11 amazing ways to make plus money

11 amazing ways to make plus money

We all need a little plus money at the end of the month, either to spend it on something important (like the house bills) or to give ourselves a fácil treat.

Getting an additional income is never superfluous: it will be useful whether you want it to save, to buy something you need, or even to pay your debts and not touch the rest of your capital.

When you are looking for plus money, it is probably because the job or occupation you are doing does not give you enough or is it fair to cover your basic expenses.

When I started my first job as an English teacher, I honestly the pay was really bad; Who am I kidding, it was horrendous.

But at the end of the day it was a job and hadn’t gotten a better option at the time.

Although the salary I received was more than anything to cover my own expenses, I always found myself somewhat depressed at the end of the month because my salary was never enough to buy basic things that he needed, or to save a little.

And it is that, it is supposed that we work to have a better lifeand also give our family what they need and that they never lack for anything, right?

However, in 90% of cases this is not the case: our salary only enough to barely liveand money often does not reach us to buy everything we need.

That’s why, while I was working teaching, I kept looking for better options to earn some money and to be able to buy some things that I wanted or simply to be more comfortable financially.

In the process I came up with several options that when tested turned out to be quite promising and that they even made me more money than I believed at the time.

And in fact today I keep using those ways to generate an plus every month because they work just as well for me now as they did a few years ago.

So if you also feel frustrated for not being able to save a bit of your salary, or you need more money than your salary gives you, here I share the 11 best methods to generate a plus that I use, and that have given me the best results.

What will you find in this article?

how to have a plus income of money: 11 methods

1. Fill out paid surveys

Earning money with surveys is possible. In fact, this is the first method that I started using to earn plus money from home because it’s the easiest way to get it.

However, you must be very careful when registering on survey pages because not all are good or reliable.

There are many sites on the Internet where they will ask you to pay $37 for a list with survey companies.

Do not do it!

Here at Gananci we have that same list FREE, you don’t need to pay for it.

Clic below to see it:

To start, the paid surveys They are a great option to make plus money in a short time and as a agregado, from the comfort of your home.

They have always been relatively habitual, but their popularity has increased in the last year due to the ease of earning money with them.

Now, how do they work?

It’s quite fácil: visit the list of survey companies in the backlink that I told you above, register in all of them, and that’s it!

Surveys will begin to arrive in your dirección de correo electrónico with questions where you perro give your opinion on different topics, and they will pay you or give you prizes just for answering.

It has no major complication and registration in all survey pages is free.

Agregado, signing up will only take a couple of minutes.

What I like most about paid surveys is that in addition to being an easy way to earn an plus, you don’t need any kind of experience to participate in them.

But the best thing about surveys is that you cánido make money with them in your free time.

Each survey they send you will last between 5 and 20 minutes (the longer the survey, the more money they will pay you).

So you perro do them at times of your day when you are not busy, such as while you wait to pay for your purchase At the supermarket, on the colectivo on the way to school or work, at home when you have nothing to do…

That’s what I do for make money with surveys: I answer the questions while the commercials are on when I watch televisión, when i’m waiting for the ómnibus to go to work, or when I’m at home doing nothing.

2. Invest in binary options

I am sure that when you hear about investments, you think that to carry them out you will need two important things: a large sum of moneyand be a depósito market expert.

But what if I told you that there is a method with which you do not need to know about investing, and with which you perro start with only $10? This is how I started in the world of investments.

I spent some time looking for many brokers on the Internet, but none of them convinced me; everyone asked me a fairly high initial deposit of money (more than $300), and I was afraid of losing that primordial if I was wrong.

However, one day I found just what I was looking for: IQ Optiona broker that allowed me to start with only 10 dollars in my account.

In addition, the great advantage that I found in IQ Option is that they have a demo account to practice for free and learn how binary options work before actually investing your money.

AND how do they work binary options?

While in other depósito markets such as Forex you have to predict many things such as the time or the price in order to win, in binary options you only need to indicate if an asset will go up or down.

This action is repeated as many times as you want since, unlike the habitual depósito market, in binary options you perro make trades that only last a few minutes.

Even though I still have a job that takes up a large part of my day, every day I dedicate between 30 and 60 minutes to binary options because they are one of the methods that generate the most money for me along with my salary.

To give you an iniciativa: last week I hardly had time, and I could only do two operations: one for $25 and one for $10.

The $10 made me $47, and the $25 made me $81.

That is to say: I won 128 dollars working just a couple of days on binary options.

And that was the weakest week I’ve ever had: other weeks where I’ve traded Monday through Friday I’ve gotten to get over $300 in just 7 days.

If you also want to get money like me, read the following article where you have a complete step-by-step guide in which you will learn how to register in IQ Option and earn money:

3. write articles

We all have even a minimum percentage of writer in our veins, so at some point in your life you must have taken a role and write at least a few words or a short story.

if on the other hand writing is something you have always liked and you even thought about doing it professionally but you get discouraged when you see that it is not that fácil, I come to give you the push you need.

For me, writing articles it did not start out as a main income.

Doing it was a hábito that I decided to become an additional source of income when i found out i could win some plus money.

So I started by educating myself a bit and contacting several weblogs or pages They needed writers.

One of the best sites I found was earn money writingwhere you only have to register, and they will send you different jobs to start writing texts.

There are many different types of jobs there, such as writing food recipes, make articles about football matcheswriting opinions about largometrajes…

And the pay isn’t bad at all: they usually pay $15 for a single text, and up to $1,350 if you get hired on a blog as a full time writer.

4. Translate texts

In the process of writing articles and looking for other sources of income when one was exhausted, I found myself doing translations.

Personally, I have knowledge of 2 languages ​​besides Spanish and I didn’t use it much until a few years ago. If you know another language and want plus money, let me tell you why it is such a good option to immerse yourself in the area of ​​translations.

Currently, there is much more need to be able to communicate with speakers of other languages ​​and the fact that most are not even bilingual, offers you a great opportunity to earn money.

You must have come across several people needing the translation of some text and that normally, they are quite short.

Yes that’s how it is, It’s time for you to start shining.

Take advantage of that ability to know more than one language and in your spare time, dedicate yourself to translating texts for others.

the pay is pretty good considering the time you invest in it and it is very fácil.

In addition, one of the great advantages is that you also have the option of grow up pretty fast with time and who knows, maybe make it a full time job especially if you present more earnings at some point with it, compared to your current job.

5. sell your photos

There are some who love to carry a camera everywhere with the purpose of trying to capture life and all that it offers them and without realizing it, they spend a lot of time doing it but they don’t get the most out of it.

I love admiring a good photograph, and although there are many famous photographers and talented people, if the photo is well taken and I feel spectacular, I don’t care who took it.

If taking photos is something you enjoy and you consider that you are doing well, turn it into an option to earn money.

I have seen many people offer to take photos or simply attend events on their own to photograph and then offer them to people.

And despite the fact that digital is the most comfortable and easy in recent years, we always want have a photo on hand to frame.

Besides, you perro also sell digital if someone liked the photo.

One of the best pages I know to sell your photos is Photo Easy Money: there you only need to register, start uploading your photos, and start earning money!

6. Sign up to Geniuzz

UPDATE April 2018: Geniuzz has closed its website and it’s no longer available.

There are many places on the internet where you cánido look for work practically of whatever.

However, I consider that it is much easier for you and your client that you directly offer your services and how many you are willing to do for a specific payment.

So I tried a little more to find a site that offered me these options and in the process I came across genius.

Geniuzz is a platform that allows you to publish ads offering any kind of service you cánido think of.

What I especially like about the site is how easy and specific it is when you articulo an ad, in addition to all the areas it covers.

On this page you cánido offer yourself, for example, to write someone’s name in the sand and take a photo, create a personalized drawing, or even record a text they send you with your voice.

It is a platform very afín to Fiverr, only that Geniuzz is completely in Spanishand applies in all Latin American countries and Spain.

You perro start offering any service you cánido think of from $5, and gradually increase your prices. Registration in Geniuzz is free and it will not take you more than 2 minutes to complete it.

7. Rent a room on Airbnb

Always rent some real estate it is profitable to earn plus money without further effort; the problem arises when you don’t know who to rent it to, or how to manage it.

As well as looking for jobs or offering them en línea, you will also find many pages that consist of providing Airbnb listing management and administration services, from helping you create your listing, through communication with guests, key delivery, cleaning servicesto dynamic pricing analysis and more.

If you have an plus room or an apartment that only collects dust because nobody emplees it, start taking advantage of it renting it out and getting an income plus every month.

You don’t need to complicate your life posting an ad on thousands of sites or newspapers.

On the Airbnb page you will find the perfect way to publish the rent of your room without many problems.

The process is very afín to Geniuzz. It consists of a totally free registration and to start designing the ad that you want to appear on the page by filling in all the information fields.

The main advantage of Airbnb is that you don’t have to go through the process of having someone permanently occupying the room.

You will only offer it for a limited time that you prefer.

Airbnb It is totally reliable and has strict policies on its users, so it gives you the confidence you need to take the step to win those other tiques.

If you want to know more about how it works, I encourage you to read this article: Is the Airbnb page secure? My experience as a host.

8. drive for uber

Become an Uber controlador It is a job that goes through our heads at least once, especially if we have our own car.

This is a great way to both earn plus money and get a full salary driving through the streets of your city to take people who need it from one place to another.

If you don’t have much experience, don’t worry, little by little you will gain confidence with the wheel.

It’s like the job of a taxi controlador of a lifetime, only here you escoge how long you want to work And what days do you prefer to work?

For example, if you want to work from Monday to Thursday, and work those days only for a couple of hoursall you need to do is get in your car, open the Uber aplicación, and wait for passengers to send you a message to pick them up.

When you want to finish working, just close the aplicación on your phone, come home, and done.

This is how you will earn money with Uber.

As for the controlador, notification of a new request is sent directly to him and escoge whether to accept it or not.

For you who would be taking this role, not having to accept the route is a great benefit since it is not an obligation if you do not want to take that route that you avoid at all costs.

In the following article you cánido read the experience of one of Gananci’s readers using Uber as a controlador: This is how I became an Uber controlador and earned $977 in 5 days.

And here down you cánido sign up for free with uber to start earning money with them:

9. Design websites

Although people specialized in building websites are usually more qualified than you to do this job, if you know how to do it right, you perro make money from it.

Designing a website requires patience and doing it the right way, so many people pay for this service generous amounts of money.

If you know how to do it, designing a page for someone else will not take much time and will be practically, easy money.

Best of all, is that if you get paid well for two or three jobs, you don’t need to repeat it so often during the month to have plus money.

Take advantage of the abilities what do you have.

Any skill and facility you have with page design and construction it is highly valued.

10. sell your old stuff

It is habitual not wanting to part with things that have some sentimental value to you.

But when you need money or want to be able to have something plus at the end of the month, our old belongings are always a great escape from time to time.

Personally, I accumulate many things, perhaps too many.

Thus, one day I decided to start selling them little by little to get some benefit.

I’ll be honest.

They really only took up space in an plus room or the rest of the house, so I only took the ones that had more sentimental meaning to me and decided to sell the rest.

you will believe that not a constant option to earn plus money but you’d be surprised how much stuff you have around your home to sell.

They just don’t run out because you’re always buying new things that may lose meaning or use over time.

Also, they’re not likely to buy everything at once, so with that you sell 3 or 4 things monthly, you will see the plus money and you will still have many others to sell.

eleven. Look for a part-time job

If you don’t want to go around a lot and go to a simpler topic and solution, why just Are you looking for another job?

If you are looking for ways to earn plus money, it is because you have some free time despite your current job, so you cánido simply invest it in another job.

There are many jobs that are part-time or even a couple of hours, so the issue of time is not a problem if you know how to search well

In addition, you will be avoiding the entire process of try your hand at new things. Although I would still suggest you get out of your comfort zone.

There are jobs everywhere They offer us that option to earn plus money at the end of the month without the need to fully acquire a commitment such as a permanent job.

so get up and Start looking for another job.

The plus money will not rain from heaven.

You have to start looking now!

how to win Plus money weekends

To earn plus money on weekends, look for options and jobs that do not require a lot of time and that preferably consist only of attending these days or that are only one time.

The free time of almost everyone perro be summed up in 3 words: weekend.

Until now, it is possible that you are part of that 80% of the population that take advantage of these two days to rest and stay at home watching movies on Netflix on the sofa with a blanket and your favorite food.

But if you decided to be more productive and take advantage of that time to earn plus money even during these days, it’s a big decision you made.

I think that we should always give ourselves our rest time and for ourselves, but also you have to get the most out of it at our times instead of always repeating the same thing.

I admit that I take days off, at least one a week but usually none of them are during the weekend.

The main reason for this is that I consider that weekends many options are generated to earn plus money and I used to waste them before by staying at home sleeping.

So I decided to apply the same policy of beauty salons. Not working on a weekday.

You may not have realized it but hairdressers and salons They usually take Monday or Tuesday, or both days off but continue to work on weekends.

What is the logic of it? Because they have more clientele those days.

So, as well as jobs or services like those they are more booming on weekdays, others must have it too.

So I did some research and indeed, there are many services that people require weekends and they pay well for it.

So I got to work and I began to make better use of those days.

For example, being a babysitter is relatively easy and has one of the best pay. All parents want to take their time alone and enjoy without paying attention to their children at least once a week, so during these two days it is more common for them to look for someone.

The same goes for people who go away for the weekend and require house-sitting or pet care.

If you offer to do this, plus money will be more than just a little more.

Tutorials on weekends for students who do not have even an hour free during weekdays are the help that falls from heaven to prepare for a test.

They are not usually that expensive but keep something in mind: everything you do on weekends costs more and therefore, you perro ask for more money.

They are your days off, the majority, so it is logical that get paid more for taking the time when you’re supposed to be resting.

Other jobs like sweeping the streets, delivering the newspaper, walking dogs, are perfect If you are only looking for one-time or weekend things.

They are not jobs that you must perform on a mandatory basis during certain days so you perro dedicate the weekends to it.

how to win money in your spare time

Carry out micro jobs or activities that do not require much time and you perro carry out during free hours What do you have during the week?

Sometimes we have a lot of free time, too much and although it may sound a bit ironic or ridiculous, when we have it in excess, we don’t know what to do with it.

So why not implement it in making money instead of tossing and turning in our bed thinking about what to do.

As I said above, weekends are technically most people’s free time, but in that statement, All overtime is not fully included.

For example, the days you get home early from work or college.

Some days you have free outside of the weekends.

A couple of hours or days, all that is part of your free time and it’s up to you to earn money during it.

To earn money, the principle is very afín to when you want to do it during the weekends, but the one you have more time than two days, It opens up so many more options.

You perro venture with ideas such as creating your own blog and invest only that time without seeing you in the obligation to give him more of him.

Being a virtual assistant is also a great option since the moment in which you do the work will depend on how do you organize your time and logically you will not put all the to do as much as you are busy.

Although being an assistant may sound like a full-time job, if you escoge to do it, aim for people who don’t have a very tight schedule all the time and that they only need to organize appointments, documents and make the occasional call.

Aim for jobs that make it easy for you to organize your chores and match them with the free time you have, but always keep in mind, make the pay really worth it even if you are just looking for some plus money.

How to earn plus money from home making crafts

make things by hand requires a lot of originality and skill, if you do, you’re probably missing out on the opportunity to make some money selling your creations.

Previously and even today, many people are placed in the squares, beaches or even from house to house offering their crafts that if you ask me, I think they are worth my money if they are well done.

Something handmade I think should have a higher cost than most of the objects we see on the street because of the time it takes to make them.

But it is true that crafts are sold for not very high prices, however, you perro earn plus money with them which is not a bad thing.

First of all, you need to be good at it.

If your crafts are mediocre although it sounds harsh to say it, very few people will actually want to buy them and you will be spending both time and money.

Therefore, if you really want to earn plus money doing crafts, You must take more effort than usual in the product What will you be offering?

Make sure you use quality material but keep it profitable for you.

It is not only the hand and effort, also the materials that support you in its creation.

Once do your crafts and be ready, your main problem will be how to sell them.

If you are looking to do it from home, you have two options: place a small exhibition in the garden of your house or simply, do all the work with the ease that the internet offers you.

Selling en línea is quite fácil. thanks to the infinity of buying and selling pages that exist.

In addition to the option of being able to use your popular networks to promote your products.

If you want to be successful with your small craft business, you will need to put effort into connect to the internet if you don’t have much experience in it.

I suggest you visit pages that let you publish your crafts, however, in these cases I think even better make better use of digital marketing and dedicate yourself more fully to your networks.

Especially if You have notable followers or friends.

You just have to focus on advertising and sales will come with it.

You cánido too comment directly to acquaintances and people close to the crafts you have for sale.

And if you’re feeling a little more creative, open a blog where you offer all your products and works on the concurrency.

It is always possible earn money with easy methods.

Nowadays, even though I have a constant job that requires a lot of my time, I still use the previous options to earn some plus money.

And you, What methods of those above have you used to earn plus money? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experiences.

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 11 amazing ways to make plus money
  11 amazing ways to make plus money
  11 amazing ways to make plus money

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