101 spiritual phrases to live your

101 spiritual phrases to live your

Spiritual quotes inspire people around the world to find peace when they have lost it, to celebrate joys with gratitude, and to inspire good deeds.

Many authors have written phrases that mark people day after day and offer guidance when they need it most.

They are spiritual phrases that represent that solution or way of seeing life that you were looking for to find a way out of difficult times.

So if you are looking to have inner peace, silence your mind and reconnect with your Being, in this article we will share a series of spiritual phrases that, beyond being a source of inspiration, represent motivational phrases to thank the universe for everything that you have in your life, both the good and the bad.

Spiritual phrases to start the week:


“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become words.

Keep your words positive because your words become your actions.

Keep your acts positive because your acts become habits.

Keep your habits positive because your habits become values.

Keep your values ​​positive because your values ​​become your destiny”: Mahatma Gandhi


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t get caught up in dogma, which is living the way others think you should live.

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions silence your own inner voice.

And, most importantly, have the courage to do what your heart and intuition tell you”: Steve Jobs


“The soul is like a besieged city: behind its resistant walls the defenders watch.

If the foundations are strong, the fortress will not have to capitulate”: epicete


“Many people miss out on the little joys while they wait for the big happiness”: Pearl S.


5. “You must know what you want; When you know, you have to have the courage to say it, and when you say it, you have to have the courage to do it”: Marcel Mart

6. “The true journey of discovery does not consist in looking for new landscapes, but in having new eyes”: Marcel Proust

7. “There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”: Phrases of the Buddha


“Knowing others is wisdom.

Knowing yourself is enlightenment”: lao tzu


“We don’t see things as they are.

We see them as we are”: the talmud

10. “If the doors of perception were refined, everything would appear to men as it really is: infinite”: william blake

11. “The great men are those who see that spirituality is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world”: Ralph Waldo Emerson

12 “Perfection Is Everywhere If We Choose To See It”: okakura kakuzo


“Believe in your infinite potential.

The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself”: Roy T.


Spiritual phrases to express gratitude:

Below you will find spiritual phrases to express your gratitude in life.

They are phrases of gratitude that let you see the importance of the present moment, the importance of living in the now and being thankful for all the good and bad that happens in your life.

14. “Through gratitude for the present moment the spiritual dimension of life opens”: Eckhart Tolle


“We need a revival of wonder.

We need to renew in our hearts and in our souls the immortal dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is a miracle and magic”: Y también.

Merrill Root

16. “If the only prayer you say in your entire life is thank you, this will be enough.” master eckhart

17. “Let us give thanks to the people who make us happy; they are the lovely gardeners who make our souls bloom”: Marcel Proust


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

It is the sign of noble souls”: Aesop

19. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward


“If you want to change your life, try saying thank you.

It will change your life powerfully”: Gerald Good

21. “Praise the bridge that took you over.” George Llenan

22. “May the work of your hands be a sign of gratitude and reverence for the human condition”: Mahatma Gandhi


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

Turn what we have into enough, and more.

Turn denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.

You perro turn a meal into a party, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend”: Melody Beattie


“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.

Have you used one to say ‘thank you’?” William A.


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Phrases about spirituality and consciousness:


“This is my religion.

There is no need for temples.

There is no need for a complicated philosophy.

Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, and philosophy is goodness.” Dalai Lama

26. “The best way to know God is to love many things”: Vincent van Gogh


“Being spiritual has nothing to do with who you are.

Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe, it has to do with your state of consciousness”: Eckhart Tolle

28. “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without spirituality”: Buddha


“I sought my soul; I couldn’t see my soul.

I searched for my God; my God eluded me.

I looked for my brother and found all three”: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

30. “Man has two spiritual needs: one of them is forgiveness, the other is kindness”: Billy Graham


“I believe that the spiritual journey is not a journey of discovery.

It is a recovery journey.

A journey of discovery of your own inner nature”: Billy Corgan

32. “For me, growing in spiritual maturity is being less self-aware and more God-aware”: Mark Batterson

33. “To experience spirituality every day, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body”: Barbase De Angelis


“We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey.

Our spirituality builds our being”: john bradshaw


“You have to grow from the inside out.

Nobody perro teach you, nobody cánido make you spiritual.

There is no other teacher than that of your own soul”: Swami Vivekananda


“The spiritual relationship is much more precious than the physical one.

The physical relationship without the spiritual is like the body without a soul”: Mahatma Gandhi


“You are looking for the silence of the mountain, but you are looking for it outside.

Silence is accessible to you right now, within your own being”: Ramana Maharshi

38. “Spiritual awareness develops when you are maleable, spontaneous, detached and kind to others”: Deepak Chopra

Spiritual phrases for difficult times:

39. “The human spirit is stronger than anything that cánido happen to it”: CC Scott

40. “The secret of physical and mental health is not to cry over the past, worry about the future or anticipate problems, but to live in the present moment with wisdom and seriousness”: Buddha

41. “The only time you fail is when you fall and don’t get up.” Stephen Richards


“It’s so hard to forget the pain, but it’s even harder to remember the sweetness.

We have no scar to espectáculo happiness.

We learn so little from peace”: Chuck Palahniuk

43. “If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm to calm down, you will never get to sunbathe.” morris west


“Life is an opportunity, take advantage of it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, achieve it.

Life is a challenge, face it.

Life is a game, play it”: Mother Teresa of Calcutta

45. “Success is not the end, failure is not canalla, the courage to continue is what counts”: Winston Churchill

Recommended books:

46. ​​“Difficulties often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”: CS Lewis

47. “We must embrace pain as the fuel of our journey”: Kenji Miyazawa


“The greater a difficulty, the greater glory in overcoming it.

Skilled pilots earn their reputation from storms and tempests”: Epithet

49. “It is through the hard times that you become stronger to withstand the storms of life”: Martin Luther King

50. “The greatest glory of life does not lie in never failing, but in getting up every time we fall”: Nelson Mandela

51. “Disappointments come and go, but discouragement is an option that you build yourself”: Hables Stanley

52. “Soon, when all this is over, you’ll look back and be so glad you didn’t quit.” Brittany Burgunder

53. “Those who have not faced adversity do not know their own strength”: Benjamin Johnson

54. “Pain is ineludible but suffering is optional”: Buddha

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Spiritual phrases about love

55. “Love in its essence is spiritual fire”: seneca


“When we seek connection, we restore the world to wholeness.

Our seemingly separate lives make sense as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.” Margaret Wheatley

57. “Your task is not to search for love, but to search and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against love”: rumi

58. “Music is the mediator between sensual and spiritual life”: Ludwig van Beethoven


“There are only two days in the year when nothing perro be done.

One is called yesterday and the other one tomorrow.

Therefore, today is the ideal day to love, grow, do and mainly live “: Dalai Lama Quotes


“Maturity is the ability to think, speak and espectáculo your feelings within the limits of dignity.

The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you are during your frustrations”: samuel ulman

61. “Jump from the circle of time to the circle of love”: rumi

62. “Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it perro.” Arthur Helps


“One of the most spiritual things you cánido do is accept your humanity.

Connect with those around you.

Say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I appreciate you”, “I’m proud of you”, whatever you’re feeling”: steve maraboli


“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to you”: Robert A.


65. “Give the one you love wings to fly, roots to return and reasons to stay”: Dalai Lama


«Life was made to be lived in eternal joy, infinite freedom, unconditional love and unlimited consciousness.

Anything but that is making you completely miss the point of being born human.” Maharishi Sadashiva Isham


“Hate does not diminish with hate.

Hate decreases with love”: Buddha

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Spirituality phrases about happiness:


“If you want others to be happy people, practice compassion.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Dalai Lama

69. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”: Mahatma Gandhi

70. “The secret of human freedom is to act well, without attachment to the results”: Bhagavad Gita

71. “Happiness depends on what you perro give, not what you cánido get”: Swami Chinmayananda


“Happiness cannot be owned, earned or consumed.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” denis waitley


“Happiness is not a reward, it is a consequence.

Suffering is not a punishment, it is a result”: Robert Green Ingersoll


“True happiness cannot be found in things that change and pass by.

Pleasure and pain alternate inexorably.

Happiness comes from the self and perro only be found in the self.

Find your real self and everything else will take care of itself.” Nisargadatta Maharaj

75. “Human happiness is generally not achieved with great strokes of luck, which perro occur rarely, but with small things that happen every day”: Benjamin Franklin


“Happiness is not something made up.

It comes from your own actions”: Dalai Lama

77. “The joy of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”: Marcus Aurelius


“Life will bring you pain by itself.

Your responsibility is to create joy”: Milton Erickson

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Spiritual phrases about forgiveness


“Forgive the past.

It’s over.

Learn from it and let it go.

People are always changing and growing.

Don’t cling to a negative image of the past.

See the person for how they are now”: Brian L.



“Don’t take anything personally.

Nothing that others do is for you.

What others say or do is a projection of their own reality, of their own dream”: Michael Ruiz

80. “Men who do not forgive women their small defects will never enjoy their great virtues”: Khalil Gibran


“Only those truly courageous spirits know the way to forgive.

A vile being never forgives because he is not in his nature ”: laurence sterne


“Always forgive your enemy.

Nothing infuriates him more”: Oscar Wilde

83. “Forgiveness is only learned in life when in turn we have needed to be forgiven a lot”: Jacinto Benavente

84. “Man grows when he kneels”: Alessandro Manzoni

85. “To win and forgive is to win twice”: Pedro Calderon de la Barca


“The weak cannot forgive.

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong”: Mahatma Gandhi

87. “A mother’s heart is a deep abyss at the bottom of which forgiveness is always found”: Honore de Balzac


“When you say the word ‘sorry’, make sure you understand that there are 3 parts to an apology.

“I’m sorry”, “It’s my fault and I won’t do it again”, and “How perro I make things better?”.

The last part is the most important.” Manasa Rao Saarloos


“Forgiveness is not always easy.

Sometimes forgiving the one who caused it feels more painful than the hurt that was suffered.

And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” marianne williamson

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Phrases of spirituality to face death:

90. “If we want to die well, we have to learn to live well”: Dalai Lama


“Death is not the greatest loss in life.

The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live”: Norman Cousins


“Death is a challenge.

He tells us not to waste time.

He tells us to tell each other now that we love each other ”: Leo Buscaglia


“We are visitors on this planet.

We are here for a hundred years at the most.

During that period we must try to do something good, something useful with our lives.

If you contribute to the happiness of other people, you find the true meaning of life”: Dalai Lama

94. “Life is a journey, death is a return to earth”: Buddha


“Too many people think about security instead of opportunity.

They seem to be more afraid of life than death”: James F Byrnes


“We stumble and fall constantly even when we are enlightened.

However, when we are in spiritual darkness, we do not even know that we have fallen”: Thomas Merton

97. “Hope is an extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to overthrow them”: vincent mcnabb

98. “Death is the beginning of immortality”: Maximilian Robespierre

99. “The dead receive more flowers than the living because regret is stronger than gratitude”: Anne Frank


“Life is not just working, it is having time to live it, having time for everyday things.

You will live by the sweat of your brow, but you will not live to sweat”: Pepe Mujica

101.“Fear of death? One should fear life, not death”: Marlene Dietrich

Each of these spiritual phrases are a call to live consciously.

They invite us to turn off the autopilot in which we live, and let’s start living perceiving everything good, magical and sacred that we have around us.

They are phrases that teach us to love, to forgive, to be happy and more importantly to sintetiza our spiritual path.

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 101 spiritual phrases to live your
  101 spiritual phrases to live your
  101 spiritual phrases to live your

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