11 cheap exotic destinations to discover

11 cheap exotic destinations to discover

whatSearch exotic cheap destinations to include in your 2023 itinerary? These places prove that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.

It all comes down to making wise decisions about where to go and what to do.

There are several advantages of visiting cheap travel destinations.

The first and most obvious benefit of cheap places to travel is that you have to deal with fewer crowds.

Many habitual destinations are expensive because most local and tourist businesses exploit the influx of tourists in their area.

Therefore, choosing cheap vacation spots will allow you to enjoy attractions and activities without the crowds.

Another advantage of the cheapest places to travel is that you cánido get more value for your money.

Instead of using your travel budget on room and board, you cánido use it for travel experiences.

With restrictions easing around the world, you may be itching to travel again.

You’re in luck because I’ve compiled a list of the best cheap travel spots that will give you the freedom to see and do more on your vacation.

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The 11 best cheap exotic destinations to visit in 2023

Before you start looking for flights, take note of this list of the best cheap travel spots for this year.

You’ll find plenty of destination ideas you may not have considered before.



Macedonia is one of the least visited countries in the Balkan region.

However, it is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in this part of the world.

It seems to be one of the best kept secrets in the Balkans, as it receives far fewer visitors than its neighboring countries.

The capital city of Skopje is a haven for architecture enthusiasts with its historical monuments, sculptures, and buildings.

These are attractions that you cánido explore for free.

You perro also walk to the Old Bazaar and visit Lugar de comidas Row to try local foods at better prices than your touristy neighbors.

When you are in Macedonia, do not miss a visit to the Lake Ohrid region.

Enjoy a full day boat trip on Lake Ohrid and soak up the history and beauty of this region.

You perro also find many free natural attractions, as the area boasts some of the cleanest lakes in the Balkans, which are ideal for fishing and canoeing.


Laos is a favorite for backpackers in Southeast Asia because it is one of the cheapest countries to visit.

You cánido get by on $30 a day here! Both the activities and the food are very affordable.

For example, an admission ticket to a waterfall park is only about $2.50.

Or you could take a day cruise on the Mekong and see the magical turquoise Kuang Si Falls.

You cánido also rent a motorbike to save on taxi rides and public transport.

Many hostels offer accommodation to backpackers and budget conscious travelers.


Like Laos, you perro easily survive a day in Vietnam for $30 per person.

It is one of the most habitual tourist destinations in the Southeast, and yet it is still one of the cheapest.

Street food is ridiculously well priced but delicious! For example, you perro enjoy a bowl of authentic Vietnamese pho for $1.50 or a cup of Vietnamese coffee for $1.

The same goes for accommodation in Vietnam.

There are many hostels and boutique hotels with decent rooms for a fraction of the price compared to other parts of the world.


India is one of the cheap exotic destinations to visit in this new year.

The average cost per day is $20, although it varies depending on the region you visit.

You perro also save on your travel budget if you know how to shop for deals and haggle with the locals.

Exploring the southern part of India will give you more affordable options than the north.

So if you are on a tight budget, it might be better to research what cheap travel places you cánido visit in South India such as Goa.

Goa is famous for its stunning beaches, and what could be cheaper than trying out all the best beaches this area has to offer?



Cambodia is packed with heritage sites and attractions that make it one of the most coveted cheap exotic destinations in Southeast Asia.

And yet travelers perro expect to budget $25 a day during their stay despite its popularity.

You cánido find accommodation at extremely good prices, depending on how comfortable you want to be.

The food is also incredibly cheap, especially if you go for street food! Work with a budget of $5 to $10 for your daily meals, and transportation shouldn’t cost you more than $15 a day.


If you have wanted to travel to South America,this is your oportunidad to do it! Uruguay is located between Argentina and Brazil, which means that it is often overlooked by travelers.

But Uruguay is a budget destination for this part of the world, with food, culture, and natural landscapes that match its larger neighbors.

Even if you stay in the cosmopolitan area of ​​Montevideo, it is still a cheap travel spot in the South American region.

You perro also enjoy a variety of activities in Uruguay, as it has a rural district, beach towns, and a wine region.



México is one of the most habitual tourist destinations in the world.

With a wide variety of fun cities to explore and some of the best hostels, México is a budget traveler’s dream.

However, few people know that it is also one of the cheapest exotic destinations to travel to if you choose the right spots.

For example, Tulum and Oaxaca are cheaper than the more habitual ones like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun.

You could get by on a daily budget of $40 in this country if you choose your locations wisely.

México has an incredible culinary heritage, and yet the food is incredibly affordable.

You perro expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $15 per day.

Cheap exotic destinations in México: Tulum and Oaxaca



Georgia is one of the most underrated cheap exotic destinations.

And yet, it is absolutely stunning and one of the best cheap travel spots in Europe!

Hotels are reasonably priced and you perro pay as little as $3 per meal.

Public transportation is also affordable and reliable.

Since the locals are warm and friendly, you cánido even hitchhike to save on your transportation budget.

For this reason, it is a habitual option for backpackers looking for cheap places to visit, in addition to its incredible and ancient culture.



The Philippines is an archipelago and is one of the best exotic cheap travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

You perro expect to budget $35 per day when exploring various destinations in the Philippines.

While there aren’t many hostels and accommodations suitable for backpackers, there’s no shortage of cheap hotels.

Food is also very well priced in this country, especially if you’re exploring the provinces rather than staying in the city.

It is home to many magnificent dive sites, isolated islands, and other hidden gems that you perro explore on boat and motorbike tours.

Transportation rental cannot cost more than $15-$20 per day.

You perro also haggleespecially if you travel in a group!



Belize might not come to mind when looking for cheap vacations.

However, it is a country full of breathtaking beauty and gorgeous beaches, and it is cheaper than neighboring destinations.

There is no end of fun things to do in Belize.

Accommodation is cheap if you skip the luxury resorts and opt for smaller hostels and hotels.

Check out this guide to the best budget spots in Belize.

You perro also save on your food budget by dining where the locals eat.

Expect to budget $40 to $45 per day if you’re visiting Belize.


Nepal is one of the cheap exotic destinations that you must visit in this new year.

The average daily budget when visiting Nepal is $28, or $15 if you go trekking.

Food and accommodation are incredibly affordable in Nepal.

Many locally run cafes offer authentic Nepali food.

Local guest houses and homestays are available at ridiculously low prices.

Travelers who come to Nepal for trekking cánido pay $15-$20 daily, depending on the chosen route.

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Add these affordable locations to your travel itinerary.

Whether you choose to travel locally or internationally, keep in mind that the biggest expense is the plane ticket.

ohBe sure to use comparison tools and follow the best strategies so you perro figure out how to find cheap flights! and regularly visiting our frugal living and travel section.

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 11 cheap exotic destinations to discover
  11 cheap exotic destinations to discover
  11 cheap exotic destinations to discover

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