciseto join a gym, buy fitness equipment for their homes, or pay for health insurance to have medical check-ups once a year.

Health is something that concerns us all, and we are willing to invest in it the money that is necessary to be healthy or prevent diseases that harm us.

This is why health-related businesses be very prosperous even in times of economic crisis.

And what types of businesses cánido you open here? Anything that has to do even a little with body care.

For example, open a gyma nutrition consultation, a medical clinic, you perro become a masseur, physical therapist at homegive yoga classes, personal training…

4. The luxury market

Economic crises do not affect everyone equally. AND people with purchasing power It seems to be a campo that almost always gets rid of it.

that’s why these people they keep buying luxury carsbig houses, high-end clothes, and premium products regardless of whether the market is better or worse.

So here you perro find a good opportunity to create a business that not even in times of crisis does it sink.

There are lots of juicy businesses you cánido start, like jewelry stores, personal services for VIP clientssale of expensive cars… Any company you perro think of for this type of very special buyers.

5. Sale of specialized foods

We all need to eat, and food is basic that we buy daily; but there are groups of people who have special needs in this area.

For example, diabeticspeople with allergies to gluten, lactose intolerant, people who only eat vegetables, etcétera.

A good iniciativa for a successful business in times of crisis is sale of specialty foods for these groups of consumers who cannot eat the same foods as others.

You perro create a specialized lugar de comidas, a food delivery service only for those allergic to gluten, open a store where you sell this type of product, equipo up a bakery for diabetics…

6. Sweets and desserts business

This campo is closely related to the previous one, only here the specialization is even greater since it deals with sell sweets and desserts exclusively.

In the same way that people do not stop drinking because there is an economic crisis, do not stop eating food that we like as cakes, cupcakes, or chocolates.

What’s more: we are always looking forward to a small celebration (a birthday, Christmas, or any other important event) to be able to treat ourselves and go buy a sweet.

This is the reason why pastry shops do not usually have big economic crises, because they have to all kinds of customers that they are going to buy (from the youngest to the oldest) and people resist not celebrating when an event occurs.

Start a candy business and you will see how you will never lack income. You cánido offer desserts of all kinds, specialize in birthday cakesor create an en línea store of delicious cupcakes.

7. rental of objects

When there is a crisis, and the money every month arrives very just, we think more about what we spend and if it really is something we need or not.

From situations like this is when there has been a great business boom that instead of selling articles, they rent them.

A girlfriend who cánido’t afford to buy a dress just to use it on your wedding day what you will do is rent one for a few hours for a much lower price.

Someone who only needs a car a few days a year will prefer rent a car for a few dollars instead of spending over $10,000 on a new vehicle.

These are flourishing more and more rental businessand it cánido be a very good opportunity for you if you want to become an entrepreneur.

Some ideas are to rent wedding dresses or cars as I told you before, but you perro also do it with other objects such as high end clothingaccessories, bicycles…

8. repair companies

What do people do when something breaks and they don’t have enough money to buy a new product? They take it to repair because it’s cheaper.

When our budget is very fair, we didn’t buy a new microwavenot a televisión, not a móvil or a car.

So here you have another successful business that you perro start both in a physical location and from your own home if you have enough space.

9. Thrift shopping

Just as in times of crisis we do not buy new things and repair the ones we already have, there are many people who go to thrift stores to find offers of products that are cheaper for them.

Here you perro specialize in already used “retro” elementos (old elementos that are no longer sold), or offer second hand products Newer and in good condition.

You cánido start a second-hand store by renting a physical location, or you cánido start this activity vía Internet selling objects on your own website or on platforms such as Free market either ebay.

10. funeral services

I wish life wasn’t like this, but our time here is limited, and every time someone dies need funeral services Give him a decent burial.

Without a doubt this is a business in which you will never lack clientsbecause unfortunately people die every day, and even in times of crisis, family members are willing to pay for this type of service.

eleven. Financial management services

There is no better time for create a financial management service than in times of crisis. At times like this, many people go to a manager to make the most of their money and to save.

But businesses also need advisers who take their accounts to maximize the business benefits they derive.

So as you see here you cánido start many different types of companies: tax consultancies, agencies, debt management, even start your own credit business and loans if you have enough capital.

What other successful businesses in times of crisis do you know? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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I am a journalist specialized in business but my great passion is personal motivation and helping others achieve their goals. I firmly believe that opportunities in life do not happen: you create them.

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 11 successful businesses that work in times
  11 successful businesses that work in times
  11 successful businesses that work in times

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