100 Phrases of encouragement to overcome moments

100 Phrases of encouragement to overcome moments

How many difficult moments have you not overcome thanks to phrases of encouragement that you heard when you needed it most?

It is possible that at this moment things are not going as expected, and you need one of those encouragement phrases to face difficult moments in your life.

The goal of these encouragement phrases is for you to remember certain key aspects so that you cánido not only overcome the difficult moment, but come out of it much stronger and with more experience.

At the end of these encouraging phrases we will leave you 10 ways to overcome a difficult moment in your life, so that you will not only find inspiration but you will also have an action plan. Remember:

Hard times never last, strong people do: Robert Schuller
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Phrases of encouragement to face difficult moments

1. You will never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.

2. Sometimes the good things are lost to make way for the great ones.

3. You will not be able to change what you refuse to face.

4. Nobody is perfect, and nobody deserves to be. Nobody has it easy and you never know because of the problems that each one is going through. So don’t think that you are the only one facing difficult moments, everyone is assuming their own confrontations.

5. Crying doesn’t make you weaker. Since you were born, this is a sign that you are alive and full of potential.

Phrases of encouragement: No matter how many times you mess up, or how slowly you progress, you’ll always be ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

7. Life is not about waiting for the storm to end; but learn to dance in the rain.

8. Grudges are a perfect way to end your happiness. Let them go.

9. Making a person smile cánido change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but her world. Start small, start today.

10. Sometimes you have to step away from circumstances to be able to analyze them clearly.

11. Never let success get to your head, nor failure to your heart.

12. You will have to overcome your most difficult days to earn your best.

Quotes of encouragement: Life consists of 10% of things that happen to you and 90% of how you react to them.

14. You cánido learn great life lessons from your mistakes if you’re not busy denying them.

15. Stop worrying about what others think of you; What they think doesn’t matter, but what you think of yourself.

16. When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things room to be achieved.

17. When you’re treated badly, keep being yourself. Don’t let other people’s conditions change yours.

18. You must understand that some things will never be yours, and learn to value those that are only yours.

Phrases of encouragement in difficult times: Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one struggling, feeling dissatisfied and frustrated, or just barely making ends meet.

However, this feeling is false, and if you manage to get over it, you will find people just like you, who cánido help you and support you. We all need help, including you.

20. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The best experiences and opportunities of your life are beyond your conformism.

21. Sometimes you tend to let your little problems grow to the point that they dominate your life. There will always be situations that make you uncomfortable, the important thing is to give them the importance they deserve.

22. Giving up doesn’t always orinan being weak, it perro also orinan that you are strong and reasonable enough to let go of certain things in your life.

23. Ask yourself if each of the relationships adds or takes away value from your life. Surround yourself with positive people who are better than you and who guide you and teach you how to be successful.

24. Spend your time with people who make you happiest, and not with those who pressure you to impress them.

25. There are few pleasures in life that equal a good conversation, a good book, a good walk, a hug, a smile, or a good friend.

26. Do not limit yourself with your past or worry about your future. Focus on today, which is the only present you have.

27. No matter how well you choose your words, there will always be someone who will interpret them in their own way and put them to the use they want. So you take care of saying what you need.

28. In order to become creative, you have to lose the fear of being wrong.

29. To be successful and great you don’t have to dominate others, you must learn to master your own potential.

30. Not getting what you want turns out to be, on many occasions, a great stroke of luck.
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31. If you’re passionate about something, go after it and never stop trying…no matter what others think. This is how dreams are achieved.

32. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep earning what you’re getting.

33. Stay positive when negativity surrounds you, smile when everyone else is frowning. This is a way of being different.

34. The best revenge is happiness, since there is nothing that makes your enemies more angry than seeing you smile.

35. Learning to forgive is the first step in learning how to be happy.

36. If a person wants to be by your side, they will do everything possible to be in your life. Do not keep spaces in your heart for people who are not willing to make an effort to be with you.

37. Do not regret love relationships that did not work out. Their raison d’être was to help you find the right person, and they taught you to appreciate and value what they do for you.

38. The lies you tell others are small compared to the ones you tell yourself.

39. The real world does not reward perfectionists, but those who do things. And in 99% of situations the only way to deliver is to be imperfect.

40. Never lie, not even mercifully. When you move away from the truth, you are moving away from your essence. Be honest, always tell the truth and espectáculo yourself as you are; Making this decision forces you to work harder, to make better decisions, and to be more courageous.

41. Feelings, good or bad, always come and then go.

42. Don’t get caught up in all the wasted potential of your past, focus on your present which is what really matters.

43. You are never alone. No matter how complex or strange the situation is, there will always be someone else going through the same thing.

So whenever you’re thinking “you’re lonely,” remember that it’s your mind trying to sell you an iniciativa of ​​loneliness, and all with the goal of making you feel sorry for yourself.

44. It’s okey to feel angry, but never be orinan.

45. Don’t pray when it rains if you never did when it was sunny.

46. ​​Mistakes are a great source of learning. Every time you commit a new one you are getting closer to your goal. The only mistake you cánido’t make is not trying for fear of being wrong.

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47. Money is a resource that is renewed, so if you lose a little, don’t be sorry. This perro be found again.

However, if you spend time worrying about your losses, remember that it will never come back. May you never forget that time is more important than money, this is the greatest gift and asset to your life.

48. Never let people know they “got to you.” Ignore them, raise your head and pretend that all their negative comments do not affect you, do this until the day comes when it is true.

49. There is nothing in this world that stops you that is not you; and there is only one question to solve it: What would you do if you werent afraid?

50. Life becomes so much more interesting when you stop trying to be “attractive” and just be who you are.

51. It’s hard to know how close you are to success.
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52. When you spend time worrying, you are using your imagination to create things you don’t want.

53. No matter how things turn out, what needs to happen will always happen: you will either be successful or you will learn something new. A win-win strategy indeed.

54. You must look at things as they are and not as you hope, dream or imagine they perro be.

55. Even when you feel like you have nothing, there is someone else who has a lot less. Find him and help him. Fácil.

Phrases of encouragement for difficult times: A smile is the best antidote for stress. Laugh at yourself.

57. If you want to feel rich, count every single thing you have that money cánido’t buy.

58. Learning to forgive yourself is much more important than the forgiveness of others.

59. If every morning you wake up confident that you will have an excellent day, and that something extraordinary will happen, you will see that you are right.

60. Despite the pain you cánido continue; you just need to want it enough.

61. It’s not about having an opportunity, it’s about creating it. You may not be sure it will work, but rest assured that if you don’t try it will never happen.

62. If it were that easy everyone would have done it by now. Achieving big goals is quite a challenge, but a challenge worth taking on.

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63. Surprise yourself and enjoy the surprises of life. The fact that it is not what you are expecting does not orinan that it cannot cheer you up.

64. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be open, feel and be authentic; break down all the emotional walls you have built that prevent you from feeling the emotions of life. This is real life, and this is the only way to open the door to opportunity.

65. You must create and seek opportunities. There are no known opportunities that come and knock on the door of your house, so go out and look, and if you don’t find them, create them… whatever it is, make sure you look for what you dream of.

66. If you perro’t control it, why worry about it? Focus on those things you perro change

67. Learning how to say no to the right people and things will give you the time to say yes to those you really love.

68. No matter how far you progress, there will always be someone who will tell you that it is impossible.

Or they will try to make you believe that your iniciativa is not important to anyone, and that because of this, what you are doing is quite ridiculous.

When you get to this person, don’t try to argue with them. Take all of her comments and turn them into reasons to get it done.

69. You spend 80% of your time thinking about the problem and only 20% analyzing the solution, what do you think is going to happen?

70. Even if you think that your life is a mess, and you cánido’t find a destination to go to, there is at least one thing that you are doing well, otherwise you would not be reading this.

71. Problems are a source of learning.

72. The best fight you cánido put up is trying to be above average.
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73. When you feel full of stress… get busy, use your time to spend your anger and frustration doing something positive.

Encouragement Quotes: One thing is incredibly true: Regardless of what happened, life goes on.

75. Everyone is looking for a perfect ending… over time you will realize that not all good poems rhyme and that not all great stories have a beginning and an end.

76. «Man’s life is interesting mainly if he has failed. This indicates that he tried to improve himself »: Georges Clemenceau

Change the way you see life, and your life will change.
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78. Don’t compare your version 1 with someone else’s version 20.

79. Although it sounds cliché … “There is no evil that lasts 100 years, nor body that resists it.”

80. “Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it cánido’t be done. Life is too short to think small.”

81. If you leave your growth to oportunidad, you will always live in the land of mediocrity: Brendon Burchard

82. Use your weekends to build the life you want, instead of running away from the life you have.

83. Pause to acknowledge how good it feels to give yourself a few minutes of peace each day.

84. Battles are temporary. See sacrifices as investments. Give up short-term comfort for long-term gains. Be patient and focus.

85. Excess comfort will make you physically weak, mentally insecure and spiritually empty

86. Adversity does not build character, it reveals it: James Lane Allen

Adversity espectáculos who we really are, allowing us to discover our true strength.

87. Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Find out how to climb it, through it or around it: Michael Jordan

Don’t let challenges stop you; seek creative solutions to overcome them.

88. Resilience is knowing that you are the only one who has the power to get up from adversity: Gail Sheehy

You have the power to bounce back from challenges; resilience is your secret weapon.

89. We cannot prevent problems from appearing, but we cánido escoge not to be reduced by them: Maya Angelou

Remember the following, and it is that despite the problems, we have the choice of not letting ourselves be defeated by them.

90. The greater the difficulty, the more glory there is in overcoming it: Epicurus

As is, and it is that overcoming great difficulties entails a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction.

91. The man who moves mountains begins by carrying small stones: Confucius

If you want to obtain a significant change, start with small steps; every action counts. Apply the Kaizen method.

92. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain: Vivian Greene

When you learn to enjoy and grow even in difficult times, instead of waiting for things to get better, you will have taken a great step of victory.

93. In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity: Albert Einstein

94. Adversity is like a strong wind. It does not drag us from one place to another, but it tears from us everything that we cannot let go: David Livingston

95. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage: Anaïs Nin

96. In moments of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge: Albert Einstein

97. The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest morning: Jonathan Lockwood Huie

98. Success is not final, failure is not mortal: it is the courage to continue that counts: Winston Churchill

99. Sometimes things have to fall apart so better things perro fall into their place: marilyn monroe

100. The greatest glory in life does not consist in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall: Nelson Mandela

Remember that to live life to the fullest, we do not have to avoid failures, but rather have the constant will to always get up.

Keys to overcome difficulties in life

Surely you are wondering if there is any recipe to face the difficult moments in life.

The first thing you should know about difficult times is that they will pass and leave you with incalculable life lessons.

However, it will not always be easy, we usually forget the importance of difficulties and we think that this is the end of us. We feel as if these difficult times will never end.

So here are 10 secrets that will make you make the most of difficult moments, which will not only teach you how to be happy but will allow you to continue in search of your goals.

Resistance is the genere of suffering

There are situations in life that we simply cannot change. When you experience a situation of this nature, you have two options: adapt to them and progress, or remain stagnant and continue to suffer.

“The problem is how we look at the problem”

It’s all a matter of perspective. When many are going through difficult times, a new opportunity is being forged for a few. If you look at every problem you experience as a setback, it will be so.

If, on the other hand, you see it as an opportunity to learn, improve and learn a new lesson, the problems will be totally different for you.

Remember that it is not the problem as such, it is your mentality and the way you deal with it.

To change something, you first have to change yourself.

Your circumstances are a reflection of your inner life. If you live stressed (learn how to relieve stress), with a bad temper and wanting to fight, that is what you will find in your day to day: fights, moments difficult and reasons to feel stress.

There are no failures, only learning in the process

We have a wrong view of failure. We’ve been sold the iniciativa that every time we make a mistake we’re moving away from our quest for success.

Failures are not the antonym of success, rather they are stops before reaching your final destination.

Appreciate the moment you are living

You live thinking about your past. You tell yourself that everything in the past was always better. You live in a melancolia that prevents you from enjoying your present, which will be your past in a few years.

Make sure you enjoy the moment you are living, even when it is difficult times; build memories for your future, and don’t stop living regardless of what you’re going through…

Remember that it’s called a present for a reason: a gift that life gave you today.

Appreciate the value that your fears have

The value of your fears is measured when you are able to overcome them. When you face a fear and overcome it, you espectáculo that you not only want to be better, but that you don’t allow fear to paralyze you.

Having fears does not make you inferior to others, but being full of fear, paralyzed and thinking about each of the negative consequences that your actions could have is a fairly high barrier to overcome in your search for success.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

allow yourself to enjoy life

It’s okey, the productivity and results you have in your life are important. Meet your goals, get up early, deliver reports, stay up late and do whatever needs to be done to meet…

Where was enjoying life? Share with your partner, friends and family? Not everything is work, you cannot forget that the process is just as important or more than the result, since the first one will take more time, and if you don’t enjoy it, in the end nothing will have been worth it.

Enjoy life, escape the routine and do something you are passionate about.

Stop comparing yourself, you are your point of reference

To improve you don’t have to look at the person next to you, you have to look at your version of yesterday. You are your point of reference: it is your strengths that you have to focus on, your weaknesses that you could improve, and your attitude that has to change.

Do not compare yourself with others and focus on your personal development, everyone lives their own story, difficult moments and experiences. You cánido reference them if you admire them, but don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re the same.

you are not the victim

Stop assuming the role of victim in your life. You don’t live what the world wants you to live, you live what you have in your mind. You are your result, your ideas, decisions and thoughts.

Take control of your life. Ask yourself if what you are doing today will get you to the place you want to be tomorrow. Ask yourself if that setback you experienced is strong enough to move you away from your goals forever.

Things perro–and will–change

Seriously, it’s a matter of time for the pain to pass, for those difficult moments for which you cánido’t find a way out to come to an end, for you to learn something and apply it in your life.

And if you still feel like it’s never going to end, it’s because you haven’t learned your lesson yet.

Don’t look at hard times as setbacks, look at them as life lessons you need.

Think about those difficult times you’ve been through, and honestly ask yourself what you learned. Surely you will have more than one valuable lesson for your life.


Life is about not knowing everything, facing change, living in the moments and experiencing without knowing what is coming.

In conclusion, these encouraging phrases will teach you that, to face difficult moments in your life, you do not need to know everything.

You simply have to assume the change and live in the present, trust your abilities and seek inspiration, not only in these encouragement phrasesbut in many motivational phrases that will give you the energy to keep fighting.

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 100 Phrases of encouragement to overcome moments
  100 Phrases of encouragement to overcome moments
  100 Phrases of encouragement to overcome moments

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