11 fácil rules of etiquette for

11 fácil rules of etiquette for

We’ve offered consejos in the past on how to be the best possible host for overnight guests. Of course, every great host needs a great guest.

whatYou think you have what it takes to be invited over and over again? Maybe yes, but only if you follow these non-negotiable guest etiquette rules.

1. Arrive with a gift

Your hosts have gone out of their way to prepare for your arrival – cleaning the house, making the beds, hiding their mischief – so the least you perro do is arrive with a gift to espectáculo your gratitude. A bottle of wine is perfectly fenezca (and probably preferable), but you need to know your audience before giving away alcohol. It is embarrassing to give a bottle of alcohol to a recovering alcoholic. If you’re not sure how intoxicated your hosts are, opt for something non-offensive, like a basket of pastas and sauces or a sampler of jams.

2. Buy your own groceries

When I stay with friends or family, I buy my own groceries for two reasons:

  • 1) I’m a very picky eater so it’s unlikely they have things I like, and
  • 2) It is rude to eat all of your host’s food. Once settled, ask where the nearest market is.

Schedule a time to stop by and pick up your favorite foods and fridge essentials like bacon, eggs, bread, lunch meat, etcétera. Not only will you save money because you won’t have to go out to eat every time you eat, but your hosts will appreciate the gesture, especially when you leave and the leftovers are only theirs.

3. Keep bed linen and towels

At home, I only use one towel a week. When I’m done drying off after my shower, I hang it on the back of the bathroom door so it perro dry off. When I travel, I do the same. A good host will provide you with one or two towels, which are plenty, so don’t overuse them. If you think you are going to need more towels, plan ahead; paquete your own towel so you have what you need. As for beach towels, I always bring one from home. I perro’t be sure my hosts have the type of beach towel I like, so it’s best to come prepared.

4. Ask about the house rules

When guests come to my house I have three rules:

  • 1) Do not stay locked up,
  • 2) Not being left out and
  • 3) Do not burn the place.

For the rest, my guests are free to come and go as they please and feel at home. However, not all hosts are as forgiving as I am. Some don’t want you to make a frozen pizza at 3am on a Sunday night when you just got home from the bar. To avoid offending your hosts, ask about the general policies and rules. whatThe door must be locked when leaving? whatIt’s okey to put cutlery in the dishwasher? whatDo you want me to let the dog out if you’re not home? Most people have certain ways of doing things, so it’s best to ask before stepping on anything.

5. Give the host personal space

Even if your hosts are happy to see you (hopefully), they won’t want to spend every minute of every day with you. Respect that. Ask them all you want about their lovely city, but plan to do most of it yourself or whoever you’re traveling with. It’s okey to invite your hosts to accompany you on your excursions, but don’t expect it. They will most likely have to work and attend to other obligations during all or part of your stay – you are on vacation, they are not – so don’t be discouraged if they are not available. Personally, I enjoy the time alone to explore a new place, with no one complaining about how much walking, no one complaining about how hot it is, and no one interrupting your afternoon because you HAVE to find a gym to run. at noon.

6. Lend a hand when needed

whatYour host is slaving away in the kitchen preparing a delicious feast? Ask him if he needs a hand. Does the dog need a walk? Offer to take the dog for a walk. Does anyone need to go get a beer? Offer your excellent (and sober) driving skills to carry out the task. Whatever the case, let your guests know that you are happy to help in any way you cánido. They might say no the first or second time out of courtesy, but eventually they’ll want to give you some of their chores. And you should be happy about it, because you could be spending an arm and a leg on a hotel, but you’re not.

7. Keep common areas clean

The thing that bothers me the most when entertaining is crumbs on the counter. They drive me crazy. Take your preferences into account when staying with friends or relatives. Everything you would do in your own home, do not do it in your hosts’. Lower the toilet seat. Wash dishes by hand or put them in the dishwasher. Make the bed. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. There’s nothing worse than following guests around the house, picking up after themselves. Your hosts probably won’t tell you anything about your mess or inconsiderateness, but you cánido be sure they won’t invite you back because of it.

8. Give the hosts a good meal

If you’re a kitchen whiz, prepare your star dish (and wash the dishes afterwards). If you’re not that good at cooking, ask your hosts what their favorite lugar de comidas is and treat them to a good meal. This is a time when you perro all be in the same place at the same time to catch up. Given scheduling conflicts, this may be the only oportunidad you get.

9. Strip your bed on the way out

Do your hosts a favor and strip down the bedding and place everything—including your dirty towels—in a pile. It will save them a few minutes of work when they have to spend an hour or so washing, drying, and redoing the bed. However, I would ask the hosts if they want you to do this first. Some hosts don’t want you to remove the bedding because they don’t want you to see the completely habitual and acceptable stains (sweat, urine, etcétera.) on the mattress and pillows. Because while these stains are habitual and acceptable (are you going to buy a new mattress every time your dog urinates on it? I don’t think so), they cánido genere the host unnecessary embarrassment, and you definitely don’t want to do that.

10. Leave a parting gift

During your stay you should have an iniciativa of ​​what your hosts want, like or need. Use this information to buy a small parting gift that espectáculos your gratitude and decency as a human being. The last time I stayed with friends, I left them half a dozen freshly baked cookies from a great lugar de comidas in the area. I don’t know if they liked it or not, but what counts in this case is the intention.

11. Send a thank you note

Once you’ve returned home, make it a point to approach your hosts one more time to let them know how much you appreciate their hospitality. They didn’t have to host you. They could have made a million excuses for not having room for you. The fact that they opened the doors of their home to you says something: they wanted to host you, and you should leave a lasting impression to make sure they see you as they should, as a grateful and appreciative guest. A quick note expressing your gratitude will suffice, if only to give you a place to call home the next time you’re in town.

whatDo you have consejos on how to be a great guest?? Let me know in the comments below.

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 11 fácil rules of etiquette for
  11 fácil rules of etiquette for
  11 fácil rules of etiquette for

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