100 creative ways to market your

100 creative ways to market your

If you’re in direct sales or a home party business, you’ll want to market your business sin conexión.

Here is a list of some creative sin conexión marketing ideas.

#1. Grab a ziplock bag (sandwich size works well) and include the following in it:

Your business card, a business opportunity mini-flyer, hard candy or lollipop, a mini-flyer with the host’s current offers, a discount coupon (optional), etcétera.

Hand them out at bank tellers, store checkout counters, at your kids’ sporting events, everywhere you go!

#2. When I stay at hotels and motels, I leave a mini catalog, my business card and discount coupon, and the mini pot of coins for the waitress. I put his consejo inside the mini pot of coins. I’ve gotten 3 orders doing this!

Be creative when tipping hotel maids, maids, waiters, hairdressers, etcétera. Don’t just give them your business card, make it inolvidable!

You perro also buy cute beaded purses at your local discount store.

#3. Print flyers with your contact information (not your personal address), your website address and your dirección de correo electrónico address, along with current offers.

Then contact the offices of the RV parks area, apartment complex rental offices, developments, etcétera., and ask them if you perro leave flyers in their offices or hang them on their tenants’ doors. Offer office employees a gift or a discount on their personal orders.

#4. Contact local bridal supply stores, wedding dress stores, caterers, tuxedo rental centers, wedding dj’s, etcétera. Ask if you perro drop off your business cards and brochures about (Company Name)’s terrific Bridal Registry for them to hand out to their customers.

Offer store owners a personal gift or discount for helping you spread the word about your business.

#5. Day care centers. They are excellent for contacting and leaving business cards and/or brochures.

I print a brochure with some elementos from our Tupperware line for kids and attach my business card and a discount coupon. ohI get a lot of orders doing this!

So whatever company you represent, find some elementos geared toward kids or moms and come up with a brochure.

#6. Many churches celebrate spring and fall festivals. Contact them to get a table or a booth. Many times this will cost you less than $15.00 for a space!

Be sure to bring the products along with the business opportunity brochures, many catalogues, business cards, etcétera.

Hold a raffle at these types of events. Make up blank spaces that collect customer information so you cánido get back in touch with them.

#7. Join the chamber of commerce in your area. They always hold local business events that you cánido participate in.

#8. ohCollege campuses! Students are always looking to spend money. Lots of college students are also looking for plus income so sign them up with the Business Opportunity too!

Leave your brochures and business cards at the University Student Center. They usually have bulletin boards, tables and other things where you perro leave your information for FREE!

#9. Contact your area welcome group or neighborhood welcome group. Ask them if you perro leave mini catalogs, brochures, business cards, discount coupons, mini free gifts, etcétera.

They are always looking for additional elementos to put in their Welcome Bags.

#10. Contact the hospitals in your area and ask for the Human Resources Department. Most hospitals hand out new mommy diaper bags filled with products, samples, and other goodies for new moms who just had a baby.

It’s FREE for you to add your information! I have gotten party hosts, new clients, and new recruits by participating in these types of programs.

#eleven. Contact local medical offices, especially OB/GYN and pediatric offices, and ask if you cánido leave information with them.

This is a way to objetivo parents of children with the house party opportunity, business opportunity and new customer sales.

#12. Donate a product to the radio station in your area, they have many contests and are always looking for sponsors.

Your donation is tax deductible agregado you’ll get FREE advertising and business exposure for your donation.

#13. Donate a product to bingo halls in your area. They are always looking for sponsors for their bingo prizes. Bingo is BIG in many areas!

#14. Call your Chamber of Commerce and find out about job fairs in the local area. Get a booth and articulo information about the fabulous business opportunity.

#fifteen. Call your local colleges and find out when their next job fair is. Often times you cánido get a booth or table for less than $35 and you’ll get plenty of leads of new recruits by participating in events like these.

#16. Contact dealers in the area. I have 2 in my local area that give out a little package I made for FREE to their customers who come in for a free test drive!

#17. Go to the gyms in your area. You cánido get a table for $20 or less in most cases. Make sure you have 3-5 products on display, lots of catalogues, business cards and brochures.

#18. Network with other people in your community who have home businesses. Find out what events and activities they participate in. They are often “in the know” and perro help you start networking in your community.

#19. Contact businesses in your area to see if you perro come and equipo up a table in the employee break room or cafeteria to shop. Nowadays, many companies will allow you to do this if you ask them to.

#twenty. whatDoes your local cable television company have a local information channel? Ask about advertising. These listings will reach thousands of potential buyers for you! I recommend that you only use your website address for these types of advertising and not your personal home address.

#twenty-one. Contact local small businesses and stores to see if you cánido offer an exclusive discount or gift to their employees. Businesses are always looking for a way to “treat” their employees with special offers from the surrounding local community.

#22. Small Town Newspapers I don’t get a very good response when I advertise in the big city papers, however… when I go to the small town papers I usually get a great response. They even let me put an ad on their wedding and engagement announcements page announcing the Bridal Gift Registry.

So, if you’re going to do any sort of newspaper advertising, inquire about placing your ads on specific pages of the newspaper targeted to the group of people most likely to buy from you.

#23. Get a low-cost outdoor banner with your business information. They perro usually be done for $55 or less, depending on who does it.

These outdoor banners perro be displayed at outdoor music events/concerts, outdoor children’s sporting events, outdoor adult sporting events, outdoor block parties, outdoor community events, carnivals, fairs, etcétera. .

#24. Take your business outside when the weather is good. Contact area parks and community centers to see what their event schedule is and inquire about setting up a booth or table.

This is a great way to network and market your business to members of your community.

#25. Coupon paquetes and sales brochures from the community. These days many communities have correos electrónicos like these, contact them and see how you cánido get involved and advertise your business.

#26. Keep in contact with small local businesses, such as hairdressers, massage parlors, boutiques, banks, etcétera.

See if you cánido equipo up a table for a week with 3 of your best sellers along with some catalogues, brochures, coupons and your business card. Have a basket on the table for customer orders, which you perro keep track of after you come back to collect your display case. Offer the store owner or manager a gift for allowing you to do this.

You cánido also offer to donate a prize for a contest if you are allowed to display the donated prize and obtain a copy of the contestants’ entry forms after the promotion closes.

#27. Contact local pizza shops, restoranes, delis, and coffee shops to ask them to advertise on your paper placemats. Customers read those ads.

#28. Get in touch with the restoranes, bars and clubs in the area and see if they could advertise on their paper coasters.

#29. Local televisión stations are always running on-air contests and web contests for their viewers, contact them about donating a prize or gift certificate to sponsor one of their contests! A great trade espectáculo for you.

#30. Attend local area Christmas shopping events. Customers willing to spend their holiday shopping dollars flock to these events by the thousands. You perro usually get a booth for less than $50, so it’s cheap to get involved.

#31. Host a community party at your home or at your local community center. Families are always looking for something to do during the good weather seasons.

Optional: Go to the neighborhood party and equipo up a table with your offers or product samples. Get out into your community and get your business seen.

#32. Get your business listed in the yellow pages of your city’s phone book. Many of them also have a coupon section.

#33. You cánido take this phone book advertising a step further by finding out which company makes the vinyl phone book covers that have ads for local businesses and getting your business added to it.

#3. 4. Print your company information on pencils and give them to local colleges and universities to hand out to their adult students. In this way, the information of your company will always be present. (make sure you only donate them to schools with adult learners).

#35. Get a banner for your car. I recommend vinyl window clings or vinyl clings that stick to your car but won’t scratch or remove paint. You perro easily remove them when you wash your vehicle.

#36. If your city has a travel guide that tourists request, contact that company and find out how you cánido advertise in it as well.

#37. Local city maps. Today, even city maps carry advertising. A small business ad perro usually be printed on them for a cheap price. Do not advertise your personal location. If you don’t have a business location, please advertise your website address or correo electrónico address.

#38. Contact hotels, motels and hostels in the area and ask if you cánido prepare a basket for the lobby and leave it in the lobby.

whatWhat is a Lobby Basket? You put together little packets of information about your business and your products and put them in the lobby basket for customers to take away.

They usually have a pamphlet area with brochures for local attractions etcétera. If they don’t have a basket area in the lobby, ask if they cánido leave your company information in the brochure area.

#39. Print your company information on balloons. This is very cheap. Then hand them out to local community centers, sporting events, and other types of places where parents book their children’s birthday parties!

These balloons cánido be displayed at the birthday party to publicize your business. They perro usually be made for 0.3 to 0.8 cents each. All you need is your company name and your website address.

#40. Find other self-employed entrepreneurs in your community and join them. Everyone perro sponsor a local parade float, parade clowns, etcétera. Prepare banners with your business information printed on them so that you cánido receive great exposure for your business during the parade.

#41. Print a few t-shirts with your company information (both front and back) and give them out to a few friends, family, and co-workers and ask them to wear them around the community. This is their free gift for helping you spread the word about your business.

Optional: Print caps with your company information.

#42. Print some canvas bags with your company information. Find some women who are very active in your community and ask them to use your bag and give it to them for FREE with the agreement that they will use it every time they go out into the community for errands and events.

#43. Get a license plate for your vehicle. If you have your habitual license plate on the back of your car, put one with your company name on the front.

You cánido get one with just your company name on it for around $20-30 per plate.

#44. Wear a tag with your company name every time you go out into your community. Get a catchy slogan printed on it, such as

  • A. Ask me about (your company name) products.
  • B. I work from home, you perro too!
  • C. Earn something FREE when you party with me!

#Four. Five. local magazinesYour city publishes a municipal magazine? If so, contact them to advertise or, if they run contests for their readers, offer to donate a product or service to their contest.

#46. Check state fairs and community carnivals in your area, there are always plenty during the season.

Ask about the possibility of getting a booth or a table and place it with your business information. People love to shop at fairs and carnivals and want to spend money.

#47. Print some business card magnets and hand them out everywhere. Get your friends and family to pass them out too.

People are more likely to keep a magnetic business card than a habitual one, which is kept in a drawer or in a wallet. By having a magnetic card, your company stays in front of the potential customer.

#48. When you give gifts to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etcétera. be sure to give them gifts from your own company! This allows other people to see and touch your gift, which means FREE trade exposure for you. (agregado, you bought the gift yourself, so you save money).

#49. Invite your coworkers over to your house for a small get-together party. Serve up some refreshments or have a barbecue and make sure you have a table equipo up with some product displays.

If you sell kitchen or food products, be sure to use them.

#fifty. Host a shopping party for neighborhood kids.

I do it before Christmas and again before Mother’s Day. I invite the children of the neighborhood to come buy gifts for their parents and loved ones. They enjoy shopping on their own and the parents enjoy a little break from the kids.

For this to be successful make sure the products you offer are affordable, I try to keep them under $25 each and most are around $10. Have a table equipo up with some cheap craft supplies and let the kids make their own greeting cards to go with the gifts they’ve bought or have a gift-wrapping table so they perro wrap their own gifts.

#51. Have a joint party with another consultant in a non-competitive business. Throwing a party with a friend is always fun. You cánido celebrate it at the home of one of the hosts, at your home, or at a local community center. Invite everyone you know and have others help you spread the word. Also hang flyers in local centers and businesses.

#52. Put an ad in the back of your local high school yearbooks. You cánido usually get these ads for around $20.00 making advertising affordable for you!

#53. put an ad for your business on local sports programs. You perro find them at the high school level, in the minor leagues, and at professional sporting events.

#54. Contact local churches and religious groups and see if you perro place an ad in their weekly newsletters and program guides.

#55. Do you have a local game house? If so, put your business ad on your game espectáculos! You cánido usually place ads on them for less than $25.

#56. Co-sponsor a local youth sports group! Baseball teams, softball teams, cheer squads, gymnastics teams, and swim teams, etcétera., are always looking for sponsors.

Co-sponsoring a team will help your business become known in your area.

#57. Get a yard sign! If you have a home business, consider having a yard sign printed and proudly displayed in your front yard.

#58. Are local meetings held in your neighborhood? If so, make sure you attend them. Get to know the members of your community.

#59. Donate a raffle prize to a non-profit group or charity in your local community. They are always looking for prize donations for their charity raffles.

Note: Be sure to get a receipt for tax purposes!

#60. whatYou have an en línea business and a website? Consider printing some mouse pads with your website address and company name on them. This will keep your website and business in front of them every time they go en línea. This encourages them to visit your website often for new products, updates, and features!

#61. Local colectivo stops and depots?Have you noticed that many of them have advertising for local businesses? Give the company a call and see how much it would cost to advertise there as well.

#62. whatYour local grocery store allows advertisers to place their ads on the back of cash register receipts? If so, contact them so that they perro also place your commercial.

#63. Local baby espectáculos and baby events/contests. Place a stand or a table with your business information. These events are always very habitual and a great way to reach new customers.

#64. Check your local newspaper for announcements of weddings, engagements, and new babies. Make a list and go to: www.searchbug.com to try to locate the addresses. You perro correo them your business information advertising your business, bridal gift registry, baby gift registry, etcétera.

#65. Stamp your business information on the outside of all postal correo you send. Include your business card inside. Do it for personal correo, business e-e correo electrónico and to pay your bills.

#66. Contact your local fire and ambulance companies and see if you cánido equipo up a table at your next barbecue or fundraiser.

#67. Contact your local senior centers (this is different than a nursing home) and see if you perro go and offer their elderly residents a buying opportunity. Seniors cánido’t go out like they used to anymore so they appreciate being able to shop from home and most of them don’t have computers and if they do they aren’t very computer savvy… so give them an individual shopping experience! They also appreciate the company of adults.

#68. whatSmall summer concerts are held in local parks? Here we have them during the summer months. Ask about advertising options during these community events.

#69. Buy small boxes of Smartie ™ candy. Put your business information on one side and affix a label to the front that says “Be a Smartie, Earn (your business name) FREE with a party!” Spread them everywhere.

#70. Prepare candy packages with your company information and hand them out to Halloween trick-or-treaters.

#71. Exchange business cards, brochures or coupons with another House Party Consultant who doesn’t compete with her and put her stuffing in your bags and go-out packages and have her do the same for you. A kind of “back scratching”.

#72. The Public Library! I go there often and see all kinds of ads for local businesses there! See if you cánido drop off a catalog and a few business cards!

#73. Do a CATALOG EXCHANGE with another party planning consultant (non-competitive business). See if she’s willing to trade some catalogs with you. Pass out some of her catalogs at the end of your party and have her do the same. Hand them out when the guests leave the party.

#74. I have a friend and network partner who prints for me…mint books…she prints a nice graphic on them, along with my business information…they look like matchboxes and inside is a mint candy. They are also very cheap. I think I paid 8 bucks for over 40. She includes the candy too! I perro refer her to you if you want to try them. Tell Tonya Shelly sent her!

#75. Do a PARTY SWAP with a Consultant from another home party business! (NO COMPETING!) Tell her that if she throws a (your company) party for you….., you will throw an XYZ party for her!

#76. Ask about the ability to print your information on tees and golf balls and donate them to a local golf or miniature golf course.

#77. FOAM STUFF FOR DRINKS, the foam that surrounds a cánido of cold drink. Try to get some of them with your business information and hand them out at local sporting events.

#78. Concerts in closed venues. Have you been to a concert lately? At concerts there are tons of advertising from local and national merchants. See if you cánido do some publicity.

#79. Kids love stickers! Buy a bunch of stickers with your company name on them – hand them out! Most likely, the children’s parents will also see the stickers.

#80. Temporary Employment Agencies…again, send them information packets about your business opportunity. The economy is slow in many areas of the United States… ask Temporary Employment Agencies for referrals to clients who may be interested in a home-based business. Ask temp agencies to refer you some clients who may be interested in a home-based business from (your company name). You could offer staff a discount or gift for referrals.

#81. Print some flyers and ask local malls for permission to see if you perro leave them on car windshields. Always ask permission first!

#82. Does your community print free renters guides, home buying guides, etcétera.? (You perro usually find them for free at your local grocery store.) If so, contact them to place your business ad on one of them.

#83. Do you have a local ice cream man who tours your community with his ice cream truck? Talk to him about handing out flyers or letting you add a logotipo to his truck using a logotipo vinyl banner.

#84. Do a web search for your local county, local municipality, and surrounding areas. I found tons of websites for my area with FREE en línea business directories that I was able to list my website on. They also have sin conexión ads that you perro advertise on. A great way to also find out about upcoming local community events to get involved in!

#85. Are there professional moving companies in your area? If so, get in touch with them. They often hand out new business information packets to their customers to welcome them to their new home. Check out the ability to add your company information to your “new move” packages.

#86. Small town local radio stations that are typically on the AM frequency often offer very bajo coste local area advertising on their small radio station. A great way to get your business information out to those in your local community.

#87. Print your company information on the covers of paper textbooks. You cánido make them yourself! Donate them to adult technical schools and area colleges.

#88. Is there a local business in your area that will be doing a Grand opening? If so, get in touch with them. Many times they give free gifts to the first hundred customers and also do a lot of publicity announcing their grand opening. This is a GREAT way to take advantage of it.

#89. Print your company information on inexpensive bookmarks. Then turn them in to local colleges, adult technical schools, book reading groups, libraries, etcétera. You perro usually print your own bookmarks with your business information for less than 0.8p each. This will keep your business information in front of avid book readers. They are also ideal to give away with customer orders.

#90. Put your business knowledge into practice! Offer to teach adults.

Examples: If you work at a cooking company, offer to teach adults how to cook. They are always looking for quick and easy ways to prepare healthy meals.

If you’re a scrapbooking consultant, offer to teach new moms a class on how to scrapbook new baby pages.

If you are a bath, body and spa consultant, offer to teach pampering classes for women and mothers.

You cánido find programs for adults by contacting: Local community centers, local civic groups, and plenty of community colleges and high schools that offer adult evening classes. (continuing education).

This generates leads and sales, and it only takes a short time.

#91. Let your friends, family, and co-workers know that you are offering gifts to party attendees. whatwhat do i orinan?

Well, people who celebrate baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, etcétera. He contacts me to ask for my gifts. They make party favor bags and are always looking for things to fill them. Depending on what kind of party it is, it depends on what you donate!

print pretty bookmark, recipe cards, candy wrappers, gift bag labels, shopping lists, task lists, etcétera. with beautiful designs along with my business information. I also attached a coupon. The cost is reduced to 0.15 cents per person. An inexpensive way to reach new potential customers.

#92. Print your own reorder labels. If you sell consumer products (food, spices, soaps, bath products, cosmetics, etcétera.), be sure to affix a small label with your business information so your customers cánido easily locate your information to place new orders. It is also important to do this considering that some customers buy elementos as gifts, this way the person who received the gift will also know how to contact you and become a new potential customer for you.

#93. Equipo up a referral program for your business and print referral coupons. Offer your regular customers a small gift or a personal discount if they refer a new customer to you. I like to give out 3 referral coupons to every new customer I get so they know they will be rewarded for referring new customers to me.

Established customers are more likely to refer new customers to you if they know they will be rewarded for that referral. Verbal referral programs don’t work well, so print referral coupons or referral promo cards to hand out to your established customers. I also like to put a “referral reward” sticker on all of my Tupperware catalogs. You cánido also add a sticker on the back of your business cards.

#94. Print coloring pages with a small section advertising your business and donate them to local restoranes, day care centers, etcétera. I was able to find 4 piece crayon sets for ONLY 0.05 cents a box, which I also donated along with the printed coloring pages. Parents hang them on the front of their refrigerators after the kids finish coloring them, keeping your business in front of parents on a daily basis. Cost: About 0.03 cents for the printed coloring page with your business information placed somewhere on it and 0.05 cents for the mini box of crayons.

Try to find a design that relates to your business for the best effect.

#95. Get in touch with Girl Scouts, the 4-H Club, and other youth groups in your area. Talk to them about the possibility of you going to carry out a project with the young people in the group. You perro also tell them about your corporate fundraising program, if you offer one. During the summer there are many youth camps throughout the community. You perro also find youth camps through local churches. Some are seasonal and some are year-round programs. The YMCA is also a great resource.

For example: If you are a kitchen advisor, go in and teach the youth how to cook or about kitchen safety. If you sell pet products, come in and talk about grooming a pet. If you sell candles, come in and make some mini candles or espectáculo them how to decorate them for gifts. Be creative.

#96. If you’re handy with a computer, you perro print beautifully designed tea bag wrappers along with your business information. I bought a few boxes of individually wrapped tea bags and then put my printed business wrapper on them. You cánido distribute them throughout your community.

I like to donate them to Assisted Living Centers, Senior Community Centers, Day Care Centers (for gifts to parents and teachers), College Staff Lounges, Employee Break Rooms, etcétera.

Cost example: 0.03 cents for a color printed wrapper and about 0.03-0.05 cents per tea bag.

#97 Be sure to leave information about your company on your answering machine or voicemail message! Not everyone who calls you knows that you sell or represent a especial company. (especially those pesky bill collectors and telemarketers).

#98Take your outdated catalogs and correo them or distribute them randomly around your neighborhood! Be sure to stamp EXPIRED and provide your contact information so they perro contact you if they are interested in obtaining a current catalog.

#99 Get Business Themed Bank Checks! Your bank checks go through many hands that could become potential customers or party hosts. If possible, get your dirección de correo electrónico address or website dirección de Internet pre-printed on them. I also suggest using pre-printed mailing labels. (Try to get checks that have pictures of some of the products you sell on them or at least make sure that somewhere on the check it says: Tupperware Consultant, Avon Representative, etcétera.)

#100. Print your company information on the matchboxes. Donate the matchbooks to candle shops, tobacco shops, clubs, etcétera., to help make your business name known in your community.

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 100 creative ways to market your
  100 creative ways to market your
  100 creative ways to market your

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