100+ free Domestika tutorials for

100+ free Domestika tutorials for

Domestika is one of the most recognized en línea education platforms worldwide due to the quality of its content, courses, teachers, and programs that it offers.

During these times, where the way of learning and studying has changed so much, Domestika has taken on the task of offering a series of free resources, as well as payments, for people who are part of its community.

Among the most outstanding contents and themes we find digital marketing, business, photography, illustration, web design, calligraphy, architecture among others.

Free Domestika tutorials to do at home

Below we present the offer of totally free tutorials to do at home, in free time, or at any time of the day that you have to learn something new.

The first thing you should do is register on the platform and take advantage of this value-packed content that complements its offer of paid and free courses.

Without a doubt, you will find a lot of valuable information in these free tutorials, so choose the one you like best and start training from home.

7 Aplicaciones to work remotely

5 Free lessons to improve your photos on popular networks

Grow your Instagram with Dot Lung and her Dragon method

Pinterest tutorial, the keys to succeed as a brand

Instragram tutorial, photographic composition for beginners

Hashtags and emojis, why use them in your copies

Fb Ads tutorial, how to create an ad

How to add new GIFs in Instagram Stories

How to create WhatsApp stickers in 5 steps

Programming tutorial: create your first code in PHP

Trabajo independiente Tutorials

Trabajo independiente tutorial: 6 consejos to find clients

5 consejos to get clients as a trabajo independiente

4 keys to choose the perfect profile photo for your portfolio

Be your own boss and have the job you want

How to introduce yourself

y también tutorialswriting

Do’s and don’ts when writing children’s books

5 Free Lessons on Calligraphy

5 Resources to turn your handwriting into a font

Signage in México: Tradition and identity

tutorials DIY, Crafts and crafts

5 free lessons to create art projects with your hands

5 Free embroidery lessons to get started in textile illustration

Free Tutorial: What is Victorian Embroidery?

How to decorate a notebook

3 Creative embroidery challenges with Miss Lylo

Embroidery tutorial: how to embroider fácil flowers

5 Skills to develop in the craft

Learn 3 primordial ceramic techniques

How to transfer a design to a fabric for embroidery

What is textile screen printing and what materials do I need?

Tutorial craft: How to prepare a hoop to start embroidering

Free tutorial on how to make marbled paper

Macramé Tutorial: How to Design a Tapestry Pattern

Download a free guide to plans for embroidered portraits

tutorials of illustration and drawing

Decalogue to make a self-portrait in collage

Domestika projects: Illustration and design of a children’s book

7 Botanical Illustrators That Will Inspire You

Illustration tutorial: Ideas to not lose focus

Procreate Tutorial: How to Create a Drawing Brush

5 Tricks to get started in Procreate

How to import fonts in Procreate?

Illustration tutorial: Consejos for illustrating a children’s story

Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw with Imagination

Illustration Tutorial: How to Face the Blank Sheet

How to create gradients with Chinese ink

Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw Shadows with India Ink

How to make transparencies with watercolors

Watercolor Tutorial: How to Digitize and Retouch

Watercolor tutorial: Consejos to get started and lose your fear of water

Watercolor Tutorial: Brush Types and Care

Watercolor Tutorial: How to Paint with Watercolor Brushes and Pencils

Drawing techniques to awaken creativity

Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw Wrinkles on Clothes

How to Design a Fácil Pattern in Illustrator

How to vectorize a lettering design

Illustration Tutorial: 5 Keys to Drawing Pose

How to Create an Art Brush in Illustrator

15 Essential Commands to Master Illustrator

Illustration Tutorial: The Color Wheel

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Vectorize an Image

f tutorialsphotography and Photoshop

5 Free At-Home Photography Lessons for Beginners

5 Free Photography Lighting Lessons

How to make a cinemagraph?

How to Make a Basic Pattern in Photoshop

Where to find free, free and quality images

How to print your works for museums and art galleries

3 Ways to Classify Your Images in Lightroom

How to photograph outdoors with your mobile

Photography tutorial: How to take creative photos with your mobile

How to Rotoscope in Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: Basic Develop Settings

Photography Tutorial: What is a Polarizing Filter

3 Creative retouching techniques that will do magic in your photographs

How to Create Custom Textures to Use in Photoshop

Photography Tutorial: The 5 most used proyectos

How to Make a Pencil Effect Sketch Brush in Photoshop

Photography Tutorial: How to Freeze Motion

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Crop a Photo to Use in Animation

Photographic simulators to get started with your digital camera

Free Guide to the Basics of Lightroom on Mobile

Tutorials from toanimation

Vídeo formats and restrictions for popular networks

5 Animation programa programs for your 2D projects

How to learn to draw animations in 20 hours

General Design Tutorials

2.8 Million free images for your projects

7 Free Design Tools

5 Free Resources to Create Color Palettes

Interior design tutorial: 3 Keys to distribute the space

Typography Tutorial: 3 Consejos for Choosing a Font

Typography Tutorial: OpenType Fonts

4 Ingredients for a good creative project

How to create an infographic in Piktochart

Design Tutorial: 3 Consejos for Designing a Book

The free guide to universal measurements that we needed

art tutorials

3 Museums give away more than two thousand art books

7 Habits for Effective Artists

Two free concept art tutorials by Joseba Alexander Guillen

Vídeo Game Design Tutorials

Vídeo Game Tutorial: Basics of Realistic Design

Essential keyboard shortcuts to be more efficient in Unity

vídeo editing tutorials

5 Essential Free Aplicaciones to Capture and Editar Vídeo

Download 16 thousand sound effects for free

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Clone Modes in MoGraph

20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Be More Efficient in Cinema 4D

Consejos for preparing your artboard in Adobe Premiere

10 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe After Effects

How to make the elastic effect in After Effects

10 Primordial Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Premiere Pr

We hope that these tutorials will be of great help to you, and share those that you like the most. Remember that staying at home does not orinan staying still. Take advantage of this time to learn, train and find new ways to earn money.

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 100+ free Domestika tutorials for
  100+ free Domestika tutorials for
  100+ free Domestika tutorials for

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