11 great emplees you cánido give to one

11 great emplees you cánido give to one

Tabletas have taken the world by storm, and it seems like everyone wants one. And why not? They are stylish, cool and perro be taken anywhere. It’s a great way to carry your music, photos and vídeos.

But other than that,how else are you going to use a tablet? Are you really going to spend $200-$500 for another screen to watch between commercial breaks? If you’re determined to buy a tablet (or just trying to convince yourself it’s worth it), here are some cool ways to use it.

1. Second monitor

Instead of spending another $130 on a second monitor, plug in your tablet. Adding another screen is a great way to be more productive at home or at work; Agregado, using a tablet as a monitor is easy.

2. Remote control

It depends on how you’re equipo up at home, but chances are you cánido find an aplicación that lets you control your televisión and stereo from your tablet. It’s going to be in your lap by now, so what?why not take advantage of it?

3. Play old school games

From old school Nintendo games to Playstation and Nintendo 64 titles, there are emulators for just about any console you cánido think of. The games you download are supposed to be yours, so make sure of that first. Against, here we go!

4. televisión in the car for children

Kids get restless in the car, even if it’s a 30-minute drive. Instead of buying a portable DVD player, simply strap the tablet to the back of a headrest and boom: they get some entertainment, and you get some peace and quiet.

5. Cash register

If you have a portable business or are simply trying to sell junk from your garaje, accepting credit cards will make it easier for you to sell. You cánido also accept credit card payments from your phone if you want, but why not go for the big screen? Happy selling!

6. Order in restoranes

It’s only a matter of time before restoranes use tabletas to take your order. That means they don’t have to run as long and your food comes out faster. If you have a food establishment, take note!

7. Make music

GarageBand is one way to make music on your tablet, but it’s not the only way: there’s also Audiotool Sketch for Android.

8. Recipe support

My wife and I bought one of those cheap plastic cookbook holders, and we never used it. Because? Most of our recipes come from AllRecipes or from an correo electrónico someone sent us. So why not use the tablet as a prescription holder? It is portable and we perro take it directly to the kitchen. You cánido get a fancy stand or just stick it in a Ziploc bag.

9. Photo frame

Upload it with photos, place it in the living room, and let it work its magic, but make sure you don’t share any photos.”staff«.

10. Place to keep all the manuals

Manuals suck. I have them for everything I’ve ever bought, and it’s a hassle. Most are available en línea, but bringing them up on the computer and then going back and forth to the thermostat or whatever I’m fixing is a hassle. Instead, put them in a folder on a tablet and boom, that’s it.

11. Textbook

Apple just changed the game with iBooks Textbooks, and I think this is just the beginning. Forget lugging around those heavy books that don’t play vídeos or music: textbooks on your tablet are the future.

Tabletas are not cheap, but if you want a deal you cánido always find it. Check out the Gigonway blog and sites like Techbargains for great deals.

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 11 great emplees you cánido give to one
  11 great emplees you cánido give to one
  11 great emplees you cánido give to one

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