100 personal questions to know what

100 personal questions to know what

The important thing is not to stop asking questions, said Albert Einstein.

These personal questions that you will find below will help you find what you want in your life.

They are personal questions that will help you discover your purpose in life, they will question what you have been doing and will encourage you to continue growing.

Why these personal questions will help you develop? well said Wayne W Dyer that you cannot grow and develop if you know the answers before the questions.

When you analyze the patterns that identify successful people, you will find that these; beyond having unique opportunities, a family with extensive financial resources or recognized professional studies, all are characterized by having a strong mentality and trained to achieve success.

Personal questions have the ability to make you a much more successful person.
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The distance that exists between successful people and those who are not, is due to the ability of the former to make good decisions, which, in the end, end up depending on mental power to face the daily situations responsible for shaping the future. .

Personal questions versus affirmations:

How to develop this mental power? One of the best ways to train your mind is by asking yourself personal questions every day and asking yourself the reason for your actions.

So you will discover what you really want in life.

Because it happens that, unlike the statements that are characterized by leaving “the door closed” to the enfrentamiento, personal questions question you, make you look in perspective and give you the opportunity to reconsider something you took for granted.

Being clear about the importance of personal questions when it comes to understanding how to be successful in life, the magazine Times posted 83 questions successful people ask themselves every day.

Additionally, we decided to add another 17 that we think are important for you to do, and that will help you discover what you want in your life.

Without further ado, we invite you to ask yourself the following.

100 personal questions that will improve your life

Personal questions regarding your professional field:


What perro I do to earn plus money in my free time?


How perro I increase the value that I offer to my clients, consumers or my company?


What do I have to do to gain more experience?

4. What additional skills do I need?


What things should you be reading more often?

6. Do I enjoy what I am doing at work?

7. What am I passionate about doing?


Cánido I make money doing what I’m passionate about? Have I considered the possibility of earning money en línea?


Should I change profession or job position?

10. Should I work more–or fewer–hours?


Am I trying hard enough at my job?


Am I a lazy person?


What am I really good at? Do I know my strengths?


What am I really bad at and should I improve?

15. Does my job make me happy?


How many hours a day do I spend watching television?


When was the last time I read a book?


Is money, and learning how to be a millionaire, my main motivation in life?


What do I enjoy doing without receiving a single dollar of income?

Personal questions regarding your finances:

20. Am I spending too much money?


I have learned how to save money and am I doing it consistently?

22. Will I have enough money to retire?


Have I saved enough for my children’s university?


How much money am I currently spending each month?


Do you know how to make a budget? Do you have one to control your personal finances?


Should I review and update my budget?


Am I doing the task of investing my money well?


Is my partner doing a good job when it comes to investing our money?


Am I paying too much in taxes each year?


Am I aware of what my life insurance offers?


Should I create a savings fund for the future of my children?

Personal questions regarding your family:


Do I spend enough time with my family?


Cánido I work less and enjoy more time with my family?


Am I negatively affecting my children?


Will I be able to take my family on vacation this year?


Am I doing enough for my children to be successful?


How cánido I improve my relationship with my partner and children?


Do I have a cómputo in life between my work and my family?


Am I putting work and friends above my family?


When was the last time I called my parents?

Personal questions regarding your friends:


I have enough friends that I should have?


Do I spend enough time with the friends I have?

43. Why don’t I have enough friends?


How cánido I have more friends?


Is my job interfering with my popular life?

46. ​​Do I call my friends enough times?


How often should I be in contact with my friends?


Who have I recently stopped talking to?


Do I have friends who are worth it? Do I choose the type of friends in my life wisely?


How cánido I end my friendship with someone who does not add value to me?


Should I help my friends financially?

Regarding my business relationships:


What perro I do to improve my business relationships?


Am I constantly in contact with my most important clients?


How cánido I develop new business relationships?


Which business relationships should I spend my time on and which ones should I let go of?


Do my clients and consumers enjoy my company?

57. Do they think I am good at my job?


When was the last time I went to an event in my industry?


How long have I not attended a course or taller regarding my business?

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Personal questions regarding my health:

60. Am I exercising regularly?


Should I lose a few kilogramos?


Am I eating too much?


Do I have an adequate and healthy diet?


Should I get checked out by a doctor?

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Should I take vitamins or any supplements?


How long ago did I have my last medical exams?


Do I have the slightest iniciativa of ​​how the pressure is in my veins and arteries?

68. Am I drinking a lot of alcohol?

69. What do I have to do to quit smoking?


How perro I cut out junk food and start eating more vegetables?

Personal questions regarding my dreams and goals:

71. What are my dreams and goals in life?

72. How cánido I get to them?


Are my dreams big and achievable enough?

Recommended books:


What is preventing me from working for them, why am I postponing them?


Am I working to achieve my dreams or someone else’s?

76. What is my deadline to achieve them?


Have I talked to someone about my dreams and goals?


How perro I make my dreams become someone else’s?

Personal questions regarding my problems:


Are my problems bigger than me? Am I able to overcome these difficult moments?


Have I considered all the possibilities to give you a solution?


Are they really happening, or are they just predispositions?


Have I already told my problems to another person who cánido advise me?


Am I worrying about something worthwhile?

Personal questions regarding helping others:


How cánido I start making donations?


If I am already donating, what other alternatives do I have to help others?


What is the best way I cánido help my community?


How perro I give back to my college, university or institute?


Should I sponsor someone so that they perro study?


How much more could I donate to my school or my church?

90. Who should I help?

Personal questions regarding your happiness:


I have learned how to be happy in life?


What is causing my sadness?


Am I able to eliminate these things that make me unhappy?


Is my partner happy?

95. Are my children happy?


Do my employees or colleagues enjoy my presence?


What do I have to do to be much happier?

98. What is happiness for me?

99. Will I ever be happy as I hope?


What is making me so happy or so sad?

Here are the personal questions that will make you more successful, you don’t have to ask yourself 100 questions every day, but if you take a few and solve them consciously, surely you will have taken another step on your path to success.

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*Part of the questions that appear in this article were taken from Time

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 100 personal questions to know what
  100 personal questions to know what
  100 personal questions to know what

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